I was resting at home after a night of heavy bondage and discipline.Thinking how much I ache to be in the arms of my ex daddy and his four new horsecock hung hot and hairy muscle studs.I had decided to oil up in strawberry warming body oil and slide my faithful 18in. very thick dildo/lovetoy its whole oil glazed lenghth into me while stroking my own 9+ blood engorged love tool.

Some time in the middle of my fantisizing I felt several pairs of large and strong hands rolling me over and stretching my arms and legs out and then chains and handcuffs clamping down on my wrists and ankles then to the securing posts that are built into my sexrooms floors and ceilings.

I was then told by aharsh and very sexy voice to make no sound other than noises of total and complete submission to my masters, that from this moment on I was to be a slave and obey and submit to every thing I was told to do. Then my ex lover and his new stable of cockslingers filled my throat and manhole with so much hoge throbbing meat that I new I would from then on be there total sextoy I was D.P.ed down into my throat and asshole continuosly for the next twelve hours maybe longer but I know now that this is what I was always meant for and will always now be. Total slave to any my masterdaddies order me to service and I can't ever get enough cock and cum in me!!!




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