I am 45 years old and kept myself in shape. I needed to look good; ya never knew when a potential Stud Stallion might pick you up and take you home to fuck you. It was Friday night and about 10 pm the phone rang. It was my best friend Antonio. He is 41. We had been friends for about 10 years now. We met in college. Antonio was a fucken hot stud, a well-defined body, hot looking face and a nice sized basket. I had never approached him to have sex as I loved him as a friend and I didn't think he was gay and I didn't want to jeopardise our friendship. But I could always fantasize. Anyways, we were renting a house together and he had gone away for the weekend.

The phone rang and I answered the phone and it was Antonio, he said, "Hey buddy, how's it going? Listen I have to ask you a favour. I forgot that my uncle Ernesto was coming to stay for a bit while he is in town. I won't be back till Sunday and he is arriving sometime tomorrow. Do you think that you can greet him when he shows up and look after him till I get back? I think that you will enjoy his company, he is lots of fun."

I replied, "Well, OK, but you know you are gonna owe me one."

He replied and asked me "What, am I gonna owe Ya?"

I replied, "Oh I'll think of something!!"

He laughed and said, "Well, I hope that it up to my capabilities."

I laughed back and said, "Oh Ya, I'm sure you can handle what I'll ask you to do."

We said goodbye and I hung up the phone. I think that I was finally gonna get a piece of him. I would tell him he has to fuck me good and hard. I'm sure our friendship could handle it. After all, all he could say was no!! I decided to turn in early so put on my PJ bottoms and went to sleep.

I got up the next day and decided to prepare the house for Uncle Ernesto's arrival. I did the dishes and scrubbed the bathroom, Vacuumed and cleaned the spare bedroom and just did a good tidy up around the house. The house was spotless a real masterpiece. Around 9 am on Saturday morning, the doorbell rang. Shit was that Uncle Ernesto already. I jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs and opened the front door.

There stood this fucken gorgeous hunk of Stallion. He was shirtless and had his duffle bag on the ground beside him. He stuck out his hand and reached for mine. I took it, in a hot sexy Italian accented voice he spoke out,"Hey there Buddy, I'm Uncle Ernesto, you must be Drake. I'm glad to meet you. Sorry I don't have my shirt on, but it's so damn hot I had to take it off." I was nearly drooling; He had a perfect set of pecs and a six Pac to die for. He had a trail of curly hair between his pecs and then running down the center of his chest to is crotch. Just the right amount, exactly what I craved in a man. And the bulge in his sweatpants, god his cock must be humongous.

I glanced up and down him and stuttered out to him, "Hey man, you certainly have the body to pull it off. You must work out a lot."

He replied to me, "Ya, I work out every day for about an hour, just to keep in shape. I feel good when I look good! You look like you work out too; you're in fine shape as well."

I invited him in and led him to the spare bedroom and told him this would be his while he was here. He stepped in and tossed his duffle bag on the bed and then flopped down himself. His bulge was sticking up out of his crotch and I wished that I could just go over there and pull his sweats off, Suck him till he got rock hard and then to sit on his big hard cock and ride it till the sun comes up. I told him I was going to have a shower and for him to make himself at home. I went to the bathroom and pulled off my PJ bottoms and then I sat on the toilet and douched myself out. I always liked to be clean. Next I climbed into the tub for a shower. During that time I had taken my Jeff Stryker Dildo out of the cupboard and was using it on my ass, fantasizing about being fucked by Uncle Ernesto. I was working my ass over good and hard. Damn it felt good. I played for about 15 minutes and then I turned off the shower pulled the curtain, put Jeff back in the cupboard and then grabbed a towel and started to dry off. All of a sudden the bathroom door opened and Uncle Ernesto stepped in. Dan that was close, he almost caught me, that would be hard to explain.

He exclaimed in an apologetic voice, "Drake, I am so sorry but I really have to pee, I just can't hold it any longer."

He still had on only his tight sweatpants that showed him off in all the right places. He stood beside the toilet and pulled out his cock. It was soft but it was humongous, he hung at least 8 inches. He also had a cock ring on. I couldn't believe the size. I stared at it; damn let me at it, please!!! Ernesto happened to look up at that moment and a smile came over his face. I blushed and then went back to drying myself. He finished peeing and shook it a few times, looked back at me smiled a wonderfully hot smile and then left the washroom. Meanwhile I had gotten a hard on again. I played with myself for a couple of minutes and then Uncle Ernesto opened the door again and stepped in. His cock bulged straining to get out of his sweatpants.

He leaned up against the wall mirror and tugging on his sweats he said to me a very hot sexy voice. "Well, Drake, I believe that I know what you want. As a matter of fact, Antonio told me about you, ya, he knows that you are gay. He caught you looking at him a few times." He laughed then continued, "He and I are very close and he knows that I also like to fuck a nice tight ass, I am a top. And from what I see you have one hell of a nice fucking butt. He set this up so that I could give you a treat from him."

He then reached into his sweatpants and pulled out his hard cock. It had hardened to 10 long thick inches. I was still standing in the shower drying off. He then started to put on a show for me. My cock was so hard I almost couldn't stand it. All the while he was talking dirty to me and telling me what he was gonna do to me.

How he was gonna make me suck his cock to the hilt and swallow his love juice. And then how he was gonna fuck me in different positions until the sun came up.

He said in a growling sexy voice, "You are gonna beg me to stop. I will work you till you can't take it anymore."

I laughed back at him and replied, "You don't know me very well, I will beg you to fuck me all night long and then start over again. I love being fucked and can never get enough. You will beg me to let you stop, after I wear you out."

He laughed back and said, "Well you don't know me very well either. I can fuck you until doomsday comes."

I looked at Uncle Ernesto and demanded, "I am ready are you? Do you want a piece of my hot tight ass? Are you ready to shove that ram rod deep inside of me?"

Uncle Ernesto grabbed my hand and dragged me into the living room. He got down on the floor and leaned his back against the couch.

Then with a very authoritive voice he demanded, "What all this talk and no action. Show me what you got.

I reached into a drawer in the end table and took out some poppers and a tube of KY lubricating Jelly. I tossed the tube to Uncle Ernesto and he opened it and smeared some on his Rod, getting it ready for me. I uncapped the poppers and then putting it to my nose took several deep sniffs, and since I had douched and my ass was all nice and lubed, I went over to him and stood straddled over top of him and sat my butt right down on his ram rod. I didn't stop until it was all the way deep inside me. Right down to the base I went. Uncle Ernesto let out a loud moan of pleasure. Then I pulled off of him to the tip of his cock and pausing a moment, I glanced down at him, and with a big smile on my face I sat down again as hard and fast as I could. He was deep inside of me. I could almost feel his massive cock in the back of my throat. I rode for a good hour continuously. Riding up and down, pleasing this hot stallion like I knew how to do.

Making him moan and groan as he received my ass to the fullest, we were both in pure ecstasy.

Then he reached up with his hunky masculine arms and he lifted me off him, flipped me over onto my knees and proceeded to fuck me doggy style. Putting his hands on my waist and pulling me onto his pulsating cock. His balls slapping hard against my ass cheeks. Ramming me over and over again. He just kept plowing me. Then he used his great man strength and lifted me up and had me lie over the back of the couch. Then he entered me again and started all over again. My ass was stretching to the limit. We were both sweating buckets. His hot sweat was dripping all over my back. I was becoming his fuck toy. His to use and use over and over again until eternity came. Again he shot his load deep inside of me but didn't stop fucking me. He was undefeatable, so much stamina. I took it and relished it. I never wanted him to stop. He didn't even rest he just kept fucking me and fucking me. Now it was time for a new position, He pulled out and placed me on the floor. Then standing behind my head he reached down and grabbed my ankles pulling my legs over my head and under between his. Then he crept forward and with my ass high in the air entered me that way. This was new to me, It was exciting and he was in complete control of me. He just rammed into me and my ass accepted him, his cock was made for my ass and he knew it. He was moaning and grunting and using me like the Cock hungry boy toy I had become. We kept it up all night long. I had never been fucked so hard and long in my whole gay life. We used every position imaginable. It seemed like it would never end and I didn't want it to.

I could see the dawn coming through the window. Since it was the middle of summer dawn came early. The grandfather clock in the corner of the room began to bong. 6 times it was 6 am Sunday morning.

We really had fucked all night long. We were back in the position of him lying on the floor and me straddling his cock, engulfing it. My ass had become so loose and fuckable. It had become a real man's delight.

As Uncle Ernesto continued to fuck me I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to look and there to my surprise was my roommate, Antonio. He was back. He was watching us as Uncle Ernesto used my ass. He had a smile on his face.

In that hot sexy voice of his he said, ``Well roomy, how do you like my Uncle Ernesto? You like my present? That is only part of it, the rest is that I know you want me so now that you are all limbered up, my other gift to you is me!!!!``

He stood behind me and walked closer his huge pole swinging like a weapon. He pulled off his track pants and displayed his big hard cock to me. It wasn`t quite hard yet and was still pretty big.

He laughed out loud and said to me, `` Well roomy, Do you think you are a full Fagboy now. Well you are going to be my fagboy. When my cock gets hard it's a full 10 + inches, and you are going to receive it right up your hole. All the way, just like you've wanted since you met me. I think you have waited long enough. Uncle Ernesto is he ready, ready for my gargantuan man meat?"

Uncle Ernesto answered, `Yes nephew, I have broken him in. His ass is ripe and ready for your use. ``

Antony dropped to his knees behind me and crept up closer to my ass that still road Uncle Ernesto. Uncle Ernesto handed me the poppers and I took several big sniffs of them. Antonio was as big as Uncle Ernesto. But I was ready for him. My ass was nice and loose and ready to take what Antonio had to offer. Antonio placed the head off his massive cock against my entrance hole, right up beside Uncle Ernesto's cock, which was completely inside of me. Then he put just the head in me, teasing me.

He nibbled on my neck and inquired, "Are you ready roomy, you ready for your new master?"

I turned my head and looked back up into his dreamy bedroom eyes. He was my fantasy, yes he was my master.

Willingly and with earnest I replied to him, "Yes my Master roommate, yes. I have been ready for the 10 years I have known you. Take me. Make me your love slave.!!!!"

Then Antonio made a surge forward and his cock entered my ass. It slid in beside Uncle Ernesto's going deeper and deeper, stretching my ass to its limits. He steadily pushed into my eager tunnel. There was no pain, only pleasure. My ass parted for him and received him, wanted him. Finally he was in all the way. His huge balls lying against my ass cheeks. My ass was pulsating around both his and Uncle Ernesto's cocks giving them pleasure upon pleasure as they in turn gave to me. He stay buried deep inside me for a few moments. Relishing the feeling of me. We were all moaning out in pure ecstasy. Then he started to withdraw. He pulled out to the tip then he plunged back in. Each trust shook my entire body. It didn`t hurt one bit, in fact it felt fabulous. Antonio was making whimpering noises as he trust deep into my-now his hole. I never wanted him to stop I cried to him,

"Please Master, take me. I am entirely yours. Possess me!!!!! "

He obliged and rammed harder and harder, his balls slapping loudly against my ass cheeks. Every once in a while he would slap my ass with his hand.

In a Masterly voice he would say, "Oh Ya, Good boy. Take your Masters cock. Receive it with pleasure. Oh YA."

I had never been double fucked before, I didn't know I could do it, but my ass wanted it, I wanted it and therefore I was able to take it, both of them. Again I was used for another hour or so then Antonio nodded to his Uncle and they lifted me off of their cocks, with my ass making a loud sucking noise. I felt so empty. I whimpered and in a submissive begging voice pleaded, "Oh please , please don't stop, I need more, PLEASE."

Antonio flipped me over on to all fours and entered me doggy style. He just

placed his cock against my hole and plunged right in. My hole accepted my Master.

Uncle Ernesto put a baseball cap on me and exclaimed, "There now our little Fagboy you're a baseball player receiving the winner's big bat."

Uncle Ernesto then placed his already hard cock against my lips and I parted them, he then shoved his cock right down my throat, almost choking me. While Antonio rammed right in my ass till his balls continuously slapped against my cheeks. His cock was pulsating and I was quivering with pleasure. Then Antonio yelled, "Oh FUCK, I`m gonna shoot,"

I felt his load start to fill my ass, immediately I started to shoot too.

Then Uncle Ernesto yelled out as well, "Oh FUCK little fag boy, I`m Cumming too."

We all came at once. My ass was filling up and overflowing, my mouth had cum dripping down my chin and my cum was covered the carpet below us. . Bucket after bucket. Finally the climax ended and we all collapsed in a tangled heap. Both Antonio and Uncle Ernesto pulled out of me and we all lay side by side. Panting deeply.

Uncle Ernesto moved in the following week. We were now three. We had many more adventures, some dressed in leather and me fucked in a sling, and some where they dressed as Cops and worked me over. Even as Cowboys. We tried everything. And throughout it all I was thoroughly happy. My ass became the ownership of my two new masters, and they both knew how to treat it right.



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