My balls were stretched. Stretched tight. My nipples were on fire. And my cock was hard as steel. My hands were cinched tight above my head, and my feet were spread and secured. I was unable to move at all. I was tied to the bondage bed by my boyfriend in our at-home dungeon. We had been at it for about an hour and a half so far. He had already cum twice while fucking me earlier in our session, but I was still aching for release. Adam, my boyfriend, was standing over me in all his glory. His muscled chest and arms were glistening from the sheen of sweat he had worked up from torturing me. Even though he had cum twice already during our session, his dick was rock hard and pointing to the sky.

Adam took the chain that connected the clamps on my nipples and began to pull away from my body. I could feel the pressure in my tits as the clamps were being pulled. The pain began to build and sent signals down to my already aching cock causing it to quiver. Unexpectedly, Adam let go of some of the pressure, causing my hyper-sensitive nipples to surge with pain as the blood rushed back to them. He then started to pull again, then release, pull and release. The mixture of pain and pleasure was building and I was biting my lip as to not scream out loud. Adam could tell I was trying to hold back, but it was his goal to get me to scream- he gets off on putting me in pain. His lips curled into an evil smile as he was torturing my nipples, and without any warning he yanked the metal clips right off my nipples. The blood rushed back into my poor, poor nipples causing me to scream out in pain. Adam immediately started to pinch my sensitive tits, increasing the sick mix of pain/pleasure he was putting me through. He flicked and twisted my aching nipples. All I could do was thrash my head and scream, completely under his dominating control. I saw Adam’s expression soften as he continued to terrorize me, then he let out a guttural moan as his cum spewed high into the air landing on me below.

After he had cum, Adam let go of my nipples and stepped back looking down at me. His prey. I was stretched out on this torture device, balls tied to the end of the bed, nipples red as embers, and cock sticking out like an angry flagpole. I could tell he liked what he saw. He stepped closer to me and leaned down toward my face. I breathed in his manly musk, which was mixed with the smell of his sweat and cum, acting as an aphrodisiac making me hornier than ever. I opened my mouth as Adam lowered his head to mine and covered my mouth with his. He took me as his kissed me. Possessive. Animalistic. He knew just how to assert his dominance over me and drive me crazy with lust in every aspect of our lives, including kissing. His tongue commanded my mouth, causing my poor dick to spew precum like a fountain. 

As Adam continued his assault on my mouth, his hand grabbed my stretched balls applying pressure with his strong hands. The pain in my already tortured balls increased ten-fold, causing me to scream. However, my scream was muffled by Adam’s ongoing kiss. I could feel his guttural moan into me as I felt him unload another round of cum on my tortured body.

Panting, he stepped back to take in the sight. His cock was still hard and now glistening from his latest orgasm. He folded his muscular arms over his bulging chest, much like a prison guard admiring his prisoner. “How you feeling, boy?” He asked, sneering.

“I’m desperate to cum Sir! Please let me cum!” I wailed.

“Let you cum?” Adam retorted. “What makes you think I should let you cum, slave?”

“You’ve already cum four times!” 

Adam turned away from the bed, leaving me struggling and aching. He went toward the cabinet on the wall. I watched him pick something out of the cabinet and turn back towards me. He was holding a ball gag. “Sir! Please no-“ But it was too late. Adam fastened the ball gag around my head, muffling my attempts of begging him to let me cum. He stood back again, admiring his prey.

“I am your master, and you are my slave.” He was getting rock hard and dripping precum again, during his speech. “You have to earn your orgasm from your owner. I have every right mind just to let you get soft and put you in a chastity cage.” I shook my head violently, pleading against that option, as my cock continued to drool- enjoying every bit of this torture. Adam knew just how much I enjoyed him torturing me, too.

My dungeon master boyfriend walked up to me again, gleam in his eye. He was stroking his cock with one hand, and wrapped the other around my aching rod. He continued to pump his member but just kept his other hand wrapped around mine. No movement. I was going insane! Watching his cock getting stroked, wishing desperately that it was mine. He slowly- veeeeery slowly ran his hand down my shaft. I inhaled sharply, loving the attention. He then stopped moving the hand on my cock, but continued to stroke his ever-growing man meat. 

He continued this for what felt like an eternity. Continually stroking himself while giving me only slow, torturous movements. I was sweating, writhing in my bonds, and moaning into my gag. The more I moaned in desperation, the harder Adam jerked himself until… BAM! Adam hollered as the biggest load of cum yet shot out of his dick and all over my chest. He immediately stopped stroking me, knowing how close I was. I wailed in agony as Adam growled in pleasure. 

Adam was panting as if he had just run a marathon, and sweat was gleaming all over his body. After five orgasms, he was finally satisfied. I knew it was now my turn!

Adam bent down over me and wrapped his mouth around my cock. It felt like my dick was wrapped in a hot sex blanket. I felt myself teetering on the edge as he began to suck me, moving his head up and down. I felt the cum churning in my balls. Adam started to hum and the vibrations sent shocks through my aching cock. Finally, with one long suck from Adam’s hot mouth, my dick EXPLODED! My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my body started involuntarily jerking as volley after volley of cum was being sucked out of my dick by my dominant boyfriend’s mouth. 

Finally, when I came down from my high, Adam undid my ballgag. He gave me a big kiss on the mouth and rested his tired, sweaty body against mine. I could smell his musk and hear him humming into my neck. “I love you.” He whispered to me softly.



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