I was young wondering where I would go in life. But I never knew I would get a boner off another guy.We were in the locker room and I was walking past the bathroom when I saw his sexy ass. I stared only for a sec. but thats when life would change. I later found out he was gay but never thought I was but I started looking at gay porn never jacking off but getting very horny. Then I started realizing his pattern, he would stay till everyone was gone. So I started to stay later as well but out of sight. One day I noticed he went into a stall so I got a good view. He whipped out his sexy cock and started jacking off. I watched for only for a minute because I started to do it myself. Then I heard a soft moan. When I looked he was cumming everywhere. shortly after so was I . But never again would I even see him still to this day if im horny I think of that beautiful cock and his sperm which I wanted I wanted so badly in my mouth.



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