Today is my 16th birthday and the day that I fully accept myself as a cum hungry bitch.

Emmanuel Jones, you are a nasty black cunt, I smiled.

But how else can I describe the great birthday gifts that I received today, like

losing my cherry to my dad's 9.5' black cock, or eating the bus driver's salty creamy nut.

Mmm, I moaned remembering my first time having a mouth full of yummy cum.

Today, I realize that I am no longer

Emmanuel Jones:

a geeky, zit faced, skinny, black boy stressed about making good grades in high school.

I now accept my new identity as


a cum drinking black faggot who loves sucking/fucking/worshiping BIG DICKS.

I love it when men look at my gloss painted lips or stare at my chunky black ass.

Today is my 16th birthday and I love being a DICK SWALLOWING BITCH!


At 2pm, I sit in Mr. Domingo's history class next to my best friend, Janal.

Watching Mr. Domingo's exotic Filipino looks ignites an inferno of passion within me.

Mr. Domingo resembles Lou Diamond Phillips with his suave maputi skin, short dark hair, and exotic brown eyes.

Despite Mr. Domingo's dull blue buttoned shirt and gray pants, I can still see his blunt 7'inch cock and round ass.

The class would be shocked to learn that our Filipino teacher is really a Nasty FREAK.

Earlier today, he taught me to respect his authority by severely punishing me.

'TSHWHAP!' was the sound made from the ruler slapping my chunky black booty.

'Are you ok,' Janal whispered to me.

'I'm fine,' I sighed looking at my best friend.

Janal was there. He joined Mr. Domingo in punishing my sweet ass. And he LOVED it!

Janal is 16-but he resembles a 10 year old Webster with his innocent ebony baby face,

4'-3' height, short wavy hair, brown eyes, chubby hairless chest, and flabby arms.

Today, Janal resembles a little kid playing dress up for school.

He looks adorable in his short-sleeved red shirt, tan khakis held together by a black

leather belt, and brown Dr. Martens.

Janal may look adorable, but I know that he has a fire burning inside him.

Recalling how Janal tormented my chunky ass with a ruler, makes my 8' black dick rise.

I can't take it anymore. I need a big dick inside of me, now!

'Let's ask Mr. Domingo if he will tutor us after school,' I whispered in Janal's ear.

Janal brown eyes bulge like a child receiving a candy cane from Santa Claus.

'Sure, Man-Man. I'd LOVE too,' he gleefully responded.

'BRANG!' goes the 2.30pm bell dismissing school.

The other students leave while Janal and I remain at our desks.

'Mr. Jones and Mr. Fitts, the bell has rung. Why are you still here?' Mr. Domingo asked.

'We need your help, Mr. Domingo,' Janal whined.

'Yes, Mr. Domingo. We need another lesson from you,' I teased.

Mr. Domingo smiled, 'Really? I would love to help you.'


This is my best birthday ever, I thought while sucking my history teacher's 7inch cock.

Mr. Domingo is the first Filipino guy that I ever had/and he tastes DELICIOUS!

'That's right, Mr. Jones. Use your mouth, not your hands,' he said sitting back in his swivel desk chair so that I can lather his 7 inch piece with my tongue.

Like good teacher's pets, Janal and I sit naked on the cold floor between Mr. Domingo's hairy red legs.

'When is it my turn,' Janal whined like a child.

My best friend is such a cry baby, I thought. Even his ebony body looks undeveloped.

While he has a thick black 7.5' dick shaped like a soda can and a curved booty,

Janal has no pubic or chest hair.

He really is a 10 year old child, I amusingly thought.

'Stop being stingy, Man-Man. I want to suck Mr. Domingo's dick, too,' Janal cried.

Ignoring Janal, I continue blowing my 7 inch blunt candle.

'Yes Mr. Jones! Suck that dick!' Mr. Domingo commanded.

Mr. Domingo pinches his nipples pink/sore as I desperately seek the taste of his yummy ice-cream.

'oh! Ohh!' Mr. Domingo moaned.

I love making a grown man purr.

When Mr. Domingo grabs the back of my shaved head, my asstwat instantly moistens.

Sadly, Janal sulks like a child beside me because he also wants to please our teacher.

'Are you sure that you are ready to swallow, Mr. Fitts,' Mr. Domingo asked him.

Janal ebony face brightens as his black 7.5inch cock hardens, 'Yes sir.'

'All right, then. Please let me go Mr. Jones.'

Regretfully, I remove my wet brown lips from Mr. Domingo's cock.

Janal clumsily inhales Mr. Domingo's blunt member.

He sucks on Mr. Domingo's 7 inch cock like a baby learning to suck for the first time.

I silently laugh when noticing how Mr. Domingo's 7 inch dick looks bigger than Janal's toddler mouth.

'Aouch!' Mr. Domingo whelped. 'Mr. Fitts, please watch your teeth.'

'I'm sorry,' Janal said.

'Hold on, Janal,' I said touching his arm. 'Let me teach you how to give head.'

'Please teach me, Man-Man. I want to be a great dick sucker, too,' the baby cried.

'The first thing you have to do is prepare your mouth by kissing the tip of the head.'

I bring Mr. Domingo's dick towards me so that my tongue licks his round head.

'Ohhh!' the teacher moaned.

My juicy brown lips slowly slides down Mr. Domingo's spine.

'Ah!' he whined in pleasure while his muscular hands grab the swivel chair's armrests.

He tastes so good. I don't want to stop, but I have to teach my best friend.

'Come on, Janal. Let's see how you do,' I urged.

Janal nervously applies his dark lips to Mr. Domingo's Filipino cock.

He kisses the head, 'smop,' then, goes on to suck the tip.

Janal looks so precious devouring the full length of the teacher's large bottle.

'Slurp!Slurp!Slurp!Slurp!' was the sound Janal made in his first time giving head.

'It tastes good, doesn't it?' I asked him.

'Mmmhmm!' he responded with a mouth full of dick.

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!'

Mr. Domingo is truly pleased from Janal orally tickling his spine. He grabs Janal's infantile head so that he may better mouthfuck the little boy.

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!'

Unexpectedly, Janal pulls away from Mr. Domingo's grip.

'I'm sorry,' Janal timidly said. 'I needed to breathe and your dick is so big.'

The toddler has swallowed more than his baby mouth could handle, I smiled.

'It's ok,' Mr. Domingo said reassuringly.

'Yeah, Janal,' I said sarcastically.

'On the first time, you have to go slow and inhale between thrusts.'

I wrap my skinny brown arm around his toddler ebony frame as we sit between Mr. Domingo's chiseled legs.

'Do you want to try again?' I asked.

'Yes. I want to please our teacher in every way,' the young man said.

'Ok. Let's do it together.'

Together Janal and I place our wet brown lips on Mr. Domingo's 7 inch Filipino cock.

Janal sucks on Mr. Domingo's head while my tongue curls around the teacher's spine.

As we hungrily feed on the teacher's meal, we make a loud sound of 'SLURPSLBURP'

'Ah! Damn!' Mr. Domingo cried.

Janal rhythmically moves his lips updownupdownupdown on the teacher's spine.


Finally, the child has gotten the rhythm of how to suck a grown man's dick.


I chew on Mr. Domingo's balls enjoying the manly taste.


'Ah! Mother Mary! YES!' Mr. Domingo screamed from our teamwork.


As I suck the teacher's sweaty-hairy balls, I am awed by Janal's amazing breathing skills.


I amusingly think that my boy is not out of breath, yet. Maybe he should be teaching me.


As much as I am happy to see Janal handling his biz, I refuse to be outdone.

'You acting like a big boy now, Janal, but can you handle a grown man's stretch?' I teased.

'Pop!' was the sound Janal made releasing Mr. Domingo's blunt 7'inch monster.

'What do you mean, Man-Man,' Janal innocently asked.

I sinisterly smile while looking at Mr. Domingo's hard cock now coated with Janal's spit.


'Lick my ass, man,' I commanded Janal.

A naked Mr. Domingo sits on his square desk while I lean my skinny black arms on his

muscled legs, so that I may sallow his rock hard 7inch dick.

This position places my chunky black booty in Janal's cherub face.

'Are you clean?' Janal asked still scared to accept his inner slut.

'mmhmm' I responded with Mr. Domingo's blunt 7'inch pole filling my mouth.

As I swallow the teacher's head, I bounce my booty awaiting a good tongue lashing.

'I'm scared. I've never done it before.'

'Go on man, do it!' I said smacking the 10 year old's face with my asstwat.

Janal timidly opens my chunky ass cheeks. He awkwardly places his tongue on my hole.

I tingle inside when I feel the boy's tongue between my muscles.

'Mmmp! Mmmp!' I moan in pleasure at receiving a rim and giving head.

Janal's excellent oral skills causes me to devour Mr. Domingo's dick.

'Yes, Mr. Jones suck that dick,' Mr. Domingo moaned.

Like a good teen bitch, I make sure that my spit cases Mr. Domingo's dick.

'Ok,' Mr. Domingo said 'Its time for you to receive another lesson, Mr. Jones.'

Mr. Domingo takes his yummy banana from my slutty mouth and moves off the desk.

He stands near Janal, his ebony face is lodged inside my dark hole.

The young man loves chocolate cake, I smiled.

'Yeah, Janal! Eat my shitter!' I commanded.

'You can stop now, Mr. Fitts,' the teacher said.

'But it tastes so good,' Janal said between licks, 'His ass is so sweet.'

'Ayeah!!' I moaned wanting more.


My dark skinny arms lean on the square desk as Mr. Domingo rubs his blunt 7'inch monster in my spit filled hole. Janal scans my black face while sitting behind the desk.

'Isn't it painful?' Janal asked.

'It only hurts when the dick goes in. Afterward it feels really good,' I responded.

'Besides after the way you licked my ass, Mr. Domingo's dick will glide in.'

A fascinated Janal walks over to Mr. Domingo so that he may see a throbbing dick enter

a young/firm ass.

'I heard it's painful...,' Janal said with wonder in his voice.

Listening to his voice quake tells me that he wants to be fucked, too.

'Ohhhh,' I moaned in anticipation of receiving a gift from my Filipino teacher.

'FWIP' was the inner sound I heard from Mr. Domingo's 7'inch cock entering me.

'eh!' I sighed feeling the teacher's blunt dick inside of me.

Janal stands to my left so that he may watch Mr. Domingo control my body.

'BWAP! BWAP!' was the sound of Mr. Domingo's balls spanking my young/firm ass.

'Oh Shit! Mr. Domingo. Please fuck me,' I cried out in pleasurable pain.


'yeah! Fuck ME!' I said loving the feeling of being used/manipulated/DOMINATED.


I squeeze my ass tighter as Mr. Domingo muscular maputi hands wrap around my hips.


Each time Mr. Domingo's blunt 7 inch dick goes in and out of my ass-


-he rapes my body and mind-


And I LOVE it!


'Fuck me, Mr. Domingo. Rape my black ass!'


I look over to Janal and smile, 'Oh, man. This feels so GOOD!'


'AH! I'm going to cum!' Mr. Domingo screamed.


'Oh God, Yes!' I rejoiced feeling Mr. Domingo's dick shoot blasts of cum into my ass.

There is no better feeling than a man leaving his wet in my young/firm booty.

The teacher removes his semi-hard cock from my asstwat making the room smell of sex.

Instantly, Janal places his middle finger in my ass.

'Wow! Man-Man. You are still tight.'

'That's because I am a power bottom.'

'What's a power bottom?' he asked while jiggling his finger in my tight dark hole.

'I'm so glad that you asked...' I responded with a sinister smile.


I lay on top of Mr. Domingo's desk with my skinny black legs in the air (V).

Janal rests on his bended legs as his phat 7.5' black cock fucks my ass.

A silent Mr. Domingo watches us from sitting in my student desk.

'Oh snap, Man-Man! Your pussy is so tight,' Janal said while pounding my asstwat.

'Hey Janal,' I said in a pleasurable whisper, 'am I your 1st?'

'Yes,' Janal said staring into my eyes. 'You are the 1st person that I have ever fucked.'

I lift my legs higher in response so that the little boy can become a man.

'Ah!' I whined as I play with my nipples like a cunt.

I feel more like a slut from fucking the little boy.

Janal's 7.5' phat dick makes my body squirm in lust. Yet, Janal's face looks troubled.

His ebony face has lost its child like innocence-he looks like a grown man, now.

'You like this dick, bitch?' Janal asked.

I've never heard him use such a harsh tone before.

'Yes daddy.' I said with concern.

'Then turn over.'

'Slop' was the sound of Janal's phat black cock leaving my ass.

What the hell is he doing? I thought.

Janal leaves the desk, uncurls the black leather belt from his pants, and walks over to me.

'Come here, bitch,' he commanded.

I obediently follow Janal's order and allow him to wrap his leather belt around my neck.


I sit in a doggy style position on top of Mr. Domingo's square desk. A leather belt is wrapped around my neck, which Janal pulls on choking me into a muffled scream.

Behind me, Janal kneels on his legs while his phat dick is buried deep inside of me.

OH MY GOD!, I screamed inside. I can't breathe.

'What's wrong, bitch? You can't take it!' Janal laughed.

Despite this possible crime scene, Mr. Domingo does not move to end our embrace.

'DWOP! DWOP!' was the sound heard from Janal stuffing his phat cock in my pussy.

'Come on, bitch! Talk to me!' Janal screamed.

'eahii!!!' is the muffled scream I give.


I am in pain right now/yet, I can't help but smile from being abused.

My 8 inch black dick spins in a trance from Janal's balls bouncing against my asstwat.


'You didn't think I had this in me. Did you bitch?' Janal asked.

'I see how you look at me. You are my best friend, but you see me as a child.'


'Well who is learning to speak now, you faggot!'

I gasp longingly for breath because the angrier Janal gets, the more he pulls the belt.


My black cock drips pre-cum on the desk as Janal relentlessly slams his dick in me.

'From now on, you are going to respect me. From now on call me, Lil' Nigga!'


'You hear me, bitch? Say yes Lil' Nigga.'

Desperately, I said, 'yes li-lil' nigga.'


Long streams of pre-cum leave my dick, as Lil' Nigga is on the edge of killing me.

'Say my name bitch!'


The light in the class room grows dimmer.



I struggle to speak as my 8'inch black dick throbs.

'lil' nigga


'Say it louder and longer, bitch!' Janal said fiercely pulling the belt closing my windpipe.

'lil' nigga-lil' nigga-lil' nigga-lil' nigga,' I meekly said as my body prepares to orgasm.


'Beg me to fuck you, bitch.'

'Please-Lil' Nigga, Fuck me!'


'That's right, bitch! Th-oh shit. I'm gonna cum.'

'Please fuck me!'


'EARHHHH!!!!' Janal yelled as cum bolts from his phat black dick into my pussy.

'AheHH!!' I screamed as my cum rains on Mr. Domingo's square desk.

Thankfully, Janal drops his belt allowing me to breathe.

'HHHHHHHH' I loudly sigh regaining breath.

'Oh damn-damn-DAMN,' Mr. Domingo said climaxing from watching Janal and I.

As I tremble on all fours like a dog, I instantly see my best friend in a different way.

My best friend Janal's childlike innocence is now gone.

My best friend is now Lil' Nigga, with a phat black tool that will punish me when I act a fool.


Afterward, I rub my neck while Janal and Mr. Domingo look for any visible marks.

'Are you ok?' Mr. Domingo asked finally showing concern.

Unexpectedly, Janal stands on his tippy toes to kiss me.

'You ok, man?'

Silently, I take in what has happened, today.

I reflect on turning 16, becoming Man-Man, and how it all led to this moment.

Carefully, realizing that my actions come with a reaction, I decide,

'I'm still hungry for more.'

NEXT: Principal's Office 'RAPE'



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