A week has passed since Ryan and I first had sex. They stayed together overnight at each other's houses, but neither of them spoke about what happened that night. Ryan was getting made fun of at school constantly now. It seemed as though everybody had found out the breakup and took Tracy's side. And I was caught in the middle of it all. I was friends with both Tracy and Ryan, but I made sure that nobody made fun of Ryan about it when he was around. Ryan took all of the criticism hard, and came to me in tears after school. His parents loved Tracy and blamed Ryan for everything that had happened. They even got her birthday presents and invited her over for dinner after the breakup when Ryan was over at my house. That was the main source of gossip at the school. I tried talking to her about it, but she ignored the topic completely. Ryan had left our study group to talk to other friends and Tracy's friend had joined us. The bell rang and both of them came up to me after the bell.

"Hey James, how about we go over to my house after school and work on this worksheet? Wendy is coming too" Tracy asked me.

"Ummmm... we only have like three questions left to do." I responded hesitantly.

Ryan had heard the question, looked at me with sad eyes, and left the room. I felt so awkward for not taking a side.

Wendy, a beautiful blonde, came up to me and started rubbing my tone thigh and grazed my half hard cock.

"Gosh, James, who are you trying to impress today with your red button down, v-neck shirt and white khaki pants. I know I am."

This time she had no shyness about rubbing my cock in the middle of the room with Tracy just standing there. Wendy had a reputation for being strong when she wanted to fuck. She was gorgeous, and there was a rumor that Tracy and her had made out for a dare once. Ryan was doing some extra practice today so I decided to go, even though it seemed a little sketchy.

"Ok, sounds cool. I can't stay too long though."

"Yay! I even prepped some chicken parm that I just needed to bake for us then."

"And if I didn't come over?"

"I knew you would, you're a dedicated guy" she said with a coy smile.

God were they both hot, and I could not help I was a roller coaster with sex on the brain. We got to her house and she put the chicken parm in the oven and we all went to Tracy's room to do our work. We were almost finished when the stove went off. We went downstairs and we ate. We finished at about the same time but my stomach rumbled and Tracy brought me more. But, she started rubbing my abs and started massaging my back as I ate. Wendy did too and I ate as fast as I could. I was so hard and was ready to blow. I didn't want to do this, but it was too much for any man. Especially since Ryan and I were not dating or even out. It was cruel of me and part of me thought he would do the same. We went upstairs and Tracy turned up the heat as high as she could. I was roasting so I took off my shirts.

"Do you mind if we do?" they both asked too.

I knew this was going to be sketchy. And what came next was a shocker. Wendy said, "I'm taking off my shorts."

"Oh, what the hell. It's just James." Tracy said. we finished the assignment feeling awkward and as I was putting away my things Wendy unbuttoned my pants and pulled the down. I had no clue it was going to go this far.

"Are you ready for some fun?" Wendy asked.

"Come on James," Tracy said rubbing my pecs and nipples.

"Tracy, this is wrong, we're friends, and Ryan" I pleaded.

This was probably the worst thing I have ever done. She pushed me down on the bed and sat on top of my dick and was grinding hard. I couldn't help but get an erection. It was painfully good, and as much as I wanted to throw her off me I couldn't help but go along. Wendy came up to Tracy and undid her bra and started making out with her as she rubbed by chest with one hand. I never could picture two girls being this hot in front of my own eyes. "I've never noticed how beautiful your eyes are. They are like emeralds." Wendy said as she rubbed me down. She got a wink from Tracy and she got off and went to the dresser.

"You're a god among boys, James. " Tracy said as she continued grinding on me ash she laid on top of me.

"Yeah? Am I?" I said in ecstasy.

"Much thicker than Ryan. Hotter too. An Adonis," she said passionately.

Just then I heard the camera sound go off as Tracy started making out with me. Wendy had just taken a picture of this and smiled like a devil.

"Now sending to Ryan. I'm sure he'll love this. His love of his life and his best friend," she said laughing. I threw Tracy off of me on the bed. I took Wendy's phone hoping to get to the message before it sent. I was too late. I was so upset at that point that I just stood there.

"Now it's my turn she said," as she pushed me on the bed with her phone in her hand. She pulled my boxers down and sucked my dick. It was hard, but I was so pissed that I wanted to just release, so I threw her on her back and held her hands and brought my cock to her face. I saw her phone and had a plan. As I fucked her face as Tracy watched, I took her phone, put it on video and then recorded this. I talked dirty to her, asking her if she was her master's cunt, and making her the sluttiest person ever. I asked her if she like the taste of my sweet precum and my sweaty dick. She said yes and played her part well. I was about to cum and she pulled out and said she wanted it on her face so I exploded making sure it was the messiest thing ever.It was in her hair and face and eyes and I smeared my cum all over her face and mouth and then she sucked all of the cum off my dick.

"Nice ending to her plan," I thought.

"Thanks, Now your parents will love this," She tried grabbing her phone maniacally, but I was too strong to not hold her back.

"And there we go, video is sent. Have fun Wendy. And Tracy, don't pull that shit ever again,I know that couldn't have been your plan. Consider this your last warning." I said as Wendy was bawling and Tracy just stood there. I got my things, put on my clothes and checked my own phone. My parents said they were going to be out of town for another week. They didn't care much about work and they had plenty of vacation days. I was so upset with myself. I kissed my best friends ex girlfriend. I drove home, in tears, knowing he was going to hate me for my lack of self-control. I hated myself even more than he would though. I bet Wendy had everything to do with this breakup. She wanted to do Ryan and I for some time together, and we said no to that. For one, that was uncalled for, and he was dating Tracy at the time this idea was conceived. I drove home, opened my door and walked up to my room. I opened the door and felt this force hit me in the face.

"Hey "Best Friend". How's my ex?" Ryan stood over me, more angry than I had ever seen him.

"Ryan... It's not what you saw."

"Really! Guess you didn't see this coming too?" He hit me again in the face, this time even harder.

I was bleeding and already bruising too.

"She started it dude. And came on top of me and Wendy took the picture," I said pointlessly trying to defend myself.

"Fuck you man!" One hit to the ribs and two more to the face. I was coughing blood now and I felt more guilt than pain. I deserved this.

"Please... I know it was wrong and stop. I feel bad enough," I said now crying.

"No you don't!! You cunt! After everything, you do this to me! You are all I had. Burn in hell you piece of shit!" he was crying too and he got on top of me punching me everywhere. After much struggling, I threw him off of me and went to my trash can knowing that if I didn't get rid of all the blood in my throat, I would choke. I threw up and he picked me up by the throat and held me in the air, depriving me of air. I deserved all of this I thought and he asked, "Anything other than pleading, you bitch?" he asked as dropped me on the ground.

I coughed and coughed blood and I said, "No, no pleading will help. But, I love you Ryan." I was crying again and it pissed him off more.

"YOU'RE CRYING!" he grabbed me by the throat again. This time I pushed him away.

"What do you want me to say? Do you want me to beg and plead for your forgiveness.? That even though it has been over a week that you have been broken up that it is completely wrong of me to have something happen between my best girl friend, who I used to have a crush on, and me, who can't find a stable relationship? And what are we? Best friends who fuck whenever the other one loses his girlfriend? We said "I love you" but haven't talked about the whole thing at all. Are we that scared of ourselves? Or did you just use me as a chance to get off? I think you're just as bad as me. Fuck your best friend if you are not getting laid anymore. I deserved some of this, but not all of this." I said proudly, sadly, but frustratingly.

"James. It's not like that. I'm sooo sorry." Ryan said as he rubbed my face, which was bleeding. He looked at his hands and started tearing up of sadness and guilt.

"How... How could I do this to you? I should've listened to you. I'm so so sorry. I love you man" he said hugging me as we cried into each other.

I couldn't say a word. I still felt guilt, but I felt a little better. I just cried, a mixture of emotion.

"Let me clean you up." he said taking off my bloody clothes and he carried me to my bathroom and sat me in the bath tub and turned the cold water on. He rinsed off my face so it wasn't bleeding as bad anymore.Then he filled the tub up with soap and cold water. I was freezing but it felt good against my wounds. They were going down except for a cut on my face.He washed my entire body, massaging me along the way.

"After saving me, I never was able to pay you back," Ryan said as he rinsed me off.

"You don't need to. Just... don't do that again. Trust me. I never want to hurt you," I said as I kissed him on the neck.

"Come on let's make up" Ryan said.

He dried me off and then taking off his clothes. He had been working out harder for the past two months and his body was like chiseled marble. He smiled and laughed as picked me up and twirled me in a circle. We made out more intensely than ever before, already starting to sweat. Our tongues were in each other's throats, exploring every possible area they could. My arms were rubbing his strong shoulders and tight ass. I loved him, even though he pummeled me half to death. I knew it would never happen again, as he gingerly rubbed over my bruises, sucking each spot where he had hit me. It was painful, but there was hidden pleasure within. I felt his huge 10 inch dick riding my ass and I lowered myself onto it. I felt so good and I knew he wouldn't see it coming. He was so shocked that he he gasped. I never felt so whole in my life. Ryan inside of me completes a void I cannot describe. He put me against the wall and I braced my back against it and him as he wildly fucked me. There was such fiery passion in his eyes. I knew though, he wanted to pleasure me more than himself. He took the time to hit that spot inside of me and I would moan so loudly each time that he would keep doing it to hear my voice. It was hard on him to do this at this angle but he didn't care. I felt so amazing as he plowed me against the wall. I yelled that I was about to cum as he started pumping faster than an engine and I came so hard it landed all over his face. I felt him them fill my ass up and I came again, this time he just lapped it all up with his tongue after it landed on my chest in a pool of delicious goo. I licked all of my first load off as we began making out once again. He grew soft and I slid off of him. I tried getting off the ground and I couldn't walk without help. I was fucked that hard that my muscles turned to jelly. He carried me to my bed and got on top of me and riding my hard cock again like a stallion. He moved his ass muscles back and forth without going up and down. His athleticism showed as he did this while sucking deeply into my neck.

"I love you James." he said into my ear.

"I love you truely Ryan. Don't change," I whispered back in reply and then he moaned like a girl. He loved getting fucked and I loved hearing him. He loved receiving pleasure more than an girl has. He puts so much effort into hitting his prostate that watching him is enough to get off. I then flipped him over and fucked him in the ass slowly and strongly until he came so hard it when past his face. Seeing that huge strong load got me over the edge and I came one last time in his ass. I then pulled out put my finger near the oozing cum and stuck in his mouth as he sucked it dry.

"James. Will you go out with me?" he said as he took my finger out of his mouth.

"Yes. We need to keep it a secret though. You know that." I said thoughtfully.

"I know, I'm willing to take that chance because I love you." he said with a soft kiss as I fell asleep with my face buried on his hot hairless, well defined chest.


James Knoll

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