* This story takes place after, 'Riding the BLACK Bus' and before 'Tutor Me.'


Emmanuel Jones, you are such a whore, I smiled as I walk into my school.

Today is my 16th birthday and this is the day that I finally accepted myself as a cum swallowing bitch.

'Ha!' I remarked aloud at my tacky choice of words.

How else can I describe my transformation from a nerdy, pimply faced, skinny, black kid with a large round ass and thin runner's legs.

Yesterday, my only focus was to graduate from high school with honors, receive a college scholarship, and become a lawyer. I dreamed of one day serving on the Supreme Court.

Today, all of that seems like a memory replaced with lip gloss on my large dick sucking buttons and tight black pants that squeeze my chunky black ass. All I dream about now is eating a hard cock.

I love dick and I want it in me more than anything else in this world.

But I am only 16 years old. How can I have transformed into a cock hungry whore over night?

This morning, my dad awakened me with his dick tapping on my virgin ass, then I met Al the bus driver who gave me his delicious ice cream to swallow.

This is the best birthday ever, or at least it was until I hear a loud booming southern voice call me.


'Emmanuel Jones, you are late for class.'

I turn around and see Vice-Principal Barco. He looks exactly like Kenan Ivory Wayans with his tall 6'3 height, dark eyes, and chocolate complexion skin.

Anytime, I try to have some fun, Mr. Barco is there.

Usually, that annoys me, but not today. On this day, I see Mr. Barco as a sexy African King wearing a gray suit that snugly fits his muscled frame.

I wonder how low does his dick swing?

'Shouldn't you be in class, son?' he asked revealing the large gap between his teeth.

'I'm sorry for being late for school, Mr. Barco. Today is my 16th birthday and my dad gave me a present that I had to open this morning,' I slyly said.

Mr. Barco gives me a look of indifference, 'Well good for you, Mr. Jones-Now get to class.'

'Yes, sir.' I said hurrying along.

As I walk away, my intuition tells me to turn around, and wouldn't you know it, I see a smiling Mr. Barco staring at my chunky booty. I smile and wink my right eye at him in response.

Anywhere and anytime, Mr. Barco. I will fuck you till your dick is blue.


Before, I get to class, I have to use the restroom. Upon opening the door, the smell of piss and shit hits my nostrils. I close the stall door behind me and unleash my water,


Holding my 8 inch black cock in my hands, reminds me of my two morning meals. I imagine Al gliding his 8.5 inch black dick in my nasty mouth and my dad fucking my slutty faggot ass with his 9.5 inch cock.

It would feel like Heaven having two dicks inside of me-fucking me-USING ME LIKE A TOILET.

'Yeah!' I moaned as the pissy-shitty smelling restroom spins me into a trance.

As I rub my hard 8inch cock into an orgasm, the bathroom door opens.

'Man-Man, is that you,' my best friend Janal interrupted by calling my nickname.

'Yeah man. What's up?' I responded as my dick softens.

'Nothing much,' he said while unzipping his pants. 'I didn't think you were coming to school because of your birthday.'

'No, my dad forced me to come today,' I said in frustration that Janal is blocking me from cumming.

Janal laughs, 'On my 16th birthday, my parent's forced me, too. I had a major science project due and they would not consider me staying home. Parents just don't understand.'

Suddenly, I hear Janal's golden stream hitting the water, 'BLUBABLUBABLBLUBA.'

Damn, Janal sounds like he has a big piece, I thought peeking out of the stall's corner to see my best friend taking a piss in a white urinal. It feels wrong to think about Janal like this-but I can't help myself.

Until now, I never noticed how Janal looks just like Webster with his ebony angelic face.

Janal may be 16, but his baby face and short 4'-3' height makes him look more like a 10 year old.

Sadly, he hides his beauty behind geeky orange frame bifocal glasses. But I can tell that he is all man by his 7.5 inch black cock that resembles a soda can, his flabby arms, and girl hips that gives him a round and large booty.

I bet he's a virgin, I thought while returning to pumping my 8 inch cock as the sound of Janal's piss trickles into the toilet.


I couldn't help but imagine the taste of my best friend's piss on my brown lips.


His piss would smack me right in the face and trickle down my throat.


For some reason, I imagine that it would taste salty.


So Salty.....


Janal stops pissing just as I am ready to blast off.

'So, are you ready for Mr. Domingo's history test?' he asked

I can't respond. I can only take in the bathroom's smell, drinking Janal's salty piss, and my hunger.

'Man-Man, are you ok?' Janal asked.

OH SHIT! I screamed inside as cum shoots from my dick and hits the toilet water.

'Yeah man,' I said coming down from my high.

After a second of recovery, I zip my pants and open the door to see a clueless Janal.


Arriving in Mr. Domingo's history class, I feel very self-conscious about my classmates reaction of seeing lip gloss on my lips or my chunky black ass in tight fitting pants.

'Good morning, Mr. Jones. I am so happy that you could join us,' Mr. Domingo said.

I ignore Mr. Domingo's irritating voice. Mr. Domingo thinks that he can relate to his black students because he is a Filipino- but his 40ish age divides us. Nonetheless, Janal and I sit directly in front of Mr. Domingo's desk like good teacher's pets.

Sitting so close to him, I notice that Mr. Domingo resembles Lou Diamond Phillips with his suave maputi skin, short dark hair, and exotic brown eyes.

Despite him being a jerk, I have to be nice to Mr. Domingo. He holds my chances of getting into a good college. This means I have to pass all his tests. Like the one that he gives today, which he places on my desk.

I whisper for a pencil to Janal. He is such a good friend. I know that he is 16, but he looks so young.

Because Janal resembles a 10 year old boy, I feel like a pervert for wanting to smear my white cum all over his ebony baby face. My best friend even dresses like a nerd with his short-sleeved red shirt, tan khakis, and brown Dr. Martens. He resembles a little kid playing dress up for school.

Maybe, his demur size is the reason why I want his kiddie ass around my teenage black dick. I should dismiss this thought-instead, my hunger continues to grow sitting near him.

Ignoring Mr. Domingo's test, I write Janal a note, 'Are you a virgin?'

On reading the note, Janal's orange frame glasses steam with interest.

'Why do you ask?' he sent in a reply.

'Because I want to know...' I forward.

This time, Janal stares into my brown eyes. I nod my head to give a signal that I want to fuck. However, Janal acts oblivious and returns to his test.

But I won't quit.

I can tell that he is a virgin who wants to have a dick in his asstwat. So I write another note:


Unfortunately, as I pass the note to Janal, Mr. Domingo appears out of nowhere and takes the slip.

He reads the note and tucks it in his shirt pocket leaving both Janal and I in shock.

The school bell rings beginning lunch time. The class leaves for the cafeteria, however-

'Mr. Jones and Mr. Fitts I want to have a word with you,' Mr. Domingo ordered.

Janal and I are nervous with fear.

Damn it, I can't believe that I jeopardized my whole academic career for some ass.


Mr. Domingo stands in front of us holding my note. He looks at us with a cold maputi face.

I know that I am in trouble-yet, I cannot help notice the sparkle in his exotic brown eyes, his board chest and muscular arms covered by a blue buttoned shirt with a red tie, and gray pants that reveals his large enticing ass globes.

'What is the meaning of this note?' he asked.

'I'm sorry, Mr. Domingo.' I said. 'I sent Janal the note. I didn't mean to get us into trouble.'

Mr. Domingo nods his square shaped head while Janal looks down.

'I see. Why so glum, Mr. Fitts? Did you want to fuck him?'

Janal looks at Mr. Domingo in disbelief.

'Well, Mr. Fitts. Do you want to fuck Mr. Jones? Answer the question young man.'

Janal casts a glance at me, silently pleading for help.

I notice a bulge appear in front of Mr. Domingo's gray pants, which causes my own hunger to stir in me. I want to have both of their lips around my 8inch tool.

'If I have to ask again, Mr. Fitts, there will be trouble.'

Janal lowers his head and whispers, 'Yes.'

Mr. Domingo nods his head, 'I see. Mr. Jones, please come to the front of class.'

I follow.

'Take off your clothes, please.'

Without a second thought, I do as I am told. I must remain nice to Mr. Domingo because he holds all the power.

I stand before them showing my slightly hard black cock.

'Bend over on the desk,' Mr. Domingo ordered while Janal watches traumatized.

I lean my skinny brown arms on Mr. Domingo's desk sticking my round ass in Janal's 10 year old face. Mr. Domingo grabs a yard stick from the chalkboard's ledger.

'When I was in school, I acted just like you, Mr. Jones. Until, I was corrected.'

'TSHWHAP!' was the sound of the ruler thundering against my bare black ass.

'OW!' I screamed feeling my ass brighten and blood running to my dick.

'My teachers had to correct me, too. I had to learn my place as a student.'


'AYE!' I screamed in pleasurable-pain as Janal watches in mute silence.

'If you want to succeed, young man. You must learn your place as a student.'


'EHH!' I screamed. My whole body fells like a volcano, hot and ready to explode.

'Do you understand, Mr. Jones?'


'Answer me, do you understand?'


'AH-YEs-yes, sir,' I said wanting to cum more than anything else in this world.


'Good, very good.'


'OWW! Oh, GOD YES!' I screamed feeling pre-cum dripping from my 8inch black cock.

Mr. Domingo sits the yard stick on Janal's desk while I keep my place.

My ass feels bright red as pre-cum drips from my hard dick onto my thin runner's legs and the floor.

'Mr. Fitts, please take off your glasses,' Mr. Domingo commanded.

Janal does so slowly-timidly. Janal looks so sweet without his glasses. He has the prettiest brown bedroom eyes.

'Now come here.'

'I can't, Mr. Domingo,' Janal looks like a scared child but I can tell that he wants to play with my ass.

'Why not?'

'Because, umm because,' he said looking downward into his lap.

Instantly, Mr. Domingo realizes that Janal can't get up because he has an erection.

'Do as you are told. Come here.'

Janal stands revealing his 7.5 inch bulge in his tan khakis. He walks behind me.

'Now, beat his black ass,' Mr. Domingo ordered standing far behind us.

'Huh' Janal said like a clueless baby.

'You heard me, young man,' Mr. Domingo smiled.

I slowly wiggle my ass in anticipation of having Webster beat my asstwat.

'Do as he says, Janal,' I urged. 'Remember, we are his students.'

Janal grabs the ruler from his desk.

'Now, Mr. Fitts.'

'tshwap' is the embarrassed sound from Janal slapping me on my black booty.

'Mr. Fitts, if you do not correct Mr. Jones properly, then you will fail this assignment.'

Janal sighs.

'Do it man, or we are in trouble. Please,' I said sticking my chunky black ass out more to be abused. Janal winds his arm back and lets out a loud, 'TSHWHAP!'

'YES!' I scream wanting Webster to master my ass.

'Hit him harder, Mr. Fitts.'


'OHHH' I moaned.

'Harder,' Mr. Domingo ordered.


'YEAH MAN! SPANK MY PUSSY!' I screamed popping my ass in a back and forth rhythm.


I held in a scream of pleasurable pain, causing me to rip the skin off my bottom lip.


My 8inch black cock waves side to side leaving long streams of pre-cum on the floor.


'YESSSSS!' I whined as sweat pours down my slutty black face.


I feel connected to Janal. All his innocence is gone, replaced with the love of manipulating my ass.


His hits become harder causing my dick to wave more intensely over the floor.


'Do it, boy. Spank my ass,' I whispered feeling my cum readying to explode out of me.


'I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!' I screamed loss in pleasurable-pain.


'AHHHYEEAHHHHH!!!!!!' I exhaled as my cum floods out of me onto the floor.


My body trembles in intensity as the last drips of cum leave me.

'All right, young men. That is enough,' Mr. Domingo said from the distance.

Janal and I turned around to see him completely naked. Mr. Domingo looks damn good for a 40ish man. His arms are packed with muscles, his hard cock is at least 7 inches and shape like a blunt tool, his smooth chest shows red welt marks, which he probably received from being corrected by his teachers.

'How do you feel, Mr. Fitts?' he asked.

Janal holds the yard stick in his chubby hands, sweat pours down his face and his breathing is rapid.

'I-I feel great.' Janal lowly said. 'I WANT MORE!'

Despite his child like innocence, I always knew that Janal was a freak.

We kiss passionately-not like children playing grownup-but more like STRONG BLACK MEN.

As Janal and I share our love and hunger for dick, Mr. Domingo gives a laugh of victory-ownership.

Again, this is my best birthday ever!



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