I locked eyes with some of the people I passed and saw them sniff the air as I passed, with each one we passed I squeezed Louis' hand tighter. I also saw that as I passed each vampire their fangs descended eagerly not helping with my relaxation.

Louis eyes roamed over the other vampires with his own fangs descended. I took this to mean that I was his. The others who had no fangs to speak of were mostly male with a few women dotted around. Louis tugged me forward by the hand and let me towards the bar at the centre of the club.

When we finally reached the bar and Louis turned to me and asked with his fangs still down

"What would you like to drink?"

The typically normal question brought me up short, I managed to reply a few seconds later

"Um just a vodka and coke for me"

He nodded and then beckoned to the bartender, the bartender was a vampire. I knew he moved to us in less than a second from halfway across the bar and smiled at Louis. I gritted my teeth at this but remained silent, an unknown feeling of possessiveness surging through me.

I examined him judging my competition, he had brown hair and was quite thin with a narrow face and icy blue eyes, his words rolled off of his tongue with an almost musical quality

"Well well well, you were one of the last people I expected to see tonight, how have you been Louis?"

Louis grinned back weakly and said

"I have nothing to complain about, in fact I have something to be happy about"

He pulled our hands up to the bar, the vampire raised his eyebrows at us and then smiled before winking at me. He sniffed the air unthinkingly and looked me up and down before saying

"hmm he's hot, and he smells better, he a supe right? And if I'm right a powerful one, what is he?" he looked at Louis completely ignoring me

"If you want to find out something about me ask me, not Louis, I am perfectly capable of answering for myself" I said fire filling my tone.

The vampire looked at me and a look of surprise flashed across his face before he said

"I apologize for my rudeness, I have not introduced myself, I am Andreas I have known Louis for around 23 years, and to return to my previous question judging by your smell you are a quite powerful supe, so what are you?"

I replied quickly

"I'm a witch"

He grinned at me, before he said "So not only has Louis fallen for a mortal but a witch as well, so what drinks can I get you? Louis I take it you will have a cocktail of 2 parts AB- to 1 part O+ am I right?"

Louis nodded and then said

"And a vodka and coke for James"

Andreas nodded and then smiled before pulling out a cocktail shaker and 2large bottles of blood, he poured in the deep red liquid before placing a lid on the shaker and using his increased speed to shake the drink.

I wondered if Louis was capable of that kind of speed with his hands, though for slightly other activities.

He pulled a half pint glass from under the counter and poured the blood into it. He handed it to Louis before he began to fix my drink as well.

Louis lifted the glass to his lips and took a small sip of the blood, a question formed in my head which I asked as Andreas finished making my drink.

"Why do vampires have cocktails of blood?"

Louis looked at me with a grin on his face then said

"Why do humans have cocktails? By mixing blood together we can enjoy the different tastes, my cocktail for example"

He dipped the tip of his index finger into it before pulling it up to his lips and sucked the blood off it, I grimaced before he continued

"AB- is the rarest blood type, and O+ is one of the commonest to me AB- has a certain sweetness close to mild magic whilst O+ provides it with a hint of spice"

Andreas handed my my drink winking as he did so, I picked it up and Louis led me to a table against one of the walls of the bar. His eyes roamed over the crowd with his fangs showing obviously warning them that I was off limits.

Louis sat down in a chair against the wall and I joined him, I took a sip of my drink then put it on the table, Louis sipped the blood slowly and I slid closer to him and leaned my head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of my head and I sighed in contentment, his cool hand stroked my hair softly. He seemed so human, so kind and caring. For a vampire he wasn't quite what I had expected.

I had a hundred questions about vampires that I wanted to ask him but I didn't want to ruin the moment, so I simply resigned myself to resting on his shoulder.

I heard the door to the bar open and a hush overcame the crowd, I heard mutters and saw the crowds part, a man moved through them.

His clothes looked expensive, he wore a suit but I could not clearly see his face until he neared our table. Judging by the other peoples reactions he was important, probably some old vampire.

I sat up and locked eyes with the man walking towards us, he had deep blue eyes and brown hair, with a short goatee and dark bushy eyebrows, and his skin was tanned which was something that I did not expect in a vampire.

As he neared us Louis grinned and retracted his fangs sitting up in his seat, the man began to speak as he reached the table, his voice was modulated and sounded soothing but I remained tense and placed my hand on Louis' leg.

"Louis it is wonderful to see you again my friend. Latanya told me that you had found a human, and a witch nonetheless, I am told that he smells....special, closer to a Fae than thought possible, now may you introduce me to your mate"

Louis nodded then said in an emotionless voice

"James this is Iōannēs, Iōannēs this is James my mate"

When he said Iōannēs I froze and shifted slightly closer to Louis, Iōannēs laughed and then said in the same modulated tones

"There is no need to be afraid, judging by your reaction Louis has already told you about me and my position.

I hope that my attempts to take Louis as my mate in the past do not colour you opinion of me, I am intrigued however as to why you smell so good"

He sat down opposite us on the table, so far he seemed nice, but my instincts screamed danger, I took Louis' hand under the table, he squeezed it comfortingly

"I'm a witch that's all"

he smiled and then said interested

"Yes but even for a witch you smell interesting, I would have suspected another type of supe a Fae perhaps"

I stared at him then said

"There are other types of supes?"

he laughed loudly then leaned forward and said

"So far we have found 5 types of Supe other than ourselves. there are few of them but all Supes have a loose alliance with one another.

There are witches like yourself, the Mers, that is Mermen and Mermaids, our cousins Incubi and Succubi, Shape-shifters and one of the worlds favourite legends, he Werewolf.

There is one other. Few of them remain however. And those that survive keep to themselves. They are known as the Sidhe, the Fae or Fairy's as humans call them. More gifted with magic than even the most powerful witch."

Louis turned his head and looked at my face. He was judging my reaction to Iōannēs' information. I thought for a second and then said

"Why haven't humans discovered the other supes?"

Iōannēs grinned showing his sparkling teeth before saying

"Humans are remarkably gullible if persuaded correctly. And as for supes I know for a fact there are half a dozen Incubi and Succubi here along with one or 2 Mermen, no mermaids however.

I know this sounds like the stuff of fairytale. Mermen have a voracious appetite for sex, it is the same with Mermaids. Why, I would venture that they are almost as bad as our cousins the Incubi and Succubi who feed off sexual energy.

The werewolves however stick to themselves, unlike the common myth they do not change at the full moon, so now this brings us back to you. how did you meet my dear friend Louis?"

Louis cut in before I could answer

"I met James yesterday when he showed up at the school at which I attend, when we saw each other we connected"

Iōannēs leaned back in his seat smiling like a crocodile with almost all of his teeth showing

"Have you completed the claiming yet?" Iōannēs asked Louis his eyebrows lifting slightly

Louis shook his head, Iōannēs chuckled then said

"So innocent, so James how is it that your parents are both witches I thought it was forbidden for witches to marry one another?"

Even though he scared me, I was still able to get pissed at him. I knew he had just entered my head and stolen part of my memories.

Magic seemed to be my best solution so I shut my eyes and concentrated

"Bordrand mín bréostsefa fram blód drinceres" I chanted

Iōannēs smiled then said

"Your magic is strong, I cannot see a way into your mind the last non-vampire I met capable of keeping me out of their heads was 387 years ago in Slovakia, he was a necromancer who pulled the life out of people to power his magic. You however seem to have inherited something far more potent, I would just love to see how your power...grows"

He inhaled deeply through his nose before saying

"It was fascinating to have met you James. but I am afraid that the life of a monarch is a busy one.

I hope that we will meet again soon, goodnight to the both of you"

He stood up and moved away from our table.

Once he was gone I saw Louis along with everyone else in the bar visibly relaxed, I leaned against him again and sighed in relief, Iōannēs struck me as unpredictable. Louis put his arm around me and pulled me closer into his chest.

The questions that I had had in my head before seemed trivial now.

I moved one of my hands up to Louis' shoulder, he took my hand and pressed it against his cheek, he kissed my wrist then said

"I'm sorry, I didn't expect to have to deal with Iōannēs so soon, he is interested in your power. he enjoys procuring unique treasures both living and inanimate, when you finish your drink we'll go. The next part of our date is still waiting, I think we should leave quite quickly, you are attracting quite a lot of attention from the Incubi as well as the vampires."

He downed his blood in one, but I left my drink. I didn't feel like it now. Louis tugged on my hand and stood up. I noticed as we walked back towards the exit how most of the men's eyes followed me, I moved closer to Louis as their stares continued.

As soon as we had exited the club and stood in the corridor I stopped dead. Louis noticed my sudden freeze and turned around cocking an eyebrow at me. The need to feel him overwhelmed me. I needed to show he was mine, I grabbed his shoulders and shoved him against the wall.

He smiled as I moved closer to him. I grabbed his face in my hands and pulled him to mine. Our lips mashed together and I began my assault on his mouth.

He allowed me to dominate him. In fact he seemed to enjoy.

My tongue wrestled with his, and he sucked on it eagerly. I pulled away and gently nipped his lower lip before moving down to his throat.

Two days ago the idea of kissing a vampire would have freaked me the fuck out.

But now that I had him in my arms, his skin against mine. I yearned for him.

I kissed my way up his neck towards his face, my tongue traced the vein on his neck and I looked up at Louis to see his eyes closed and was biting his lip. I smiled internally at my handiwork and licked and kissed my way up to his lips, I reached them and whispered to him

"Feeling better yet?"

he smiled then muttered breathlessly

"How could I not" he opened his eyes and looked into mine as he continued

"I keep wishing I hadn't taken you here, but if this is the treatment I get each time we do, I'll bring you here much more often"

I smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips then asked

"Could you feed?"

He smiled and he pulled my wrist up to his face and inhaled deeply.

His eyes darkened as he kissed my wrist, I saw that when he pulled away his fangs had descended, though this time through hunger.

"Before I do, why don't I take us somewhere more....romantic. I planned a meal for you as well if you are hungry that is"

I smiled then said

"Not for anything to eat"

Suddenly he flipped us around so that it was me against the wall then in a flash I was in his arms, carried bride style.

He smiled cheekily and then we were running out of the club, in around 2 seconds flat we were on a hillside somewhere with a picnic basket 2 pillows and a blanket laid out on the floor.

He lowered me onto the blanket and lay down next to me, he smiled in the darkness then muttered

"It's a little dark"

I smiled back then said

"Let me get that, léoht áscíme ufenan ús"

An orb of light appeared just above us, illuminating our immediate surroundings. It was a little too close for comfort though, I chanted again

"Áfléotan uferor"

It rose a few feet higher illuminating a wider area around us. a breeze blew and I remembered that I had forgotten a jacket and shivered as I sat up on my elbow. Louis sat up and began to remove his leather jacket.

"Here" he said as he handed it to me. I pulled it on. it fitted me quite well and smelled of Louis, delicious and intoxicating. After a few seconds the jacket had warmed up and my goosebumps subsided, Louis grinned comfortingly then said

"The cold doesn't bother me, I could walk naked through a snow storm and still not feel uncomfortable."

"Now that I would like to see, minus the snow storm though"

He lowered himself onto the pillow and turned on his side to face me.

We talked for a while mainly about Louis' past, his time travelling the world. He spoke little more of his human life, I guessed that he found it painful to think of what his life could have been like if he hadn't been stabbed and turned. I did find out though that his family had been rich and that he had been mugged by a man who stabbed him and left him to bleed out in the gutter. Marcus had smelled the blood and had followed his nose and found Louis. He had taken pity on him and had grown lonely after 250 years alone.

He dropped the subject and I understood why, I smiled warmly then said

"We are miles away from the city, completely alone out here"

He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. my hands moved to his neck and I pulled him onto me.

His body controlled mine. our tongues moved in a rhythm. My hands moved to his back and my nails dug into his skin. he pulled away.

I saw his fangs descend and he growled playfully at me

"Be careful where you put your hands, my kind can feel pain, but it is associated with sex and pleasure" he said

I dug my nails into his skin harder and was rewarded with a slight moan. he leaned down again and kissed me with passion, truly dominating my mouth,

"I'm sorry I forgot about the food in the basket" he said barely pulling away from my mouth.

My skin tingled as hands moved lazily down to my thigh, he pulled it up and around his hip, pushing closer against my body and our cocks collided rock hard under our clothes.

He moved his attentions to my neck and I whispered breathlessly

"I'm sure you have something else I could feed on"

Again I thought as to how I would have reacted to biting into the flesh of a vampire.

As for drinking his blood that would have been a definite no.

His fangs gently scraped against my neck pulling me out of my train of thought. I moved my hand to the back of his head and pulled him closer against me. His tongue licked the skin lightly, before his fangs broke through the skin and into the vein on my neck.

Torrential pleasure from his fangs as my blood entered his body. My heart pushed blood out of my body and into his waiting mouth and I felt him relax against me. He did not suck the blood out as usual but fed more slowly, sensually, allowing me to fully enjoy the ecstatic pleasure that flooded me.

He fed for around 20 seconds before he pulled away from my neck. A look of serenity was painted on his face, he flipped us over so that I was on top, he smiled up at me then said

"Where would you like to feed from wrist or neck"

I deliberated for a second then leaned down and kissed him on the lips loving the feel of the soft skin against mine. I moved from his lips and kissed and sucked my way towards his neck. I paused as I looked at the thick vein on his neck, then whispered in his ear

"How does it feel for you when I drink from you"

His voice was laced with desire as he said

"It is the same as if I fed from you, my kind bite each other as signs of affection"

I slowly ran my tongue up his neck, the skin silky smooth.

I gently clamped my teeth over his skin. It tore easily and Louis' wonderful blood flowed into my mouth. It seemed to flow faster than the other times that I had drunk his blood. I guessed it was because of the sheer volume blood in his body.

He had fed before he left and had told me he had more than enough blood for other uses. I fed for around the same amount of time as he did. While I was drinking from his neck a low moan escaped his lips, his hands grabbed my arse and squeezed the flesh tenderly. I pulled away and licked the blood off my teeth as I straddled Louis.

I felt his hard cock against my arse and leaned back against it. Another moan slipped from his lips and I looked down to see his eyes were shifting from green to black. He ran his hands up my chest and onto my shoulders, he pulled me down and rammed his lips against mine, I dominated him this time and he let me.

He was so strong and powerful that if he wanted he could have done anything to me, but he respected me and let me go at my own pace. There are a lot of human guys who wouldn't do that let alone vampires. His fangs ascended back into his gums as he kissed me, and I coiled my tongue around his bullying him into submission.

I moved to his ear and whispered seductively

"Let's try something different, just lie back and relax"

I pulled back and moved my fingers to the collar of his shirt and undid the first button. I kissed the hollow of the base of his throat and moved my mouth down as my fingers undid each button. I reached his bellybutton and ran my tongue gently over it before continuing lower.

Beneath his bellybutton was a thin line of brown hair that led suggestively down.

I followed it with my tongue and reached the waistband of his jeans, I ran my hands back up his chest and looked up at his face to see him biting his lips. I made a mental note of my actions then ran my hands over the smooth expanse of his chest.

His pink nipples stood erect and I ran my fingers over them rewarding me with a stifled moan from Louis. It amazed me how someone whose life was so temporary someone...mortal could make this god of a creature moan neath them.

I kissed up his chest and noticed how his breathing was irregular and I grinned against his skin.

As I kissed his flesh I opened my mouth as swirled my tongue over the cool flesh, I reached his pecs and moved up to his right nipple. A loud moan escaped his lips and I looked at his hands to see then clawing into the ground.

I moved to his left and another loud moan escaped him, I kissed up to his neck and licked my way up to his mouth. His fangs were descended and he had bitten into his into the skin of his lips. I ran my tongue around his lips, he opened his eyes and glared lustily at me.

A low growl rumbled from his chest, I kissed his left cheek then moved back to his lips and kissed him again. His tongue darted inside my mouth and I tasted his blood on his tongue, sweet and delicious. I pulled back and stared down at him, a pained look spreading across his face and the growl in his chest grew louder.

He flipped us over and rammed me against the blanket, the pain was momentary and then his mouth crushed against mine and his tongue explored my mouth with deadly speed. His hands were on my shoulders holding me down. He pulled away and moved to my ear his tongue darting seductively in before he continued

"That was so amazing, feeling your lips and hands running over my skin. You are making it so hard to control my urges. All I can think about now is how your cock is pressing against my thigh.

But I don't want your first time to be out here in the cold"

In a flash I was up in his arms, his chest was exposed and his skin looked so enticing just waiting to be licked and squeezed. He breathed in deeply through his nose then we were running. I guessed I had around 4 minutes until he would be mine.

I moved one of my hands up to his chest and slowly circled one of his nipples. He moaned then muttered breathlessly

"James that is so distracting"

I gently pinched his nipple and he gasped and I felt his arms tremble. My head was resting on his shoulder and I kissed his flesh and sighed resting my hand over his heart.

He slowed and I looked up to see that we had reached his home. he lowered me to the ground and I saw that his eyes had begun to return to their natural green. He grabbed my hand and tugged me towards the door. He bent down and moved a plant pot and picked up a key from the floor and quickly opened the door.

He pulled me forwards and into the brightly lit house slamming the door behind us. He moved with incredible speed and had me pinned against the wall. He slowed his pace and pressed his lips against mine. He kissed me passionately and his hands moved to my face as he pulled me closer against him. I slumped against the wall, and simply allowed the sensations to wash through my body.

I moved my hands to the collar of his shirt, moving beneath the fabric to his shoulders and tried to push the open shirt off. He helped me without taking his lips off mine and dropped his black shirt into the floor.

His hands began to pull at his leather jacket which I wore and I shrugged it off. Eager to get to what was next. His lips broke away from mine I moved my hands to the bottom of my t-shirt.

His hands met mine and we tugged it over my head. His lips eagerly reunited with mine and his hands roamed over my chest. His hands moved to my back and he tugged me against his chest. I groaned as I felt our skin touch, I was glad his skin was colder than mine, since it helped control my rising heat.

We staggered away from the wall unwilling, and unable to stop touching each other and moved towards the stairs. He pulled away and I saw him drop his jeans. His cock was hard and pointing away from his body through his underwear. He tugged me up the stairs eager as I was.

I followed him then when we reached his room, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply his cool tongue gliding over mine. His hands moved to my jeans and he undid the button then slowly undid the zip. My trousers fell, my heart accelerated and he lightly skimmed his hand over the straining fabric.


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