I woke up slowly reaching out and searching for my louis. My fingers clutched at the space next to me in the bed and found nothing. I sat up quickly and looked for him and my heart sank when I saw that his spot next to me on the bed was empty. Then I took notice of the room around me and I realized that I was in my room at home. I looked under the covers and saw that I was still naked from my night with louis. I closed my eyes and tried to remember arriving at my house, but decided louis must have carried me home while I was sleeping. I remembered the night before and my cock hardened as I remembered the feel of louis' skin against mine and his hands all over my body. I closed my eyes and ran my hand over my abs down towards my hardening cock. When I reached it and gently ran my fingers up its shaft, my skin tingled as I envisioned louis' doing it. I could almost feel him next to me. It wasn't until I opened my eyes that I realized louis was actually next to me now.

My hands flew towards him and I pulled him onto me crushed my lips against his. I pushed my tongue against his lips, seeking entrance, but I broke away when his hand wrapped around my cock and a moan escaped from my lips as he slowly began to wank me. I not only felt his hand on my cock but I could feel what he felt and I knew exactly how much he wanted me and just how good I smelled to him. I moaned loudly, with the sensations from his touch too, I quickly came on his hand.

He must have sensed something was wrong and entered my head because I heard him gasp and my eyes locked with his as he began to speak, "james, I think I know why you smell so good. And not just to me. Marcus said something about your scent too. I didn't realize it at first, but now it all makes sense. You smell so good and taste even better because of what I think is magic in your blood. Marcus suggested that you weren't completely human. I am guessing you never experienced anything like what just happened, right? It seems you experienced empathy with touch. That is why you knew how I was feeling just now. There are other powers too, I am guessing." I looked at him dumbfounded before I silently whispered, "how?"

he gulped before saying, "magic is normally only unlocked during times of extreme danger, but I am guessing that my blood jump started it." I thought quickly my thoughts racing. "so what does this mean? What do I do now?"

he smiled at me before pulling himself off the bed and answering me while pulling up a pair of shorts. "now that your powers are active they will begin to get stronger, so why not try it now? Focus on something and say whatever comes into your head."

my eyes flickered around the room finding only one thing in my head. I wanted louis now. I looked at him concentrating saying, "louis, come over here." my voice sounded lower and was layered with different voices as his shorts flew down his legs and he was dragged back onto the bed. He landed on his back and I saw the look of shock on his face which I quickly silenced with a touch of my lips. I kissed his lips before moving down to his collar bone running my nose along it before proceeding lower onto the tight muscles of his pecs, I kissed around his nipples before running my tongue around it gently sucking it into my mouth, I heard him moan in pleasure as I sucked. I began to move lower kissing his well-defined six pack before reaching his cock. He was hard and I ran my hand up his thigh to gently cup his balls. He moaned under my touch and I began trailing kisses up his thigh towards his now hard dick and I took him into my mouth and ran my tongue over the sensitive head of his dick marveling at its taste and enjoying the way his hands clutched at my hair pulling me further down his shaft. I sucked hard on his dick bobbing my head up and down on it, I squeezed his balls gently and felt them pull closer to his body. I replaced my mouth with my hand and again tried to force him with my new found magic. "cum for me, louis, and let me taste you," I said as his eyes rolled back into his head. I felt his balls tighten again and I quickly locked my mouth over the head of his dick waiting for him to release into my mouth.

Louis came in an explosion that filled my mouth and began to dribble down my chin, I half swallowed keeping some of his cum in my mouth and moved up to his lips and pressed against them pushing into his mouth, letting him taste his own cum. I pulled away and he spoke in a dazed voice, "god, that was the best I 've ever...Ever had! Your magic is strong and you are even able to control a vampire over 200 years old. You have to be a descendant of one of the witches from either the hakara coven from ireland or the danaro coven from london. I am guessing the latter."

louis continued, "i'm sorry I didn't see you when I finished helping marcus last night. You were fast asleep and I didn't want to wake you, so I brought you home. Now we have to get to school so we don't bring any more attention to ourselves. I believe the plans marcus had made for tonight were interrupted, so we could go somewhere if you would like?" I nodded quickly, wanting any opportunity to be with louis. He grinned after I nodded louis said, "try not to kill anyone with your new powers. He said that with a stern look on his face and then grinned, "but, seriously, try not to lose your temper with anyone when you are angry or scared because you will instinctively try to defend yourself." I have erased the memory of the teachers so only the pupils will realizé that you were missing yesterday. Today, try to take care of that sexy ass. I want it in one piece when I come home for it." louis smiled and lent forward to press his lips against mine and my heart began to beat faster as his tongue pushed past my lips and into my mouth. He pulled away too soon and I sighed as he pulled away. I opened my eyes and stared into his as he leaned in again and gave me a quick peck on the lips leaving me lusting for more. I groaned as he moved away, once again, to get dressed. I moaned before saying, "do I have to drag you back here, using magic, for another kiss?"

he had just pulled up his underwear and he turned around with a lusty glint in his eye. He dived on top of me and pinned my arms above my head and growled at me before saying lustily, "you have no idea how much I want to take you right now, not just your body, but your blood as well." his fangs descended and I pushed my head up against his chest kissing the cool flesh causing him to growl deeply before ramming his mouth against mine. His tongue delved into my mouth forcing mine into submission. I moaned around his lips before he pulled away staring into my eyes again. I spoke to him, clearly making my words an order, "bite me."

louis grinned before saying, "all you had to do was ask," and he pressed his lips against my throat not biting but gently nipping the skin drawing a small amount of blood. I growled before saying with a growl in my voice, "don't fucking tease me, just bite me." he quickly bit into my skin, drawing the blood out of my body in quick gulps and I felt his body grow warm against mine as he drew the blood out of my neck.

The pain of the initial bite had already faded and was replaced by a feeling of euphoria that spread from the venom in louis' fangs. He continued to drink from me and pulled away before I was ready, he looked down at my face and smiled knowingly, then he brought his wrist up to his lips and bit down tearing the soft flesh, his eyes never leaving mine. He placed it against my lips and allowed the blood to trickle into my mouth. My hands moved weakly to his wrist, holding it gently against my lips. His blood tasted sweet on my tongue and I drank from him replenishing my supply of blood with his. He pulled his wrist away from my mouth, smiling lovingly at me. His fangs sparkled in the light that was shining through my window and he moaned as he rolled his body off of mine, saying regretfully, "you have no idea how much I want to take you, to be inside of you but...." I looked at him and drew in an audible breath when I saw the look of complete love in his eyes. "louis, I trust you, I want you to take me and I know you won't hurt me. God, I 've known you for only a day and yet I feel myself already...In... love with you."

"james, I don't just mean physically, though I will have to work hard to control myself since I am so much stronger than you. If you want me, all you have to do is ask, but know that once I have taken you, we will belong to each other. I to you and you to me, we will be one after that and it would destroy the other if one were to die. But being one also means nothing could ever separate us and no matter the distance, we will always be able to find each other." I looked at him, I knew that he had to go, but it was not until we heard my mum coming up the stairs that he vanished in a streaking blur out of my window. I quickly pulled on a pair of white briefs before my mum walked in and told me that breakfast was on the table. "mum! Can't you knock?"

she turned to leave while saying, "breakfast is ready and if you were ready like you should be, it wouldn't have been a problem." I quickly put on a pair of blue jeans and another white t-shirt, making a note in my head to get more of them. I was envisioning later on when louis would rip my t-shirt off again as I moved down the stairs, still deep in thought. I heard a slight rush of wind, then felt a gentle brush of pressure against my lips before it was gone. I stopped, shocked, then I heard the familiar chuckle of louis as I headed down the stairs. He was teasing me and, god, he knew how to do that soooooo easily. I entered the kitchen and saw that my mum had cooked me a full english breakfast. I sat down and began to eat slowly and my mum sat down at the table and started to talk to me, "so how was the your first day at school?" I shrugged my shoulders at her and she smiled and continued, "so did you meet anyone nice?" I blushed and looked down and she leaned in interested and said, "so?" I nodded and smiled and said, "yes, I met someone nice."

she smiled again and said, "so who is she?"

"he, it is a he, not a she and yes, he is really nice."

a look of shock crossed her face. "oh," was all that came out of her mouth before I heard the slight chuckle from somewhere in the house that made my heart freeze.

My mother also heard it and froze as well. I heard the front door open and close before louis sauntered into the kitchen with a smug grin on his face. My mother took one look at him before jumping to her feet and backing into the wall.

Louis looked surprised by her reaction, but held up his hands in surrender. My mother's index and middle fingers had already come together and she pointed them at james as she chanted, "ic bebindan þú aet sé múr!" "she swung her arm towards the nearest wall and louis was thrown against it with his arms pinned to his side. I stood there unmoving and shocked! My mom had magic too? Did she know that I did? I was so stunned I didn't say anything.

My mum had a look of anger on her face as she spoke to louis again, chanting a spell, "bodian se sóþsagu!" she continued "now vampire, why are you here and what do you want?"

a look of horror crossed louis' face as his lips began to move, "i brought james home last night and all I want is...Him." the last word was clearly pulled from him, as if he didn't want to say it. He cast his eyes down in shame, my mum moved backwards slightly, but her hand remained where it was holding him against the wall. I stopped all the questions running through my head and finally said something, "mum, put him down, now!" my voice remained steady but I was holding back the urge to hit something. She looked at me with a surprised look on her face before she nodded and muttered something in the same language she had used to bind him to the wall.

He moved away from the wall before he looked at me and gave me a quick smile before turning back to my mum, "i see that the magic runs in your blood as well. Know this, james is safe with me and the last spell you cast proved that. You know that is true because if my knowledge of the language you used is correct, then it was a truth spell. So for now, I cannot lie. I can assure you that I cannot and will not ever harm him."

my mum relaxed when she heard this and her shoulders slumped. She turned to me and said, "so this is the guy you were telling me about, james? He is not just another boy. Just promise me something..." I looked at her and said, "i know what he is, mum. I 'm more interested in finding out what and who I am."

her eyes turned soft as she looked at me and said, "keep safe, my son, and you, blód drincere, know that I may not be as powerful as my son is, but know that I still have enough magic in this body to tear your limbs off one by one with ease. So, you better keep your word and not harm my son in any way." she turned back to me and said, "i know I owe you some explanations. I can feel your magic now. Be careful until you learn how to use it. They are still growing and you are already more powerful than me. That is because of your father. We both came from families with strong magic it was forbidden for us to be together since any child we had would possess great power. But, your father was more powerful than I am. He was from the danaro coven and when he...died, he knew that he would live on in you. I am from the hakara coven. Now enough magic talk for now. We will talk more, later. Now, off to school, both of you, before I fling you out kicking and screaming." she shot a glance at louis, who was smiling, before leading us to the front door and handing me my backpack. She waved goodbye as I walked out of the door. Louis followed close behind me towards his car parked in the driveway. When we reached his car he pulled me into his arms and I snuggled into his chest enjoying the coolness of his skin, I tilted my head upwards and kissed up his neck towards his mouth.

He froze and said, "your mum is watching." I reached his jaw and muttered, "so?" he smiled before he gingerly pressed his lips against mine, his tongue gently circled my lips, then pulled away chuckling when he saw the look on my face. I got into his car and he sat down beside me starting the engine and pulling slowly out of the driveway of my house. My eyes never left his face as he drove to school and my thoughts visualized the night before and the night ahead.

We arrived at school and I got out nervously, until louis offered me his hand. I clutched at it and he pulled me towards him with his back against the car not caring about the other people in the parking lot, of which there weren't many. He leaned closer to kiss me and the moment his lips touched mine, I couldn't care about the other people in the lot either and my hands ran up his chest clutching at the thin material of his shirt. Firm hands pushed me away from him and I gasped for air as I leaned back against the car for support next to louis. His hand reached up to my face and he gently ran his fingertips down it. I looked down as my face blushed and he smiled and pressed his forehead against mine, I noticed how his eyes had slightly darkened and said softly, "you are so cute when your blushing, it...Makes me hungry, the thin membrane of your cheeks reveals the sweet blood that hides beneath." I looked up at him, and saw his green eyes glistened slightly as he stared at me. "so beautiful," he said, and I flipped us around so that it was him who had his back against the car. He smiled again and I leaned forward and gave him a quick peck on the lips before turning away from him and walking towards the main school. He followed and ended up next to me in an instant. He turned his head to me and said, "you can be such a tease when you want to be, I 'm finding it hard to control myself." I led the way to the school and turned my head towards him and said, "if you want some come get it." I ran flat out toward the school away from him, I reached the doorway a few seconds later and walked into a deserted hallway, breathing heavily with my back against the door. The school seemed deserted, I closed my eyes and waited for the door to open and for louis to walk in. I should've known he would reach the school before me. A set of lips pressed against my throat and I felt two hands pin me against the door. I moaned under the touch knowing that it was louis, his lips moved up and down my throat teasing my flesh with his lips. I gasped quietly, "not here, should we...Should we...take this to the location of our first kiss?" I opened my eyes to find his level with mine and he nodded and pulled up my hand tugging me forward towards the bathroom.

Time seemed to slow down the closer we got to the bathroom and when we finally arrived in what felt like no more than a second flat, I was pinned against the wall with my hands above my head. Louis' lips once again found mine, his tongue pressed gently against my lips, I accepted him and our tongues slid over each other. I moaned into his mouth and was rewarded with a growl that emanated from his chest and I was happy that I could cause him to become so turned on by just a simple kiss.

Louis released my hands and I moved them to his face and pulled him closer to me as he ran his hands down my chest. I knew where his hands were going and I pressed into his body. His hand reached my rock hard dick and he squeezed me gently causing my lips to break away from his as I moaned loudly against his neck. He whispered into my ear, his cool breath creating a tingling sensation against my skin, "we're going to be late if we don't stop messing around...Now." I panted against his neck. He continued to stroke me through my trousers and growled, "do you want to stop?" I answered breathlessly, "you know I don't," as he ran his nose up my neck.

He inhaled deeply and said, "you smell so good, can I ... Just have a quick snack to hold me over till later?"

"only if you return the favor," he smiled at me as his canines lengthened. I lent forward and ran my tongue up one of his fangs, feeling the sharp point run along my tongue. My hands were still holding his face and I pulled him towards my neck as I lent in towards his. Our bodies were pressed together and both of our cocks were rock hard. He ran his fangs along the vein in my neck and my heart began to beat faster as he positioned his fangs over my skin. I made the first move and bit down into the cool skin of his neck, his sweet blood filled my mouth and I quickly swallowed. I reveled in the taste of his blood. It was so sweet and seemed to enhance all of my feelings. The taste of louis' blood seemed to get stronger as did the softness of his skin against my hands.

His fangs ferally broke through the skin of my neck. Momentary pain shot up my neck before being replaced with pure pleasure. I swallowed a few more mouthfuls of his blood before breaking away. He continued to drink from my neck for a few moments longer before he too pulled away from my flesh. He pulled one of his fingers up to his mouth and gently pricked the flesh before rubbing the blood against the bite marks on my neck, the skin tingled and I knew he was healing bite wounds that he had left. I stilled his hand and leaned forward to lick a drop that had begun to run down his neck from the unsealed wound. I felt him shiver. I then kissed the spot and stood back while skin of the wounds began to knit, healing the marks. I looked up and met his eyes knowing that if the need I saw on his face and felt in my own body was anything to go by, tonight would be....


Thomas Auger

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