'Happy birthday to me/happy birthday to me/what a glorious day/happy birthday to me,' I sang stepping out of the bathroom shower.

Today is my 16th birthday and on this day I've come out of the closet as a black faggot.

'Emmanuel Jones, all men love your beautiful black ass!' I bragged.

As I dry off from the shower, I reminisce about my transformation.

Yesterday, I was Emmanuel Jones: a skinny, pimply faced, black nerd.

Today, I am Man-Man: a cum guzzling slut, who has a chunky ass with thin runner's legs.

At times, I am in awe of this transformation.

My birthday began innocently with my dad pleasuring my phat black ass.

Then, the bus driver gave me his sweet cum to drink while riding me to school.

Later, my best friend and I learned how to please our teacher's blunt cock.

Thinking of all my birthday presents, makes my 8' black dick leak.

As I stare in the mirror, I am very impressed with my new red mohawk.

'You look mawthafuckin' ova!' I praised.

Now everyone will know that I am a black faggot who loves to be FUCKED HARD!


Leaving the bathroom, I walk inside my bedroom.

I pull on a pair of silk red boxers/I love the feel of pure silk touching my dazzling black skin.

From the corner of my eye, I notice my dad's car drive into the garage.

I wonder what he will think of my red hair.

Although, I'm very confident, I'm afraid that my father will not accept me.

Quickly, I dress in a white wife beater and a pair of tight denim jeans.

I run downstairs and open the front door so that he may enter.

'Hi Dad!' I greeted.

I believe that my fears have come true as dad's beady brown eyes glare at me.

'Dad, come inside of the house,' I said.

Returning to his senses, dad slowly enters the house.

'Hello son,' dad dismissively said.

Once inside the house, he goes into his bedroom-leaving me alone with my red mohawk.


Sitting on my bed, I reflect on the close relationship that I HAD with my dad.

My dad reminds me of 'James Evans Sr' except he has a black man's goatee and a round bald head.

While he's a patient/giving man, dad is a powerful dude. His 6'1 height dwarfs my 5'6.

Also, dad is an excellent provider. He works in construction while my mom works as a nurse.

Thanks to my mom's busy schedule, I get to spend more time with dad.

So, receiving my dad's love and support means the world to me.

'But those days are gone because my dad now hates me,' I sighed.

A knock is heard on my bedroom door. My heart skips a beat as dad steps inside.

'Hmm' I moaned from noticing how Dad looks damn good for an old guy in his 40's.

He wears a tan buttoned shirt that highlights his thick muscled arms.

My body tingles when I see dad's package hidden in his brown corduroy pants.

I briefly stare at dad's round booty before he sits beside me on the bed.

Although, I love feeling the heat of dad's body next to mine, my heart is still broken.

'Son, I apologize for earlier, but your hair/appearance is a surprise. What happened?'

Not knowing what else to say, I blurted, 'Dad, I am gay. This is who I am, now.'

Turning my back on dad, I silently pray for God to help us get past this.

My body relaxes when I feel dad's strong black hands rest on my shoulders.

'Emmanuel, I love you. You are my beloved son,' he whispered in my ear.

Hearing dad's love and feeling his goatee brush my face, makes my heart melt.

'So tell me, son. What makes you think that you are gay?'

I tell him all about my birthday sexual exploits with grown male strangers.

As I tell him each detail, I notice a thick bulge appear in his brown corduroy pants.

'I hope that you are not mad at me, dad,' I pouted.

'No, son. I am very proud of you. But I am concerned.'


'Yes. Earlier today, I taught you how to make love to a woman. Now you need to know how to make love to a man.'

'Dad, I told you, I'm no stranger to loving men,' I said proudly.

'Yes, you now know how to fuck a man/but do you know how to make love to a man?'

'Is there a difference?' I naively asked.

'There is, son. Before I met your mother, I was like you. A lover of all men.'


'Yes, but I enjoyed pussy more. Still, knowing how to make love to a man is important.'

'I never knew there was a difference. Dad, how do you make love to a man?'

'I am glad that you asked son,' dad smiled at me/showing me his sexy dimples.

He stands in front of me and unbuttons his shirt. I love my dad's chocolate body.

Unlike my flabby arms, dad has 2 mighty steel guns.

On his left arm is a tattoo of 'Maggie Simpson' and on his right is a tattoo of an elephant.

I lick my juicy lips at seeing dad's powerful arms.

My whole body wants to please him in Any/All ways possible.

As he sits beside me, dad said, 'Making love to a woman is similar to loving a man,'

'When making love to a man, you must kiss him. Now son, I am going to kiss you.'

Underneath my wife beater, I can feel my dark nipples grow stiffer as our soft lips unite.

While losing myself in dad's lush kisses, he removes my shirt and unbuckles my jeans.

Our tongues dance-as my right hand pinches his nipples and my left takes off my jeans.

Dad's strong hands strokes my inner thighs causing me to purr like a pussy.

'Son, your lips are so wet and soft. Your future boyfriend will love that.'

'Th-thanks, dad,' I stuttered wanting his lips to return to mine.

'Now son, your mouth will serve as an important asset when pleasing a man.'

'I know how to suck dick, dad,' I bragged believing that I was grown and sexy.

'Sucking a dick is different from orally pleasing a dick,' he advised.

Before I could say another word, my dad kneels in front of me.

'Damn, son. I can't believe how big your dick is. Your 8' will keep a man very satisfied.'


Dad answers by kissing the tip of my head. Then, he curls his tongue around my meat.

'Oww!' I moaned.

He gently places my 8inch dagger into his soft warm mouth.

'Ohh, dad!' I screamed.

Dad swallows my full 8inch dick into his hungry mouth.

'Yeah, dad! Owww!' I whispered.

Feeling my dad's tongue glide on my 8' black dick, makes me want to instantly cum.

But, I want to make him feel good, too.

'Daddy, please feed me your big black dick,' I whined like a bitch.

Soon, I lay on top of my dad's firm chocolate body.

While my 8' dick glides down his throat/his 9.5 swells in my mouth.

I devour my dad's 9.5 black cock as he gives my 8' dick birthday licks.

As I swallow my dad's black sword, I remember the difficulty that I had the 1st time.

Initially, I was so scared of his BIG BLACK MONSTER, now I throw lips to his shit.

'Son, finger my hole,' he said between licking my hard cock.

'Dad, you can't be serious,' I said.

'Son, when you make love to a man, you have to use all your skills to keep him pleased.'

I timidly push my middle finger between his curved ass cheeks as he sucks me dry.

'Damn, dad you are tight!'

'Lick my ass, son,' dad said between breaths of swallowing my black candle.

Eager to taste my dad's round ass, I place my tongue on his ass lips.

'Hmm! You taste damn good,' I said before taking another bite of his chocolate cake.

My tongue circles dad's hairy manhole while the old man brings me closer to an orgasm.

After I make his hole wet, I place 1 finger-2 fingers-3 fingers-4 fingers in his hole.

I finger my dad's dark hole while nibbling on his brown ass hair.

'Pop' was the sound dad made removing my 8' dick from his mouth.

'Son, you are now ready to make love to my ass,' dad said.



In the bed, dad lays on his flat stomach as my 8' dick caresses his TIGHT manhole.

'Son, there is an important fact that you should know about a man's ass.'

'What's that dad,' I said as I push my dick inside of my dad's hairy snatch.

'Like a pussy, a man's ass can get wet without any lubrication.'

'Wow!' I exclaimed as my dick engulfs dad's round-curved booty.

'Ah! Ah!' dad moaned while I stroke his tender ass with my hard black cock.

'Give it to me, son. Fuck this ass!' he ordered.

Since I always want to please my dad, I push my dick deep/Deep/DEEP inside of his ass.

'Yeah! Oh Shit! Son, this ass is yours!' dad yelled wanting more.


I lay on the bed with my hard 8' dick ready for service. Dad lays next to me.

'Son, when a man rides your dick, you allow him to control how deep/fast you may go.'

With that said, dad mounts my dick like a cowboy.

'Ehyah!' we both said in unison as my 8' black dick strangles his curved plump booty.

Dad swishes his masculine hips around my black horse/allowing me to stab his dark eye.

My dad's body is dripping wet with sweat, but the old man continues to ride my horse.

'Uh-Uh!' dad whined.

I hold his waist so that my balls could bounce on his ass.

'Oh! Oh!' dad cried.

DAMN! Dad's ass isn't tight-its TYAIGHT!

'That's right, son. Keep fucking me deeper!' he said while bouncing on my jock.

'Dad, your ass is a real dick pleaser,' I whined.

'That's right, son, because a man knows how to fuck regardless if its an ass or a pussy.'

With his sweat pouring on me, I'm glad to know that I'm finally pleasing the old man.

As I rip through my dad's ass, I move my lips closer to his 9.5' cock.

I suck on his black dick while the old man bounces updownupdownupdown on my shaft.

'Wait son, I don't want to cum yet.'


My body is in a push up position as my dad lays on the bed holding his ankles.

'Son, when your man allows you to fuck him in the buck-he is giving you full control.'

I slide my 8' black dick inside of the old man making him want more.

'Plop! Plop! Plop!' was the sound that I made as my 8' dick ran through dad's ass.

'Do it, boy! Give me your load!'

My balls wail against the old man, but still he wants more.

'Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!'

'Unlike a pussy, a man's ass can take pain!' dad advised.

Hearing how my dad's ass can take pain, I decide to tear his ass in 2.

Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!'

While force feeding the old man my cock, I suck on his nipples.

'Yeah! Hell yeah!' dad whined while taking my 8' dick like a good bottom.

'Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!'

I gyrate my hips so that I can long stroke my dad's ass.

'That's right, Emmanuel. Choke this pussy,' dad said.

'Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!'

I smile upon seeing tears stroll down his face.

'That's right, dad. Cry while I POUND your ass,' I said while choking his ass HARDER.


'EH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!' dad cried while tugging on his 9.5 black dick.

'From now on dad, when I am fucking you, call me, Man-Man!' I ordered.


'Yes, Man-Man. Fuck me!' dad yelled.

The old man jerks his 9.5' dick until its ready to explode.


'Yeah, Man-Man! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME!' dad commanded.

Quickly, the old man's cum explodes all over my chest. But, I continue to POUND him.


'You like cumming on my faggot dick, dad?' I asked as my dick intensifies its pace.

'Yes! Oh God, son! Please cum!' dad whimpered like a baby.


Hearing my dad beg for mercy, I pull my 8' black dick out of his ass.

After I climb on his chest, I jerk my dick near his face.

'That's right, son. You have to reward your man.'

'Oh shit, dad! OHHHHHH SHIT!!!!!!!!'

Immediately, my cum slaps the old man in his face.

Like a good cum sucker, he opens his mouth wide, yet my cum pours all over his face.


As minutes count by, I rest in bed.

My dad stands naked on the floor while he talks with my mother.

'Man-Man,' dad said.

'Your mom has to work late, but she called me to tell you to look out the window.'

'Yes sir,' I responded walking to the window.

I look out the window and see a 2009 Ford Escape near the house.

'Oh my God, dad! Is that my new car!' I excitedly said.

Dad smiled, 'No son, that's my new car. Your new car is awaiting you in the driveway.'

We laugh.

'So you are giving me your car?' I asked.

'Yup. Happy 16th birthday!' he responded.

We embrace in a hug. My dad is the greatest ever. I love my life.

This has been the best birthday. This is the day that I learned who I am.

My true name is Man-Man, a black faggot who loves to please grown men.

'Daddy, since mom is coming home late-I want some more,' I whispered.

-Love Me-




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