The classroom was almost empty and I moved to the teachers desk. Mr Morietti was there writing idly. He looked up as I approached. He grinned widely showing his perfect teeth. I couldn't help it as my eyes ran down his face and down his neck wanting to look lower.

No. Stop. He is making you feel this. I snapped myself back to reality. And glared at him.

*And Now*

"Stop that. Why do you want me?" I said staring at him

He smiled wider then said,

"Your magic is strong, I could smell it as soon as I walked in, your energy strong and enticing, I could smell it The taste I did get was incredible."

He had stood up by this point and had moved around to my side of the desk. I backed away almost afraid. He moved closer to me and I backed up until I felt the solid and cold wall against my back. He raised a hand and moved it towards my face. I flinched away. He smiled wider then moved quickly to run his hand down my face. God his hand was so warm as his skin touched mine. I couldn't help but feel the pleasure of it.

From what I knew of Incubi they could cause pleasure in those they touched while they fed off their sexual energy.

I raised my hands and shoved him away pitifully. He pulled away reluctantly then said

"I can tell you want this. I can feel it. Your yearning."

My mind began to clear and I ognored his comment as I forced magic out of my arms as I said


White light shot out of my hands and threw him back away from me hitting the floor a few feet away. Thankfully the classroom was empty as was the corridor outside.

My lips curled back exposing my teeth and I snarled at him,

"I am more powerful than you could imagine. You have no right to touch me. I am Louis' and his alone."

He nodded quickly and I moved past him resisting the urge to kick him.

I had another 4 lessons until the end of the day. Now I had physics. Not one of my best subjects.

I turned a corner and looked up to see Niclaus.

He grabbed my neck and pressed his lips against mine.

His lips felt warm which were a change from the coolness of Louis'. I pulled away instantly then demanded,

"What the fuck are you doing kissing me?"

He glared at me the shy looks were gone then said

"I am better for you than that vampire at least I'm alive."

My fingers clenched quickly holding back the urge to hit him.

"Don't try that again or it will not be me hitting you, Vampires are very possessive. Oh and by the way how is your back?"

He cocked his head to one side giving me a confused look and I said quickly,


He was forced back the few feet between us and the wall and his back collided hard with the wall. Once again the hallway was deserted. I really needed to make sure it was prior to using magic rather than thanking God it was afterwards! and I continued down it quickly towards the physics department according to my map.

I'll admit also that having this whole new language practically downloaded into my head was a little weird at times. It kind of felt like an interactive dictionary in a way, each time I needed an effect my brain supplied the words on instinct.

I had a few minutes until my lesson and quickly ran to the bathroom. When I walked out it was to see 2 of the bullies from the day before walk out of the same toilet cubicle together. I almost pissed myself laughing as I walked down the corridor toward my physics lesson.

Well having a vampire for a boyfriend had its benefits.

Even more people would not get how I could drink his blood. I'd have through the same before I first drank Louis' blood. But it wasn't just the metallic taste typical of blood. It had a flavour, which I assumed was unique to Louis that always made me want to drink more.

Sure some people would think that having a vampire feeding from you would be horrifying. Just wait until you have the pleasure of trying it. Next his blood. Almost every time he feeds from me I drink from him effectively replacing what he takes.

This morning I had taken more than what it took to replace what he rook from me.

Come to think of it I have been feeling different since then...I feel more in control... They seemed to know exactly what I wanted and seemed to do it without much concentration on my part.

I walked into my next class just as the teacher arrived. She was an Asian woman by the looks of it, with black hair falling straight on her head to her shoulders. She handed me a text book and directed me towards a seat at the front of the class. She told us to turn to the chapter on wave particle duality. A subject I had studied. All about how light had both characteristics of a particle and a wave.

I quickly skimmed the page and began to do the exercise on the page in good time.

The teacher was looking over my shoulder and examined my work. She smiled approvingly at my working and gave me a light pat on the shoulder before continuing with the rest of the class before assigning the exercise I had almost completed. My eyes quickly darted to the person in the seat next to me. I sighed exhausted when I saw who it was. Phoebe was sitting in the seat next to me with a million questions written on her face.

I finished the question I was working on before turning in my seat to face her.

She grinned weakly at me before beginning the onslaught of questions,

"I take it you have done more then kiss Louis?" she asked

I sighed and gritted my teeth and answered the derision evident in my voice,

"Slightly personal question, don't you think."

She blinked unresponsively then continued.

"OK let me tell you this, before you came along everyone figured Louis didn't think the girls here were good enough for him. Then Lennie saw you making out with Louis in the parking lot and then within 10 minutes almost everyone in the school knew Louis was gay."

"Then," she continued "As soon as everyone knew he was gay they wanted to know who he was going out with. And now everyone wants the latest gossip on who his new guy is. You.

Even though all the girls even though they know they can never have Louis, they still want to know what he is like in that area. I just...I want to fit in with people and if...if."

"Oh for god's sake shut up." I said trickling magic into my words.

She immediately fell silent and turned back towards her desk completely forgetting she was in the middle of a conversation. Being a witch had it's perks.

The lesson dragged by sluggishly and my mind continually pictured the night before, in vivid detail.

The joys of vampire blood my sex drive was higher than normal, my cock hardened as the images of Louis pounding away filled my head. I gulped and tried to focus on the next sections questions on electromagnetic induction.

I spent half of the lesson fixating on Louis and green glint in his eyes...the way his brown hair was spiked into the perfect example of casual disarray around his head, and the feel of his arms wrapping around me. As I had sat on his lap, I could also feel his...

I deliberately cut off that train of thought and thanked heaven and hell that the lesson was almost over.

Time ticked by sluggishly and even though It had only been five minutes it felt like an eternity. My spell on Phoebe held through the lesson but I carefully cut off the flow of magic to it as I left the classroom. Despite casting a few spells before getting to school, I still felt no drain on my power.

I headed happily to gym after grabbing my gym kit from my locker.

I quickly checked my reflection in the mirror and ran a hand through my blond hair and continued towards my gym locker. The smell of sweat was even stronger than yesterday and my nose wrinkled slightly. I was early and the locker room was still empty as I began to change.

I glumly stripped off my Hollister top and toed off my shoes. As I reached down to inbutton trousers but I felt an ice cold finger trail down my back and I shivered. Two arms wrapped around my waist and Louis hugged me from behind. I leaned back and ground my hips back against his cock and was rewarded with a kiss against my neck.

Louis' cool breath tickled against my ear as he whispered,

"Just two more lessons and then we have a few hours free. But then unfortunately we have to assist Marcus in finding Santiago."

Louis' arms unwound from around my waist and in a few seconds I understood why. The door opened and the rest of the class began to pile in for the last 2 lessons of the day. I pulled on my red sports top and unbuttoned my beige chinos. I tugged them of my legs and pulled on my gym shorts. I headed for the door to the gym sparing a quick glance back at Louis topless form. I dragged my eyes away regretfully wishing we were somewhere alone as I walked towards the gym.

To be continued...

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