I rolled in my sleep and collided with a body. My heart jumped in my chest I ran my hands up the chest clumsily and felt the topless form.

The flesh felt warm but I supposed it was because I was colder than him.

My hands ran up his muscled chest and I found one of his nipples in the dark. I ran my thumb over it.

I moved my hands up to his neck and I pulled myself in the direction of the lips I knew were there.

I froze when my lips met the persons. I felt the course hair of a beard and backed away quickly falling onto the floor. My head fell back and hit the floor. My vision spun but I concentrated and muttered quietly


A ball of light appeared in the air and I almost screamed when I saw the man sitting on my bed. Iōannēs was sitting there topless. He smiled at me and I rushed quickly to my drawer and put on the first pair of boxers I could lay my hands on.

I turned around and glared at him, my anger exploded out

"What the hell are you doing here? Why the fuck would you sit next to me, while I'm sleeping. naked. And when I tried to kiss you why did you let me? I thought you were Louis"

He was next to me in a second and I skidded back into the chest of drawers. He slowly advanced and I felt my heart beat faster.

"I am here because you interest me. Before I was interested in Louis but now..."he trailed off and moved his hand onto my chest. I froze at his touch. His skin is warm almost human. He leaned forward and I almost whimpered in fear as he ran his nose along my collar bone inhaling deeply.

I put my hands against his chest and shoved with all of my strength, it did nothing. if Louis was able to overpower me, Iōannēs at over 10 times his age was even more capable of doing so.

Iōannēs moved up my neck and I froze expecting him to bite me. I whimpered as he kissed my neck. My fear quickly subsided replaced with anger. I pushed against Iōannēs' chest again but this time I channelled power into one word


Iōannēs flew backwards and collided against the wall of my room with a resounding thud. He laughed loudly and I was considering hitting him again but I restrained myself.

"Wonderful, absolutely wonderful, I knew that all it would take would be a little push to make you use magic"

My anger peaked again and I summoned all of my strength and spun together a complex spell which I chanted while Iōannēs was getting up

"Ic bebod þik innan þæs ágennama sylfum á sé sy fremung bæc mín ansíen"

his smile vanished and mine grew.

My window flew open and Iōannēs began to be dragged across the room and towards the window. He was trying to move towards me but my magic held strong and soon he was braced up against the window frame. He winked at me then said


then he went flying out of the window and collided with the ground below.

I felt my spell take its toll on me. My knees buckled as my energy was depleted from my use of magic. I was glad that I was unconscious before I hit the floor I didn't want to have to deal with the pain of it.


And Now


God knows how many hours later, I slowly slipped back into consciousness. I felt a slight burn in my arse thanks to my activities with Louis the night before. I sighed quietly half asleep on the floor.

I felt a cool hand against my back and tensed immediately. then half shouted with my eyes still closed

"Iōannēs get the fuck away from me"

The hand moved to the back of my neck. I would have flipped over and punched if had had the strength. I heard a familiar voice in my ear. Louis.

"I am not Iōannēs but I did see what you did to him last night. You could have easily given in and become his but you fought back. That was all I needed. It showed me that I am best for you. If you are not mine then Iōannēs would move in and sweep you away"

I pushed up off the floor rolled over and slumped back against it. I felt completely drained. My muscles hurt as if I had gone on a 3 mile run.

I opened my eyes groggily and saw that the sun was just beginning to rise and I saw Louis' face.

He looked completely different from the night before. Before his face had looked blank and expressionless, but now I saw a smile on him and the glint in his eye.

He slowly pulled me up and I saw him move his wrist towards my lips. The blood slowly trickling out glistened dully in the sunlight filtering through the window. He placed it against my mouth. I opened my lips and drew small amounts of the blood into my body. The flavour exploded over my tongue and it set to work in my body.

After the first few mouthfuls I felt my energy levels begin to rise among other things. Soon I found myself able to secure his wrist to my mouth. I began to draw out the blood more quickly and felt all of my muscle aches vanish. I pushed his wrist away from my mouth and slowly licked the blood off my lips relishing the taste.


I muttered to Louis.

I sprang to my feet feeling full of energy and restless.

The secondary effect of Louis' blood had already kicked in. My cock was hard in my boxers and I saw Louis eyes glance down then come back up a glint in them. He removed his red top and dropped his jeans.

He wore a blue pair of jack wills boxers. I saw the outline of his hardening cock through the thin material. I dove onto the bed rolling onto my back. He reached the bed and ran a hand suggestively down my chest.

Then he quickly positioned himself above me. He leaned down and kissed me softly and sweetly. This was not what I needed. I needed to feel him I needed him to be forceful to dominate me. I wanted to see how much he wanted me. To see it in his eyes.

I locked my legs around his waist above me. I moved my hands to his back and deliberately dug my nails into the flesh of his back. He jolted forward and I felt his cock through both our layers of clothing against my arse.

He became more forceful when I rolled my hips and ground my arse against his cock. A growl began to rumble in his chest and he lowered his weight onto my body. Hands grasped my face and he turned his head to deepen the kiss. I moved my hands lower and clutched at the flesh of his arse. I squeezed and pulled his cock closer to my arse.

He pulled away and his lips moved down my chest quickly reaching the waistband of my boxers.

He yanked them down my legs and quickly swallowed my cock into his mouth. The wet velvet of his mouth massaged my cock expertly and his tongue lapped at the underside of my cock.

My hips jerked when I felt his finger circling my arse. At some point he must have lubed up his finger because it slipped easily into my arse. I moaned loudly and my hips jerked again pushing my cock further into Louis' mouth.

He curled his finger and touched my prostate. I moaned loudly and he rubbed teasing circles on it. Heat spread through my body and his head began to bob up and down on my cock. When he reached the tip his tongue swirled around the sensitive head in amazing patterns. My breaths heaved out of my chest as Louis inserted another finger into my arse.

My balls clenched towards my body and I felt myself reaching my climax. His fingers pressed hard against my prostate and I shot into Louis sucking mouth. He continued to suck on my sensitive cock and I found myself about to cum again. Louis continued to press against my prostate and suck on my cock. I only just managed to contain the scream in my chest before I came again.

I weakly moved my hands to Louis hair and tugged him up. He released my cock from his mouth and moved up my chest. He reached my lips and kissed me forcefully. I moaned into his mouth and his hands ran up my chest.

He continued to kiss me for a few more minutes before he broke away and smiled down at me. I closed my eyes sleepily. And he rolled off me and positioned himself next to me on the bed.

I pulled myself closer to him and rested my head against his chest. His arms moved around me and tugged my closer. I relaxed completely in his arms and rubbed my cheek against his chest.

I mumbled against his chest quietly

"Thanks, I had to cast a massive spell to get rid of Iōannēs last night. I think he's moved off you now"

I felt the chuckle in Louis chest and heard him say

"I liked that. I really liked it when you threw him out of the window. I may have to feed before we go to school though, you are taking a lot out of me"

I smiled then said quietly

"Do you only feed on blood bags?"

His arms clenched me closer momentarily then said

"Blood bags have some of the taste but it never compares to the real thing. But I think I am becoming addicted to your blood though. I do sometimes feed from humans directly. But now I find I haven't much time."

I thought back then remembered

"Marcus wants us to help him this afternoon it's his maker that is the one missing. It seems that every male vampire I meet shows interest in me. You know he walked in on me while I was in the bath."

I heard another laugh this time louder. I looked up and saw him smiling then he said

"Yes well, Marcus has batted for both teams. My tastes have solely been in men. Women have always seemed so alien to me. Even when I was human I had no encounters with women. After I was turned I found that if I was immortal there was no point in restraining my sexual urges. When I first became a vampire Marcus gave me free reign to have sex with any human I wanted as long as I didn't kill them."

A question formed in my sleepy mind and I asked it before I fell asleep against his chest

"When you feed is it always so personal and pleasurable?"

I closed my eyes and listened to his answer

"I can cause a number of things with my venom. I can cause pleasure or pain, relaxation or tension, arousal and many others. I don't know what chemicals they are but they are extremely effective, like so"

He trailed one of his hands down my spine and I felt deep relaxation spread out from where his fingers touched.

"Or this" I heard

He retraced where his fingers had just trailed. Pleasure spread out from his fingers and I moaned quietly almost asleep against his chest.

"I can see you are tired. Don't worry I'm not going anywhere."

He rested his hands against my back and I breathed out exhausted and slipped of into a welcome sleep in Louis' arms.

When I woke up I opened my eyes slowly trying not to move. Louis eyes were closed and all traces of stress or worry were gone. He was perfectly relaxed in sleep. His arms were still around me and I tried not to move too quickly in case I woke him up. This proved the myth that vampire sleep like the dead. He wasn't breathing since I guessed his body didn't need the air.

I moved gently away and his arms moved apart. I supported myself on one elbow and lightly ran my fingers down his bare chest. He didn't stir. I moved my hands lower and pulled back the blanket and stared down at Louis' boxers. His blue jack wills briefs fitted snugly against his cock. Well it appeared vampire guys, exactly like human guys woke up with their cocks hard aching for attention.

I moved my hands gently to it and rubbed slowly. He groaned lightly and I was amazed that he didn't wake up. I slowly peeled the fabric away from his cock. I leaned forward and inhaled. I lightly ran my tongue up his cock and swirled my tongue around the tip. He moaned in his sleep and I looked up to see his eyes slowly opening.

I moved the tip of his cock into my mouth and gently sucked while swirling my tongue. He moaned again and I looked up to see him looking down groggily. I began to slowly move my head up and down his shaft. He was wide awake by this point and one of his hands moved to the back of my head and tugged my hair affectionately.

I increased my pace and ran one of my hands up his chest to one of his nipples, and the other tugged gently on his balls. His hips twitched and I pinched his nipple slowly and was rewarded with a moan. I continued to suck his cock for around a minute. I felt his balls pull towards his body and pinched his nipple harder and increased my pace of sucking.

Louis rolled his hips and I knew he was close. His fangs had descended and he was panting heavily.

He cried out a few seconds later and I was afraid that my mum would wake up. Hopefully she was downstairs or even better out. Louis came in my mouth and I found it difficult to swallow it all but I managed. He tasted sweet and I continued to suck his cock being sure not to waste a drop.

I pulled away from his cock and grinned up at him. He pulled me up towards his face and kissed me slowly and sensually. His tongue circled my lips teasingly and I ran my tongue up one of his fangs.

I pulled away and moved my index finger towards one of his fangs. I gently pricked the tip against the point. I winced but I knew the pain would be worth it. I moved my index finger to my lower lip and rubbed the drop against it.

Louis closed his eyes and breathed deeply. When he opened his eyes a few seconds later they had darkened. I leaned down and kissed him teasingly on the lips. His hands shot out and pinned my arms. He flipped us over and crushed me into the bed. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss and his tongue ran over my lips tasting my blood.

He moaned again and I felt his hands roughly move to my boxers. At some point while I was a sleep he must have pulled them up. He broke away from my lips and kissed his way quickly down my body. My boxers by this point were down by my ankles, my cock jabbing into Louis' face. His eyes were black stones and he looked up at me. I grinned weakly the look on his face was enough to make me nervous. But I overrode it. Louis wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

He inhaled deeply then his mouth enveloped my cock to the hilt. I threw my head back and gasped as the velvet of his mouth began to move up and down on my shaft. His fangs gently slid over the head and my hips thrust uncontrollably into his mouth.

His tongue swirled over the head of my cock and lightly traced my piss slit. My hips thrust again and my hands moved to his hair. He sucked harder and the pleasure was beginning to become too much for me to handle. Eventually I couldn't stand the assault on my cock any longer. The feelings intensified and I moaned helplessly as he continued. It felt too good to be pain but too intense to be pleasure. I tugged on his hair trying to pull him away from my tortured cock. He ignored me and though I wouldn't admit it I was glad he did.

His hand mover lower and an index finger slipped inside of me. He must be demonstrating his ability to cause pleasure. His mouth on my cock felt amazing. Better than before and his finger curled and prodded my prostate.

A whimper escaped from my mouth and I felt pressure building in my balls.

Though Louis was cold against my body. I was heating up. The contrast between our body heat was incredible. My thighs quivered and I had to bite into my lip to stop the scream building in my chest.

My orgasm hit me like a freight train, unstoppable as it raced through my body. I shot into his mouth and melted into the bed.

Louis moved up my body seductively and kissed me on my tired lips.

I tasted myself on his lips and as he pulled away I sighed tiredly

"I seem to have been more worn out after your blood than before"

He beamed down at me and I saw him pull one of his fingers up to his fang.

He pricked the tip and held it over my lips.

A few drops dripped into my mouth and I slowly felt my strength return.

"This should help as well"

He moved down and kissed me. He tilted his head again and his tongue darted into my mouth.

He kissed me like this for a few minutes his tongue gliding over mine. He knew exactly how me body reacted as waves of pleasure coursed through me.

My breathing became ragged and I was beginning to see white spots in behind of my eyes.

I was about to pull away when Louis breathed into me. My lungs filled with what I can only describe as gaseous sunshine. My hands roamed up his back tugging him closer against my body. I dug my finger nails into his back and immediately felt him respond. He growled and he pulled away. He looked down at me and smiled.

My hands had moved to his hips and I tried to copy what he had once done. I rotated my thumbs and felt his hips quiver. I pressed harder and he collapsed back onto me. He sighed and pressed his forehead against mine. I ran my tongue around his lips and smiled up at him.

He moved lower and his head rested on my chest his ear over my heart. He closed his eyes I moved one of my hands to his head. I ran it through his brown hair and felt him relax against my chest.

He murmured as he kissed my chest

"I love you. You are so hard to resist. Last night when I made love to you I was almost unable to stop myself hurting you if I had...."

I knew where he was going and moved my hand over his mouth.

"Louis last night was amazing. You didn't hurt me. Aside from a few bruises and cuts on my arms I am fine. In fact I don't even feel the pain now. You took care of that. And you protected me from those fucking guys. What did you do with them by the way?"

I felt his laugh and looked down and he was smiling up at me.

"I gave them a taste of their own medicine. I placed memories in each of their heads to make them believe they are gay while removing the memories of you using magic." he said

I couldn't help the laugh that came from my mouth.

"I love it that you can do that. They deserve everything they get"

I grinned at him then tugged him up my body.

He looked down at me with the most loving look on his face.

I leaned up and kissed him and my hands moved to his neck and pulled him down. We kissed for a few seconds then he pulled away and moved off the bed. I rolled onto my side and watched as he began to pull up his boxers. I jumped off the bed and stood behind him. I stilled his hands and replaced them with mine. I slowly moved to my knees behind him and slowly pulled up his boxers. I kissed each piece of his skin before they were covered by the cloth.

I reached his butt and stood up and moved my hands around him and kissed his back. His hands resumed their previous task and he pulled his boxers into position. He turned around in my arms and kissed me lightly on my lips. He pulled away and moved to the bed. He grabbed my boxers off the bed and flung them at me.

I caught them instinctively and quickly pulled them on. Louis had pulled up his jeans and was just about to put on his red t-shirt.

I moved to my wardrobe in the corner and pulled it open. I looked for something good to wear that would also show off my arms and neck to Louis. I settled on a pair of beige chinos and a grey Hollister t-shirt and my black converse trainers.

I pulled on my chinos and my top. Then picked up my trainers and turned to look at Louis. He was sitting down on my bed leaning against the wall. I grabbed a pair of socks and moved over to the bed. I sat myself down next to him and he smiled showing his perfect teeth. Everything about him was perfect nothing could be closer to perfection than the man sitting before me.

He said slowly almost afraid

"I have to go, I have to feed. I think I will have to do it a lot more often now. But I will be back in around half an hour to pick you up ok?"

I nodded then sighed. He leaned down as he left and gave me a quick peck on the lips before he moved to the window.

He winked at me then dived head first out of the window.

I moved to the window and watched him roll as he hit the floor. He looked up smiled then ran off faster than I could follow. I moved away from the window and towards the door of my room.

I opened it and moved quickly down the stairs.

I walked into the kitchen and I found my Mum sitting at the table sipping a cup of tea.

I sat myself down opposite her and smiled widely. She looked up from the table and said

"You look happy. How was your night?"

I responded almost instantly

"My night was good. Louis and I went out."

she nodded then said seriously

"We need to talk about your powers. You have so much power in you already. If left untamed it could cause problems."

she moved away from the table and into the living room.

I followed her and saw her move towards our grandfather clock. We had brought it with us from England. It had never worked not that I could remember. My mum mover towards it and opened the glass case covering the hands.

She turned the hands so that the clock read midnight.

The clock chimed and the clock face slid down to reveal a hidden compartment.

She reached in and pulled out a small leather bound book.

She turned and handed it to me. I ran my hands over the soft leather of the old book.

I looked up at her and grinned widely.

"It contains our family's history. Our family tree. It contains all you will need to know about how to control your powers. My father gave me this book and now I give it to you. It contains all my family have learned about the other super naturals. But now let me see your power. Try to push me away without saying a word. Use only the blunt force of your magic."

I was still in awe over the book in my hands that I barely registered her last comment.

That was until I felt myself move backwards into the wall. I looked up to see my mother with a hand outstretched. I dropped the book and tried to focus. I pushed back focusing my magic. Her hand trembled but I remained pinned to the wall.

I tried to find something to provide focus on. I tried to focus on my anger but that provided little power at the moment. Nothing was making me angry, in fact I was happy. I had the perfect guy and I was going to spend the rest of the holiday with him. Hopefully eternity. I tried vainly to push her back but she remained planted on the floor.

I remembered Louis conversation with me and instead tried to envision Louis naked. Warmth stirred in me when I envisioned him. The way his muscled arse moved. The way his lips were so perfect and soft, so kissable. Warmth spread through my body again and I pushed back against my mother with my magic.

It worked better than I had hoped. I extended my arm and directed my magic through it. She skittered back vainly trying to push back. I laughed loudly as she extended both arms in an attempt to increase her power.

Even with one hand I was still able to push her back. She moved quickly back into the wall. I laughed as she tried to push me back.

I saw her lips begin to move and I knew she was about to say a spell to push me away. I beat her to it and barked out a spell quicker than she could follow.

"Geswígan" her lips locked back together and I grinned widely at her.

A few seconds later I lowered my hand and said

"Ic tólýsednes þú"

she grinned at me then said with an almost tangible glee

"I told you that you were already more powerful than me. One way to use magic if you do not have much strength left is to take power from someone else. Or something else. Such as another source of energy. Mortals are easiest to channel power from. Super naturals are difficult but not impossible. If you channel one they can provide a massive fount of power. But enough magic talk."

She moved towards the kitchen and I followed again taking my place at the table again.

My Mum was washing up a plate in the sink and I asked

"Mum who are the Uthar coven?"

she dropped the plate she was washing then turned round hurriedly then asked

"Do they know you are here?"

I nodded and I saw the look of fear cross her face.

"Mum what is it?" I asked afraid of her answer

She had her head in her hands as she said

"You are forbidden"

"I'm a what? I asked shocked

"Your father is descended from the most powerful and pure line of magic that has ever existed. His blood brimmed with magic. He passed that straight to you with no hindrance from me. You are stronger than any before you. Almost every coven will try to stake a claim to you. You will be an extremely powerful ally if you choose a side. My line is not so powerful but still among those with power so you have both your fathers strength and mine".

Her words sank in and I said quickly

"Wait you said "Your father is" not was. Is he...is he still alive"

She nodded and I stood up from the table and shouted.

"Well why the fuck didn't you tell me this! I spent years of my life thinking he was dead and now I find out he is actually fucking alive?"

I stormed out of the kitchen and walked angrily to the front door. I waved an arm and it slammed open then I turned and said back at her

"I'm going to Louis. At least he hasn't lied to me yet".

I grabbed my backpack from next to the door and stormed through the front door. Slamming my fist shut and the door behind me slammed with a crack.


Thomas Auger

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