After pulling into the garage Travis walked through his house and out the back door. He walked to the back yard. To keyed up to even go to sleep. 

Travis nearly lost control again tonight, Fuck! That damn little mouth of his was good, soft lips....Travis could feel his dick growing and lengthening in his pants his hand traveled down and began rubbing his big dick through his jeans, He softly moaned thinking bout Sam, the way he submitted to him, god it was driving him crazy! Unknowingly Sam was bathed in his wolf's scent so people will know to stay away. 

However, if that asshole max the Alpha's son or not he will kill him if he touches his mate again!.

Travis took off all his clothes and bolted into the woods in his backyard, for a few seconds his bones snapped and reconfigured as he shifted into his wolf form and took off. 



"Wow, tell me everything!" Clair exclaimed as she flopped down on the couch. 

"Nothing really" HE said.

"You are lying to me!" She said accusingly.

"Okay..." He said. There was no point in trying to not tell her given she will get it out of him one way or another, plus he really need to tell someone what happened! Sam began telling the story starting from where he was attacked by the two football players to Travis and his buds saving him and the extremely hot make out session that happened in Travis car.

"Holy shit!" She says.

I know right!" 

"So did y'all do the nasty?" She giggled saying it

"CLair! No we didn't, but I wouldn't oppose to the idea if he wanted too!" Sam says. "He told me he was going to pick me up for school on Monday!" 

She had a guilty look come across her face. "This will be good time to tell you that I invited Travis to your birthday party tonight and that he is going to come and get you tonight at seven." 

"Clair. Seriously. We just met!" He said

"So, he seems to be into you a lot of he saved your ass and beat the shit out of those two guys! Plus, you might finally get laid and maybe that hunk of a man will be your first from what sources tell me he has a big d...." Sam cuts her off.


"OKay, but still true" 

THey both laughed. 

Clair left an hour to get ready for the party. Sam took a long shower making sure his body was nice and clean. In the shower he kept thinking bout Travis, his hard body....Sam grabbed his dick and began stroking. It didn't take long for him to cum. Stepping out of the shower dryed himself and changed into nice causal clothes. Despite the little time they knew each other, he knew that Clair was right that Travis wouldn't have done any of this if he didn't truly care about him.

Sam grabbed his keys and cell phone and went downstairs. When we got down his mom was standing in the dining room smiling with one of her homemade cakes. 

"Happy birthday baby!" She said hugging and giving me a kiss on the cheek, 

"Thanks mom!" He hugged his mom. He loved her so much.

Sam stood in front of the cake and blew out the candles and they both sat down eating some cake.

"Mom, Clair, she throwing me a small party with a few friends tonight."

"Okay sweetie just be sure you are back before one tonight okay? Is she picking you up?"

She doesn't know that he met someone, he tapped his fork on the plate for a bit thinking how to say this.

"Sam?" His mom said.

"NO this guy I met. his name is travis."

"Who's this Travis?" 

"He's great guy mom and..." he gets cut off.

"You know the rules. Because it's your birthday I will bend them this once. Invite him for dinner next week I want to get to know him."

"OKay mom" 

"Look i know you are a great judge of charater but I want to make sure my baby has a perfect man okay?" 

He nods.

His mom cut a piece for Travis and wrapped the rest. 

As soon as Travis car pulled in Sam grabbed the cake and pushed his feet into his shoes.

"See you later mom!" He called out. 

He shut the door behind him and got into his car.\"I brought you cake." Sam said. 

"Thank you pup!" Travis gave a intense kiss that caused both of them to softly moan. "Happy birthday" 

"Thank you Travis..."

"Hey I forgot my coat." 

"Nah you good. He shrugged his hoodie and gave it to Sam. 

Sam pulled the hoodie on without hesitation. Travis smiled. 

"It smells good" Sam said smell the sweater. 

"Good, I like that you smell like me" Travis said kissing Sam's neck. 

odd. Sam thought. 


 Travis drove for half an hour north and then turned onto a dirt road that led into the forest. It didn't take long before they pulled into a clearing in the forest. There was a small campfire already lit and a few cars there. His two friends were there. He came by there name's yesterday when he added Travis on facebook. The tall red head that was built like a tank was Jared and The tall dark skinned man was Cole.

When Travis parked he grabbed another hoodie from the back and pulled it on. Sam got out of the car and went to Travis side. He held his hand out for Sam and Sam took it. They both held hands when they got to the fire. 

"Hey!" Clair ran and pulled Sam into a hug. "Happy birthday!" 

"Hey Travis glad you came." She smiled at him. C'mon!" She tugged Sam to the fire. 

Travis smiles widely and walked over to Jared's trucks tailgate where there was a cooler filled with beer.



Jared handed Travis a beer.

Travis never took his eyes off of Sam as he peered over the rim of the can. Sam stood with is friends and laughed. Unaware that he was being watched then again he been watching Sam since he ever met him on his first day at school. His pup was so fucking hot. Blond messy hair. Green eyes...cute ass...just thinking about that caused his dick to twitch in his pants.

Congratulation man" Jared said. "Sam's pretty cute."

Travis shot Jared a look. "I warned you, Touch him and I'll beat your ass!" 

Jared held his hands up. "Hey, comeo n I am not trying to hit on your are you going to tell him bout us?" Jared asked.

"Yes, but when the time is right..." Travis drained his beer and tossed it to the side and grabbed another one. 

"But when you mate with him won't he turn into one of us?" He asked.

"I don't know but I have to talk to the Alpha or my dad. I don't know how it works but he will be claimed as mine and I won't let anyone try to take my mate from me." He said with a deadly serious look in his eyes.

Jared down the rest of his beer. "I don't know how you do it. I can't go a week with out fucking some little twink at school." He said rubbing his dick.

Travis laughed. "That's because I have more self control then you do."  He tipped the can spilling it over Jared. "Fucker" Jared said "Besides, Sam will be worth the wait." 

In truth. It hasn't been easy for Travis. When male wolves hit thirteen there hormones go crazy and try to fuck anything that moves. But, Travis been aching physically to be inside of Sam. To feel Sam under him. To submit to him. He will mate and claim Sam as his soon. No doubt about it!



Sam had a amazing time at the party. It was a small gathering but still was fun. Jared left when Cole disappeared with a girl.

It was getting late and people began leaving and soon it was just Sam and Travis. 

"Come walk with me Sam>" Travis asked. 

They boys walked through the woods enjoying the clear sky and the cool air. Eventually they made it back to Travis car and he open the door for him and Travis climbed in after Sam. 

"It's roomy in here." Sam said,

"i know" Travis said smiling wiggling his eye brows.

Travis leaned forward and turned on the car to put on the radio and put the heater on a low setting. 

He grabbed a small box from under the seat. "Thank you." Sam said giving the bigger a kiss. Inside was a leather cord and attached to it was a wolf.

"Wow, is it sliver?" Sam asked, 

Travis face flinched. "No white gold."

He grabbed it and pulled it around Sam's neck and tied it. "Thank you Travis it's beautiful!" 

"You like it?"

Yes. I love it! I will a;ways wear it" 

"Good" Travis voice dropped an octave. 

He shifted and laid Sam on his back kissing his neck and slowly kissed his way down. He pulled his shirt up and kissed and softly bit his stomach. 

Sam like feeling the bigger man on top of him. He shifted his leg and brought it up so it was straddling Travis, He shifted and Travis pressed his groin on his.

He kissed Sam's lips while running his fingers in his hair. 

"Are you a virgin pup?" Travis asked. 

Sam could face turn red and couldn'y help it.

Yes...but I...sucked a guy off before..."

A deep growl built in his chest, his eyes full of anger.

"Who?!" He said.

"Travis, that isn't fair. Are you a virgin?" Travis relaxed a bit and calmed down.

"Your right, I am not. But I haven't been with anyone since I seen you the first day of school. You were always on my mind..."

"Wpw" Sam said, "I hope I can live up to your expectation" 

"Don't worry you will. You will." He said,

Travis leaned down and kissed him. grinding his crotch into the boy. He pulled Sam's shirt up kissing him all over his chest. 

"Take off your shirt Travis. I wanna see you and touch you baby!" 

Travis sat up and throw off his shirt. Sam rubbed his hands over Travis hard ripped body. feeling the hair on his chest that trailed down his stomach and feeling those hard abs. "Your so hot" Sam said.

Travis, lean down and attacked his neck sucking it. He began dry humping into Sam's ass fast and hard.

it caused Sam to moan.

"Oh fuck Travis...oh god..." Sam moaned.

"I want to taste you pup" Travis said, 

Sam unbuttoned and pulled his pants off. His nose buried in the hair above his dick and soon Travis mouth took Sam's cock into his mouth. he sucked him good, his tounge fluttering all over the place. Travis hand felt his body as he sucked him. 

Sam's body Shuddered. 

"Oh travis..." 

He felt Travis move his fingers near his crack. Sam spread his legs. He knew he was acting like a slut but he wanted to experince this. 

Travis big fingers slide into Sam. It hurt a bit but the sucking masked the pain with pleasure, Travis went deep and fingered and twisted and moved his fingers around. SOmething was tapped in Sam that caused his body to arch. 

"I'm going to cum Travis..." He said loudly but he stayed and continued until he emptyed his nuts into his mouth. He felt Travis swallowing his load.

"Okay fuck Travis I want to suck you now please!" He said, 

Travis growled and laid on his back. Sam climbed onto of the bigger man. Travis worked his belt and pants and slide them down. 

When Travis dick flopped out. It hit is abs. He knew Travis was big but never seen it erected. 

"It's so big" he whipsred, 

His hand snaked toward. It was so thick and heavy in his hand. it was a nice cut cock. with a fat head. 

He gave the big meat a stroke before licking the bottom of it which caused Travis to moan. Then he sucked his big hairy balls one at a time.

Travis was impatient.

"Suck it" He ordered. 

The big head enter sam's mouth he took as much as he could before it hit the back of his mouth. 

He devopled a system. He stroked what he couldn't get in and sucked the rest. This came naturally for Travis. 

Sam went nice and slow on his dick pleasing the bigger man. "Oh fuck yes like that..god you are amazing.." Travis said. 

He kept going but the head hit his throat and he pulled back.

"NO...Don't stop..." Travis yelled.

His fisted balled in Sam's hair keeping him on his dick. Travis used his hands to force Sam up and down his dick. 

"So fucking good pup, yes like that. God Sam i needed this for a while. I needed you. Oh god I'm about to cum...take my load pup!" 

Sam looked up in Travis eyes never breaking contact and his mouth expand around his dick. "Im cumming pup!" He felt Travis dick swell and his cock pumped out hot semen. Sam began drinking the hot liquid down his throat. everytime the shaft pulsed more cum came out. 

Sam mange to drink ever drop that came out. Sam lick the slit clean and Travis moaned. 

Sam climbed over the bigger man laying his head on his chest. mmmm, I really like doing that" Travis chuckled, 

"Good cause you are going to be doing that a lot." Sam blushed at the comment and began rubbing his groin in Travis...

"Damn you little sexy stud. I'd love to go round two with you but I have to get you back home." He said with a sigh. 

"It's getting late and I don't want to start on bad terms with your mom." He smiled. 

Sam pouted "I know"

Travis stroked the boy's hair and little body. "I wish I could have you all night. In my arms." He said. 

"Me too"

THye got dressed back up and Travis held open the car door for Sam and he got in. Travis ran over to the edge of the forest and spread his legs apart and let a torrent of piss out,

When he came back hr grinned.

"Hey when you gotta go, you gotta go!" Sam giggled.



After he dropped Sam off he went home.

His father was asleep. Damn Travis never have felt this good in a while. He tore off his clothes and bolted into the forest going for a hunt to celebrate that he finally got to taste Sam....soon claim him...

*First writing something sexual so I hope you like it!*



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