My name is Andrew Lozada and I was only 19 years old when I experience my first time with the person I never expected, everything began when I came back from visiting some family members in North Carolina. My parents and I live in L.A California, even though my parent split up a few years back when I was 14 it was still a good life. When I turned 16 I decided to move in with Dad, he is the only person I can come to when I have a problem and he will help me solve it with no questions ask. He is Latino 5'11 around 182lb, brown light skin, with some body hair, good body shape, black hair and a clean shave face; He was 38 years back then.

Right before my 18th birthday my father decided to sell the house I grew up in and get a smaller apartment just for the two of us, my dad waited four years to see if he could make his relationship with mom work out, but at some point he realize it was case close with mom. So that's why he sold the old place. We moved to this suite in the city of Los Angeles. My dad had a very good job and a very satisfying salary, so we were able to afford a nice Apartment in Downtown L.A. It was a basic place, two bedrooms, three baths, kitchen and living room; both rooms had big glass windows giving a beautiful view of the city.

For the last few Months I notice my dad was getting lonely and depress, and I tried to keep him company as much as I can. At that time I had so much stuff going on in School activities, like sports and some other Academics. But somehow I manage to get some time off and still make my dad feel he wasn't alone. I put my own life aside to keep my dad alive and strong. I never had a girlfriend and in fact I really didn't have any friends, never had the chance to hang out with them after school, they slowly but shortly stopped talking to me, because I would always turn them down so I can spend some time with my dad. In another words my dad was my only friend in the planet at that time. One night my dad and I had dinner and he was drinking some red wine. He looked so lost in thought, when we were finish eating, I got up and do the dishes for the night, and my dad sat up and went to the living room and sat down on his favorite recliner chair and turned the TV on the sports channel like every night after dinner, but this night was different, my dad kept drinking wine.

When I was done with the dishes my dad was on the second bottle already. I walked to the living room and took a sit. 'Dad. You should go to bed, you are drinking way too much tonight and I don't think you are in the right mind to be drinking' I told him. My Dad just looked at me and gave me a smile. 'I love you son, you are the best thing I could ever ask for' I was in shocked when I hear him saying that he never said anything like that to me. 'Help me up son' he requested. I got out of my seat and walked to him to help him up. We started walking to his room and right before I lay him down on his bed he told me he wanted to get in the shower that he wanted to be clean and smell good before he goes to sleep. So I got the shower ready for him and told him it was ready to go, and I walked out of his room.

After I left his room I went to my own bedroom and decided to get in the shower too and get all fresh up. I took all my clothes off and got in the shower like usual, I usually spend about twenty minutes in the shower, I love standing under the shower head feeling the hot water running thru my body. I Got out of the shower with only my towel on, when I take a shower at night time I don't usually put on any clothes or Pj's on to go to sleep. I love the feeling of being naked in my own room at night; it feels so good when my dick is swinging freely side to side next to my ball sack. A while after I got a little thirsty and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and when I walked outside my dad's room I could hear the water still running in his bathroom, so I got a little worried. I knocked on the door and he didn't answer, so I went in. My Fathers bathroom door was half way open, I didn't know if I should open the door or not, 'what if he was just enjoying the hot water? Like I do most of the times' i thought to myself. I called him out to see if he would answer but he didn't, so I tried again and no such luck as well. I approach the bathroom door and open it slowly, I took a quick pick inside and I didn't see my dad standing in the tub, I went inside and found him sitting on the tub with his face on his knees and arms cross around. I panic for a minute thinking he fell; i rushed in to help him. 'Dad! Are you alright? Dad please answer me' He looked up and looked at me for a second 'I'm alright son don't worry' he said. 'Come'n dad let's get you out of there and dry you up.' I somehow got my dad out of the tub, but when I was helping him getting out I notice his body how perfect it was for his age. Nice tone out muscles he didn't have those extreme muscles like those guys who love to work out 24/7, but his were really nice formed, his skin felt so soft and ruff at the same time, is chest hair looked perfectly beautiful, when he got up completely I notice something I never got to think on seeing in my life, his cock. But it was strange when I saw it; instead of turning away I couldn't stop looking at it. It looked amazing to me for some twisted reason, long and with some thick veins around it. By the looks of it, I should say it was around 8 or 9 inches, uncut and very meaty. But what was I thinking about? This is wrong; this is my father I'm thinking of. And besides I never had thought about a man's dick before.

My dad was a mess he couldn't even stand up straight. I took him to his bed, went back to the bathroom and grabbed a towel to dry him up. I started drying his skin while he was still lying on bed and just by seeing him on bed all wet and naked I felt something funny in my stomach. I couldn't stop staring at his body, his gorgeous body. My own dick started getting hard as fuck just by the thought of grabbing his dick with my hands and just struck it. 'He won't notice. He's drunk. He won't even remember in the morning, I hope' I thought in my head. I kept drying him up. I moved slowly up his arm to his shoulders and then his chest. I didn't rush in finish the job, I was gonna take my time just to enjoy the view my father was offering me and care for his well-being. I moved the towel to his face, touching slowly his face tracing my hand with so much care. At some point I knew I had to move down the rail and dry his cock and balls, but I was nervous. Something inside me wanted to get to that part already and just feel that tube of meat that was hanging between my dad's legs and touch those huge hairy balls of his. My hand was shaking a bit, so I made my move and started going down, pretending I was drying his stomach which it was dry already. I pretended my hand slipped over the boundaries between his belly and his dick and quickly put my hand back on my dad's belly just to see if he would say something. All of the sudden I heard my dad snoring; I looked to my side and saw him asleep already. I put the towel aside and just looked at him for a minute. And finally I went for it, this was my chance, but the funny thing was I didn't just wanna touch his dick, I wanted to feel his whole body with the touch of my fingers and smell the man smell he carries all the time. I put both of my hands on my dad's body and started feeling him up from top to bottom not touching his best attribute between his thick and muscular thighs. When I was caressing his legs I saw his cock started to rise up from its deep sleep. It was amazing how his most powerful tool was gaining life right in front of my own eyes, it was something spectacular.

I could see some man juice coming out of the tip of his big fat mushroom head, and I was so hypnotize by how good that looked to me, I reached out and touch the tip of his cock, grabbing some of that white creamy liquid with my fingers. It felt so sticky but warm and somehow inviting. I put my fingers next to my nose. 'Ugh you smell so good. I wonder how creamy cum taste like?' I whisper to myself. I licked the cum off my fingers tasting the warm and sticky cum of my father. 'Oh man this taste so damn good. My old man has some good ass taste.' I put my hand on his so hard cock and slowly pushed it down and up, I could hear my dad moaning with pleasure. I pulled his uncut dick's skin all the way up; reached down with my mouth wide open ready to lick and suck the extra skin my father has on his dick. 'Holy shit, you taste so damn good man' I expose his mushroom head again and sucked on it real good. I felt I was in my own heaven, I felt I was gonna bust a nut right there just buy eating my dad's monster cock. I wanted to eat the whole over and over again. I could see from the corner of my eye my dad twisting and licking his lips, he sure seems he was having a good time. But was he awake or still asleep? I did not know this, even though i wanted to keep on eating that delicious long tube made of great meat I had to stop, it's my dad's dick I'm sucking on. 'This is wrong, really really wrong' I whisper. I pull up and grabbed the towel and put it on top of my dad's waist and I stood there for a couple of minutes and out of nowhere I heard my dad's voice........'Did I fell asleep in the tub?' he looked worried and embarrassed 'What's the matter son? Is something wrong?...I'm sorry you had to dragged me out of the bathroom.' I didn't know what to do it looked my father didn't realize what happened but I wasn't planning on sticking around and find out. I told him everything was ok and not to worry about the tub thing, that it was nothing. 'Go back to sleep dad you need it' I got up and walked out the door.

Little did I know this ride was far from over!.......

(to be continued)



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