I sat at home in the spare room, my wife had left for work. I was horny and my breathing was shallow; I was logging on to the net and this would be the first time I searched for 'Gay Men'.I was nervous but very very excited. Up came a load of sites. I didn't know where to start. So I picked at random. there they were: guys wih great hot stiff cocks. WOW. I couldn't believe my eyes. My own cock began to come alive. I stripped naked and touched my hot hard cock. It was pulsating already.

Then I decided to go a step further, I logged onto a male chat room. It had camera functionality . I joined one of the chats and started speaking with this guy who lived not so far away from me. He was married too and had been doing this for a whle.We were getting on well then he asked if I wanted to C2C. What was C2C?? I had to ask and explain I was a first timer. Embarrassing!

I then agreed and he turned his camera on first. He was naked with a large 8' cut cock which was rock hard. He had trimmed his pubic hair and it looked hot. I was hard as a rock and felt sme precum starting to well up in the eye of my cock.



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