Monday morning Sam was getting out of the shower. He heard the doorbell ring. He called out for his mom but no answer, She must have been at work already. The doorbell rang once again. Sam looked over at the clock and saw that Travis was indeed a little early. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked downstairs. 



Travis rang the doorbell once again and heard the foot steps of his mate coming down stairs. Travis leaned against the door frame. He could smell Sam's scent before he was downstairs. Memories from them fooling around in his car begin stirring his cock alive.

The sight of Sam caused his cock to go hard quick. 

He opened the door. Seeing Sam clutching the towel around his waist. His body all wet and gliensting on his trimmed little body. He watched a bead of water roll down his chest to his stomach.


His eyes slowly slid up and down Sam's body. He gave him a sexy smile. "NIce pup"

"Your early" Sam said giving a bashful smile.

Travis stepped in the house. "Good morning pup" He smiled.

As Sam closed the door, Travis spun Sam around and pinned him against the door. Pressing his hard onto Sam and leaned down and pushed his tongue between Sam's soft plush lips. Sam kissed him back and closed his eyes. Letting Travis ravage him. When Travis broke the kiss he began sucking Sam's neck but he squirmed away putting his hand on Travis big chest. 

"Give me a few minutes to get dressed you sex demon" HE smiled.

"Don't hurry on my account" Travis said smiling down at Sam.

He followed Sam up to his room. Travis eyes locked onto Sam's bubble butt.

When entering his room he threw himself on Sam's bed propping himself with one arm watching Sam.

As he watched Sam brush his teeth and put deorderent he found it hot, he began massage his big cock through his jeans.

Sam pulled out a small pair of black briefs. When Sam dropped his towel and exposed his bare bubble butt he groaned. "Fuck..." His dick ached to fuck that hot ass.

When he pulled the Briefs up Sam turned and saw Travis looking at him he blushed like crazy covering his crotch. "Travis..."

"Come here Sam." Travis said.

He came hands still covering his rapidly growing bulge. Travis moved his hands away. "You never have to be embarressed Sam." Travis said.

Sam nodded but he wasn't looking at Travis face instead his eyes were glued to Travis big bulge. A smug gron came across Travis face. "You wanna see it pup?" 

Sam nodded. 

He made a show of unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants and slowly pushed down his pants and boxers freeing his monster. When Travis did that his fat cock swung free and smacked his abs. Sam climbed over Travis face near his cock. He put his hand behind Sam's head and lowered his head down. He closed his eyes and relaxed on Sam's bed as Sam took his cock into his mouth.

this time there was not hesistation or scared. Instead he went for it and begin sucking his cock nice and slow. He could feel him taking more cock into his mouth then he did before. Man this was his second time and he already a pro. Travis knew that Sam loved this and it made it feel so much better. Drooling was dripping down his shaft and pulling in his brush. He noisly made sucking and slurping sounds as he moved up and down slowly on Travis fat cock.

"Fuck yes Sam, suck my big fat cock, oh fuck yes!" Travis said.

Finally he came over the edge and came into his mouth. Sam swallowed the entire load. Sam lifted his eyes up to Travis and smiled.

fuck....his little twink....


That Friday night the Wolves won a away game. freshly showered he walked with Travis onto the bus and sat in the back where he and Travis would have the most privacy. 

"You and your friends did amazing Tonight! Amazing!" Sam said to Travis.

"Thanks pup that really means a lot." He kissed the top of his head. 

As the bus rode home, the bus hit a small bump and woke up Sam. He didn't realize he fell asleep on Travis.

"Oh, I am sorry." 

No it's okay pup i love watching you sleep." 

Sam smiled and massaged the inner thigh of Travis leg. Travis reach over for Sam's hand and pulled his hand up and massaged the big length he found there. He leaned up to speak with Travis. "I want to suck you" He said.

"I'm close..." Travis said. He pulled his cock free. Sam looked around.

"Don;t worry no one is looking."

He put his hand behind Sam's head and lowered his head down and felt Sam's hot little mouth sucking his cock. Sam's head bounced up and down fast several times before Travis came into his mouth.

When Sam was finished he tucked Travis back into his pants. Travis lowered his head to Sam's ear.

"Do you know what it does to me when you submit to me? Do anything without question? Makes me feel strong and powerful..."

"I'd do anything for you Travis..anything.." He leaned up and kissed him.

Suddenly the bus overhead lights came on. 

"Alright a thiry minute break" The couch yelled.

Travis smiled and held Sam's hand.

To be continued....

*I know this one isn't as long or detailed. Been busy with things.*



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