I backed against the lockers and prepared to defend myself. I knew I couldn't fight them all.

One or two maybe but together I was easily outnumbered.

My conscious mind was chaotic. My subconscious however was planning. Words formed on my lips to protect me. His fist seemed to slow down and I wasn't sure whether it was the vampire blood in my system or my magic, but it helped, as his fist drew close to my face I muttered three words unconsciously:

"waru for mec"

his fist collided with my face, but I didn't feel it instead his fist seemed to stop dead.

He cried out in agony clutching his injured hand then said

"what the fuck are you?"

I know it may have sounded like a cliché but I could not help but respond by saying

"I am your worst nightmare" the 2 guys at the back, the two brothers, moved away.

Their eyes wide in shock and fear, they began to turn away, I taloned my fingers and extended one of my arms towards each of them and said


they froze on the spot their feet held to the floor.

One of them spat in my direction, I glared at him and called forth more magic and said

"Ic creopere þú"

both of them fell to their knees,.

the leader was trying to straighten himself up from his folded posture. He hand his fist clutched to his chest. And he now tried to straighten himself to his full height.

"áhýdan ús fram oþres "

that dealt with the possibility of others seeing us. I glared at the leader of their group and incanted;

"Ic bebindan þú aet þæs flett"

he fell back onto the floor,.I had used part of the same spell my mother had used on Louis this morning but had instead bound this piece of human trash to the floor.

Human? Fuck now I'm not even considering myself one of them?.

"Now that you have seen what I can do you should know that I am capable of doing this any place, anywhere, so if I hear even one more snide comment about me or Louis I will personally torture you in ways so horrible and painful they will push you to the precipice of insanity and hold you there, how about a slight demonstration hmm"

Adrenaline and power were coursing through my veins. I felt so angry at them, they had insulted Louis. He was mine and I would not allow anyone to comment on him. Inside my head I accessed the darker part of my magic reserved for causing pain, the words flowed easily off my tongue

"bryne eac ádl"

They inhaled in shock and utter agony spread across their faces. They didn't cry out but the pain was evident on their faces and in the way their bodies writhed under my power.

"Ic tólýsednes þú"

I muttered a few seconds later my compassion battling my anger. They gasped on the floor and I turned my back on them picked up my bag and walked off down the corridor and round a corner.

I walked into Louis and he pulled me into his arms and kissed me gently on the lips. He pulled away earlier than I would have liked and said quickly

"I tried to get here as fast as I could. I could feel your anger, it was coming off you in waves. What did they do to piss you off so much"

I looked down embarrassed, now that I thought back I had sort of over reacted but at the time I had felt so possessive and protective of Louis. He put a hand under my chin and pulled my face upwards to catch his eyes, I spoke slowly embarrassed

"they insulted you, and I..I.." he smiled then said

"and what? Don't worry I won't get cross, I could never get angry at you"

"I protected myself from one of their punches and then I crippled the other 2 and forced them to their knees. bound them all to the floor and then I sort of...made them burn with pain..."

I trailed off expecting him to get mad at me even though he had promised not to.

He smiled then gave me a quick peck on the lips then said

"this is slightly serious but nothing I can't handle. I will erase their memories later and plant a few false ones for them to find. But from the sounds of it it seems that you don't need me to protect you all of the time"

I smiled at him and then said

"I always need your protection, it's fun to see how protective you are of me"

He laughed a quick chuckle and then said

"well after your last lesson meet me by my car and I will take you home and then. later I think we should go somewhere, a sort of date, then when we get back to my house..."

His hands moved to my arse and he pulled our groins into contact. I moaned at the intimate touch and then he continued

"well, we'll just see where we go from there. now I have to get back to class. so I shall see you later"

he kissed me quickly on the lips and then on my forehead before continuing past me and round the corner exclaiming as he did

"you really did do well with those guys, they're still on the floor".

I ran through the corridors to my next lesson which was geography, I was extremely late but luckily the teacher simply said before I could get a word out

"I don't care, just sit down. listen and shut up"

I took a seat towards the front of the class next to a black girl and pulled my books out of my bag and looked up at the board.

The girl next to me began to speak "so you are James right?"

I nodded half listening,

she continued speaking "so you are going out with Louis right?"

I nodded again beginning to pay more attention to her and less to the work on the board which I noticed I had already studied,

she asked another question "is he as hot topless as they all say?"

"believe me I have seen him more than topless and I don't know what they all say but he is like a god on earth"

I blushed at my statement and looked down at my desk instead of at her, she began to say

"have you..." but was interrupted when the teacher said

"Miss Thompson, do you have something to add to the class?"

"No Mr Gilbertson, I'll pay attention from now on"

The lesson moved onto the geomorphology here in Virginia, I didn't know much about the city I now lived in. my mum had chosen Virginia because of the mild climate and had chosen the city of Hampton.

Phoebe kept her mouth shut for the rest of the lesson but I knew that she was bursting with questions.

I dodged that bullet however when at the end of the lesson everyone except me had homework to hand in, so I used that opportunity to slip away and dump my books in my locker. Most of the students had already left by the time I exited the building. I saw Louis' car across the lot, I do not know much about cars. I had never really been interested In them, but the car that Louis drove I had heard of, it was a black MR2. I faced it and rested on it while I waited for Louis to arrive.

I was taken by surprise when a fist collided with the back of my head.

my face moved forward and hit the car. My temple collided with the side of the car and I went down a bright red light colouring the inside of my eyelids. I looked up to see the 3 people I had fought before, one of the 2 brothers placed a piece of duct tape over my mouth before kicking me in the stomach. I felt something give along my ribs and I groaned into the tape.

The leader spoke down in my ear while the other kicked me in the stomach again

"try using that fucking shit again. I dare you. You haven't got Louis to defend you either"

That was where he was wrong, I knew that Louis could feel my fear and pain and I knew that he was coming for me. I curled into a ball as their onslaught continued to protect my face. I heard a growl in the distance, half hidden in the darkness in my head.

I groaned under the tape as darkness consumed me.

Some time later. I don't know how long. someone pulled me up into a sitting position.

I exclaimed as I felt a searing pain spread through my arm and my ribs. I opened my eyes to meet Louis'. The tape was gone from my mouth and I stared up at Louis' green eyes.

he asked quickly obviously concerned.

"James tell me where it hurts"

his fangs were descended but I ignored them as he moved his ear towards my mouth.

"my ribs and my arm" I managed to croak causing pain in my throat.

I felt his cool fingertips run up my arm and he gently squeezed assessing the damage. he reached my shoulder and I winced in pain. he muttered quietly

"dislocated shoulder"

he moved his hands to my ribs and gently pressed each one, he reached the bottom of my left half of ribs and I cried out burning pain shooting through my chest.

"and 2 broken ribs" I heard him mutter,

Before he moved to my face. he gently rubbed my temple before pulling his wrist towards his face, his fangs dug into the flesh. His blood flowed sluggishly from the wound trickling down his wrist.

He moved it to my mouth, holding the back of my head supporting me against his body.

I sipped slowly knowing that it would remove the pain throughout my body. It went to work almost instantly beginning with the pain in my throat. I felt the blood begin to heal me by the tingling sensations that I felt around my body. My ribs seemed completely healed in a matter of seconds but the pain in my arm remained. Louis whispered in my ear

"I'm going to have to put you arm back into it's socket. this is going to hurt. on 3. 1...2"

I felt a searing pain speed up my arm as Louis put it back into it's socket.

"3" he said once I had stopped wincing. pain painted all over his face.

He had removed his wrist from my mouth but I could not quite remember when. I had drunk quite a bit of the blood in his body. I guessed because his face seemed to have lost some of it's colour, and his lips seemed a duller shade of red than before.

His fangs remained descended as his eyes flicked towards the body lying 10 feet away bleeding onto the pavement. My voice had returned and my pain had almost vanished. I grabbed Louis' arm and pulled him towards me. he looked at me with hungry eyes. I spoke to him quickly

"Louis please just think. do you really want to drink that man's blood, after what he did to me"

This seemed to shock him out of his thirst driven haze and his fangs slowly returned to their ascended state.

He pulled me up onto my feet and opened the car door for me and helped me get in. my legs felt weak but I was sure that soon his blood would have me back to normal. In a second he was in the drivers seat, he reached over to the glove compartment, opened it and pulled out a blood bag. He stared at it in his hands with a look akin to shame. I saw his fangs descend and he bit into the bag and quickly drained the contents. after he had he looked at me looking slightly embarrassed.

I smiled at him and then said

"it must have been hard not drinking that humans blood when It was spilling over the pavement. I think I have been taking too much out of you, when you get home you should feed"

he nodded curtly then responded saying

"I'm sorry you had to see me like that. My anger coupled with my hunger threw me off guard.

With you feeding off me. my hunger...it almost drove me over the edge. I will fill myself up on blood bags before I take you out tonight. at least that way you could drink from me if you want and I would be in full control of my urges"

I ran my hand up his leg and then said already feeling better

"I hope you still have those urges though, they may come in handy later",

his eyes turned to me full of warmth as he leaned forward and kissed me. My hands made their way to his neck pulling him closer. He broke away for a few seconds and then moved his seat back as far as it would go then moving at blinding speed pulled me onto him.

My legs were on either side of his and I leaned down and kissed him quickly on the lips then moved down his face to his neck. he kissed up my neck and then his right hand pulled my face up to his and he kissed me with passion, his tongue tapped my lips seeking entrance.

I opened my mouth and accepted him trying not to notice the taste of metal in his mouth from the blood bag.

While I was distracted by his mouth his left hand found my hard cock in my trousers and squeezed me. I broke away from his lips moaning as he rubbed me through my trousers. he had moved up to my arms met by his right and he moved so fast that I did not see it.

We ended up on the beck seat with his lying on top of me.

"you have no idea how much I have wanted this all day, your hands my my leg have made me want you moaning in pleasure, now I have my chance"

His hands ran down my t-shirt towards my trousers, his hands found my dick beneath the fabric, he rubbed me before quickly undoing the button and the zip and pulling them down to my ankles. He pulled out his car keys and pushed a button on them and the front windscreen turned dark along with the side and rear windows cutting us off from the rest of the world.

He ran his hands over my cock and I moaned, his hands were making wonderful friction between my cock and the fabric of my boxers. His hands moved to the waistband of my boxers and his thumb traced the waist band. I locked my legs around his hips as he began to rub my cock, he tugged at the waistband of my briefs releasing my cock from its prison.

He asked my quickly

"could I...feed, I won't take much" I hesitated and then said after I had assessed my strength


he kissed my inner thigh and then said

"I don't usually feed from the groin but from my experience it is quite exhilarating"

His fangs descended and I tensed up as he leaned forward towards my left thigh. He moved his hands to my hips and gently massaged the flesh. I relaxed immediately, whatever he was massaging at my hips was sending waves of relaxation up my body. He kissed the flesh of my inner thigh inhaling deeply against my skin.

He ran his fangs lightly across the skin, kissed it then gently bit into my thigh. I gasped. this was far more pleasurable than when he fed from my neck. the pleasure seemed to move upwards and I soon found myself moaning as he fed from me.

His right hand secure my thigh while his left moved up towards my cock, I moved my hand into his hair and tugged gently on it. his hand reached my cock and he slowly held me and wanked my cock while he fed, the pleasure was indescribable both his feeding and his hand on my cock were driving me over the edge, I was on the verge of cumming and he knew it he pulled away from my thigh and moved upwards towards my face his teeth still stained with my blood.

He kissed me on my tired lips, I lowered my head back to the seat as he sped up his left hand on my cock. Hips began to thrust into his hand, a few seconds later I felt his mouth lock over the tip of my cock. My vision coloured with white streaks as I came into his mouth.

I breathed heavily as he leaned back onto the floor, his lips gently moved to my thigh again.

He licked the wound and then I saw him pull one of his fingers up to his fangs. He pierced the flesh and a small droplet of blood oozed from the flesh, he rubbed it over the bite wounds and I watched the flesh heal in seconds.

I reached down and pulled up my boxers and then my trousers, I moved back to the passenger seats and then Louis returned to the driver seat and pulled his seat forward again.

He turned to me a look of satisfaction on his face, I turned in my seat and leaned in forward and kissed him gently on the lips, he smiled as I pulled away

"I'm sorry I forgot about your needs it was just so..."

his smile grew wider and he cut me off

"don't worry it was almost satisfying satisfying you, but don't worry we still have all night"

one of his hands moved to my face and he stroked my cheek before I asked him

"so where are we going tonight?"

"Most of my kind are quite old and have instituted themselves into society, they mainly choose to own bars, one such bar is reserved for specific clients, if I took you there it would show to the others that I have the courage to openly love a human.

Do you remember when I told you about the Uthar coven?"

I thought back and remembered him saying something about being a governor for this area

"yh you said something about governing the area"

he nodded and then said

"yes, well most of my subjects as it were see humans only as food, if I showed them that I had taken a human as my mate, it might change some of their views. Most of the Vampires under my rule are around a century old or younger, they respect me because I am their elder but also because I am their governor".

I tried to envision Louis as a governor but found it too funny to contemplate, I started laughing and watched the expression on Louis' face turn quizzical, he asked me

"why are you laughing?"

I managed to stop myself after a few more seconds of laughter then responded

"I'm just trying to envision you as a governor"

he smiled and then said

"I was made a governor in 1923 when I was 139, all that it means is that in any area that I choose to live I have the ability to enact judgement on any vampire or other supe who threatens to expose us to humans...or any humans who threaten to find out about us. I am also responsible for keeping track of all vampires and finding them if they go missing."

he had started the car and then began to drive out of the parking lot,

"do you have some sort of government or hierarchy? Who is the leader of you kind?"

he hesitated for a second and I quickly said

"I'm sorry if you can't tell me I understand"

he shook his head

"I'm allowed to tell you anything and everything as a supe yourself, but if you tell a human, I would have to kill them" he trailed off

"does this break one of your laws, what we have?" I asked

He shook his head and then said

"no, it could, if I thought you would tell anyone about my kind. But as a supernatural yourself I don't think you would risk telling anyone. Some of my kind however disagree to vampires dating humans, most simply see you as food.

Some fall in love with humans but are afraid that they could kill them, some of the older vampires however are capable of controlling their urges, and are capable of feeding without harming the human.

Take you for example, if a younger vampire were to feed off you, they would find it more difficult to stop themselves with you than with another human without magic. Your blood provides us with greater sustenance than a normal human. I am surprised that you have not already fallen prey to a vampire, even before you unlocked your magic you still smelled irresistible.

And as for our leader and government, it is slightly complicated, each continent has a sort of monarch, usually an old vampire older than 900 years."

"so who is the monarch of North America?"

a grimace crossed his face before he responded

"His name is Iōannēs, he was turned around 800bc in Greece. He is the 2nd oldest vampire known to exist, he is over 2500 years old and lives in Norfolk.

It was one of the reasons why I chose to live here, with a monarch so close it is one of the most carefully monitored area in America, he personally requested that I take charge of this area as soon as I moved here"

I thought back to the look on his face when I mentioned the monarch,

"do you have a problem with him?"

he turned his head then said

"When I was made a governor it meant that any monarch could call me into their service. I have been around for 228 years and have met 4 of the monarchs 2 women and 2 men, the women were the queens of south America and North Africa, The King of Europe. Iōannēs likes to keep an eye on me".

"why does he want to keep an eye on you?" I asked, he looked down and sighed before meeting my gaze and saying hesitantly

"he tried to...he asked me if...." he stopped and I asked him

"he asked you to what?" he locked eyes with mine and then it hit me,

"he asked you to be his mate!" I shouted at him

"yes but I turned him down. Unfortunately his interest in me has not faded over the past 30 or so years. But once the word gets around that I am with you, he will probably summon us. I think he will be quite interested to know that my mate is a human" he answered pleadingly

I fell onto the defensive, and said to him "he can summon us?"

Louis nodded and slowly responded

"Whilst I reside in his territory I am technically his subject, while I was in England before I started travelling in 1946, King Zachariah of Europe summoned the governors to help combat a threat to our kind. A group of half crazed Fae."

I cocked an eyebrow to this but could tell from the setting of his jaw that it was a closed subject.

"does Iōannēs have the power to force you to leave me"

I half whispered the words afraid of his answer

"No, he cannot, that is one of our most sacred of laws, a monarch cannot force a vampire to give up his mate" he pulled my face up and smiled at me, I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

The thought of whoever this Iōannēs guy was, taking Louis away from me filled me with anger. Louis was mine and I was his.

Louis put his hand on my neck and said

"James, you are mine and I am yours. that is not going to change. just calm down I won't leave you. now I will meet you in an hour, I'd leave a note for your mum, she is protective of you,.most of the humans I know who date vampires have been kicked out by their parents. don't worry she will get used to me. I hope".

I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, and opened the car door and walked towards my house, I looked back to see him waving before revving his engine and driving off down the street.

I pulled out my front door keys and opened the door. I walked upstairs and stepped into the bathroom. I kicked off my shoes and socks and turned started to run myself a bath.

While my bath was running I moved into my room and tried to figure out what I should wear. If I was going out with Louis. I decided on a v-neck white t-shirt that would expose my neck (I knew that that would attract a lot of attention) and a pair of blue Levi jeans.

I grabbed my clothes and walked back to the bathroom. I tested the water before I stripped and stepped in. I laid back in the water and felt my muscles relax completely. The warm water seemed to be drawing out all of my anxiety and tension and leaving me in a completely relaxed state.

I leaned back and closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of the warm water against my skin.

I trailed my hand down my body gently pinching my nipples before continuing down.

My cock began to harden still under the influence of Louis' blood. The sensations shot up my body and I slowly began to rub. By this point my cock was hard and I started to wank my cock with quick forceful movements.

A few minutes later just as I was on the verge of cumming I heard a voice say

"mmm delicious I find myself hard just watching you."

My eyes shot open at the first syllable and I sat up quickly in the bath to find Marcus standing there. He was staring down at me with a glint in his eyes. His black hair shook as he laughed at my response.

I tried to cover myself from his gaze and stepped out of the bath which let me tell you isn't easy sporting a hard-on. I looked at the hook on the wall and felt terror shoot through me as I saw I had forgotten to get a towel. I vainly tried to cover my hard cock as I racked my brain for a spell to hide my naked body from his eyes. I looked up at him quickly and saw his eyes trail down my body.

I quickly said

"ahydan min pintel fram Marcus"

I felt a tingling sensation on my cock and hoped I had just hidden it from Marcus' eyes.

I looked up at him and demanded

"Why the fuck are you here?"

he smiled and then said

"I may not be gay but Louis does have taste, and as to the reason for my visit I require yours and Louis' assistance"

I was still pissed at him and glared daggers in his direction while I said

"Well then why didn't you just go to his house and ask him?"

he laughed again then said

"Because Louis tried to help me last night but was unable to assist me further than I already achieved. We are both governors of the vampire world and an important vampire has gone missing.

I pulled an image from the mind of a human that he and some scientist trapped this vampire.

They are currently experimenting on him to discover what he is and how he works.

I have recently learned that you are a quite powerful witch, and your skills would be greatly appreciated in this matter"

Focusing on keeping my power flowing to the spell I said

"why is this vampire so important? This is personal to you isn't it?"

he stiffened then said quietly

"Clever. You would be correct he is. The reason being is that he is my maker. I would die to protect him"

"alright I will try to help you, but could we do it tomorrow afternoon. Louis and I have already made plans for tonight but I will do what I can to help you tomorrow. Now could you go away, it is slightly disturbing that you walk in on me while I am naked in the bath. I thought you had a mate"

he smiled and then said

"Yes I have my own mate, but as one of my friends a few centuries ago said 'there is nothing wrong with window shopping'. though I prefer women I have had my share of men and none have been quite as...desirable as you though.

If I had found you before Louis had I may not have been restrained as he was, now I will bid you farewell"

he moved away with incredible speed and I relaxed as soon as I heard my front door open and close.

I released the spell and returned to my bath, I washed my hair and after a few more minutes of attempted relaxation I gave up and got out of the bath. Marcus had given me something to worry about, what if another vampire had found me before Louis, I would probably be dead in a dumpster somewhere drained of every last drop of blood.

About 20 minutes had passed from the time I walked through the door and getting into my outfit for the night. I felt full of energy after the large amount of blood that I had drunk from Louis, it also had the side effect of making me horny as hell. And let me tell you me being hyper is bad enough. Hyper AND horny never a good combination.

I walked into the kitchen and ruffled through the drawers looking for a pad and pen.

I quickly scribbled a note

"Mum I'm going out for the night and yes it is with Louis.

I'll probably be back late or not at all so don't wait up for me."

At the bottom I added

"And don't worry he may not be your ideal type of person for me but I really like him"

I was careful in case someone read the note, and deliberately avoided anything supernatural.

By the time Louis knocked on my door I was beginning to go stir crazy, he strolled in through the front door.

He was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a black shirt with a leather jacket on top. All in all his clothing emphasized his best features. His defined thighs the bulge of his pecs leading up to his broad shoulders.

He was humming a lively tune and I asked

"what are you humming it sounds nice"

he replied a brief second later

"a little song that was written around 80 years after I became a vampire in Ireland"

I asked

"what's it called?"

he replied alluringly a small smile present on his lips

"I'll tell me ma, now enough of that come here"

He pulled me into his arms, smiled widely then said

"I missed you"

he leaned forward and kissed my forehead, I looked up at his face, I noticed how he looked more radiant than an hour ago and his lips seemed redder than before

"you fed" I commented

he nodded then smiling said

"I wanted to make sure I won't lose control, and now I have more than enough blood in me for you in case you get injured or.." he trailed off and his hands ran down my back to my arse which he squeezed affectionately "for other activities"

I beamed up at him and leaned forward to kiss him on the lips, his hands on my arse tugged closer into his body bringing our cocks into contact.

I ran my hands up his chest to the lapels of his leather jacket and tugged him against me.

he pulled away and said as and took one of my hands

"don't worry. They'll be time for that later."

I sighed annoyed but thought forward envisioning the night ahead. He led me through the front door. We walked down the short path to the road I looked for his MR2 but could not see it anywhere. I turned to him when we reached the road and asked

"Where's your car?"

he shook his head then said

"We're not driving" he pointed into the distance and said

"The sun has almost set and my speed and strength are already much stronger, I'm going to carry you"

I looked at him in disbelief then asked

"So where are we going, where is this bar?"

he responded almost immediately

"In Norfolk, around 16 miles away give or take"

I had seen his strength and speed so I doubted it would take us long to get there but I asked anyway

"How long will it take us to get there?"

he looked up in thought for a second and then said

"3 minutes probably less"

I grinned at him and he grinned back, he let go of my hand and in the space of time it took me to blink I was in his arms, he smiled at me and then said

"you are so warm, it must be off putting to be near something so cold?"

I shook my head then to show my point I leaned In close and wrapped my arms around his neck.

I kissed my way up his face then caught his gaze and then said

"to me I don't mind that you're skin is cold because I know that in here"

I moved my right hand over his heart

"Is so much love and warmth and I have always preferred being cold to being hot"

he grinned cheekily then said

"well for someone who hates being hot you sure are doing a good job of it"

He smiled lovingly at me and then he was running. Up until that point I had not truly gauged his speed. He was a ghostly bullet whizzing through the city and within a minute we were in the country.

I leaned my head against his shoulder and just enjoyed the feel of the breeze against my skin. All too soon he stopped. I opened my eyes and found myself in an alleyway, Louis lowered me to the floor commenting on my choice of clothes.

"It's going to be hard to keep you to myself what with you smelling so good and looking even better, especially when your displaying the veins on your neck so prominently."

He grinned at me before offering me his hand, I took it and he led me out of the alley way and into the streets of Norfolk.

It was beginning to drizzle as we walked through the streets, skyscrapers were on either side of us and I was beginning to wonder where exactly this bar was, he continued to pull me through the streets a smile fixed on his face, we reached an alley way on our left and he tugged me down it towards a door at the end.

A woman was leaning against the door examining her nails. She looked up as we approached and stared at Louis, She smiled at him and then her eyes turned to me and she cocked her head before turning to Louis and saying

"Louis it has been a while since you were last here, it's good to see you though, your presence should keep the order, so who is your date?"

Louis tugged me forward, I had been half hidden behind him apprehensive of speaking to the vampire, he said to her while her eyes roamed over me

"this is James, he is my...mate"

A look of shock crossed the woman's face before it was replaced with curiosity

"A human, strange, he smells..." she inhaled deeply to accentuate her point

"Sweet" she finished

Louis smiled and then said

"He is a witch, that was what drew me to him at first, even before his magic awakened he still smelled incredible"

she smiled at Louis then at me before asking me

"Could you do me a favour and stop this rain, it's starting to mess with my hair"

I looked at Louis and he nodded.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of words to stop the rain. I cobbled together something I thought would stop it. I hesitated then continued

"ic beclýse þæm heofon ond álynian þæm rén" I said quietly

the rain slowed till it was only spitting and then ceased altogether.

I opened my eyes and smiled at the woman before she said

"thank you"

She pulled a key out of her pocket and opened the door behind her, she motioned for us to go through and Louis pulled me through and into the corridor.

After the door behind us had closed he turned to me and said

"She didn't really want you to stop the rain she just wanted to see if you were really a witch"

I looked at him and asked as we continued to walk down the corridor

"Why did she want to know?"

he shrugged and then said

"She will probably tell Iōannēs about you. He is her maker. He will probably come running, if I know his as well as I think I do he will come to find out what his competition is"

that made me angry

"why the fuck does he want to find out about me, and why is he still interested in you after you've turned him down, does he need to have it spelled out for him, you are not interested in him, and secondly you are mine, you chose me"

I had no idea why I was getting so angry but the thought of someone trying to take Louis away from me was a tender area.

He stopped and grabbed me round the waist and shoved me against the corridor wall, his lips pressed against mine and his tongue pushed past my lips and assaulted my mouth, his hands ran up my chest. My anger evaporated replaced by lust.

I was about to put my hands on his neck but he pulled away and looked into my eyes

"James relax, I am not going to leave you and I hope I just proved that I chose you"

he kissed me again and I grabbed his jacket and pulled him closer. I heard the door we had walked through at the end of the corridor open and footsteps echoed through the hall.

Louis pulled away and led me along the corridor. I glanced back at the person behind us. It was a woman but I could not see her face clearly, I moved closer to Louis and he put his arm round my shoulders.

We reached the end of the corridor and he pulled open the door at the end and revealed the club inside. The walls were black and red and there seemed to be quite a lot of people inside.

A breeze blew from behind me, I saw half a dozen people directly in front of me inhale deeply.

Their eyes collectively grew darker as I watched. I clutched Louis' hand and he led me into the club. His eyes roamed over the people in the bar visibly warning them that I was his.


Thomas Auger

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