On my 19th birthday I went out with a couple of friends and my girlfriend. We hit a few clubs and we all got wasted, my girlfriend wanted to spend the night at my house but her dad was old-school so she had to be home at 11p.m.

I left the last club at about midnight because I was wasted out of my mind. As I drove home I tried to concentrate on the road but my feeble attempt resulted in me getting pulled over by the police. A young police officer who was probably 23 came to my window and shone a bright light into my eyes. 'have you been drinking tonight?' was the 1st thing he asked, and I thought about lying but he could probably see that was drunk so I said that I had. He politely asked me to step out of my vehicle and accompany him to the back of his police van.

I was very afraid of going to jail because I knew what they did to pretty young boys in jail. As soon as we got into the back of the cops van I pleaded 'please sir, isn't there something we can work out? I have 50 dollars in my car, please just don't take me to jail sir!' the policeman looked me over and said 'as a matter of fact, there is something we can work out' 'thank you! I'll give you all the money I have sir!' I replied. The policeman reached over and touched my shoulder 'stop calling me sir, I'm only 22, I'm not that much older than you, call me Landon!' he said sincerely 'Ok si... Landon' i stuttered. Then he started laughing and I wondered when he would let me go. Then he reached over and whispered into my ear 'take your clothes off' I thought I heard the wrong thing so I just looked at him and frowned. Then he said 'You said you wanted to work something out didn't you? Well there's only one thing I want, so take your clothes off' I started weighing my options and I realised I could either do what this perverted policeman wanted me to do, or I could go to jail and get gang raped by everyone in jail. Neither scenario seemed like something I wanted to be doing on my birthday so I decided to just go with the easier options and with that I started unbuttoning my shirt.

I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, next I took off my shoes and socks. I suddenly started feeling very uncomfortable taking my cloths off infront of another man but I was too drunk to actually care. I took my pants off and I was sitting there just in my briefs. Landon looked at me and he started takin his clothes off, he stopped when he was just wearing his boxers and his socks. I was a little unexperienced and I had only gotten a couple of handjobs from my girlfriend so I didn't know what to expect. Landon reached over and he gently took my head and pulled it towards his crotch area, then he whispered 'suck me'. I thought about protesting but only for 20seconds then he pushed my head down further. I slowly pulled his boxers off and I saw another guy's penis for the firs time in my life. His penis was very hard and veiny and he didn't have a foreskin like me, he also wasn't very big, probably 4 or 5 inches. I lowered my head down and I started sucking him, strangely enough as I sucked him I got very horny myself and my dick was straining in my underwear. I sucked him up and down for about 5minutes or so and I managed to get his entire length in my mouth. He stoped me and he said I should lay down on my back and pull my legs vp to my chest. I did this without hesitating. He climbed on top of me and slowly started pulling my briefs off revealing my hard cock, he continued and pulled my briefs over my feet and tossed them to one side. He then got between my legs and started licking my ass - this was an entirely new sensation to me and it felt absolutely amazing! He soon replaced his tongue with one finger and then two, by this time my penis was oozing precum and he started jerking me off with is other hand, it wasn't lnng before I came all over his hand and my stomach. He took all of my cum on his fingers and he started fingering me with my own cum. He took out his fingers when my ass was wet and stretched enough. I then felt the tip of his cock on my ass and in one swift motion he shoved his entire dick up my ass. It didn't hurt at all, probably because he wasn't that big, he then started pushing his dick all the way in, and pulled it all the way out, he did this for a while and then he started riding me really hard and fast. I felt his whole body get tense and suddenly I could feel his cum spurting in my ass. We were both really exausted and he layed on top of me for a while with his dick still in my ass. When he got soft he pulled his dick out and told me to get the f*ck out of the van. I was so shocked that the nice, placid police officer was suddenly such a prick I couldn't even respond, I reached for my shirt when he shouted 'leave the clother and get out before I throw your ass in jail!' I got out as quickly as I could and as soon as I got out I noticed my car was gone, when I turned around to report this to Officer Landon the police van sped away! There I was, standing in the middle of the road complete naked at about 1p.m in the morning. i starded walking back to the club I came from hoping one of my friends were still there. Suddenly a white BMW stopped next to me and a very wealthy looking man probably in his mid forties got out...but that's another story!



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