In my teens,my best buddy, Josh, and I began experimeting. We soon found we both liked cunt aswell as cock. No only each others cock but other guys cock also. Fortunately, we ere ablet keep it secret in high school.

Josh and I were the same age and because of when our bithday was, we were both late starting school, usually making us the oldest kids in the class.

We both played football and thought Coach Davis was hot as well as our assistant coach, Coach Reid. Coach Davis was thrty-nine and had lost his wife a few years ago. He had a daughter, Sue, that dated Josh regularly. We were all the same age.

Coach Reid was twenty-seven and single. Both men were well built, good looking, and hot. Coach Davis had a dark brown moustache and goatee that really turned me on.

We all celebrated our eighteenth birthday together during the summer between our junior ad senior year of school. Soon, football practice started, preparing us for the first game of the new school year. I was okay a football,but Josh wae exceptional and was working toward a college football schlorship.

I had let myself slide during the summer and decided to put in extra time with the weights to get myself back in shape.

A couple of weeks after practice started, I was working out after practice in the weight room. I knew I hadto avoid the coaches because I was breaking the rules and didn'thavea spotter.

I suddenly heard Coach Davis checking the gym,making sure everyone was gone. I immediately hid and once he hadleftthe weight room, I came out and decided to dress and head home.

As I dressed in the locker room, I heard the showers turn on. After I finish dressing, I decided to check it out and eased toward the shower room door. As I neared it, I began to hear soft moaning.

Peeking in, I found Coach Davis leaning back aginst the wall, strokinghis hard cock with his right hand. It appeared to be close to eight inches and was beautiful. My own cock stifened as I watched him jerk and soon shoot 5 tlong thick ropes of cum out onto the shower floor.

I quicly headed for the door and went home, Immediately stripping in my room and jeking my on cock to a roaring climax.

I began staying late more frequently, spying on Coach when I could. Then, one afternoon, I heard Coach Davis call ut to Coach Reid, "Hey, Rick, you want to join me today?"

"I'd love to, Luke, but I have some errands to run. Another time, okay?"

"Sure,just let me know."

I couldn't help but wonder if he jerked off in front of Coach Reid.

I managed to watch Coach Davis frequently, often jerking my cock while I watched. Then, one afternoon, it happened.

I had hidden and waited and when I heard the showers, I came out and eased up to the shower room entrance.

Looking in, I saw Coach Davis and Coach Reid wrapped in each others arms and kissing passionately, trading tongues. Soon, Coach Davis bentover and began suckig Coach Reid's nipples. Then, he slowly dropped to his knees and swallowed Coach Reid's hard throbbing cock, sucking it hungrily.

Soon,Coach Reid climaxed and Coach Davis took it and swallowed eagerly. They traded places and Coach Reid began sucking Coach Davis, taing and swallowing his load.

As I watched, I slowly stroked my hard cock to a roaring climax, which I deposited on the floor right in the doorway.

I headed out and just as I reached the door, I heard Coach Reid say, "Luke, someone was watching us and jerked off. I just stepped in his cum load."

"Maybe we better coolit for a while to be safe."

"I agree," Coach Reid replied.

Several months passed,and one afternoon I heard them talking and agreeing to meet in the shower room. I hung around and hid, then again watched them suck each other in the showers. They then quickly dried off and went to the athletic office.

I eased up to the window and found a spot where the blinds were broked and looked in. They were kissing passionately then Coach Reid said, "Luke, I need you up my ass bad. Fuck me!"

Coach Davis got behind Coach Reid, knelt down and began to eat his ass. After a moment, he slid his cock balls deep into Coach Reid's ass as Coach Reid said how great it felt. Soon, Coach Davis filled his ass, and they traded places.

I was stunned at what I had seen and knew I wanted in on the fun. I waited and watched.

Finally, one afernoon, just as classes ended, I saw them talking and heard Coach Reid say, "See you there in a few minutes." I headed for the gym and waited.

Coach Reid met Coach Davis in the office and they immediately began kissing and undressing each other. Soon, both were totaly nude and as they kissed and fonded each other, I stripped also.

With my cock rock hard and sticking straight out in front of me, I slipped into the office and said, "May I join in on the fun?"




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