Even as I wait for the MTA public bus in the frozen winter, my dark hole burns hot for a hard dick.

'Emmanuel Jones, what's happened to you?' I asked wondering how did I get here.

Today began like any other day, except that today is my 16th birthday, and this is the day that I lost my dark cherry to my dad's 9.5inch black cock.

This morning, dad unleashed my wild side by turning my tight asshole into a loose cum filled pussy.

I remember him whispering in my ear, 'Emmanuel, your pussy is so tight.'

I can still feel his hard black dick inside of me-punishing me-for being a nasty slut.

'Yeah, dad fuck me,' I said aloud in the bitter cold yet feeling a fire rise within me.

Maybe this fire is causing me to feel free. Maybe that's why I placed my mom's lip gloss on my soft brown buttons and wore black jeans that reveals each inch of my chunky black booty.

Before today, I was a skinny pimply face black kid with 5'6 height and strong runners legs.

Now, I'm a cum hungry whore who wants TO BE FUCKED HARD!

The public bus finally appears so that I may go to school. I can't believe I have to go on my birthday.

On cue, I can hear my dad's voice, 'Emmanuel, I don't care what today is. You have to go to school.'

'Sigh,' I exhale walking up the vehicle stairs.

Immediately, I am greeted by the bus driver, 'Good morning, son.'

'Hey,' I said nonchalantly.

The bus is packed with people. I'm forced to stand near the bus driver. I can see his brown eyes looking at me through the bus surveillance window.

'Why do you look so sad?' he asked.

'It's my birthday and I have to go to school.'

The bus driver smiles as kids cry in the background and people carry on with their loud conversations.

'You are a young guy. You shouldn't be sad on your birthday.'

I take the seat that becomes empty near the bus driver.

'So, how old are you?' he asked.

'I'm 16 today.'

'16,' he smiles, 'That's a great year.'

'How old are you?' I boldly asked.

'I'm 34.'

'Wow! That's old,' I said uncaring.

Thankfully, the bus driver laughs at this remark.

'34 is not old. Matter of fact, I keep my body physically fit. I am surprised you have not noticed.'

Hmm, he's a flirt, but he's right. Until this point, I haven't noticed how attractive he looks. I can feel the heat rise within me when I make the connection that the bus driver looks exactly like Hill Harper. He has the same light brown eyes, sweet smile, handsome tan complexion, and short athletic frame. I feel my 8 inch dick rise from watching his big arms tense when turning the big black bus wheel.

He's cute and strong. I bet he has a BIG DICK.

Sadly, the loud sounds of people leaving the bus ends my trance.

The bus driver looks at me with his light brown eyes.

He asks, 'You still there?'

'Oh sure. I'm sorry. Say, what's your name?'

'Al. Yours?'

'Emmanuel, my friends call me Man-Man.'

When Al smiles again revealing his adorable dimples, my 8inch cock quickly gets sprung.

While 3 people remain on the bus, the freak in me refuses to stay silent.

'So are you single, Al?' I whispered.

He turns to me with a look of wonder.

'Ooook,' he blushed. 'For a 16 year old, you are very forward.'

'Age is just a number, Al. I'm a man in every way. Now answer my question.'

We keep our voices low as Al gives me a sly smile that causes my dark hole to self lubricate.

'Yes, I am single. Do you have a girl?'

'No, not me.'

'A big man like you,' he whispered.

'Yeah, a big man like me,' I smiled.

While Al continues to drive, he looks at me out of the corner of his eyes, and licks his juicy brown lips.

I respond back to his signal with a nod of my head, letting him know that I am down.

Soon, a person leaves-then the other-and as he drives to the bus' last stop-the last person goes.

Leaving Al and I all alone.

'Well this is my stop. I guess I gotta go,' I said.

'I guess so,' Al said. He stops the bus and takes out the keys and walks to the back.

'Hey come with me for a second.'

'Sure,' I said.

As I follow him to the back of the bus, I'm watching Al's curved black ass switch in his tight blue suit.

Suddenly, Al stops and turns around to face me.

He unzips his pants showing me his red cotton briefs. Al pulls out a large, slightly bent 8.5inch black cock.

'Here it is, I want you to look at this.'

My mouth salivates watching his dick grow.

'It looks great to me,' I said.

I immediately kneel in front of him. Like my dad, Al's area smells of cologne, Old Spice actually.

Mmm, he tastes good, too, I thought as I push his black cock into my slutty mouth.

'Damn! For you to be 16, you know how to handle business.'

I respond by sucking on his big black dick like a good bitch.


Al's black dick tastes like heavan.


'Ohh SHIT! Damn, boy you give good head,' he praised.

Yes, mouthfuck me, I thought but couldn't say because of my mouth being full with his hard black dick.


Al unbuttons his blue shirt while my mouth continues to pump his phat 8.5 black cock.


'Suck it boy, suck that dick,' Al whispered.

He grabs my head and chokes me with his bent cock.


I wiggle my round black booty as I swallow my meal.

'Yeah! Damn!' Al whispered.


Surprisingly, Al pulls his big black dick from my slutty mouth.

'Hey!' I said still hungry for more.

Al sits down with his delicious black dick waving in the air.

'I am sorry, Man-Man, but I just can't do this,' Al said.

He looks so ashamed as his bent 8.5inch cock grows soft.

'What's wrong? Don't you find me sexy?' I asked laying my brown shaved head on his lap.

He rubs my head with his mature right hand.

'Its just not right. You are only 16.'

I look into Al's pretty brown eyes, 'But, I know what I am doing.'

'Are you sure?'

I shake my head yes.

'Please Al, fuck my mouth. I've never tasted cum before.'


'Yes. You would be my first. Please-Please. I'm begging you. Let me eat your cum.'

'Are you sure?' Al asked.

He gives me a bright smile as his bent 8.5inch dick starts to harden.

'Yes. Besides, you can't rape a cum sucking whore, Al,' I responded.

To further excite him, I rub my face in Al's balls. Then, I suck on his two sweet treats.

'Damn, you really are a cum sucking whore,' Al said in lust and awe.

I place my soft left hand on his thick vieny meat. I kiss the tip of Al's dick and then fully swallow it.

This time, I work his dick slowly in my mouth, 'slup-slup-slup,' so that I may enjoy my meal.

'Ehh!' he sighed leaving his right hand on my shaved head.

Soon, my mouth is full with Al's black cock.

'AH!'Al said surprisingly moving me away.

'What's wrong.'

'Less teeth, baby.'

'I'm sorry,' I whimpered

I kiss his brown hairy nuts hoping that he will forgive me.

'Ohhh! Ohh that's ok,' Al said in a trance from my juicy mouth working his balls.

I readjust my body so that I am sitting on my hand and knees while sucking Al's dick.


Even with my face buried in Al's cock, I know that he is watching me jiggle my chunky booty.


I feel so pretty with Al's black dick between my cheeks. I wish I had long hair like the white girls on the flicks. I want Al to pull on my long hair and force his dick into my mouth.

Instead of long hair, Al pulls on my shaved head forcing my mouth to suck his dick.


He squeezes his nipples while I tongue massage his cock.

'You nasty, whore. Suck that dick.'


I love this. I love dick. I love to taste it. I love to fuck it. A teenage dick eater is all that I am.


'Yeah, damn. I'm going to cum,' Al said.


Al holds my head down on his shaft while mouth fucking me.


'IYYEEE!' Al loudly moans in ecstasy.


Instantly, Al's cum hits my tongue like bolts of lightning.

His creamy nut splashes in my mouth and glides down my throat like ice cream.

I swish his cum around my jaws loving the taste of the warm liquid.

Al regains his composure and asks, 'How does it taste?'

I finish swallowing his load.

'It tastes delicious. Like a salty creamy nut.'

We laugh.

I leave the bus with Al's phone number in my left pocket.

I still can't believe what I've become. Today, I've fucked my dad and now I have sucked a stranger's dick.

Hmm, I can still taste his delicious nut on my breathe.

'Oh my God, I really am a cum hungry whore.'

I laugh while entering the school building.

NEXT: Guro's (Teacher's) Pet



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