Having moved to a new quite large town in Western State, was a real stretch for me, the state I had come from was quite different, back in the midwest there were so many trees and everything was so green, It was beautiful, but I took a transfer to head up an new business office in a different state out west.

Things were so completely different here, but I found the locals to be outgoing but different in a good sort of way.

I knew that me being a gay man, was not going to find it to be easy getting to know the, shall we say 'men from he other side of the coin, as it were.'

I was gay, and I loved men with a passion, and being not only gay but forty years old was not an asset when it comes to finding a gay friend or lover as it were.

Well I had been living in My new two bedroom apartment at a very nice complex, and of course I was always on the lookout to find a possible, shall we say, intimate personal male friend, but it was almost like finding a needle in a haystack when you live in an area of the country which is dominated with certain religeous factions.

It's not that I have anything bad to say about religeous people, I have sucked the cock's of several young so called ministers and religous leaders in some of the churches I have attended, and guess what their cocks get just as hard and their cum tastes just like the non-religeous guys. sometimes a little sweeter, since most religeous guys don't do drugs and drink.

Well be that as it may, I found myself getting as they say, 'very horny,' my cock was raw from the beatings I was giving it, and looking at the porn sites on the web just wasn't cutting it for me anymore.

Being inconspicuous as I could be I began asking around about places to meet other guys trying not to be so obvious, and look like a sex starved dog in the asking.

I might add here also, to all those young men out there that just because you get to that ripe old age of forty, your male hormones are still flowing and that need for sex it just as powerful as it was when you were eighteen, and guess what, even tho you don't look the beautiful young thing you were as a teen or in your early twenties, your still in a very strong sexual age, but you like quality sex now more than just the quantity.

Well on with the story. I was looking out the front window of my apartment, ogling this young man at the edge of the apartment complex swimming pool, as he strutted his beautiful athletic body, when I noticed this young man, he was not tall, nor was he built like a Greek god, but he was a real little doll, he looked to be in his late teens or early twenties.

I watched this one young man, he had a pair of knee length shorts, and nike's on, and a pull over light blue tee shirt with some sort of advertizement on the front, and this ball cap turned backwards, he was carrying some sort of folder and some papers in his hand and was going from door to door. He would go into a door, and in a few minutes he would come out again, and then go to the next one, really I found it puzzling but I still wanted to watch, damn he was cute.

I had always had this thing for well built athletic dream boats, but I never turned down Mr. Average Joe either, this kid was a doll, an absolute doll.

I went into the kitchen to fix my self a cool drink when my doorbell rang, I went to the front door. and it was this young man, I felt some strong feeling inside my body as my cock gave a lift off and began swelling inside my briefs.

He looked me in the eyes, and I thought if he could read my mind he would probably want to have me shot.

I looked into the most beautiful dark eyes, as he stared and smiled a beautiful smile at me, 'Hi, My name is Tim, I am a census taker for the local office of the United States Census Bureau, I would like to ask you a few questions I you don't mind and have the time.' Hell if I hadn't had time that day, well anything else would have just had to wait.

I said, 'Sure and come on in,' so fast I was amazed at myself, I wanted to strip this husky, stocky built young man naked and ravish his body.

Well I knew it was getting very hot outside so I offered Tim a refreshing cool Drink, which he accepted, I noticed that he kept looking into my eyes and I caught him checking him over, but to have the pleasure of making out with this gorgeous little Stocky Hunk was a pipe dream, a man of my age could only dream.

Tim finished his questioning and he just kept lingering and chatting about this and that, asking me questions that aren't part of the census process, I found his presence to be quite personally satisfying, But when he finally got around to the one question, 'Are you married, and do you have a lady friend? I answered in honesty to see where it would take me.

'I looked into Tim's beautiful eyes, 'Tim I don't have a lady friend, truthfully I am what you call gay, I like men.'

I saw this big puzzling grin come over his face, like he wasn't sure what to say next, at first I thought he would boogie out of there at that statement.

'No shit, sorry, I mean, Really, Wow,thats awesome,' he said.

'I have never met a gay man before, that is bodatious.' he said.

I smiled and said, 'well are you shocked,'

'Shocked, no way dude, I love it,' he responded.'

I smiled at him as he looked down at the floor in an almost embarrassed fashion, it was awesome.

'Tim looked up at me and said,'Guess what man, I think I might be that way too, I like to do things with guys, I have this buddy of mine, and we liked to jerk each other off once in a while, and he sucked my dick once, God it felt so awesome. He wouldn't let me cum in his mouth tho, I had to pull it out at that last moment and blow it in my hand. Damn man, I would love to know that feeling of having sex with a guy.'

He looked up at me in almost a begging sort of way, 'I know Im a little on the husky, sorta chunky side, but do you find me attractive?' he said.

I looked down at his almost blushing face and said,'Tim I think your awesome looking, I love your looks.' He blushed again.

I got up and walked over to him and I just pulled him up in front of me, stood him up, 'Tim I would love to show you right now if you's like.'

'OH! Wow! Really,' he responded like a kid getting ready to get his first ice cream.

I reached over and pulled his hat off, and brushed my fingers thru his hair. His eyes closed and I felt his face as he leaned his head against my hand and let me have my way with him.

I leaned over and gently kissed his beautiful young lips and felt him go sorta weak in my arms, I licked around his ears and kissed his neck, as my hand went up under his tee shirt and found his tender young nipples and heard his wimpering voice as He said, 'Awe Fuck man,' he just stood there and let me have at him. I leaned down and began to suck his nipples and I thought he would faint.

' OH shit was his response as I reached down and began rubbing that bulging lump inside those shorts., he was pressing his hips forward against my hand as I rubbed.

'Lets take this to the bedroom alright' and I took his hand and led him into my bedroom.

He looked up at me with this delireous smile as I layed him on his back on the end of the bed.

I reached up and undid his belt and shorts and unzipped them, thats when I realized he didn't have any undershortson, and I saw this dark pubic bush surrounding a very thick, cock, it was anly about six to six and a half inches long but it was definitely thicker than most guys, It was beautiful, cut, with a beautiful pink thick head, perfectly shaped and at the point of exploding as I slipped his shorts off and began to lick on the inside of his thighs, he was enjoying it very much, I felt his husky body tighten up as I worked my tongue around the sack of balls laying there, damn this kid had some nuts now, they were like eggs inside of a sack, and as I sucked on his nuts and licked his ball sack, he began to wimper and moan, 'Oh Fuck man, Oh shit,' his sack was beginning that climb and tightening up against the base of his cock and thats when I went for the gold, I slid up licking the shaft of his cock, licking the tip at the split and then takeing just the head of it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip and crown, then I realized just how thick his cock was as a young man, Damn this cock was a mouth full.

I felt his thick body beginning to go rigid as I slid my hot, wet, loving mouth to the base of his cock, and I felt his arms flop outward and grab the sides of my bed, I knew as wild acting and doing the things he was doing that I would have to remake my bed, he had grabbed the covers as he moaned and thrust upwards as if face fucking me.

'Oh Shit man, It won't be long, Im gonna cum, OH fuck man, I cumming, I felt his thick body almost set up as his arms yanked the covers loose, and I felt that thick cock tighten up and begin to fill my mouth with the most delicious, sweet young cum I had tasted in a long time.

When Tim's cock had finished that after jerking in my mouth and I had licked that last little drip of his awesome love nectar off the tip of his deflating cock, He flopped back like a dead man, and just layed there catching his breath.

All I could say is, 'Well my young friend how was that for a beginning?'

When he finally got his breath and came down from his climax high, he smiled at me and looked me in the eyes and said,'Holy fuck man, that was fantastic. Tell me something, would you like a new personal intimate friend?' he asked.

Tim got ready and told me he had to finishe his area taking census but he would definitely be back,then he left, and I went to the bathroom to jerk off, my boner was killing me, and I needed relief, but it was the most awesome thing that had happened to me since I had moved there.

Two days later I was watching T.V. and I heard a knock on my door, I opened up and it was Tim, just as cute and adoreable as all get out.

He smiled, 'hey man, would you like some company for the evening?' 'Well to be honest, Yes I would love some.' I said.

It ended up him asking if he could spend the night with me, I of course said yes.

When we got into bed, Tim of course had no underwear to wear to bed, so I stripped off and crawled into bed naked, Tim reached down and began playing with my hardened cock and loved it, He was watching my face as I got closer to cumming and It didn't take long for me to shoot a huge load all over the sheets.

Tim was really giddy and happy that he had got me off.

'Well Tim, want to try something new?'

'Sure, I'm game for anything, as long as I get to have sex with you.'

I began to stroke Tim's thick cock untill it was like a steel pipe. Damn I couldn't get over how thick it was.

I sucked him a few minutes and then I reached over and grabbed some lube from my night stand, I keep it there just in case.

I slid some up my ass and got myself all lubed up and then put some on Tims thick cock.

Damn I had not given thought to how thick his cock was, as I sit down on it and let it slowly penetrate my asshole, I thought I would let out a scream, Damn, my asshole hadn't been stretched like that for a long time.

It was burning fromt he skin stretching like someone had put a hot ember on my asshole.

I finally got it to the hilt inside me and then I began to ride this little bucking bronco like a rodeo rider, and this little 'Buckaroo' was a natural, he could flat ride an ass.

This kid was going at my asshole like there was no tomorrow, finally I rolled over on my back and he followed suite, that was quite uncomfortable for me being he was so damned thick, so I got up on all fours and he fucked my ears loose. god he could fuck.

It had been a long time since I got my nut from just getting fucked but Tims cock was so thick, it had no alternative but to rub my prostate, I shot a big puddle of cum on the blanket on my bed and Tim was getting close to shooting his load too. I reached around with my hands and felt his ass pumping like a sawing maching, he was enjoying it immensly.

As he got close, hes said,' YOu want my cum in your ass, Im almost there, and I no sooner got it out that I love to feel a guys hot cum shooting deep in my bowels, that I felt his hands go agaist my hips and he buried his cock to the balls deep inside me and pulled my ass against his front and I felt that jerking motion of the cock as it floods cum into your intestines, God what an awesome feeling.

We both collapsed onto the bed, I felt my cum against side as I fell into my own pool of cum, fuck man I didn't care, I had just been made love to be my own little adoreable young doll.

after we slept awhile Tim and I got up, hungry and thristy and went to an all night fast food joint and ate that good tasteing food that isn't good for you but tastes awesome.

A week later Tim showes up with a buddy, but thats another chapeter for later.

Hey Tim and I are still great friends, and even tho Im older, he still loves having sex. Ciao Guys.



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