It all began when our dad was promoted to a management position and we had to move to another city. After the move, we settled in and my twin sister and I prepared to start a new school in the fall.

We began making friends and one of those was Clint Baker, a hot football jock that lived down the street. Clint was a senior while Pam and I were juniors.

At that time in my life, I had never remotely considered having sex with another male. Clint, Pam and I quickly became close friends and Clint and Pam began dating. Our families referred to us at the 'Three Stooges' because of some of our crazy antics. Clint was like the brother I never had.

After Clint graduated he joined the Marines but before he left, he proposed to Pam and of course she accepted.

Both Pam and I wrote Clint regularly. He managed to get home for our graduation and we had a great reunion. I was amazed at how much Clint had developed physically since he had left.

Pam and I entered college after serving one term in the Marines, Clint returned home and the 'Three Stooges' were together again. After we graduated, Clint and Pam married and Pam worked while Clint got his degree in criminal justice.

I had a degree in structural engineering, while Pam had a degree in business management and accounting.

Even though they were married, Clint and Pam always included me in most of their activities. Clint and I love the outdoors and camping, both of which Pam hated. Therefore, when Clint and I decided to go camping, Pam gladly told us to have a good time.

It was during this time that I began to see Clint in a different light. Seeing him muscular hairy chest when he was shirtless began making my cock stir and stiffen.

I began going to the gym regularly mainly to see as many guys as possible nude. It was one day in the steam room that I had my first experience. Another man about my age sat near me in the top row and began making passes. It was erotic and I liked it so I made no attempt to stop him.

Before long he had removed my towel and had his head in my lap sucking my rock hard cock. After getting me off and swallowing my load, he smiled at me then gave me my first male kiss. I was still turned on and decided to see what it was like. I went down on him and serviced him with my mouth, devouring his load when he fed it to me.

He was married and we began meeting at the gym regularly for sex. Oral sex was common and soon turned to anal sex. I soon realized that I was gay and preferred sex with men, and because of that my desire for Clint grew even stronger.

Clint had graduated and began his career with the local sheriff's department as a patrol deputy. He looked so hot in his uniform.

I managed to get him alone as often as possible as my desires grew stronger. I had never seen him completely nude and desperately wanted to. I arranged for us to have another camping trip.

It was in the summer and I asked a co worker if I could use his deer lease for the weekend. He agreed and gave me a key for the gate then saying he was going to be out of town at that time.

Clint got the weekend off and I picked him up and we headed out that Friday. We arrived and set up camp and ate dinner. After sitting around the fire for a while we headed for the tent.

Seeing Clint in his tight white briefs was such a turn on. the bulge in front was bigger than any I had seen at the gym.

The next day as the temperature quickly rose, I suggested that we take a dip in the small lake. He agreed and before he could react I stripped nude and headed for the water.

Laughing he said, "So, I assume we're skinny dipping?"

"Fuck, bro, why not? It's just us here."

He shook his head and quickly stripped out of his clothes. Once in the water, we began horsing around and wrestling and soon we both had raging boners. Wanting to see his reaction, I left the water with my hard cock pointing the way to the camp fire. I saw him staring at my hard cock.

I as seated by the fire drip drying, when he came out and approached the chair next to me. My mouth began watering when I saw his beautiful hard tool extending a good eight inches from his body.

As he sat down, I looked at him and said, "Well, it looks like we're both in the same situation."

"It looks that way," he said laughing.

"In that case, why don't we do something bout it," I replied as I started stroking my cock.

"Are you fucking serious?" he asked.

"Sure, why not? And if you tell me you don't ever do it, I'm going to call you a fucking liar."

"And you'd be right," he replied as he slowly began stroking his hard cock.

We both became quiet as we slowly brought ourselves to a roaring climax. I though I shot big loads until I saw his cock explode. It was the largest I had ever seen.

After we had climaxed, he looked at me and said, "Mark, this has to stay just between us. Pam would never understand."

"Of course it stays between us. We have to have some secrets that are ours."

I stayed nude to see what he would do and to my surprise, he stayed nude also. Later in the afternoon, we had another jerk off session.

After that weekend every time we went camping we would stay nude if possible and jerk together. It just seemed normal to me.

This went on for over a year. Clint and Pam soon celebrated their third anniversary and the secret Clint and I shared remained a secret.

Then a few weeks later, Clint stopped at my place after his patrol shift to have a beer with me. He was still in his police uniform and looked so hot.

I heard the knock, and since I lived nude, I checked to see who it was. Seeing him, I opened the door and let him in.

"Damn man, Do you stay naked?"

"When at home yea. Why not?"

"If I tried that Pam would probably throw me out."

"You can do it here whenever you want."

I headed for the kitchen to grab two beers and when I returned Clint was on the sofa also nude.

I handed him his beer and sat in the chair at the end of the sofa closest to him.

As we talked about nothing in particular, I asked, "When you were in Iraq, what did you do for sex?"

"Oh there was a lot of jerking going on. At times at night in the dark, you would hear sounds and see shadows of guy jerking off in their bunks. Then a few of us found out one of the guys was gay and he began giving us blow jobs."

"Damn, Clint, you were letting a guy suck your cock?"

"I sure was. It was ten times better that jerking off. There were five of us and we'd head to the showers late and he would come in and suck us all off."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Hell, yes. It felt awesome and he always went to completion. Pam tries but can't do it right and never goes all the way."

I noticed his cock twitch slightly and I asked, "Do you miss getting sucked off?"

"To be truthful, yes, I do."

Without saying a word, I quickly got up and knelt between his legs and as a surprised look came over his face I quickly swallowed his cock.

"Mother fuck, Mark! You suck cock?"

I paused just long enough to say "Yep" then returned my attention to his cock. He moaned slightly and slid lower on the cushion.

I paused momentarily to suck his large balls before going back to his cock and bringing him to a magnificent climax.

"Fuck, that was awesome," he said.

"Anytime you want it, just let me know."

"I just might," he replied.

A few nights later, Pam invited me over for dinner and after greeting me at the door, Clint looked at me, smiled and winked.

We planned another campout and Pam thought we'd be miles away for the weekend. But instead, Clint suggested that we just stay at my place. I agreed.

I picked him up at his place as I usually did and drove back to mine, putting my truck in the private garage. Once inside, we both quickly stripped. We headed for the kitchen for a beer and as I handed it to him, we looked into each others eyes and paused.

What seemed like several minutes our eyes locked together. Slowly, he stepped toward me.




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