I'm standing at the sink doing dishes, I look out and see my hunky step-dad working on the garden. Short brown hair, slender build, completely smooth, and I must admit, a cute ass. He's 8 years older than me, I'm 28, don't bother me any, he makes my mom happy.

I admire him in his loose running shorts, getting hard just watching him work. He reaches back to scratch an itch and his shorts fall down down his ass a bit, revealing a smooth, hairless ass. I finish the dishes and grab a glass of lemonade to take out to him.

I head out the door, walking towards him. 

"Hey pops, heres some..."

I trip over my baggy sweat pants, pulling them down and my rock hard cock springs free. He turns and says something but he doesn't get to finish. I fall onto him, my body pulling his shorts  down and my pre lubed cock penetrates his tight, sweat lubed hole, dropping the glass along side us.

I grunt deeply in pleasure and surprise, I hear him gasp under me. I apologize profusely, trying to get off of him but my hands keep slipping on his sweaty back. As a result, I force him onto his stomach, ass in the air. I try pushing off him using the ground but its slippery from last nights shower.

I start freaking out now. I try harder to climb off my dad, who is grunting and breathing heavily under me. But instead, I end up pummeling his ass harder and deeper. I'm getting scared now as my climax is on edge. I try everything to climb off him but its futile. 

I feel his ass clench onto my cock as he has a sudden orgasm, releasing a week long nut. I cry out as I go over the edge and unleash my seed deep within his bowels. We lay there till I am finally able to get some grip and slowly climb off him.

I gaze upon his ass and I become excited once more. I look at his sweaty, used, gaping ass. He rolls over, looking at me in surprise and lust. I slowly remove his shorts without refusal. He raises and spreads his legs, inviting me back in. How can I refuse. I plummet my cock back inside him, his legs wrapped tightly around my waist. I abuse his asshole harder, faster, deeper, my nuts and hips slapping hard and loud against his ass.

He begs and pleads to use him, to breed his ass. He unleashes another volley of cum all over his stomach. His feminine whimpers push me over the edge as I dump another load inside him.

He reaches down, gripping my ass while I cum. God how I love when my bitches do that, drives me wild. I unload another load not soon after. With my nuts drained, I pull out and pull my pants back on. I head back towards the house. I look back and he is already back at work in the garden. He had put his shorts back on, I can see my cum dripping down his leg and a wet spot on his ass. We smile at each other as I go back inside. I accidentally made my step-dad my bitch and he liked it.

Who wants more to come of this story? I have some ideas and you can pitch some.



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