We walked out of the bathroom together our hands intertwined. I clung to his side as we walked to our biology class with someone called Mr Bidle. Louis walked confidently through the school always remaining no further than a foot away from me. His presence seemed to have an effect on, not just me, but on both the guys and the girls. The guys looked at him with jealousy and the girls looked at him with only lust.

Louis slowed as we reached a classroom door, he leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "Ignore those stupid cattle. They follow the herd and all it takes is a new male to stir them into a frenzy. All I ask, is that you try not to get angry. I would hate to see one of them hurt." The sarcasm was evident in his voice and I tried focus as we walked through the door.

I sensed their glares, digging into my back as we walked in. As we looked for a seat, I fervently hoped Louis and I could sit together. I saw a girl stand up from the two person desk and move to another in the back of the room. Louis and I walked over and sat at the empty desk and he put his hand on my knee after we were seated. I couldn't help but wonder if she had moved of her own free will.

"don't think about trying to use your powers focus on something else like me...naked",

I thought it was stupid but I did it anyway. Louis' hand gently running up and down my leg did not help my concentration, but I knew I wouldn't be able to calm down while I could feel people looking at me and feel their jealousy. I suddenly noticed something. A buzz seemed to flow through me and my mind flew as I found that some sort of language seemed to have been unlocked inside my head. And crazier yet, I seemed to understand it.

Suddenly, my eyes shot open and I felt as if I had been lying down for an hour and suddenly gotten up. Blood rushed to my head and white spots appeared in front of my eyes. I would have hit the desk if Louis hadn't put a hand on my shoulder to steady me. He said quietly, "It seems that you have discovered your second language. From my basic translation, I believe you said, 'Hide me from those who are jealous of me.'"

I could hear the lust in his voice as he continued, "You look so powerful when you use magic." My head was still spinning and I leaned against Louis' shoulder. My magic seemed to be holding since no-none was giving me funny looks any more. If my spell worked as I hoped, then people who were jealous of me would simply not notice me.

By the time the teacher walked in, my head was settled. I still leaned against Louis because the scent that seemed to radiate from him made me relax. I found myself ignoring the odd look I got from the teacher as he took his position behind his desk. I eventually sat up straight behind my desk, but moved my hand onto Louis' knee to maintain contact. His hand covered mine a few seconds later and he rubbed my hand gently as the class began. I told myself to remember to ask Louis why the need for contact with him was so strong.

The biology itself was basic and I found that I kept up easily with the class. Today was more of a lesson reviewing the biology that they had learned previously this year and I had covered much of it before I moved here. I calmly listened and was bored with the class, wishing for it to be over. That was, until I felt a pencil hit me on the back of my shoulder. I looked left to Louis, who seemed distracted and I gently squeezed his leg as I felt something begin to grow inside me. He, once again, placed his hand over mine and rubbed it gently in a futile attempt to calm me. The ball of anger that was growing in my stomach did not lessen, no matter how hard I tried to concentrate on Louis.

Once again, a pencil flew past my shoulder and my anger manifested itself as three words flew from my mouth, "Wiccecraeft bordrand mec."

Louis noticed my outburst and turned to look at me. I noticed the edges of his lips twitched with the beginning of a smile, but disappeared as I rubbed my hand against his thigh, slowly creeping up his leg. He leaned forward and whispered into my ear as my hand edged closer towards his crotch, "You are insatiable, you know that?"

I muttered under my breath, knowing that his sensitive ears could pick it up, "And don't you love it. But, you're right, I'll save it for tonight." Another pencil flew towards my back, before it stopped dead and rolled down it as my shield managed to absorb the force of it. I whispered to Louis again, "If that person does it again, I am going to set him on fire and feed him to you. I am warning you!"

I felt his lips brush my cheek obviously trying to calm me down and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't help the slight moan that escaped my mouth. The teacher was still facing the board, so I allowed myself a moment of indulgence before I pulled away from him and rested my head on my hands and my elbows on the desk. Soon the bell rang and I quickly escaped from the room, desperately trying not to cast magic again. I walked to my locker and dumped my biology books in it and grabbed my sports bag from it. I slammed my locker shut and rested my head on it.

A finger trailed along the back of my neck and I turned around and found Louis looking down at me, "You need to relax because, if you get pissed off, you could hurt someone. And while I find it hot as hell when you are using your power, we must be careful that people don't start noticing 'strange' things happening around you. We should get to gym now."

He leaned down and placed a kiss on my lips that was full of passion and pent up lust. I could feel it in the way his body curved towards me, possessively, that he wanted me. I wanted him too, but now was not the time and we both knew that, so we headed to the gym. Gym passed by quickly, mainly due to the fact that I didn't take my eyes of Louis as we played basketball. I watched the way his arms moved, just a little too quick to be human as he blocked someone or shot the ball.

As soon as gym was finished, we hit the showers and I had to use all of my concentration not to look at Louis, because I knew the effect his naked body would have on me. I did notice how some of the other guys' eyes lingered on me as I walked away from the shower. I couldn't help it and spared one look back at Louis, seeing his arse in all its glory.

Once I got dressed and walked outside, I headed to my next class without Louis. I managed to find the classroom and survive the class. I distracted myself from missing him by thinking about the coming days.

Tomorrow was the last full day of the term before the summer holiday began for me. I pondered this as I dragged myself to my next class. A few people gave me looks as I walked towards my next class and a few made comments as I walked past them, but despite this, I stifled my anger and walked on.

The day dragged on slowly and the comments from the others continued. The only thing that kept me from snapping was Louis. Whenever I was about to snap, Louis was somehow always there and he was like a ward against me losing it. However he knew when to be there, I was grateful because I didn't want to snap and kill someone using my magic.

When lunch finally came, I walked towards the cafeteria and joined Louis at a table close to the back wall. He had a tray of steaming hot food in front of him that was untouched. I had picked up a slice of pizza, some pasta and some sort of yogurt. I sat down opposite him and grinned as I slowly began to eat. It was slightly disconcerting for me to eat while Louis just sat there watching.

I decided that this was probably the best time to ask the questions that I had. Maybe then he wouldn't be as focused on me as I ate and I really did have a lot of questions. I asked him, "How did Marcus know where you were? I thought you last saw him in 1940 or something?"He grinned, then said, "As my maker his blood flows in my veins and that means that he can find me because I am his progeny. If you remember, I told you that if we mated, nothing could keep us apart. I said that no one could keep us apart and we would always be able to find each other because you would be my progeny."

I knew that my next question would touch a sore area, but I asked anyway, "If...if you made me, would he be able to find me?"

A shocked look crossed Louis' face before he said slowly, "He would have a general idea as to your location, but not know exactly like I would."

All of my questions came to the surface in my mind at once. I continued, "If you made me, would it...would it hurt?"

I was surprised to see a look of anger on his face and it was reflected in his words also when he said, "It would and I will not put you through what I went through after I was turned."

I looked down scared by his reaction. His hand then moved to my chin and tugged it up so that my eyes met his. The anger was gone as he said, "Hey, I...I didn't mean to make you sad it's just that..." His voice trailed off then continued, "When you are first made there are very few things that hold your interest. You will feel wild and hyper all of the time. Blood will be your main desire but other needs will assert themselves as well. I was lucky. When Marcus made me, he was extremely strict and continually monitored me to make sure that I did not kill humans."

Thought immediately ran through my head.

"Would Louis let me die so that I wouldn't have to face that?"

"Doesn't he want us to be together forever?"

"if I die and we are mates how would he live with himself, he said before it would destroy someone to lose their mate"

He smiled and I grinned weakly back, before changing I didn't want to express those questions yet. Maybe it was because I was afraid of the answers he may have given. Instead, I changed the topic, "How do you become your mate?"

He smiled and I grinned weakly back as he looked at me then said, "We would have to have sex and exchange blood soon after. It is the same way for two vampires as a vampire and a human."

I though on that and then asked, "Has my taking your blood made some sort of link between us?"

He nodded, then said slowly, "I am able to sense your emotions and it strengthens our feelings for each other."

My mind moved quickly, thinking it explained why I trusted him already. But I didn't want to think that all the feelings were because of our link by blood.

"Was the love I felt for him because of the bond? Did he love Marcus?"

"What were you like when you were still human?" I asked hesitantly.

He smiled, but I could see the tension in his shoulders as he said, "It fades over time but I remember that I had private piano lessons and went to church in Dublin where I lived. I remember my sister and my mother and father. I loved running in the green fields near my aunt's house, but the individual details have faded."

I knew I had more questions but I wanted to digest all he had told me. Louis took his turn to ask me questions. "What is your favourite Shakespeare play?"

I thought that an odd question out of all he could have asked, but quickly said, "Richard the Third, what's yours?"

He answered, "The Merry Wives of Windsor."

We continued to ask each other questions about likes and dislikes as we steadily learned more about one another.

I found out that his favourite piece of music was Allegri's Miserere. He described some of his travels around the world after 1948 when he though Marcus had died. He visited Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, France, China and many other countries.

I listened intently to his stories. He had spent 64 years travelling after Marcus' supposed death.

I spoke as well and described some of my favourite pieces of music many of which were on the violin.

While Louis was describing one of his many stories, I toed off my shoes and moved my leg under the table and ran it up his leg. He stuttered and whatever he was saying cut off. I moved my foot over his crotch, he leaned back in his chair and I slowly rubbed teasing circles with my foot.

He growled and I felt him go hard under his jeans.

I pulled away after a short minute because most people had left the cafeteria. I moved round to his side of the table and kissed him lightly on the lips. I smiled seeing how his eyes had grown slightly darker than their usual green.

Everybody seemed to know my name wherever I went in the school, word seemed to have traveled fast, about how I had vanished with Louis yesterday, and now seemed to give me a wide berth in class, that was apart from 1 boy who kept winking at me in class.

He was probably the one who kept throwing pencils at me, but my spell held out against it, but I did notice a slight drain in my strength each time a pencil collided with me, I considered spelling him but that seemed slightly drastic, I have no idea how to do any complex spells, and any of the powerful spells at the my current skill level would probably kill me.

As I was walking towards my next class a boy walked into me and froze, I looked up to see a boy face to face with me, a buzz seemed to emanate from him when our skin touched, I looked up and his eyes locked with mine he exclaimed

"you have magic, don't you"

I nodded then he smiled

"hi I'm Niclaus a descendant of the Uthar coven, and might I ask from which coven you are descended?"

I thought for a second still trying to take in the information just presented to me

"I am a descendant of the Danaro coven and Hakara coven"

his eyes widened in surprise when I said Danaro and even more so when I said Hakara, he whispered quickly

" I have never heard of someone descended from two powerful covens, the Danaro in itself is an extremely powerful coven but combined with their rival the Hakara, how long have you known you have had magic?"

"less than a day"

"so new? But when I touched you I felt so much power, so powerful yet inexperienced, allow me to be the first from the Uthar coven to greet you, I have a warning for you, there is a blód drincere in the school he does not seem dangerous but I warn you that he would make a formidable enemy, judging by the amount of power you possess to him your blood would smell irresistible"

I laughed out loud

"I already know that there is a Vampire, I know him more intimately than you, in fact it was his blood that awakened my magic"

I said, he looked as though I had just slapped him,

"I thought most people knew that I had been hanging around him but obviously not everyone has."

I left him there with a look of shock on his face as I continued to my next lesson which was chemistry.

The class was half full when I arrived, and I took a seat towards the back of the classroom and waited for the class to begin, Louis strolled in casually a god in flesh, he spotted me at the back of the classroom and strolled up to join me.

It hadn't been long since I had last seen him but It felt good to have him near me, his hand found mine and he rubbed soothing circles on the skin it, he leaned against my shoulder and moved towards me neck gliding his nose along the skin of it and inhaling.

He sighed in contentment before gently kissing my neck, he leaned back and caught my gaze, he whispered quietly

"so hard to resist you have no idea, I just can't wait to bite into it again"

I laughed under my breath,

"Louis if someone has magic does it change the taste of their blood?"

he nodded before saying, "some things change the taste of blood but magic has a more desirable taste than other causes. you are the sweetest that I have ever smelled, I am guessing that you have a lot of power at your disposal, you just need to learn how to channel it, but I will be with you to help you"

I thought about this for a second before continuing

"are there any other witches at this school?"

A grimace crossed his face before he responded, "I have not been entirely honest, not only are there other witches, but there Is a whole coven of them which migrated here from Russia 18 years ago. They are the Uthar coven, not the most powerful coven but not weak either, they are around 40 in number.

They tolerate me. but have made it clear to me that I should 'clean up my mess or face them.' What they do not know is that I am the governor of this area. I am in charge of keeping order among the younger vampires and to make sure that they clean up their mess."

"I met one of them, Niclaus he seemed nice, he said that he sensed my power when he touched me but Louis, why are you keeping such big things from me? You're the governor of the vampires in the area and didn't think I'd like to know that? I am surrounded by others who have magic, a whole coven full, and you didn't tell me. What else are you keeping from me? Do you have other progeny? I want to be your mate, but I want to make sure that I will be an equal to you and that you will treat me like a mate and not a child."

Louis lowered his head then his eyes flickered towards the door, Niclaus had just walked through the door, his eyes flickered around the room, they found me at the back of the classroom and I nodded at him, his eyes met Louis and froze.

He began to move again a few seconds later and took a seat in the middle of the classroom, his shoulders remained tense until the teacher walked in and began our chemistry class.

The teacher was a middle aged man beginning to go bald, short and chubby.His voice seemed to match his appearance nasal in tone, "Right then, since this is our last full day I think we will have a more relaxed lesson. First, I believe we have a new student with us today." He looked down at his register to read my name, "James Almer," he said raising his eyes to search the to the class for a new face.

I groaned as he looked around and I stood up and waited for the rest of the class to notice me. I wasn't surprised when the teacher to call me to the front of the class. I spared one look back at Louis before walking to the front of the classroom, where the teacher introduced himself as Mr. Hobbs and told me he was the head of the chemistry department. When I reached the front of the class, he asked me to introduce myself to the class.

"hi, my name is James I come from England as you can probably by my accent"

I answered a few more questions from Mr Hobbs and then I returned to my seat at the back of the class. I was unsure why, but Louis had a smug smile on his face when I sat down next to him, Mr Hobbs had decided to watch a film for the lesson, he pulled the blinds and turned off the lights leaving the room in darkness.

In the darkness, I moved my hand towards Louis, I knew he could see it, his eyes were better than any humans but it was the fact that the rest of the class could not see us was why I did it, my hand found his leg in the darkness.

I squeezed his leg affectionately feeling the cool skin beneath his jeans, he leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed, I ran my hand up his leg slowly causing a low growl to emanate from his chest, my hand reached his upper thigh, each second coming closer to his crotch. When I reached it, he groaned a little too loudly and was rock hard beneath the fabric which was an achievement in his tight jeans, I leaned over and whispered in his ear, close enough that he felt my warm breath on the cold skin of his ear and neck "i just wanted to make sure you're ready for tonight I want tonight to be just between me and you".

I moved upwards to his jawbone while rubbing my hand over his cock.

I found his lips cold and soft, his hands moved to cup my face and pulled me closer towards him, his tongue pushed against my lips, I accepted him eagerly and sucked on his tongue coiling my own around it, his lips moved from mine and down to my neck.

I pushed him away a few minutes later and tried to slow down my heartbeat, his hand was over my chest a few moments later, feeling my heartbeat through my t-shirt, I sighed and leaned back in my chair as he rubbed my chest gently.

I leaned towards his face and then quickly moved and nibbled on his neck and then planted a kiss on top of it. We resumed our original positions as the film on the screen began to end and the lights came on. Louis and I only remained in contact through our hands.

I pushed him away a few minutes later and tried to slow down my heartbeat, his hand was over my chest a few moments later, feeling my heartbeat through my t-shirt, I sighed and leaned back in my chair as he rubbed my chest gently.

I pulled his hand up to my face and pressed it against my cheek, he curved his hand around my face and his thumb stroked my cheekbone affectionately.

We resumed our original positions as the film on the screen began to end, the lights came on and me and Louis only remained in contact through our hands.

We left the classroom and Louis kissed me quickly on the cheek before he rushed off to his ethics class. I moved to my locker and dumped my books into it before I grabbed my geography books for my next lesson.

I was walking down the corridor toward my next class. I was running late and there was no-one in the corridor except for three boys who were leaning against the lockers on the opposite side of the corridor from me.

Their eyes flickered to me as I walked past, the one in the middle was clearly the leader of their group, his hair was greasy and off black, the other 2 looked like brothers with brown hair down to their collars, as I passed them the leader laughed and then said, "Fucking faggot, I see you found that gay prick, Louis. If I had a chance I'd stick him in a hole and leave him to fucking rot"

I stopped dead, it was one thing to insult me, I was used to it but as soon as he insulted Louis I immediately moved to the defensive and dropped my bag on the floor.

The walls on either side of me were lined with lockers, I felt confident that I could fight off 2 of them maybe the third, I had spent the past four years slaving over my body in a gym, taking countless runs and lifting weights. I was grateful for it because they had already begun to surround me. I knew I was in trouble because I still didn't know if my magic could help me. I wondered if Louis could sense my concern. How would I get out of this?


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