I took on my new Assistant Manger, a keen young man of 23, he was 5"11, Broad fit and a ginger, but a very hansome one, He was'nt like a typical ginger, he had no freckles, he was a darker giniger, taned and obviously worked out, as he had the most amazing musceled arms and firm looking body, massive size 13 feet and a bulge to die for!

I was his manager, a straight acting, single gay guy of 33, and I had my type, normally staright acting tall and dark, but Richard made my knees turn to jelly, I never made this apparent as I was his boss and totally proffesional.

Over the next few months we worked incredibly well together, developed a really good working relationship, got on like a house on fire and share the same interests, Like cars and designer clothes, The only differance is he was straight and had more girls than I had had hot dinners, and he knew I was gay, but this affected nothing, as we worked together I fancied him more and more and would fantasie about him, but that was it unitl out night out...

Richard said one week day, you know what we should do a lads night, my friends really want to meet you and we would have a great time, I said why not! It was'nt realy my thing as they were younger and in to birds and booze, but I thought why not, let my hair down and have fun, Rich said as you live further, away stay at mine, so you don't have to drive and we can stay up to the early hours. So the following saturday we finished our shift and I drove him back to his where we I started a wine and he had a beer, He said you don't mind if I shower and get ready do you, and you do the same, as the other will be hear soon, No probs I said, He showered and came out in just a towel, I nearly melted right there in front of him, as I expected very toned a little chest hair and those muscled arms! I could feels my cock expand, and I though NOOOOO! He said right your turn mate, he gave me a towel and off I went, I came out of the bathroom and there he was in his very fitted boxers putting after shave on, I thought oh my god what I would let you do to me now, He had the best bulge in those boxers ever and I just wanted to touch it! Feel better he said? I said absolutly, he began to dress as so did I, he then said you know what your quite fit how an earth do you keep that tummy so flat! I said story of my life, if your over 30 you must keep that tummy flat, so I make sure I do those tummy exercises, to which he laughed, We got dressed and 10 mins later all the others arrived, We had a great night out, drinking and dancing, all his mates pulled, except Rich, I said to him don't let me stop you doing what you do best! In turn he said don't really fancy doing that tonight and any way I don't want to leave you alone, I said I'm a big boy I can look after myself, He said lets pop outside for a smoke, which we did, we started chatting we were both a bit tipsey by now, he blurted out, I am so horny right now, If you were a bird I'd bend you over that table and fuck the life out of you! I was a bit taken aback and thought if only, I said I'm not your type and not a bird, so you'd best go find one, nar he said can't be assed, We finshed our cigarettes and went back in to the club.

Me and Rich got back to his place a little after 2am, we sat on his sofa and had a few more drinks, I was well and truly tipsey by now as he was and really had to conrol my urges, not to molest him!

We were just talking, when the converstion turned to sexuality and of all things cock size! He said in no uncertain terms I have a huge cock! I thought, ooooooo let me see, I said I'm afraid i'm an average, and never had any issues! well not yet, to which we laughed, He said I've never seen you with anyone? when was the last time you had a night of lustful passion? I said a while, infact it had been months and months, as I was very fussy about my fellas, and as if a light had come on he grabed my hand and put it staight on his expanding cock! thorough his jeans, he said yer feel that fucker, he's big is'nt he? I said but your straight? in reply he said I am but fancy the fuck out of you, its like your my dam girl friend, you know every thing about me, we love the same things and we get on so well, He then said go on feel it, To which I did rubbing and caressing it, by now it was huge, I began to unbutton his jeans, His huge cock just burst out of his boxers, and he pushed my face towards it, I put my mouth over the throbbing end, he moaned as I brushed my tongue over the end, and run it down his thick long girth, he groaned, he pulled me off and said lay on the sofa, to which I did he pulled off his jeans, boxers and shirt and began to undress me, before long we were both naked, he said I want to fuck your mouth, so I scooted down and he astrided me and rammed his cock in my mouth, he began to ride his hips fucking my mouth, I was in heaven, I nearly chocked as his cock was not only thick but big,I kept my lips over my teeth as I did'nt want to damage him! he was yelling in pure pleasure, All of a sudden he began to get hot and I felt his bell end expand and he shot a good 6 loads in to my mouth, quickly I swallowed and his cock began to go soft, he climbed off and he said, fuck that was good, he than said right, your turn, what so ya want? I said I want you to shag the life out of me! he took my hand and led me to his bedroom, I said let me just pop to the loo first, he said be quick,,as I could see he was already coming back up! I went in looking for lube! I did'nt want a painful dry fuck, coul'nt find any so I though next best thing good old lotion, I coated my hole, and left some on my hands to coat him, I wandered back in, he said how do you want it, oh so you on top! He got my arm threw me on his bed, and he climed on I reached down and lotioned his solid cock, again he groaned, I said gentle, its been a while, I braced myself! He slowly began to push his throbbing cock in me, I moaned in pain and pleasure as I felt inch my inch go in, I watched his muscled arms tense and he groaned in to my ear, He began to move fucking me deeply and slowly, I screamed in pleasure, his nob was massive and filling every part of my hole, he kept saying in my ear, oh fuck your so tight, he move his hand and began wanking me off as he screwed my ass, he began to move faster and faster, He said Im gonna cum baby, we both got sweaty and hot I could feel I was also on that path as he gripped my cock firmer and got faster, he said go on cum all over you body, I screamed cum in me cum in me, bad boy! I then felt his cock expand and a warm sensation fill my ass, just as I exploded all over me and his hand, He rolled off and said, oh my god that was great! I lay there cum running out of me feeling totally fulfilled, I could'nt believe what had happened, by this time we were both soba, After we showered, and just crashed.

In the morining I dressed and left quickle leaving him to sleep, not sure what to make of that night?

That sunday evening the door bell rang, It was him, He looked sheepish, can I come in? Yes of course, He said sorry for the night before, taking advantage of me, when he was suppose to be a staright guy, I said you did'nt, I wanted you and still do now, oh don't, I can't remember the last time I had a shag as good as that, He said we'll be okay won't we? you know working together? Absolutly i said lets see what happens........



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