It was a Friday evening at the department store and I started my shift around 6:30 as always. Paul was in charge that night to make sure everything looked perfect at the end of the night. Lately, I had noticed Paul acting different towards me. I am not openly gay, I don't have a feminine voice, it's just not very obvious but somehow I felt he knew. Whenever Paul comes to check up on me in my area, he makes small talk, jokes with me, and gets physically close to me. A couple of times he patted my shoulder or just put his hand on my shoulder while talking or when he left, something he never did with anyone else.

To describe Paul he is about 5' 10", early 40s (twice my age), has dirty blond hair that comes about halfway down his forehead, a lightly-thick beard, probably weighs around 190ish, hairy arms, from what I see from his collar line a hairy chest, and a pretty solid build. I forgot to mention he has amazing thighs that I just want to stick my head between forever. We kind of have a uniform at work khakis with a shirt; I have to say I have never seen a man wear khakis so well. The pants outline a round, full ass that moves with every step and I watch every time he walks away. They hug his thighs like I wish my hands could and flaunts them perfectly. He has to wear a jockstrap or briefs because his bulge shows every day and it pushes out, taunting me whenever we talk.

To describe myself a little bit I am 20, 6ft. tall and 180 pounds. I have brown hair, stubble on my face and a mildly hairy chest. I consider myself to have a skinnier athletic build and a 6.5" in. dick. (Not huge like other stories but I want this one to be fairly realistic since it is my fantasy for this to happen.)

Anyway, today I go into work and we have our meeting and Paul asks me to stay after because he wants to ask me something. My heart instantly dropped and I started to pitch a tent but was able to distract myself with the meeting topics. A lot of boring talk and motivational words then everyone left except for Paul and I. He moved closer to me from across the table and sat down in the chair next to mine. I noticed when he sat down he followed my body with his eyes from my shoes to my face but tried to keep it out of my head, I figured he was straight.

He asked me, "Nick, can you stay with Mike and me tonight to do a last run through the store?" I agreed but was a little confused because I had only been there two months while others have been there for a couple years.

I went through my area that night quickly and made sure it was exact. Paul came probably every hour to talk to me, see how I was doing and give me additional tasks. He also seemed to have a bigger bulge than normal today, I estimate it to be the size of my fist, and his ass seemed to stand out more. I thought for a second he was moving it so sweetly on purpose. It nears closing time and many of my co-workers are finishing up and they let us go right on time. I stay behind and don't clock off but Mike, Paul, and I go into the office to set up rounds and start checking things.

All of a sudden Mike gets a call says a few short words and has to go. Apparently something with his wife and kids, no one was hurt but he needed to go. This left Paul and I to finish the store for the night together.

"Since there is two of us why not walk the store together so we aren't bored and alone?" he asked.

"Sure, Paul. It's late and I'll probably miss some things if I go alone too" I replied.

So we leave the office and start walking around. Paul made small talk as we went through the aisles and tidied up. In the toys aisle as he was replacing an item he knocked one off of the shelf and bent over in front of me to pick it up, I almost bumped into his ass with my crotch. I stared at his ass for what seemed like forever and saw the outline of a jockstrap beneath his pants. I instantly got nervous and a little sweaty just thinking about it. We went in a circle around the store and the last area was pharmaceuticals. We came upon the condom aisle and the only mess up in this aisle was an open box of condoms with 2 missing.

"Well, looks like someone was embarrassed to buy these. Let's take these into the pharmacy and I'll show you how to report a theft on the computer." He suggested. I agreed thinking it was strange but he was my boss. We walk into the pharmacy and he sets the box down next to the computer and logs in. He tells me to log in as well and report it under my name to show I know how to do it. I stand at the keyboard and he is on my right, where the mouse is. He tells me where to click a couple of times but after the first two or three instructions he puts his hand on mine on the mouse and just clicks for me.

"Quicker this way"

I start getting very suspicious and by this point I know something is up and I start getting a huge hard-on. Thank god I wore my boxer briefs and they hid it pretty well. Once I start entering the information he moves his hand from mine on the mouse to my shoulder and squeezes almost reassuringly. I grin a little and scratch my crotch in a response as it was common for me to do. I actually got talked to about it from a female manager but it was a hard habit of mine to break. He noticed this and moved his hand from my shoulder to my mid back and stared right at me. I decided to make the bold move and I went straight for his crotch, which had risen a lot since we had been in the Pharmacy. I grabbed from underneath and got a feel for the first time of his cock and balls. His balls were average size and his cock was semi-hard in a perfect way for me to grab and get completely turned on.

He took his hand from my back and grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled on my belt, pulling me away from the computer and facing him. He pushed me back into the wall and put both his hands on my chest and pushed hard forcing my ass to go against the wall. He took one of his hands and started groping the shit out of my crotch and the other around my body to my ass. He gave both a massive squeeze causing me to groan a little in pleasure but he quickly covered up my noise by sticking his tongue right into my mouth. He removed his hand from my crotch and put it on the way and begun to lean into me. I untucked his shirt and undid his belt buckle all while being distracted with his amazing making out skills. I have never had a guy kiss me as expertly and hot as Paul did. I stuck my hands into his pants and grabbed two giant handfuls of his ass and lifted up a little bit. I was taller than him so it pulled him a little bit closer to me, causing our dicks to rub through our khakis. This must have turned him on like crazy cause he started kissing me more frantic than before and with no room to move my head back it was a full on assault.

I made another bold move and moved my finger close to his hole and put a little pressure on it. He immediately stopped kissing me and pulled back, I thought I was about to die. Instead he smiled and said, "That's not for your finger right now" and went down on his knees. He undid my belt and pants with his hands while licking and rubbing my dick with his face. He pulled the zipper down with his teeth and started licking my dick through my boxers like crazy. I went to pull my boxers down but he swatted my hands away and kept doing it. It felt so good, like blowjob while my dick was still tight in my underwear. He finally pulled down my boxers and put his lips on my head.

He didn't immediately start but flicked his tongue all over the head of my cock and my piss hole sending me into moans and trying to grab for something to hold. After a few minutes of this teasing he took my cock all the way to the hilt and twisted his tongue around it a couple times before moving back for air. He did this multiple times and in between each deep throat he would rub my chest under my shirt and pinch my nipples. I loved getting my nipples played with, probably my favorite things to get pinched or bit. After a little bit more Paul stood up and start fully undressing, I did the same.

My imagination could not have made a better picture than what I saw. He had no defined abs but wasn't fat. He had hair all down his chest and to his pubes that surrounded a perfect looking 7.5" cut cock that was decently thick and had veins running through it. His arms were beautifully sized that I would just want to use them as pillows after a long sweaty fuck. He had pecs but they weren't body builder size and that was definitely fine with me. He was one fine ass man that I didn't believe I was about to fuck.

He stood up and smiled at me. Then resumed making out with me while twisting my nipples. He twisted so hard sometimes I couldn't keep my mouth focused on his and I would just have a gaping mouth while he kissed all over my neck and chest. I took this time to run my hands through his hairy chest and to finally get a handful of his hard dick. He must've known what went through my head as while I was exploring his body because after a minute or less he took a step back and pushed me down onto my ass. I opened my mouth for his dick but he didn't stick it in. I looked up and he was laughing swaying his dick a couple inches from my face taunting me. I stuck my head out to get a taste of the precum leaking from his head but he stepped back out of reach.

"That's not for your mouth right now" he said. And instead turned around and exposed his hairy ass to my face and pulled his cheeks apart to reveal a beautiful tight pink hole that had a hairy ring around it. I took in a deep breath and smelled sweaty manly musk from his ass and immediately drove right into it. I must've done it pretty hard because he took a step forward to balance myself before bending over and backing up. This caused my head to go against the wall but his ass smashed into my face more. I couldn't smell anything but him and it made me go berserk. I lashed my tongue around, in, up, and down his hole and ass as much as I could. Paul was moaning in pleasure and even reached between my legs a couple times to stroke my dick a little. I really didn't need that because his ass would keep me hard for weeks. This went on for what seemed like a really short time but apparently was awhile.

Paul moved forward and turned around. "I want to taste what you tasted Nick" and proceeded to make out with me again. I never made out so much with a guy during sex before but this was amazing. He pulled away and I almost fell forward trying not to stop but he stood up and opened one of the condoms from the box and rolled it on. My heart leapt, it had taken way too long for me to be able to get that cock in my ass.

"We could just report this whole box as stolen" he said.

"I guess that wouldn't hurt" I said with a wink.

I started to stand up to bend over the counter but he held me down and said "All fours, facing the wall" I was so turned on I did exactly as he asked without question. I didn't feel him get on the ground but I heard the door shut but remained just as he said. He came back a minute later with some lube and covered the condom in it and started fingering my ass with it. Damn! This guy could use his fingers; he started with one and moved around. Put two in and did a tapping motion with them inside of me, put a third in and spread his fingers are far as they would go. I was in fucking heaven, I don't know where this guy learned these tricks but I wanted to learn.

He set his dick at my hole and just left it there a second rubbing my back and dick. He took some more lube and put it over my dick stroking it causing me to moan some more, I was mostly pushing back trying to get his dick into me. "I know we wanted each other but you gotta learn to have some patience" he said. And at the end of that sentence he started pushing into me. I pushed back to get him in as quick as possible. There was never any pain, I had felt some previously in my life but it was never bad. I let out a groan and gasped for air. He started pumping back and forth slowly trying to go as far out as he could and then as far in as he could. His dick slowly rode over my prostate massaging it causing waves of pleasure and stimulation to trigger throughout my body. As he began to pick up speed I started bucking back into him. I like being vocal so I was encouraging him with "Fuck yea, Paul" "Oh my god, harder!" "Faster, faster, faster!" I called him "Sir" a couple of times and each time I did, he slapped my ass two or three times.

He fucked me slow, fast, rough, soft, and all kinds of ways for a while then said "Do you still want to suck my dick?"

"Yes, please." I managed to say in between gasps and moans.

He pulled out of me mid fuck not even slowing down and ripped off the condom. He laid on his back and said "Go at it". I swallowed that dick faster than any other in my life (and that's quite a few). I started with just basic up and down, then stopped and tried his trick of playing with only the head which caused him to flail his head and push his hips up trying to get his dick farther into my mouth. I laughed a little then started deep throating him as best I could and wrapping my tongue all over his beautiful cock. I felt the veins constantly with my tongue like little speed bumps on his dick for my pleasure. I decided to go for the entire thing and pushed my face down and took a deep breath through my nose. He kept my head down with his hands and started pulsing his hips up into me. He stopped this after about 15 seconds and I came up coughing. I did it again but this time he decided it was time to blow his load.

The head of his dick was at the back of my throat when I felt it shiver a little but unlike me when I cum my body stops working for a second, but he tensed up and pushed harder on my head. His cock let out a torrent of cum against the back of my throat, warm, sticky and delicious. It tasted so sweet, I normally don't swallow but I would do anything for Paul at this point. I must have been down on his dick for 20seconds or so and he let off. I didn't cough this time but my mouth was full of cum. I looked down after swallowing and saw more on his dick and sliding down it. I instantly lapped it up and starting blowing him again. Paul began to moan and wrack back and forth rolling his sides. I put my hands on his hips trying to make sure he was stable and his balls were empty. I stopped with his dick and starting licking his balls trying to keep his dick hard so we could go again. He laid back and moaned out words to encourage me and I kept licking, sucking, rubbing, and sniffing his balls. They smelled just as good as his ass, which I forgot about during the blowjob. I lifted but his legs and I felt him tense thinking I was going to fuck him but I stuck my tongue into his hole again and he relaxed. He held his own legs up as I went to town on his hole again; my appetite for this man had no end. I would do this for days.

I let off of his hole and he lowered his legs letting out a sigh of pleasure but I wasn't done with him yet. I started kissing his balls again and his now re-hard dick. I kissed up his happy highway (hairier than a trail) and all the way up to his nipples. I began to lick and suck on them. Nibbling on them and teasing the other one with my finger when my mouth wasn't on it. He put his hand on my head rubbing my hair and I let up and started sucking on his fingers.

"You just don't stop do you?" he said laughing.

"Not after so long of thinking of this every day you work, I want this to last hours." I replied completely serious.

He must have noticed the seriousness and joy in my voice "Flip around, 69" he instructed.

I flipped around and started blowing him again, same techniques as last time but more changing and more deep throating. I couldn't get enough of his dick. I hadn't come yet and it wasn't going to take much to get me over the edge. He took my dick in his mouth and being on the bottom he had to bob up and down with his neck to get my dick. Even with his lack of mobility it was a fucking incredible blowjob. He ended it with his flicking of the tongue around my head. I felt like I had to pee for like 30seconds before I finally shivered and frozen while loads and loads of cum poured out from me. He kept my dick in the exact same position and let the cum fill his mouth all at once. When I was finally able to move again I left off his dick and turned my body so we were face to face. I smiled and started to lean in to kiss him but he still had his mouth full of my cum. He put his finger on my lips and swallowed half of my load. He then pulled me in with his hands and started making out with me with the other half. (I have tasted my own cum before but never this much). It was my first cum swap with a guy and I loved every single second of it. I ended the kiss with a good amount of my cum in my mouth and swallowed it. I sat back on my knees and his dick rubbed against my ass.

I looked back and noticed it was leaking pre-cum. I wiped it with my finger and looked right into Paul's eyes when I licked it off.

"Get off" he said. I became very sad as I thought it was over. I looked up at the box of condoms and saw 3 left. Paul walked out of the room butt ass naked and came back 5minutes later. He had two water bottles and sandwiches from the deli. He punched a couple things on the computer then threw the condom box to me.

"I heard this whole box was stolen and that's what the system says, right?" he asked.

I stood up and looked at the screen, "Yea that's what it says, Paul".

He smiled and kissed me hard right on the lips, and pushed me down to the floor. My legs were up in a second.



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