I was thrilled when I received an invite to my first gay dad and son party. I felt so grown up and excited to be able to meet gay seniors, flirt with them and hopefully land one to be my daddy. I quickly accepted and got my best friend Timmy to cover my escapade by inviting me over to his place for the weekend. I am very shy and straight acting as a result I had never met a gay daddy before.

It was summer. The party was on the patio at the house of a daddy and son couple. Daddies paid for the party and us teen boys were guests by invitation only. I had sent in my pics, stats and application as soon as I heard about the party.

Timmy helped me buy a pair of hot shorts that showed off my slim legs and bubble butt, a thong, matching tank top, colored sneakers, and cute bracelet, necklace and rings. That Friday evening I washed off my scant body hair, Timmy gave me an enema, then lubed my boy hole. I showered, put on body cream, he combed and set my hair in a punk style, used a little make up on my face to make me look radiant and cool. I was excited and ready. He drove me to the place, gave me a good luck hug as I stepped out of the car and drove off.

I had a million butterflies in my stomach, I was excited and afraid as I rang the doorbell and waited breathlessly till the door opened. There stood the perfect dad and son couple smiling welcoming me. "Oh you are Maikol, my how gorgeous you look, better than your picture, welcome to our party, come right in. We are Johnny and Mike." My butterflies calmed down and I stepped into their gay world eager to find a soul mate and a daddy that night. Johnny put a nametag around my neck and I was in.

Johnny read me like a book. "Your first time looking for a daddy? Right, here let me get you a drink and introduce you to some men." I took a Gin and Tonic and Johnny took me by the hand to meet some dudes. Right away a couple of daddies who had seen me enter came over to talk with me. I noticed some of the other boys flirting and I decided to try that too, like I had trained with Timmy and watched boys flirt with older men on gay videos.

"Wow cutie, where have you been in this town?" I blushed uncontrollably as my fears evaporated by his hot penetrating smile and words in reply to my flirty look.

Both men were interested in me and wanted to know all about me, my likes and peeves, so was I in them, and soon we were chatting about sports, music, films and cars as if we had been friends forever. Soon they brought me a second drink, my tongue loosened even further to match theirs and we were nibbling on chips and dips talking excitedly. I was enjoying the attention and feeling quite gay and open.

Johnny broke in to take me to meet a tall good looking bald man with glasses that had just come in. "This is the guy I picked out for you according to your profile and you match his needs too, so good luck. See if you bag him, he is loaded and just broke up with his boy, so he is scouting hungrily for one tonight.

My butterflies returned, but Sam put me at ease with a hot compliment. I blushed again and he squeezed my hand. That was electrifying, never before had I felt that. He smiled into my eyes real close and gave me a sip of bubbling champagne." Only the best for the best looking boy tonight." I blushed again and he put his arm around my waist protectively and left it there. I got an instant hard on, my boy hole clamped and I started sweating, I was so excited.

He drew me to him and I let his body touch mine. It was dreamy. He said, "let's dance baby" and I followed him. The song was romantic and soon our bodies moved like if we were one. I felt his hard on against my thigh and I was sure he could feel mine. His hand around my waist rested on my bubble butt and he whispered sweet words into my ear. I got beet red. I could feel the heat rising in my body as he aroused me more and more. I answered his whispers with my sexy ones and cuddled up to him. He held me tighter. It felt so good, just what I wanted to feel from a daddy.

When the song ended I said I wanted another drink and we toasted another champagne, "this goes with caviar sonny" he said and he prepared a piece of toast for me. I did the same for him. Never had I tasted it before or even knew how to prepare it, but I learned on the spot. Then he led me into the garden and out of sight of the crowd, he looked into my eyes, said, "close them baby" and gave me the hottest kiss. It was my first gay kiss and I just loved the way he did it. I soon was sucking his tongue and he was nibbling on my lips. It was a wild French kiss.

Our bodies were face to face now; we could feel our throbbing hardons rubbing against each other's. His hands were all over me, touching my face, my neck, my arms. I was clinging to his powerful shoulders and neck. "Baby boy, I want you so badly," he confessed. I said, "I want you to be my daddy tonight and make me your baby" "I will if you come with me after the party" Yes daddy I will" We ended this scene with an incredibly hot kiss, our lips couldn't get enough of each other's, his hands fondling my butt and mine feeling his incredibly hard boner.

Oh Sam for sure was the daddy of my dreams. I was so happy, he could see it and told me: "You are fucking gorgeous babe, will you be mine and no one else's?" "Yes papi, if you are just mine and no one else's too." We kissed and groped each other some more. Man was I hot for him, I could hardly wait to text Timmy, not to pick me up tonight and thank Johnny for making the match and Mike for having invited me. Sam was fucking gorgeous too; he had such class, such charm.

Supper was being served now. I was hungry and ready for some real food. I served him, he fetched more champagne and we joined a table with the two dudes I had first met and their boys. My chance to meet a couple of gay soul mates, Timmy my best friend in school was not gay, but knew I was, and supported me. I sat next to the cutest boy and we introduced ourselves. He was Kyle and his man Tom, and the other couple George and boy Harry.

Kyle turned out to be a fun kid, not shy or bashful like me. He pepped me up and soon we had a rip roaring very sexy table, our men got in the swing of things too.

We decided to do a sexy skit to liven up the party and soon the party joined in the fun. Sam was enjoying the fun and plying me with more champagne. I became very uninhibited and showed my sexual interest in him openly. The other guys in the table did the same and soon the party was getting hot and sexy.

I let Sam feel me up; he was real horny now and was making me as horny as he was. He had me playing with his hard on while he fingered my ass. George and Tom were doing the same with Harry and Kyle. Soon the whole party was turning into an orgy.

Kyle started sucking Tom's dick, Harry followed with George and I unzipped Sam and took a man cock into my trembling hands for the first time. I just loved the feel of his hard tool in my hand and liked its pearly tip, tasted so well, so I started licking his shaft while he moaned. I could feel I was leaking precum and my boy hole was twitching anxiously. "Fuck me Sam, make me your boy now" I said excitedly, I was desperate now. He kept fingering my ass crack and kissing me, heating me up another notch.

I begged him to fuck me, to use me, to make me his bitch boy. He finally agreed and pulling down my hot pants and thong, started rimming my smooth boy hole. I was wild with desire now. I begged louder to get laid and he stuck a finger up my boy cunt and worked it in. I was delirious by now and so were all the other hot daddy-hunting boys at the party. We got what we wanted, a very hot possible daddy and soul mate boy friends. Time to say goodnight to all and thanks to Johnny and Mike for bringing us together. Sam took me home with him and I became his new boy toy that night.



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