Have you ever noticed how things happen, Its sort of strange, at least for me it is. Most of the time I have to work at something for a rather long time before it ever bears fruit, and then there is that spontaneous, explosion of events that all fall into place and make for some of life's best experiences.

Jarod and I had been best friends since the fourth grade, we lived across from each other on Maple St. and we had gotten aquainted with each other after his mom passed away. He had been almost exclusively raised by his Dad.

I might say as I got older I began to notice just how much Jarod looked like his Dad, actually you might say the Jarod was just a copy and a much younger version of Brian, His Dad.

Jarod Singleton and his Father over the years had developed a very family like repore with me, I was accepted into Jarods family like a brother, we swam at the local pool together, jogged, worked out at the 'Y' with each other and we played sports in High School together.

It was there in High School that I began to have these lustful feelings for Jarod, I mean I thought I was loosing my mind, I would see Jarod and I wanted to do something with him, but I never realized what it was I wanted to do. I was at a loss.

Then that one day I found out what it was that I wanted to do with Jarod. I was at a local park one Saturday afternoon and I had to take a leak, I went to the mens bathroom, and I was pissing in the urinal there hanging from the wall.

I began to hearing this sound like someone making a grunting noise, then I heard almost like in a whisper,'Oh Fuck yeah, man take it, take it all,' then some slurpping sounds and then I heard a mans very gutteral growling sound, like a bear, and then 'Oh Mother fucker dude.'

I didn't really know what was going on, but it sounded like they were enjoying themselves.

I watched this young man, about twenty six or so come out of the crapper stall and I noticed he was wearing these like jogging shorts, and his cock looked like it was a foot long and bulging out like a radiator hose in his shorts.

He looked over to me taking a piss, and smiled and said,'If you want that taken care of take it into that stall, that guys fucking good.'

I had no Idea what he was talking about but I was young dumm and full of cum.

I found myself entering the stall, and there was this hole in the wall about three and a half inches round.

I noticed this dude setting next to the wall of the stall, and then I noticed his cock was hard, sticking up between his legs and he was jacking it off.

I sat down, and sorta watched as this older guy started exposing his big cock, hard and skin covered, we was uncut, adn then he put his finger on the edge of the hole, 'put your cock thru' he said, I stood up already sporting a boner, I stuck it thru the hole, Now you must realize that I had never done anything like this before, and When he took my hard throbbing cock into his mouth for the first time, I almost went thru the window, the feelings was sensational, Damn I had never had such an awesome feeling that I was experiencing before in my life.

I didn't know what to do, I was feeling a big one coming on, I wanted to shoot my load but I was scared to shoot it into his mouth, maybe I would make him mad by doing that.

Finally I felt it leading up, I just studdered as he sucked me to the hilt, and said, 'Oh Jesus Man, I'm gonna cum, OH shit!!!!!!!' All he said was 'UGHMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!' and I started unloading my love nectar into his mouth, I was astounded HE was swallowing my cum like craxy. It was the most awesome experience of my life.

After that most awesome feeling finally subsided and he had licked every drop of my cum from the awesome head of my cock, I just fell backwards, drained of all my energy, as well as my cum.

I set there a couple minutes and was still noticing his hard uncut cock thru that hole, I wanted to try what he just done, so I put my finger to the hole and he stood up pushed his cock and his balls thru the hole, God he was big, thick, and I took his cock into my hand and slid his forskin back bringing that awesome bluish pinck head out into the light and I started by licking it like an ice cream, untill I got use to the taste, it was phenomional, I love it, before a couple minutes had passed I had it as far as I could take it before I started gagging, but I would back off and after a couple more minutes, it was the most natural thing in the world.

I was licking, swirling with my toungue, and sucking, sliding my mouth back and forth on this awesome tasting cock, I could feel it flex in my mouth and he would shove it as far as he could without pushing the wall down, It didn't take very long untill He was moaning and making very vocal sounds, and then he said in an almost yell, 'Oh Fuck yeah man,' and I felt it start feeling like it was pumping and jerking in my mouth, and It started filling my mouth with something I had never tasted before, It was different but I liked it.

He finished and I finally had to stop as he pulled his cock back thru the hole. I saw him flop back onto the commode as he just gasped and took some tissue and cleaned the head of his cock off, 'Mother fucker Kid, that was fantastic, thank you.'

'Your welcome, I enjoyed it very much too.'

Well I got up went out and washed up and left, feeling like I had just conquered the world, I was no longer a virgin, only haveing had self sex.

Later that next week Jarod came over and wanted me to sleep over, it was a Friday night and we didn't have school the next day, I accepted and Jarod, His Dad and me went out to supper at a Pizza Hut, then we went and saw a movie, and went home.

We got undressed and was just getting ready to hit the bed, of course we both just wore white cotten briefs, I looked up and saw that awesome looking cock of his inside those briefs and felt a strong twinge in my stomach, Jarod noticed me looking and said, 'see something you like?' Me In my macho response said,'You wish your pervert.'

We crawled into bed sleeping next to each other in a double bed, Jarod was laying on his stomach about twenty minutes later, lightly snoring, I wat watching him, lusting for that awesome body next to me, and remembering that awesome feeling I had had that afternoon at the park. I wanted Jarod really bad, but I was afraid of what he might do if I touched him.

Well you can guess, Lust took over reason and as Jarod layed there with one leg straight down and the other pulled up, with his arms up under his face against his pillow, I began to rub on his inner thigh, god I felt scared, excited, so fucking turned on that I was about to burst at the seams, My cock was already hard as diamond, and that hair on his legs was making me wild with lust, I slid my hand up against his nutsack bulging out under those white briefs material, soft rubbery and spongy feeling I slipped my hand a little further up and felt his almost hard cock, Holy shit he was big, I had seen him in the locker room naked but I had not idea he got that big when he got hard, I had my thumb and fingers against each side of his hardening cock, It felt so fantastic, I knew I wanted him in my mouth so bad.

I felt him stir, he pushed his leg back down and straight, then he mumbled something, and rolled over on his back and put his left arm up across his eyes, still asleep, or so I thought.

I waited a couple seconds and then reached over and felt his totally hard boner stretching the material of his briefs to the almost splitting point, god his cock was thick, hard, I could even trace the outlingof the head, it felt so awesome.

Finally I had to touch it, or maybe even more, I pulled his elastic band out and down and hooked the elastic gently under his nutsack.

I was almost trembling, lusting, my heart was racking like a freight train. I finally wrapped my hand around that most awesome hunk or meat and started stroking Jarod off while he slept, or so I thought, I was startled to reality when Jarod said in almost a whisper, 'God ahead and suck it, I know you want to, It loves to be sucked,'

I was excited at hearing this, embarassed, but not at all shy about doing just that.

Jarod raised up and took his briefs off and layed them beside his body on the bed, then he said something so unusual to me, 'Hey Ken, take your briefs off and hand them to me, Please.'

I slipped my briefs off wondering what the fuck for, 'Now give them to me, and go ahead and suck me off.' I did as he asked, then took his awesome cock into my mouth and started working it over with my mouth.

I looked up as I sucked his cock and listened to him moan, and I saw him with my underwear, sniffing them with his nose and putting them into his mouth, he was lost in my aroma, 'God Damn, Ken, your crotch aroma is awesome,' He was lost in that smell I guess any he was turned on and In about five minutes I felt his raise up on his elbos, shove his cock and balls upward, and his cock started filling my mouth full of a load of his cum, I was finally seeing my dream fulfilled.

I had sucked Jarod's cock, damn I was one happy dude.

Jarod layed back on the bed, and just smiled at me, then he raised up and took my cock into his mouth and brought me off like he had been doing it forever. God Damn Jarod could suck cock.

We Layed there all snuggly with each other, and feel asleep and slept there all night.

We were awakened by Jarods Dad, I looked up and we were both still naked as a newborn. I opened up my eyes and grabbed the sheet to cover up when I noticed Brian, Jarods Dad standing there with our briefs in his hands doing the same thing that Jarod had done the night before he was smelling our briefs, I looked over and his white briefs were about to split too, his cock was almost sticking straight upward and outward. Damn, Brians cock looked like it was bigger than Jarod's. 'Looks like you too had a really great time last night,' 'Oh Stop it Dad, your embarassing me in front of my friend.' Brian just started giggling.

We got up went down to breakfast and we had a wonderful day that day.

Brian and Jarod had told me that anytime I wanted to come over and spend the night or just to get away from home for a while feel free, I could always come in thru the back door, they showed me where the hid a spare key.

It was about a month later when I found out a really exciting shocking and truthful thing.

My Mom was having a boyfriend over and well she kinda hinted at me to try to find somewhere to spend the weekend, you know she wanted to have some time alone with her new man, Tim. Well that was fine by me, Mom deserved someone for herself, she worked hard raising me and provideing the best she could, and she had done really well at it.

It was about ten thirty I took some clean clothes and decided I would go to Jerods and stay a couple days.

I went thru the back door and thought I would go up and surprise Jarod, he would Probably be on his computer at this time of night anyway.

I noticed the house was dark except for a little light in the family room just enough to see things clearly.

I took off my shoes and crept up the stairway, and I noticed a little light on in Brians bedroom, I snuck up and at first I thought he was watching some porno, then I heard Brians voice, 'Oh Holy shit man, Suck that cock, yeah baby, thats it, suck the cum from my balls.'

I got closer to the door which was ajar about an inch, I got next to the door and looked in and I saw Jarod laying flat on his back and Brian was straddle his chest with a very thick, hard cock in Jarod's mouth, and he was face fucking Jarod, as he had reached around and had Jarod's boner in his hand stroking it.

Damn man the more I watch, the more I got turned on, I was rubbing my crotch with my right hand, my cock was leaking pre-cum and was almost aching from the desire to get in on this action.

I startled them by coughing and then just pushing open the door. I had already stripped naked in the hall and was stroking off, and I walked in to their surprise, 'Can I get in on this party?'

I walked over to Brian, and took his cock from Jarod and went down on his uncut beauty, Damn he was bigger than Jarod, not longer just thicker, he was awesome, Jarod smiled and jumped down on my cock, I felt like flying thru the roof.

we had sucked each other off and Brian said, 'Ken I want you ass, can you take this and he held out his cock, shiny, leaking clear liquid, Damn it looked beautiful.

I said, If you can give it, I can take it.

I leaned over forward on the bed and took Jarods cock into my mouth and heard him gasp, then I felt Brians hard cock as he worked the tip around and aroung circling the opening of my anal canal, It felt awesome, something totally new, I wanted to feel it. then each time he worked his cock around my asshole he would increase the pressure, untill my anal opening finally gave way and in slid his hard cock, at first it was a little painful, but then the pleasure took over and I felt something I had never felt before, I was in another world as he took me to heaven, I had Jarod in my mouth, and Brian in my asshole, and they were rocking me to a new beat of sexual sensations.

Brian had his cock buried completely to the balls into my intestines, Jarod was holding my head as he skull fucked and Brian had reached around and was stroking my tingling, hard throbbing cock to keep pace with the two of them, I felt this sensation going on in my body untill I felt I would scream with the pleasure of it.

Brian said, 'Oh yeah baby, your ass is one fine ass, Im gonna fill you with my seed in a minute.

Brian started pouring on the heat hammering my asshole like there was no tomorrow, I felt his squeeze my cock with his right hand and I felt the cum shot approaching and I felt his cock starting to swell tighter and then he grunted and fired of his load into my channed of love, god it felt so awesome, about that time Jarod, said,'Oh Fuck Man, here it is and he fired his cannon off in my throat, I was filled and emptied at the same time, I started shooting a load all over the bed covers and I thought I would be drained before it was over, and I was.

All I can say was I spent a lot of time with the Singletons, sleeping over, and sometimes I enjoyed sex with Brian while Jarod was at work. I loved being made an intimate part of Jarod's and Brian's family.



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