It was a bright, hot, sunny, day. It was the day that Ryan and I had been looking forward to our entire lives. It was the day of our graduation. We had started dating a month ago and it has been paradise. We had applied to the same college and planned on living in the same dorm. We are still not out to our parents or anybody else in the school, but that is completely alright. We didn't really care what anybody else could possibly think about us, and it seems nobody thought anything different about us. I found it hard to not show any affection to him during the day, or even get the small chance to rub his huge cock through his gym shorts in class. I had fallen for him, completely. I looked at our relationship as something that transcended the fact that he was male. I loved him, the circumstances did not matter at all and he said he loved me just as much. We had an agreement that we could hang out with other girls if we wanted too and have sex with them, but we couldn't with other guys. We never found other men attractive other than ourselves. So that maintained our straightness in school. It's not like we fucked many other girls either. I only did once, but it never was the same as sliding my thick 8 inch cock Ryan's muscular ass, and it couldn't even compare to the way it felt having his enormous cock up mine. I just woke up spooning him at his house. I loved holding onto him and hearing him snore. It wasn't loud and I thought it was adorable. I rubbed my face his body that radiated warmth and gently bit his shoulder to wake him up. It was ten o'clock and I wanted to give him his graduation gift. Well... It was a gift I had bought for the both of us. It was a matching necklace set, but made with different stones. The pendant was a golden sword, his set with ruby in the blade, mine with emerald, with each one having the other stone set within the middle. It cost a lot of money, but Ryan was well worth it.

He turned around, looking at me with sleepy eyes and that killer smile and said, "Hey there cutie."

I smiled in return, kissed him softly on the lips and replied, "Hey there sexy. I hoped you would be up soon."

"I had to be. To see your face more," he said before he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I eagerly accepted as we started rubbing each other's mostly naked bodies. We both only wore boxers to sleep, well, if we were not having crazy sex before hand. Our tongues were flicking the inside of each other's mouths when he got on top of me and started grinding on top of me. Our already hard dicks were rubbing against each other and he took off his boxers. I did also and he continued. He then started to jerk us both off with one large soft, but manly hand. I fucked his fist and we both grew very into it.

"Ahh. Ugh. This is the best morning jerkoff ever Babe." I said while moaning in ecstasy.

"This is graduation day. Shouldn't it be the best?" He said as he kissed my lips lovingly.

He jerked us off for about five minutes until we both came all over my chest.

"Suck it all off me Babe, I can't smell like cum." I said with a laugh.

He did with a smile, but instead of swallowing he motioned for me to open my mouth. I did and then he let all of our sweet cum fall into my mouth. I loved having our seed together in my mouth. I loved his cum more than I liked my own. His was sweet, and he said he has eaten more pineapple since we started dating because it makes your cum sweet. He said he liked his salty and creamy, and mine always looks like heavy cream but more gooey. I was able to swallow a little bit because it was quite a mouthful and he started making out with me again. He never really spoke of Tracy anymore, and we seemed to be friends again. It was never quite the same, but we still all hung out occasionally.

She was talking to one of the guys on the football team, Grant, but the funny thing is is that he always wants to massage me after a workout. Finally, after saying yes one day, we went to the locker room and he began to massage my naked back. It felt amazing, but I felt his boner through his gym shorts. Granted, for a guy, he was pretty decent looking. He was tall, had brown and blonde wavy hair, and a thin, but very attractive physique. He had a six-pack abs, but it was very lean. He had an adorable face and I never thought he would be gay. So after feeling his dick poke near my ass for five minutes as he rubbed me down, I turned around and he tried to kiss me.

"Whoa whoa whoa!!! Dude, not trying to hurt your feelings or anything, but I'm not doing that."

"Please, James. I wanted to see what kissing a guy was like." Grant said with teary, puppy eyes.

"And you thought you could just do that with me?" I responded hesitantly.

"Well... I... thought you would do it because you're the nicest guy in the school. Plus, you're extremely attractive to me, and you're not afraid to talk to gay people, unlike mostly everybody here. They don't understand this kind of thing, like they did in the city. I don't even want to tell my parents," he said sadly.

"That doesn't mean... Look, Grant, I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything at all like that. It's just... I'm..." I wanted to finish that sentence with the word straight, but it just seemed hard to now. I realized that I was in a dream. But, it was not just my own. Ryan felt the same way as me. We loved only each other, it seemed like a transcended friendship, otherworldly.

"Ok. You're straight. Whatever. Are you going to shun me because I came onto you, or rat me out to everyone?" he cried out.

"No. Of course not."

I hugged him and he began to sob into my shoulders. We were the last people working out, so I know this would be a private moment. I just let him cry, I figured, it has to be traumatic, and I thought I was the first person to be outed to by him, so I just try to be as friendly as possible. I rubbed his back as I hugged him, feeling guilty for even trying to lie about my situation.

"You're not alone, Grant. I'll be here for you. You can find someone, trust me. Love is genderless if you ask me," I responded.

He wiped away his tears and we dressed and walked out of the locker room together.

I haven't told Ryan about this whole thing yet with Grant. They have been pretty good friends since Grant moved here and telling him would just be more drama that we didn't need. Besides, we were all graduating. Grant never really looked happy ever since the whole incident and Ryan tried more than once to talk to him about what was wrong. I'm really glad he didn't open up. I didn't like to think about it myself. All the pieces had fallen into place for our relationship, but they couldn't fit for Grant. In a way, it was completely unfair for Grant to deal with that kind of situation. But, I was not going to ruin my best friendship turned relationship just because of guilt. Hopefully, he can date Tracy and everything will work out fine in the end. As I took Ryan downstairs, I cupped my hands over his eyes and led him to the couch. I walked away and told him to keep his eyes closed. It was obvious he wasn't going to. I gave him the box. He shook it and he had the most giddy look on his face. It was even more adorable than when he was just smiling. He opened the box, pulled the necklace out gingerly, and stared at it for a few seconds before putting it on. On the tag it said, for my best friend Ryan. He found the other necklace and put it around my neck before bringing his lips to mine. He drew his lips away and started to cry.

"James, this is the nicest thing someone has ever given me."

"It's so you won't forget me if we ever part ways. You'll always be able to look down at it, and maybe, if by fate, I'll be looking at mine too, you can think of me," I tried to keep my composure, but it was more than hard to.

"I will never forget you. I promise. Here you go, here is your gift from me."

"You didn't have to get me anything bud," I said knowing full well that I did want something.

"Bullshit, open it," he said chuckling.

I opened the wrapping paper and saw it was a hollow box of cereal. I just laughed at the box.

"Don't you like cereal?" he said laughing without restraint.

"Not for a grad present asshole," I said jokingly.

I opened the box and found two items separately wrapped.

"One of those is kind of a family gift. Open that one first."

I did, gingerly tearing away some more wrapping paper. It revealed a golden pocketwatch, kept in amazing condition with a lion within a shield inscribed on the top. It was beautiful and it looked very old. It kept time perfectly. I was aghast at it.

"It has been passed down from my family since my great-great grandfather. There is a matching one, but that is made out of white gold. That one is made for me. Since I'm an only child, Dad said I should give it to you because he considers you like a son too he says. I thought it was a great idea, seeing how he never stops comparing us. I hope you like it."

"I love it dude."

I wanted to make love to him right there and I started rubbing his chest and grabbing and tugging on his dick when he moved me away and said, "Heh heh heh, no, you have one more gift left. Then we can after."

I opened that one quickly and found a picture of us together at prom, in our suits. We had our arms around each other and we were laughing. We looked stupid, but it made me laugh and cry at the same time. I remembered how much fun we had that night. We went with dates and had fun with them, but after prom we said goodnight and had sex with our suits on. It was amazing that night, and we spent an hour getting the stains out of Ryan's coat. It was mostly gone and the suit people asked what happened to it. We played dumb and thankfully we didn't have to pay for it.

"Now we can have sex!!" Ryan said hugging me.

"Oh you bet your sweet ass we can," I said molesting his mouth with my tongue.

Usually, I'm not really into being the leader of what happens when we have sex, but today was a different story. I ripped his shirt in half and threw him on the couch and somehow at the same time I managed to get naked and started grinding on him while he still had his pants on. We both could have carved diamonds the way our cocks were right now. He was able to stop making out with me for long enough to say, "Whoa tiger, let me get my pants off. Can't have you ruining my clothes now."

He quickly took off his clothes and threw them all over the room. I continued to grind on him for a little bit and then the threw his legs up and started rimming his hairless tight, muscular, and hot asshole. I flicked my tongue in and out, taking time to lick around the edge of his ass. He made high pitched squeals for joy as I did this. His moaning managed to never get old. It made me almost over the top, but I kept doing it so he did it almost constantly. I loved to tease him. He would yell for me to fuck him and I would position myself there and slide my dick up and down the crack of his ass before moving down to eat him out some more. He finally got sick of me playing around with him and said almost in a scream, "FUCK ME NOW!"

I shoved my dick in him really quickly and started going to town. I fucked him faster than I have ever fucked him in my life. He was screaming so loud that I''m sure that the neighbors could hear it. He would tug on his hair and his dick as his eyes would roll into the back of his head. I flipped him over and let him breathe before I got on top of his back and began thrusting in and out of him again, this time it was much slower and I would almost pull out with each thrust.

"Go on baby, that's the spot. Make me cum!" he screamed in joy.

"Oh. I'll do that and more!" I replied.

"Oooooh! Yeah yeah, that's it, just like that, harder, make me feel that hard cock in me, thrash my hole."

And I did as he asked. It was like paradise. His warm, slippery, tight hole was a complete delight for me. He made me feel an incomparable love. I would drop anything I had just to make sure he would never get hurt.

"Oooooh James!!! I'm about to cum!. Fuck me fast and hard."

I throttled him then after flipping him over, he has told me before that he likes to be sore when he walks and that he loves when his own cum can reach his face. He says it's a reminder of how good our sex was. What a dork. I was nearing a fucking incredible orgasm when he started to cum and it even landed in his hair. I fucked him slow again after he came, causing his moans to be even more delightful than usual. I came inside of him and started passionately making out with him again and cleaning off all of the gum that landed in his face. We loved sharing each other's cum. After doing that, I just stared into his bright blue eyes and whispered in his ear that I loved him. My cock was still inside him even though it was soft. It felt like we were one person, and this was just as comforting to me as the sex was. These moments always made me feel like the most loved person in the world.

He bit my ear and said, "I love you too. This is going to be a great night for us both. But, the days not done yet it's my turn."

He pushed me off of him and my dick came out of his ass with a slurp. My cum was leaking out of it a little bit, but I didn't have enough time to mess around because he already brought his dick up to my face to be sucked. Like I said before, he has a ten inch dick with a little larger than average width. I had gotten over my gag reflex mostly when sucking him off and I can deepthroat the whole thing now. And that's exactly what I did. His dick smelled like shower gel and sweat, a smell that always turned me on every time. I didn't mess around when it came to this blowjob. I was aggressive, but I always let him fuck my face at the same time to make us both enjoy it more. I loved gagging on it when he fucked my mouth hard. It turned him on and it made a blowjob different every time. He held on to the back of my head, pulling on my hair a little bit, as he went to town on my mouth. We have had so much sex that we can cum at least five times in an hour if we went to, but it was never any less enjoyable for the two of us.

I stopped a second to say, "Hey, I want your hot cum in my mouth."

"Okay, I'll put my sweet cum in there."

I went back to sucking on his sweet sexy rod and he unloaded his sweet load into my mouth. It tasted almost fruity, but it was also salty and creamy. Cum never got old to me. I loved the taste of it in my young mouth. I could drink cups of it if I had the opportunity to. I swallowed it right away and he picked me up and pinned me up against the wall and shoved all of his dick in me quickly. I gasped, because this was a pretty new position. It almost felt like having my cherry popped again. But the pain felt great. His huge rod in my ass was amazing as he thrusted me into the wall with every movement. I loved being treated like his bitch. I loved the feeling of him getting absolute pleasure with me because he could do anything he wanted. He stayed within pretty normal boundaries and didn't do anything that I didn't want. He fucked me so hard that I had already came on his wall. But, he continued fucking me as hard he could. Now with each thrust, my body would rub against the mountains of cum that had just left my body. He had been fucking me for ten minutes when he said he was going to cum again. He pulled out and flipped me towards him and put it into me one more time and began fucking me again. I could only stare into his eyes and then he planted his lips onto mine and we made out as he fucked my tight, horny ass. I felt a torrent of fluid into my ass as he made puppy dog noices as we made out. He pulled out again and sucked me off for one last climax. This was the best sex we have ever had. I looked at the clock and we had been fucking for three long hours. Three long, orgasmic, pleasuring hours of hot steamy, teen sex that has no boundaries. Nothing could ever top the amount of lust we had for each others' hot toned, tanned, sweaty, sexy, young, groomed, non-hairy bodies as we created our own paradise.

"Oh my god, Ryan! That was amazing!" I said as I flopped down on the bed.

"The best I've ever had," he said with a kiss on my nipple.

"Oh shit! We need to get to graduation!"

"Yeah, what! We're ten minutes late!"

We took the quickest shower ever together, washing each other instead of ourselves. Well, it probably would take less time if we washed ourselves. But, it was sexy. And we cleaned everything. I gave him some of my clothes to wear because he always looked sexier in my clothing, besides, I always liked smelling him in my stuff. I would often jerk off when he would leave one of my shirts at my house after he had worn it. Well, he always had a pile of clothes in the corner of my room that were mine. We put white khakis, and expensive silver shirts that almost felt like silk. I had bought them for us a few days ago. We matched perfectly except for our necklaces and our watches. We took a picture together in the mirror and made it our profile pictures on facebook. We then green gowns and went out to my car. We drove as fast as we could to the school. He rubbed my thigh and dick as I drove, but I yelled at him so I did not get a boner, as much as I wanted to again. We got to the school and ran in and put on our gowns. We took pictures with all of our friends and it was impossible to separate us. We even got to stand next to each other in the graduation line. Lucky for us there was more guys than girls in our class. We even took a picture with Tracy and Grant. Grant, however, did not look very happy at all. After taking the picture, he left the cafeteria. We still had forty-five minutes before the ceremony starts.

Ryan came up to me and said, "Hey. I'm gonna check up on him. I'm a little worried."

I gulped and said, "Okay. Let me know how things go."

I was at a loss. What happens if Grant says something? No, I can't tell him tonight.

"Hey. Let me come too," I said.

"Okay. Stay a little behind. Don't want the staff getting worried," he said with a smile, showing his perfectly white teeth.

We left and Grant was at his car, crying again. You could hear his sobs from just the outside of the door. Ryan was there. He held Grant in his muscular arms and just kept saying it's alright.

"Hey Grant, what's the matter?" I said coyly but inquisitively.

"You know," the only words he could muster before bursting into tears again.

"What do you mean?" I asked, playing dumb for Ryan.

"I already know what happened. He just told me," Ryan said with a sad look in his eye.

"Ryan..." I said and he cut me off.

"James. I understand why you didn't tell me. It's alright. I'm not mad," he said.

"That's why. I want you to do it. Kiss him," he said seriously.

"What!? You know I'm straight!" I said feeling more than awkward.

"Don't lie. I told him about us. He figured out that you basically told him too once I admitted I was with you," he said.

"Oh, ummm... I... don't... ummm..." was all I could say. I was extremely confused. Grant was still crying. It was truly a sad sight. I wanted to, but it didn't seem fair to Ryan. Plus, it wasn't Ryan. Granted, I could tell that Grant was attractive, but it just was not the same as Ryan. We had that special bond.

"Do it." he said boldly.

I walked slowly up to Grant, who was wiping away some tears and kissed him right on the lips. I could tell he was surprised, and so was I. It was kind of hot kissing him, feeling his sadness, almost like I did with Ryan. It was different though, knowing that Grant's lust for me was not friendship. He tried slipping in his tongue and I just looked at Ryan.

"Let's see where this goes. If you or I get uncomfortable, we stop. Same for you Grant. You understand?" he said once again being leader of us.

"Yes," we said at the same time.

We both felt awkward, but we got into Grant's van and started taking off Grant's clothes, as well as our own. I kissed Grant on the lips and Ryan was sucking on places on his back. Grant was in a manwich. And he loved every second of it all. We were in nothing but our boxers and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He was leaner than both of us, and he had a smaller, but more toned ass. He was maybe even a better kisser than Ryan was. We were all hard and he pushed us both of him and started jerking us both off. We all quickly lost inhibition and I quickly realized that this was almost as crazy as the sex we had earlier. Three bodies, hot in their different ways, turned me on in a beastly way. This was not love, it was pure fucking sex. Rough, primal, only pleasure. We then decided it was time to give him the blowjob of his life. We pulled his boxers down and saw a twelve inch dick that was even thicker than mine.

"Oh. Holy shit. And you held out on me for all this time?" I said aghast.

"You had your chance that day," he said with a wry smile.

"This may have been an exception," Ryan said as we both started licking his huge cock at the same time. We both started at the tip and he moaned in a manly way. It was different. He was controlled and behaved like I did. I was a little more collected than Ryan was, but Grant's manly sounds turned me on too. I started on his shaft and Ryan went down to his bull-sized balls. We both actually had to gag, something that we had not done much of since we started our relationship. It was intense and even when Grant oozed precum, it was like a load already. It was thicker than anything I've tasted, and it tasted just like whole milk. Grant then flipped so we could sixty-nine and Ryan started to rim his completely hairless asshole. In fact, Grant only had armpit hair. I rubbed his abs as I gagged on the monster cock. He moaned even louder and told Ryan to put his tongue in further in his ass. He wasn't able to get much of my dick in his mouth. And he gagged almost every time he would try to go far down on my dick. It was a bad blowjob, but I didn't pay much attention to that because I was sucking on his beautiful cock. Ryan was enjoying himself too. He was jacking himself off as he rimmed Grant's virgin ass. It was getting really sweaty in Grant's van and we were all pretty much soaked. Everyone was inside though so nobody would probably notice. Grant started panting really hard and we figured he was going to cum when he started screaming that he was going to.

"Shhhhh! You'll get us caught," Ryan said with a chuckle.

"Taste his ass James, it's just as good as yours and maybe mine," he said as he attempted to deep throat Grant's monster cock.

I did and it was fantastic. It was youthful and you could tell he used a shower gel that smelled like man. It was like Ryan's but it was like a scent someone older would use. I tongued him in his ass and his muscles would contract every time he would almost be over the edge. And then, it happened. A torrent of cum went in Ryan's mount and he pulled away with his mouth full. I brought my head up to Grant's dick and continued to suck more cum out of him. It filled my entire mouth too when he was done. I swallowed his milky, delicious, thick cum like a champion, when Ryan offered Grant to taste his own cum. He started to make out with Grant as I jerked off. God it was hot watching Ryan and Grant make out. I could see why Ryan would want us to. It was hot.

"Do you want to go further?" Ryan asked after their hot cum swap.

"Oh my God, yes!"

"Ummm... Do we have time, Ryan?" I asked.

"Plenty," Ryan said.

"Okay, Well... How are we doing this?" Ryan asked inquisitively.

"Grant decides," I said, a little jealous that our bond was being shared.

"I want to be fucked and fuck the same time," Grant said with a smile on his face.

"A little much for your first time," I said.

"Nah. Let him have his fun. We will too Babe," Ryan said with a twinkle in his eye.

"I want to fuck Ryan and have James fuck me," Grant retorted.

"Any reason?" I asked, jealousy almost destroyed my happy tone.

"Nope," he replied.

Maybe he wasn't trying to make me jealous. The thought of having sex with another guy other than Ryan was almost sickening to me. It made the whole "Transcended Friendship Idea" a ton of shit in my opinion. I didn't feel like I was in love right now. I felt gay. Something I have never felt before, and I didn't exactly like the idea of having that label attached to me. True, I loved a man. But sex with another guy, scared me shitless. I want to see where this whole thing goes. If I feel anything for Grant too after this, I guess I just have to come to terms with my sexuality.

"Okay Grant, fuck me," Ryan said.

In a way, I can understand why Ryan felt so bad for Grant. I did too. I mean, it took Tracy breaking up with Ryan for him to understand his feelings for me. In a deep part of my heart, I knew I felt something different for him for a long time. It was hard for me to come to, but the circumstances of our emotions coming to fruition were different than what Grant was feeling. I couldn't help but think that this whole thing with having sex with us was a way for him to just experience a man. But, why did it have to be us? I guess, he's just like me, a sad soul, same situation pretty much with his parents, and his feelings make him feel alienated from everybody. I can understand what he is going through. It might even be better for him to have both of us... He readied his footlong cock in front of Ryan's ass and shoved it in there. From the moment it went in, I could tell Ryan loved it. It was a monster, made for giving pleasure.

"Ugh... I don't know if I can take it Grant," Ryan said in pain.

"I'll go slow... at first," Grant said as he thrusted a little bit.

I watched as they got a rhythm for fucking. It was amazing the way that part of Grant's cock was not in Ryan. It was hot watching my boyfriend being fucked like this though. He took cock like a champ, but this was difficult for him. I then positioned myself over Grant's small hole and pushed in too a little bit. I heard a loud popping sound within the first few times I thrusted out of Grant. It was loud and when I popped his cherry he screamed. It barely went in after that still and Grant almost collapsed and screamed,"AHHHH That hurts so good!"

I just continued pushing and thrusting my cock out of his virgin hole. He was built smaller than Ryan was so his ass was tighter than Ryan's ever was. He loved cock more than Ryan did his first time and as opposed to slowing down when it got painful the first few times that Ryan was a bottom, Grant wanted me to fuck him harder. I guess that Grant did not feel what Ryan and I felt for each other. As opposed to having a relationship naturally progress, Grant just wanted to satisfy his desire to have sex with men. It was something I admired about him. As I fucked him, I realized that any man would be able to pleasure him if he was interested. He was not afraid to hide his feelings of joy. Unlike I, who during my first time of getting fucked by Ryan, felt insecure and guilty, Grant was able to take getting fucked in stride. This was an admirable quality about him, he knew he liked men, not just one like Ryan and I. I guess that's different now. But as I thought this, I continued pounding his tight virgin hole with all of my might. It was so small that my cock almost felt like it was constricted. But, he screamed for more and more as our fucking went on. Ryan was just as excited as his first time, because as much as I wanted to admit that only I could please him in a sexual way, Grant gave him something new. A monster cock would be sure to create its own feeling of being fucked, as opposed to just passion. It's not like I had a small dick, it was just that Grant's was phenomenal. As I watched Ryan being fucked by this behemoth, I realized that Grant necessarily would not have to be a good fuck. As long as he moved about in his ass, Ryan was sure to receive immense amounts of pleasure from it. He screamed like the time he was being fucked.

"Oh my god Grant, pound my hole, yeah, that's the spot, better than any pussy you ever had right?" Zach asked.

"Oh yeah Zach, ughh!!!! Oh James, fuck my tight ass, harder, harder, harder. Yeah, fuck my cunt," he screamed in reply.

I pounded his ass even harder. I did not consider this as making love as I did earlier with the times I have spent with Zach. It was just fucking in my opinion. I was just fucking somebody who was just like I was. In essence, Grant was me. So, I gave him everything that I wanted to feel my first time. It was not just plain rough sex, it had passionate for him, although it wasn't for me. He moaned for joy, and I knew that I was pleasing him more than any girl ever has. After a while of fucking him, Ryan said that he wanted me to fuck him at the same time.

"Do you think you can handle both of us?" I asked.

"Uh huh. I should," He said moaningly.

I then pulled out of Grant and my cock made a huge slurping sound as I pulled out of Grant's boyish tight, non-virgin hole. Ryan that got up and began riding Grant's cock like a wild man. I knew that Grant still wanted to be fucked because his ass muscles were still tightly wrapped around my hard, thick cock. I then pointed my cock toward Ryan's ass, which was created by Grant's ass at first. It was extremely hard to try to get my cock in Ryan's ass, because it was stuffed to the gills with Ryan's cock. It pushed in a little bit, but Ryan was in pain.

I then pulled out and he pulled me onto him again and said into my ear, "Make me your little whore, stuff your cock in my hole too, I'm your little bitch," he said in a sexy tone.

I then spit on my cock a little bit and then I shoved my cock in a little bit for a second time. Tears were streaming down Ryan's face as he was taking two cocks in his ass for the first time in his life. After a little while of dealing with me not being able to put barely any of my dick in his ass, his hole opened up and I shoved my cock in there and began fucking him like crazy. I could feel Grant's monster cock touching and rubbing against my own as I destroyed my boyfriend's hole. I thrusted in and out, causing Grant's dick to go in a unified motion with my own. Each thrust made it seem like Ryan was going to cum and each moan grew more and more intense. Having another dick in a hole made it feel like I was getting every sexual favor at once. It was the most pleasurable thing I have ever done as well. I knew though, that Ryan ws receiving the most pleasure. He was not only moaning almost constantly, he had his eyes rolled in the back of his head as he had two thick cocks in his ass. Grant pretty much had the pleasure of fucking without having to do anything because with every thrust, I was able to stimulate Grant as well. We were fucking Ryan's tight hole for about fifteen minutes when we all decided needed to blow our loads of sweet cum. Ryan was the first to cum; I had never seen him cum that much in my life. It was a monstrous load and we were actually stuck together for a little bit because the cum had dried between out bodies. At around the same time, Grant and I released our loads into Ryan's ass. This caused him to cum one more time and after we had pulled out of Ryan's ass, Grant lapped up every single bit of cum that was leaking out of Ryan's ass. He was a good little cumslut, but after this sex was over, I could tell he was sad again.

Ryan, however, was oblivious and said, "Dude. Wanna go again after the ceremony?"

Grant coldly replied and said, "No. You two have your fun. I have no place with you."

We reached out to him, but he basically brushed us both away and did not say a word to us. We all got dressed into our clothing without a word and began leaving for the field for graduation. It was amazing. Ryan and I talked when we had a chance during the ceremony and we both managed to cry after we got our diplomas. It was rough for us both, saying goodbye to the team and all of the bpeople who looked up to us in high school. Grant, however, did not even smile when he was handed his diploma. I had thought that making love to him would give him the resolution needed to be happy. In fact, we had done nothing but upset him even more. There was no way we could have known this though. We had both though because we were naive that Grant would move on to another guy and experiment some more with him him after our encounter, but it was obvious that he thought what happened was more than just sex. He thought of it as two people falling in love with him.

We went up to the cafeteria one more time and grabbed our actual copy of our diplomas from our teachers, and said goodbye to all of our teachers and friends and walked down to the stadium to get some more pictures and meet up with our families. We walked up to my car after visiting with our families, something that didn't hold much meaning to us, arms around each other and started kissing. We were the last people there; we decided to walk around the school a bit and experience it one last time. It was painful because everyone looked up to us, and that made feel awesome on the inside. As we were sliding out tongues into each others' mouths, Ryan told me he loved me and he looked forward to being with me forever. I cried after he said that, but he kissed me all the harder, rubbing on my body and then grazing my dick occasionally. He had me pinned up against the car and thrusted into me as we made out. By this time, we had also removed out cap and gowns and thrown them in the car. We were like two business men, hot, streamy, and fashionable and the way we were dressed made this even hotter.

All of a sudden though, we saw someone walk past us. He was still clad in cap and gown and he had a bottle of booze in his hand.

"See I told you bastards... this was not made for me," Grant said sluggishly.

"Grant. Put the bottle down. We'll take you home. You don't need us. You'll find someone too," I said as I put my arm around him.

He tried hitting me with the bottle, but he was too drunk and slow to do so, so I grabbed it and threw it against the wall and it shattered everywhere.

"Look, I don't care that you did that. We're your friends, we'll always be here for you Grant. I promise," I said trying to reach out again to him.

"Fuck you. I don't need anyone," Grant said coldly

He slapped my hand away and started running to the street. There was a car coming our way and it was going too fast. Ryan and I ran as fast as we could, Ryan was faster than me and was closer to catching up to Grant. My heart was pumping, I thought I was going to kill Grant, he was going to die because of Ryan and I. We confused him even more. He was now standing in the middle of the street and Ryan was jumping to push him across. He tackled him but the car slammed into Ryan. He rolled over the top of the car and was laying in the middle of the street, bleeding everywhere. I never saw so much blood in my entire life. The car spun around and was now sideways blocking both ways. The owner called 911. I saw Grant lying on the ground, staring at Ryan. And I just fell to my knees as I walked up to him.

"James... I... love you... Don't make... Grant feel guilty. I should have been faster," Ryan said with a laugh, while coughing blood.

"I love you too. But, you'll be ok. You'll be alright. Just a scratch, right?!" I said bawling my eyes out.

"Look, don't make me cry now. Take care of him and all the people I care about," Ryan said.

"I don't have to. You're going to live," I said, not believing that I was going to lose the one person I truly loved. My god-like man was dieing on me.

"Hopefully..." He brung himself to hug me and kissed me on the cheek. I held him in my arms when I heard the ambulance drive up.

"I love you... Forever. You will always be in my heart. Here, never forget me," he said while pulling off his necklace.

" I love you too," as cried as I put his necklace around my neck too.

The emergency team picked him up and put him in the van.

"Is he going to make it?" I sobbed so loudly as I barely could make the words out.

Grant was also being looked at, and the driver of the car was crying against his car, full of guilt. That bastard was the only thought in my head at the time. I hated both that driver and Grant. They might have killed Ryan, my everything.

"We won't know. He could, he might not though," he said in tears.

I just blacked out... picturing every moment I have spent with him over high school. The hangouts, the dances, the games, practices, the day we outed ourselves and I saved his life, the hot, juicy sex, the love. It was gone maybe and I collapsed on the ground, my last thought being our last kiss. Our last moment together...


James Knoll

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