My Cousin's Thug Friend 

WARNING: this story contains brief Jamaican Patois, seeing that the characters are Jamaican. For words you do not recognize please see below for a mini glossary.

“Yow, we aguh road guh buy some food" - My cousin said, leaving his room with three other guys following him.“kool “ - was all I responded, being tired after a long day from work.I had just closed my door and turned on some music (Beyoncé) and started having a whole concert to myself, singing and dancing, and twerking away as Beyoncé would. Thinking that everybody left, I was in my zone and was enjoying it.At one point during my concert, I heard the entrance door close, I decided to check it out, maybe my cousin was returning, usually when I get home his friends leave, and he would return alone, I was raised in this house with him and my immediate family (my mom and my bro), so all I had on was my undershirt and a skimpy little underpants that was comfortable yet uncomfortable at the same time – it gave me wedges, and would ride up in between my ass. As I entered the living room, I could sense something watching me, I walked to the door and tipped on my toes and peeped outside, I saw nothing. When I turned around, my heart got a shock, one of my cousins friend, Devonté stepped out of the shadows and shoved me up against the door. The air got so tense, I could barely breathe.Devonté stood 6”3, dark complexion, and always had a thug complex about him, his body was slim and without an ounce of fat, his muscular frame was sexy, it carved his body nicely, maybe he visited the gym often. His presence made me nervous, made me tremble inside. His hand cupped my neck, tight enough for me to feel his dominance, loose enough for me not to choke for air.“yow, mi see yuh!!" he said“what you mean?!" I retorted, trying to disguise my obvious fright.“mi did a watch yuh, inah room, a sing like some gyal, and a shake up yuh batty like a go-go" as he spoke his anger rose, and he slapped me across the face.I didn’t respond, instead tears started rolling down my face.“so wah! Yuh a batty boy?” he whispered.“no!” I lied, he knew this…shaking even more now.He squeezed my neck tighter, and I grabbed onto his hand trying to pull them away, then he did the most shocking thing. He pulled me closer to him, and placed his hands on my lower back.“wah kinda underpants this?” he said grabbing onto the thin material, then snacked my ass “this feel like panty" he continued.He then took his hands and slid them over my ass, “pussyclaat, yuh batty firm yuh fuck" he hissedHe was enjoying this, since I was facing him  I could see lust building in his eyes, and he bit on his bottom lips. He seemed so enamored with my ass that he removed his other hand from my neck and started his assault on my ass with both hands, smacking and squishing them together and peeling them apart. I used my new found freedom to let my hands roam. My hands found the front of his pants  where his dick was starting to snake down his right leg. I looked up at him and saw, pure lust and hunger written all over his face, he looked back at me, bit his lips, almost looking lost in his thoughts, things escalating so quickly.He spun me around, and shoved me hard against the door. He crouched his arm behind my neck and stripped me of my underwear with his other hand.“bumbo! Yow mi wah fuck yuh!” he hissed, undoing his pants, letting it fall to the floor.He reached around and stuck 2 fingers in my mouth, moving them rough in and out of my mouth, getting them slick for his upcoming onslaught on my ass.He then stuck both fingers in my tight hole, and begun roughly finger fucking me, all while holding me in place. I unconsciously stuck my ass out, and was grinding back to meet the thrust of his fingers. I whimpered and moaned, though rough, this felt ecstatic, he leaned in and licked my ears, causing a loud moan to emit from me.He positioned his big 10 incher to the entrance of my tight hole, and with one a quick jab , pushed his dick to the hilt, this action caused both of us to scream – me in pain, him in pleasure.“fuck!” he screamed, “bloodclaat, yuh pussy tight yuh fuck" he began to exit my hole, only to push again, in what felt like deeper. I screamed. He was very verbal, emitting loud moans, and encouragement.-    “yes tek cocky boy!” -    “ah! Quint up the pussy pan mi"-    “a who fah pussy dis boy? ” His dick was working magical wonders in my hole. Soon my whole body felt like it was floating, while being terribly ravaged, and I came without warning, it was so intense I couldn’t even scream.He was fucking me real hard, leaving no room untouched inside me. He was a man on a mission and he needed to complete that mission in me.With both hands on my hips he leaned forward, and said, “a my pussy dis?”“yes daddy" I respondedAnd without warning he emitted a high pitched scream; “pussyclaat, fuuuuck!!!”, he was cumming. I could feel his jizz. Ropes of hot cum, laced my insides, bringing me over the edge once more. His cock was still hard even after he came so much and he slowly fucked me, while my own spasm subsided. He quickly turned me around, and punched me to the ground, pulled up his pants and yell; “don't seh a fucking word bout dis or mi kill yuh, yuh hear!!!" This wasn’t a request, that a clear threat.This sorta reaction was expected but not after his willing participation after such incredible sex, maybe it a bluff – I thought, but it wasn’t the time for me to think that, I simply agreed and opened the door for him to leave.

*2 days later*

*Glossary - the words and their meanings below are translated only according to the context they are used in this story.*

Bumbo: Jamaican expletive 

Bloodclaat: Jamaican expletive

 Pussyclaat: Jamaican expletive

 Yuh: You/Your

Batty: Bottom or Ass

Battyboy: Gay (harsher term; fag/faggot)

Go-go: Stripper or exotic dancer

 Tek: Take

Aguh: Going to

Guh: Go

Mi: Me/I

Inah: Into

Cocky: Cock/Dick/Penis

Fimmi: For me/It belongs to me

Dis: This

Fah: For

Pan: On

Gyal: Girl

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