I met mike and we was friends and went to school together and one night my grandfather has a heart attack and we ended up in the house together and we pretend to wrestle which turn out to be the beginning of a 7 yr relationship.the problem was his sister married my baby brother and she didnt approve of the relationship.so when my grandmother died I was standing on RR track and he just out in the blue said men will be men.so one day i was visiting my nephew and niece and this woman came in saying they were married.so i left the house and went to get in my car and mike was walking a wooden bridge and he tried to tell me that his dad forced him to marry her.which i never believe so I pushed him in cold water and just left him there.I was hurt and destroyed i was friend with his brothers ricky and larry and one day i asked ricky to go to the movie with me and we went and ran into mike and tess his wife.tess went to the ladies room and mike have ricky to tell me he want to talked it over and so the next day we went to grandview state park and discuss it.i move to alabama when my mom died in 1987 and he is still wanting me to get back together my mom told me never get back in a frying pans after getting out.So i joined a chat room and oh let me tell you never try to find mr right in a chat room.for anyone who care its BGAY chat room the guys in there double teamed if you tell them the truth they are vicious and cruel to people who speak their piece so I am advising you to boycott the bgay chat room if possible i go on it as hotstuff 56 and i must be the most hated man in the chat room but hey IM still standing.



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