From Part 1.....We planned another campout and Pam thought we'd be miles away for the weekend. But instead, Clint suggested that we just stay at my place. I agreed.

I picked him up at his place as I usually did and drove back to mine, putting my truck in the private garage. Once inside, we both quickly stripped. We headed for the kitchen for a beer and as I handed it to him, we looked into each others eyes and paused.

What seemed like several minutes our eyes locked together. Slowly, he stepped toward me.


Part 2...

Reaching out with both hands, he grasped my shoulders and gently pressed his lips to mine. I waited anxiously to see if he offered his tongue, but he didn't and neither did I, not wanting to push things too far.

As we separated, he looked into my face and said, "Mark, that as just a thank you from me to you."

"A thank you for what?" I asked.

"For being here when I need you. Mark, I don't know what's with Pam, but for the last few months she usually refuses sex with me when I try, giving me one of many different excuses. I need it often and when I do you are always here for me."

"And I always will be," I replied.

He smiled and led me to the bedroom. He lay back and I got between his legs and went to work on his hard cock. Moments later, he began changing positions and soon we were in a sixty-nine. My heart raced at the thought of him sucking me. But he only began stroking me off.

I soon got his delicious load and swallowed, I lay back and watched him bring me to my climax. After he had milked me dry he looked at me and said, "Damn, that was unbelievable. I've never seen a guy climax before."

"What you did wasn't necessary but I definitely enjoyed it."

"I felt that it was the least that I could do."

That weekend and for several weeks more, Clint would jerk me off while I sucked him off.

Then on one of our supposed camping trips, Clint arrived at my house and found me nude as usual. After stripping, he led me out o the pool deck. He loved the fact that my yard was private. Pam had insisted that they just rent an apartment close to her work.

he lay on the soft grass and I got into the sixty-nine position so that he could jerk me off. I began sucking his cock and felt his hand grasp my cock. Then, seconds later, I felt his warm wet mouth close around my cock. he eagerly began sucking me and I was in heaven.

I quickly brought him to his climax and just after I swallowed I warned him that I was close to my climax. He continued sucking and I quickly filled his virgin mouth with my built up load. To my surprise, he swallowed without any problems.

Looking at him, I said, "I certainly enjoyed that but what made you decide to suck me?"

"Mark, for one, I've seen how much you enjoy it, and secondly, I didn't figure that definitely had to be better than eating a smelly cunt."

" I have top agree with that, but what did you think of it?"



"Mark, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very erotic and to my surprise I really enjoyed the taste."

That weekend Clint was sucking me every few hours. I didn't object at all and if he wanted, I would reciprocate. Also that weekend, I introduced him to the pleasures of being rimmed and he took right to returning the pleasure to me.

Then one weekend, I decided to carry it further. As we got into bed, I asked if he would like to try something different.

"Sure," he replied. "What did you have in mind?"

"How would you like to fuck me?"

"You mean my cock up your ass?"

"That's exactly what I mean," I told him.

"Hell yea, but doesn't that hurt?"

"It did when I first started getting fucked but now there is just some slight pressure as the cock enters my ass."

I got the lube and greased us both up. Laying on my back, I raised my legs and said, "I assume you know what to do from here on."

"I think so," he replied, smiling.

Seconds later he was in my ass fucking me like a pro, and I was thoroughly enjoying it. As he fucked me I couldn't resist my urges. I put one hand around his head and pulled him to me. As our lips met, I eagerly forced my tongue into his mouth. He eagerly accepted it and offered his in return.

It was awesome when I felt his cock swell and begin firing volley after volley of cum up my hungry hole. He leaned forward and tongue kissed me again before slowly pulling out.

"I must admit that your ass was better than any pussy I've ever been in."

"Well, just remember, it's yours anytime you want it."

He kissed me again.

The following evening he asked me to fuck him and I warned him of the pain that he would experience. He insisted that he wanted to get fucked.

After lubing us both up, I began my insertion. As the head of my cock made entry, he yelled out loudly, "MOTHER FUCK THAT HURTS!"

I asked him if he wanted me to pull out and he said no. After letting him adjust for a few minutes, I slowly continued my entry and once I was in balls deep, I told him so.

Reaching back to feel it, he said, "I don't fucking believe I've got your entire cock up my ass."

I slowly began fucking his virgin hole and as I neared my climax he began telling me how good it was feeling. Then as my cock exploded, filling his hole he said loudly, "Yea baby shoot that cream up in me." I did as he requested.

Things continued between us and began to get more frequent. This was because Pam was spending more time with some of her friends.

Then one Friday afternoon, Clint called me to tell me to get dressed and that he would pick me up soon. I was waiting when he arrived.

Getting into his truck, I asked, "What's up?"

"I've decided to leave Pam and file for divorce. I was wondering if I could stay with you?"

"Hell yea you can stay with me. We're like brothers and have to take care of each other. Besides.."

He quickly spoke up and said, "We can have sex more often."

"Clint, can I ask you something?"


"Do you consider yourself gay now?"

"I never dreamed that I would ever have sex with another man, then end up saying this, but yes, I consider myself gay."

"What about Pam? Isn't she going to be home?"

She informed me that she is going out of town for the weekend with one of the girls she works with. Once we see her leave, we'll go in and get my things. I'm just getting my clothes and personal items. She can have the rest."

We parked up the street and waited. Once she was gone, we went to the apartment and loaded his clothes, toiletries, stereo, one of the TV's, and a DVD player into his truck. When we were ready to leave, he left a note on the counter in the kitchen. Monday morning he filed for divorce.

Since she didn't fight the divorce it all became final in roughly six months. Clint's clothes were placed in my spare bedroom as were his other belongings but obviously he spent each night in bed with me.

During the divorce, my parents kept asking what happened between Clint and Pam to cause the divorce. I simply said that as far as I knew, they just fell out of love.

Shortly after the divorce, Clint surprised me one evening, with a declaration.

"Mark, I know that when two guys become a couple they are considered lovers. I never thought it would happen to be but I have fallen deeply in love with you, and it's more than I would feel for a brother. I want you to be my lover for the rest of our lives."

"Clint, I would love nothing better than to be your lover. To be honest, I have been in love with you since before you married Pam."

We kissed passionately and as we later cuddled on the sofa, he looked at me and asked, "How do we tell your parents?"

"Good question," I replied, knowing that my parents knew absolutely nothing about my sexual preference.

We decided to invite them over for dinner one weekend and break the news.

We had dinner then as we sat sipping after dinner wine, I came forward and told them about my lifestyle and that Clint had realized that he was gay also and divorced Pam so she could find happiness with someone else and that Clint and I had become life partners.

Mom and dad looked at each other the very calmly dad looked at us and said, "Son, you know that your mother and I are very open minded. We have had our suspicions. All we want for our children is their happiness. If loving Clint makes you happy, what more could we ask for."

Mom smiled and said, "Well, it looks like Clint will still be our son-in-law."

They stood and hugged us both.

When we visited them they soon became used to our how of affection to each other. It made them happy to see us happy.

Then a few months later, they invited us over for dinner one Saturday. We arrived and a few minutes later Pam arrived. And to our surprise, she had a guest with her.

Dad spoke up and said, "Mark, Clint, I'd like you to meet Cindy, Pam's partner."

Clint and I looked at each other then at Pam and Cindy, then at Mom and Dad. I took the lead and hugged Pam an Cindy. I was quickly followed by Clint.

Later as we talked, Clint and I found out that Pam began experimenting with sex with a woman about the time Clint and I started having relations. The weekend Clint moved out Pam was with Cindy and had decided to ask Clint for a divorce when she returned to town.

It's been a four years, but we are all close and one big happy family. Pam, Cindy, and Clint and I sat down and talked. We all wanted kids so we agreed that Clint and I would have sex with Pam and Cindy. Clint fucked Pam while I fucked Cindy. Things took and both women became pregnant about a month apart. Pam had a boy and Cindy had a girl. We age full custody of the baby girl to them and the did the same with the boy, giving Clint and I full custody of him.

Our parents couldn't be happier and neither could we. Both our families are complete now and we all couldn't be happier.


Coming soon....."Twins"



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