I was orphaned at the age of twelve, Mom and Dad was killed in a small aircraft crash on a business trip, it had evidently been a really rough trip, they had flown into a terrible storm, and their plane went down.

I was placed with my only living relative, My fathers older Sister, Aunt Paula. She was about ten years older than my Dad, and she was very loving and understanding, but rather Old Fashioned, and she was a widow. How much money the old gal had was unknown to me. She owned this older mansion, it had the gated driveway, large rose beds, and all sorts of gardens around the house, a large fish pool in the back garden. I had almost my own wing on the second floor of the house, and I was well taken care of.

Well I was twenty three, I had just graduated from UCLA, and had gotten a degree in Physics, and Electrical Engineering, but I really had no Idea which direction I was going to take as far as a career.

On this rather large estate that Aunt Paula had, we had several workers, there was Lottie, the cook and Kitchen manager, a black lady, very kind and sweet, treated me like her own kid, there was the house man, sort of a butler kind of dude, He was a little different but kind of a father figure, but very refined, and then there was a little, extremely good looking kis, or so I thought, that took care of her Flower beds, mowing the grass, trimming trees, hedge trimming ect. He looked like he was about sixteen and I really wanted to get to know him, but because of his age I was a little apprehensive, since the legal age for any kind of sex was eighteen in all the states in the U.S., should that happen to be the course we took.

I had been noticing 'Jai', that was his name for some time, I would watch him work, sometime without his shirt on in the warm weather, man was he muscled up, I would almost slobber on my self, sometimes he would wear cut off bluejeans, and He was about five foot six maybe seven, and he had leg muscles like a bullfrog, man he was built solid like a little bull.

I really started getting the hots for his body, facially, he was a real litte doll, I thought of him as my China Doll, although later I found out he was a mixture of Chinese and Japanese and American, His father, who he had never known, was an American Soldier. He had been brought over to America by his mother, and raised here.

I walked out to talk to him one afternoon, I didn't see him, and I went to the Garden shed, which was really a nice building, it housed a riding mower, and everything he needed for the job he performed. I looked in the garden shed, opened the door, and didn't see him, I noticed a set of stairs to the upper level and I climbed the stairs and I walked to the platform at the top of the stairs, and at the end of the platform was a door, I walked softly to the door, just incase, not wanting to interupt anything important, and I looked into the slightly opened door, and there was Jai, Naked, setting in a chair, with his cock in his hand, jerking off his nice sized cock like a madman. I almost swallowed my tongue, my cock hardened up in my trousers. I watched him gently and loveingly twist his nipples, and work that cock, I found myself licking my lips, and rubbing my crotch, I was so excited I was ready to cum, and I was rubbing my cock in my pants and the pre-cum was flowing out my cock, and making a large wet spot I slid my right hand down inside my trousers and rubbing my cock up and down, I started a jerking like motion in my body, and my cock started belching out a load of cum into my underwear, damn man, I didn't realize that I was that excited about Jai. I realized I was being a voyer but, I knew I had to find out, But should I? I just stood there and watched him as he finally stroked his awesome looking cock to finish, and unloaded a beautiful load of white, milky, rich looking cum out onto his muscular chest and hand. But what made me wonder about Jai was, he wiped it up and licked his own cum off his hand, god it was so erotic and sexy. Damn I absolutely had to find out.

I left as quietly as I could, went to my room, got undressed, took a shower and put on some dry briefs and trousers.

About two days later, Jai was out tending the rose bushes, I walked up and started talking to him, He looked up and saw me and smiled, and said, Good Morning, Mr. Kenworth, I said good Morning Jai, he said, beautiful day isn't it? I said yes it is, I said, Jai, I have wanted to ask you a personal question, He said O.K. ask me, I said how old are you? He just laughed and said I'm old enough that anything I would do is legal, including Drinking, I said really? and how old is that? He just reached in his rear pocket and presented me with his wallet, and the drivers license stated his birth date put him at twenty three years old, I had guessed him to be about sixteen. I just smiled a big smile and said yep man, your legal, but he didn't know why I said that.

I just stood there, gave him back his wallet, and started smiling, I said, are you married? he said no, I said have a girlfriend? he said no sir, He said, Why do you Ask? I just smiled and said cause I never see you with anyone else, like a girlfriend. And I forgot to add, he lived alone, in a little one bedroom apartment, upstairs over the Garden shed. It was a nice little place, just big enough for a bedroom, full bath, kitchenette and livingroom, just enough for a batchlor.

Jai just smiled and said, Mr. Kenworth, I don't want to upset you, but I know most men don't like to give out personal information about themselfs, but he just said, being a man in my situation, I don't need a woman, I said really? he said Really.

Jai and I continued to talk and get more aquainted, I found out he was a martial arts master, He taught part time in a local 'DOJO' down in the valley, and He ask me If I'd like to learn Karate, I said sure, I could use some training for my personal well being.

We got into the training and I loved it, It was teaching me how to deal with my mind, as well as my body and reflexes. Jai was an awesome teacher and I loved it when he would lean over and rub his body against mine as we would try to get into proper body posture for the Karate manuvers, It was during this one afternoon practice that I got the impression that Jai was really enjoying the physical touching, because He had grabbed me in a position and I reached down and placed my hand in his crotch area that I felt that cock of his and it was stiff as an iron bar in his uniform, hard as a rock, I just stopped and looked into Jai's Eyes and he looked into mine, and He smiled and leaned over and kissed me on the lips, and I had my hand down on his cock, and I just started rubbing, he closed his eyes, and said, God man, that feels so good, He started kissing me like a madman, licking all over my face, and he stood up and started undoing my uniform untying my belt, and before you could say Karate, he had my top open licking on my nipples and had the trousers of my uniform down around my ankles, and I one quick move he had my seven inch cock buried in his mouth, I was so shocked, it took me a second to get my barings.

I just let him enjoy himself, and he was so loving and gentle, I kinda felt like one of the roses he would take care of, gentle, loving, caring, so in tune to my feelings and desires, Damn man, he was doing awesome things to me, He had a finger in my rectum twirling it around, in and out, making me feel like I would explode, Damn, my little China Doll knew what the fuck he was doing, all the while he was taking my cock to the hilt. I was getting close to loosing my load, and he was steadly taking me into another asphere with his finger and his mouth, Damn I was about to burst.

Jai, knew all the right buttons to push, It took him about ten mintutes totally and I was flooding his mouth with the largest load of cum, I swear, that I had ever had, I was totally lost in the climax, and he just kept up the masterful artwork with his mouth and finger. My body was jerking, I was grunting, and moaning and He was enjoying his performance, and when I finally finished and he had licked me clean, He smiled up and said, Is Mr. Kenworth satisfied? I said Jai, your fantastic, but I won't be satisfied untill I taste your load. Jai just smiled and started to undress, I beheld his gorgeous muscular smooth, clean, almost totally hairless body, His dark eyes, his black shiny head of hair, and his perfect face made making love to Jai, rank up there with the finest of my life times Pleasures, I knelt down as Jai layed back against the counter and I took that uncut asian, rather thick six and a half inch cock into my mouth, all the way to that thick black gorgeous bush, It was like taking a fine glass of the most delicious tasting wine, my tongue and I was enjoying its taste fully, the aroma and the flavor was absolutely intoxicating, I was in totally bliss, the object of my desire was finally being realized.

Jai was amazing, he had the ability to make you feel like your were the very best at what you were doing, I felt Like I was ten feet tall, he made me feel like no one else in the world existed but me and him, and when I finally brought him to the climax he grabbed my head and slipped his full length into my mouth, touching the throat opening, and held it there while his body bolted and his cock flexed and jerked and emptied his manhood fluid into my throat, God It tasted like the most delicious drink I have ever had, He was awesome, and I was in Love. We kissed and I departed, feeling totally fulfilled and drained.

The following week Jai caught me outside the house and we made arrangements to meet again in his apartment over the shed.

It was Friday night when we met, he fixed some awesome Oriental dish for supper and we had Saki, and Rice, the dinner he provided was like everthing else Jai did, simply awesome.

We retired to his living room and he had some very fine music playing, and we just set, and he massaged my back and neck. He reached down from the back of my body while I sat in a chair, and started rubbing my chest, reaching my nipples and gently pinching them and twisting, making me wilt with desire, and making my will to just let him do what he wanted, My body was in total heat for him, I stood up and he started undressing me and All my will was intertwined with what he wanted, I was totally naked, and he was bending me over and rimming my asshole with his expert tongue, like a professional. I was totally and completely in a state of bliss, and before I even knew what had happened, My little China Doll had his cock completely buried in my love canal, and I, for the first time in my life felt a cock buried in my ass, and I was for some reason not in pain, and I was loving it, I even found myself asking for more, and I was taken away, damn, I was lost, I didn't care if he rammed a fence post up my ass, I wanted it all, and I was twisting around and kissing Jai as he fucked me like the masterful lover he is, and I was getting that feeling like someone was sucking my cock and I was about to bust a load and no one was even touching my cock, It was then he gently, and slowly, brought me to a creschendo of love an extreme lust, and I let out a loud grunt and started cumming all over his couch, and he just layed over and twisted my nipples and unloaded a load into my ass, It was out of sight, and unbelieveable, god I was in love.

Jai layed over and licked my back telling me how much he loved me, I told him the same thing and we layed down on the floor naked and covered in cum, with Jais love cream flowing out of my rectal opening and we covered up with an afgan lap throw and slept all night like two lovers should. I can only say one thing I'm so happy since I found Jai and got him into my life, the last several years have been fenominal, I'm totally fulfilled and Just totally Happy, since I found My China Doll.



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