Sam and I walked out of my first gay daddy-son party hungry for each other, I was so turned on by him, that I had begged him out loud to fuck me at the party, and now he was going to make it happen taking me to his place to pop my cherry.

I was very excited as he had his big arm around my slim boyish shoulders and continued to say how lovely and sexy I was. I was really turned on by his bald very sexy Bruce Willis looks and the way he had treated me at the party. I definitely felt he was my daddy now and I was his new toy boy.

He opened the car door for me and I eagerly and excitedly entered his world of luxury. There I was a lily white country young man sitting on luxurious black leather upholstery as my bald older daddy kissed me, put my hand on his crotch and said, suck it baby, it's all yours.

Instantly I obeyed him, there was something about his way with me that made me eager and happy to do his bidding, to obey him, to satisfy his whims. With both hands I quickly took out his engorged stiff manhood, admired it, told him how much I craved it and lovingly put my hot wet lips around it and began sucking and licking with my full concentration on pleasing him.

"That's it my boy, love the way you do it, sure I am your first" he inquired. I looked him in the eye, stopped sucking and earnestly said "Sam daddy I swear this is the first and only cock I wave tried and want"

And I gave his precum oozing man slit a hot kiss. He moaned as I turned my kissing into lovingly licking up his precum and a full cock suck. I made sure he moaned more as it turned me on more to hear him, now begging me to keep it up and sighing he said. " Oh yes I believe you my baby. I want to fuck you real bad now". His right hand was fondling my bubble but and stroking my smooth ass slit and soon fingering my anxious boy hole. I pushed ever so slightly opening my lubed hole to his advances. "Oh baby what a smooth tight boy hole you have". "It's all yours to pop and enjoy daddy"

The car was so silent I had not noticed he was driving me out of town on a deserted road leading to his secluded house, I had no idea where we were, I had been busy sucking that luscious man cock of his and feeling his hand fondling my ass. The way he worked his hand over my plump butt and smooth boy slit fingering my cunt was simply wonderful. I so wanted him more and more to enter me and seed me, making me his boy.

All of a sudden we were in a closed garage and he ordered me to stop sucking him and get out of the car. Instantly I obeyed, he led me into the house and up the stairs, locked their door and pulled me into his bedroom like a rag doll.

Strip dude he ordered and he put on some honky tonk music. Instantly my slutty instincts took over; and I began to look at him with eyes of lust as I slowly and deliberately began to strip for him.

He began to undress as well showing off his muscular man build and well defined sex tool in his boxers. I drooled at the sight of him and offered him to use my body anyway he wanted, as I turned around fully naked for his inspection.

He sat down, ordered me to come to him, turn around, bend over, spread my legs and let him inspect my boy hole. "Real nice virgin boy hole, you have baby. Tell daddy how you want him to break your cherry and make you his boy, you look so slutty and fem, I love you this way"

I felt a natural need to be his, to belong to a man, to have a daddy and why not be both his boy and his gurl. I cooed, sucked my fingers and his, and took them nice and wet to my boy cunt, and begged him to open and taste it for his enjoyment. He needed no further encouragement and made me finger my hole with both our index fingers, while he watched and I moaned for him.

Soon his now wet lips were all over my ass, licking and sucking my slit and probing my virgin hole, prepping it for his wet fuck tool. I moaned more and begged him to break in my cunt. He liked me to use the c word and I felt even more slutty using it.

He was standing behind me now, fondling my breasts and pinching my tits making them hard and bigger, his hard wet man cock rubbed my ass slit up and down as I hungrily felt it would be a matter of minutes to enjoy my first fuck. But it was not to be. He tortured me with his fuck tool getting me to beg more and more for my deflowering as he fondled me all over.

No question I was his boy-gurl now. We danced together naked now, kissing and embracing. Finally he took me to his bedroom. It had a king sized bed. He led me to it, and kissing me put me on my back and mounting me finally broke me in.

I gasped as I felt him deflower me,; he continued to fuck me: it felt wonderful to become his boy, his play mate. I was moving my pussy up and down under him, keeping it tight, to hear him moan and praise it no end. I paid attention to what I was doing, for the first time in my life I was getting laid and loved it and loved him too.

Finally I had the most incredible orgasm, he was so happy he had made me moan and cum, that he did too. His whole body convulsed as he seeded me and made me his. I was his boy and he was my daddy. So began my life with Sam.



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