'Happy birthday to me/happy birthday to me/what a glorious day/happy birthday to me,' I sing awakening to my 16th birthday.

I lay in my bed looking out the window at the rising sun. On my dresser is the alarm clock that reads, 6.30am.

Damn, I must be excited. Why am I up this early? I thought.

Lifting up from the bed, I stand in the mirror wearing nothing but my boxers. I notice how I look exactly like 'Michael from Good Times' with my 5'6 height, smooth chocolate skin, dark curly fro, and adorable dimples. I can see a few strings of brown hair rise on my chest and small pieces of hair form around my brown kissable lips.

When the ladies see me they melt, baby.

Of course, having a lean frame and a large chunky butt is not as attractive.

'Wait a minute is that a pimple?'

Oh well, I yawned returning to bed. I'll wake up in .30 minutes.

As I sleep, I dream about all the pretty honeys in my high school.

I dream that I am laying between big titties Sherreta, light eyes Dion, and curvy Sabrina.

My dick starts dripping from dreaming about them waving their big breasts in my face.

'Oh Man-Man,' they moaned.

'You are so sexy Man-Man.'

'Fuck my virgin pussy Man-Man.'

Hell yes!

'BRRRRRINNNNGGGG' my alarm sounds ending my dream.

Its now 7.15am. Oh shit, I am late for school. But my dick is still hard and leaking cum.

From my teammates on the running team, I learned that when your dick is hard you should rub it with lotion.

Removing my boxers, I place a dab in my hand and start to rub my dick.

Oww, this shit feels so good. Thinking about fucking the pretty girls, I move my hand up and down up and down on my 16 year old chocolate knob. Precum slides down my hand.

Suddenly my bedroom door opens.

'Emmanuel!' my dad yelled entering the room.

I quickly cover my young body with a blanket, hoping to hide my shame.

Dad looks around the room with his beady brown eyes. At times, he can be really scary

just like 'James Evans Sr.', except dad has a black man's goatee with a round bald head. Still, he's a powerful dude. His 6'1 height dwarfs my 5'6.

He wears a tan buttoned shirt that hides his thick muscled arms, and brown corduroy pants that snugly fits his round booty and thick legs. Dad looks damn good for an old guy in his late forties. I figure that his job as a construction worker keeps him in shape.

'What's goin' on here, son? Its 7.40, you are late for school,' he asked in a stern voice causing the few dark hairs on my arms to rise.

'I'm sorry, dad. I overslept.'

'Uh-huh,' he said coming closer to me as I lay naked in bed.

He removes the blanket to see my now limp dick covered in lotion.

Dad looks at me with his stern brown eyes and smiles at my exposed innocence.

I surprisingly notice a large bulge appear in dad's pants, the type of bulge that I usually get after watching a Rihanna video.

'Dad, don't be mad. I'm sorry.'

Dad sits on the bed beside me as I wipe my dick clean with a t-shirt.

'Its ok son. Come sit beside me.'

I do as I am told hoping that dad won't punish me. I use the t-shirt to cover my groin.

'Emmanuel, today is your 16th birthday. It's no surprise that you are thinking of sex. But you must be careful. Do you like girls?'

'Yes sir, girls are pretty.'

'Mmmhmm. Have you ever had sex with a girl?'

'No sir.'

Dad smiles while the bulge in his pants becomes bigger as if it has come to life.

'All right, son. Let me tell you about girls.'

'Dad, I know all about girls. The guys on my running team tell me everything.'

We laugh.

'I'm sure they do, son. But did they tell you how to make love to a girl? They may have told you about fucking, but making love is very different.'

The guys never explained how to make love. I thought that fucking and making love were all the same.

'Dad, how do you make love?'

'I am glad you asked,' he asked standing in front of me and unbuttoning his shirt.

He wears a white wife beater undershirt that highlights his two muscled arms.

I wish I looked more like my dad. I have flabby arms while his chocolate complexioned guns has a tattoo of 'Maggie Simpson' on his left arm and a tattoo of an elephant on his right. When dad notices that I am staring at his powerful black arms, I quickly look away.

He smiles and sits beside me.

'To make love son, the first thing, you must do is kiss the woman. Now son, I am going to kiss you.'

For some reason, my dick grows erect under the t-shirt.

'Ok, dad. Sure,' I said trembling to touch my father in such a way.

I hope I can kiss him correctly.

Dad moves his lips closer to mine. Just like mine, they are brown, and incredibly soft. I feel my nipples stiffen as his tongue touches mine. Dad rubs on my muscled thighs with his working man's hands and I lay my soft hands on his strong black chest.

He pulls his soft lips away but keeps his rough working man's hands on my thighs.

'Son, you're a great kisser. Your future girl will love that.'

'Th-thanks, dad,' I stuttered wishing we could touch again.

'Now son, your mouth is very important to please your lady. Matter of fact, using my mouth is what got your mother to marry me.'

We laugh.

'For me to teach you how to orally please your girl, I want you to sit still.'


As I sit on the bed, dad kneels in front of me. His brown eyes stares at my erected dick as if it was dinner.

'Damn, son. You must have 8inches. That's a big dick that your lady will love.'


Dad gently places the head of my dick into his soft warm mouth.

'Oww!' I moaned as his tongue laps around my head.

Dad swallows my 8inch dick into his juicy mouth.

'oh! Daddy,' I whispered wanting more.

Unthinking, I touch his shaved head forcing him to suck me whole.

Dad obliges by going up and down up and down up and down on my shaft.

'Ahya!' I moaned, 'This feels so good.'

Dad removes my dick from his mouth with a loud 'POP.'

'Emmanuel, be quiet. I don't want your mother to hear. What we talk about as men must be private.'

'Yes, sir.'

Dad gulps my dick into his mouth causing me to roll my eyes. I place my left hand on back of his head and another on his strong chocolate arms.

'Ow, yeah daddy. It feels so good.'

As my heart wildly beats in my chest, dad sucks my hard black dick while playing with my balls.

'Ah!' I moaned feeling the urge to cum.

Dad removes my dick out from his mouth. He takes off his corduroy pants in front of me, showing me his white bikini briefs. I am shocked that the bulge between dad's massively muscled legs was his black dick.

'Emmanuel, it's always good to please your partner like she pleases you,' he said.

Dad removes his briefs scaring me with his incredibly large and stiff 1 eyed monster.

'Now, I want you to suck my dick,' dad ordered.

'Dad, I'm sorry, but I don't know how. Your dick is so big.'

I feel disappointment to admit that I need help. I want to please dad more than anything. He smiles, leans over, and looks me in the eye.

'Son, don't be scared. It's only 9.5 inches. I will teach you.'

'All right. The first thing I want you to do is bring your lips closer to my cock.'

'Yes, sir.'

'Now kiss the head of my cock and place it in your mouth.'

When I do so, I discover that his area smells of cologne and more surprisingly, his dick tastes delicious.

'That's right, son. Now move your mouth down.'

At this point, I knew what to do from watching dad earlier. I swallow dad like he is a yummy banana.

'Yes, Emmanuel. Suck my dick, boy.'

Dad's yummy dick has a fleshy taste that makes me want more. Unexpectedly, I start to cough.

'Slow down, son. I know I taste good, but when you milk a big snake like mine you have to hold your breath.'

'I'm sorry,' I said between coughs.

'It's fine. Continue.'

Holding my breath, I return my dad's dick into my mouth. Dad grabs my head leaving me breathless.

'Play with my balls, son.'

I put my hand on his hairy nuts, holding them like dice.

'Ahhh, you are good. You need to teach your mother how to suck my dick.'

After hearing his praise, I increase my oral speed.

'Yeah, boy. Deep throat me.'

Sucking my dad's dick makes me feel hot inside. Like I am a toy that he plays with for personal amusement. I wonder if this is how a girl feels when she is sucking dick.

'Ohh! You are going to make me cum. That's enough, young man. Let me go.'

I regretfully comply. I love my dad's taste and scent.

'Now, I am going to teach how you to fuck a girl.'

'Ok,' I said with my heart beating excitedly from anticipation.

'Lay down on the bed with your ass up. Place a pillow underneath your dick.'

My hard 8inch cock lies on a pillow exposing my chunky black ass.

'Son, when a girl is ready to be made love to, she usually wiggles her ass. Wiggle your ass for me son.'

Wiggling my hips slowly while laying on the bed, I become more horny when my dad rubs his 9.5inch cock between my dark cheeks.

Soon, I feel his large rough working man's hands cover my ass cheeks. He plants his nose outside of my hole, smelling me.

'Before you lick a girl's pussy, it's important to know that she is clean. Are you clean son?'

'Yes, dad. I'm clean.'

I tingle inside from dad's wet tongue touching my booty hole.

'Ow, dad. That feels great.'

Dad responds by forcing his tongue deeper in my butt. His tongue goes inandout of my dark hole.

Responding like a girl, I began to bounce my ass while he tongue fucks me.

'Alright son, when you fuck a girl, you slowly put your dick in her pussy until her body relaxes.'

My dad crawls over me and kisses my soft brown lips while his dick taps against my virgin hole.

Surprisingly, I feel no pain when his massive chocolate dick completely fills my ass.

'Oh yes, dad. Your dick is so big,' I moaned.

'That's right, young man. Your pussy is so tight. You take my dick like a good girl.'

I feel beautiful with dad's black dick in me.

'Do you like dick in your pussy, son?' he whispered in my ear.

I answer by clenching my asshole around his dick. I feel so at ease giving dad my cherry.

'Son, slowly get on your knees. Be sure to keep my dick in you.'

Following his lead, I get on my hands and knees as dad's dick rips into my ass.

He holds my hips while punishing my virgin ass with his large black dick.

'Ah! Yeah dad, fuck me.'

Dad's balls bounces against my tight virgin hole, 'Pap! Pap! Pap! Pap!'

'This is called doggy style, son. When you fuck a girl like this, you are telling her that she is your bitch.'

'Oh, it feels so good. Fuck me harder, dad.'

'Pap! Pap! Pap! Pap!'

'Do you like it son? I'm not hurting you? '

'n-No, dad. This feels so good. I want you to fuck me harder.'


I push my face in a pillow to cover my screams of pleasure. I never could imagine that buttsex could feel so good. Dad positions my back to stand against his chest while he fucks my virgin hole harder.


As we kiss, dad jerks my 8inch cock.


'Dad, I'm going to blast.'

'That's right son. Cum, with my dick up your ass.'


My dad presses his mouth into mine while my cum busts out of my dick.

'EMMM' I screamed with pleasure into his mouth.

Dad continues to fuck me, 'PAP! PAP! PAP! PAP! PAP! PAP! PAP!'

'Emmanuel, its always good to let your girl cum before you do. That's how you know you did your job.'


' Oh shit, son. I'm going to cum. Oh shit!'

'Cum, in me, dad,' I moaned clutching my ass tighter.

I want to feel dad's wet more than anything.


'Eaye!!!' dad whined while his cum pours into my body.

'Yeah, dad. Oww! Yes!' I cheered feeling his wet flow in me.

Finally, I made the old man happy.

Afterward, I lie on my dad's iron chest. We are both in a state of pleasure. His muscled arms are around me with his left middle and index finger jiggling my now loose hole.

'See son, that's how you make love to a woman.'

'Dad, that was the best,' I whisper wanting more.

Unfortunately, dad dresses while I lie on the bed.

'Get up, son. You have to catch the MTA to get to school.'

As dad leaves with mom for work, I take a quick shower.

The water cleanses my dad's scent off my chocolate frame. I finger my hole and immediately notice that I am no longer as tight.

I'm no longer a virgin.

Getting dressed for school and waiting for the bus, I can only think of what has happened this morning.

'I want more.'


Next: Riding the Bus



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