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This time I woke up feeling fresh and ready to face whatever the day decides to foist at me. Exactly six. I popped out of bed and took a tantalising hot shower. I felt robust; exhilarated after a gratifying night's snooze. I couldn't wait for my first ever rugby training. Not as a writer doing research, but for the actual fun of it.

I slipped on a pair of khaki trousers and a white tank with a seasoned grey hoodie, gathered my stuff in a duffel bag, and darted towards the door. But before I could get there...

"Tristan Oakley, you better get your sneaky ass down here and have some of my wonderful breakfast!" a vehement squall came charging behind me. No one would call me by my full name other than my mother.

I unwillingly slithered to the kitchen to find Beck and Dad settled around the kitchen table as well. After scoffing down the waffles although pretending to take my time, I declared the mandatory 'Mmmmm' and headed to the door, only to have my arms forcefully gripped by Mum.

"Have a safe trip. Don't hurt yourself, dear." She said almost condescendingly.

"Mum, I'm playing rugby, not leaving for war." I smiled, swiftly leaping out after attaining kisses from my family.

I was at the Northern portion of the city, lost once again. The roads in Toronto are hands down vexing. I realised it was pouring in the early morning and the potholes were filled with water. Just as I was adroitly evading the holes, one my rear tyres plunged down and a deafening splash of water followed. I spun my head around.

"Shit!" I cried. A bespectacled girl stood rooted to the asphalt right next to my vehicle, completely drenched in muddy water. Her eyes and mouth were sealed shut and her fists clasped tightly by her side.

"My dress! My fucking dress! How fucking dare you!" she shrieked. I galloped out of the car, ready to face the doom that awaited me. Then she opened her eyes and there was a frighteningly long pause to her bloodcurdling rage. She stared at me and scanned me from head to toe, her expression turned shy. I stared back at her, my face to the side, my eyes not leaving her. I was prepared to sprint for my life.

"Oh, hi there." She began with a sheepish smile.

"I'm ssssorry! Please don't hurt me!"

"What? No, it's fine... it's fine... I'm fine. I'm sorry I stood there..." Her face was blushing strangely. I tried to elude her weird glances.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"It's nothing. I'm Farrah." She introduced. I gave myself a moment to ponder why people acquaint themselves so quickly.

"I'm so sorry, Farrah. You're all wet. Were you going somewhere? I'm sorry..." I stuttered. I wasn't a timid person but I despised feeling guilty. "Do you need to change? I can give you a ride home."

"Oh, yeah that would be good." Her eyes were still lingering at me.

I started to feel fed-up with her stares but I ignored them. I opened the back door of my car and gestured her in, my face still flushed with utter embarrassment. I popped myself back in the driver's seat, fastened my seatbelt and took a glimpse at the rear-view mirror. Again, she moored her perplexing brown eyes on mine and I felt even more petrified than ever. I drove forwards without hesitation.

"Where do you want me to take you?" I questioned, careful not to look at the mirror again.

"I was heading to my faculty at Northbrook University before you splashed me. Do you know where it is?"

"Oh... I was on my way there too. But I'm lost."

She laughed a bit unnecessarily.

"It's less than fifty metres from here round the corner. Turn left." I did so and was relieved to catch the sight of the oversized sign of the campus name superimposed on the brick wall of the main building.

"Are you a student here?" She poked.

"No." I said, wishing she would shut up. I was only driving her arse there because I would have felt awful leaving her.

"Why are you going there, then?"

"I'm a writer. I'm interviewing your school rugby team for my article." I revealed. Now I really hope that information would suffice to keep her mouth shut. I squinted at the rear-view mirror to see her mouth vast agape.

"What?" I hissed. I was thoroughly confounded with this woman's behaviour.

"Shut the fuck up! Can I come? I'm coming with you! Please. I don't know you... but can I come?" Her voice was so irritatingly desperate I swear I could have halted the car and shoved her off my vehicle.

"Don't you have a lecture or something?"

She resumed in the same alarming tone, "Who gives a shit? The Musks are like the biggest thing ever! They won the GNAs sixteen times since the championship started in 1983! Sixteen! I've been studying in this college for almost three years and I've never even got to touch one of them!"

"Touch them?"

"I mean... see them!"

Again, I was floored by Farrah's unearthly demeanor. But I guess it isn't surprising how 'popular' the Musks are. Karl White wouldn't have assigned me to any other amateur school rugby squad, I suppose.

"You wanna come?" I couldn't believe I said that.

"Yes! Yes! Please. Please!"

She's like a boy-band fangirl gone dangerously savage.

"Fine," I said, feeling sorry if I disappointed a stranger whom I splashed mud water all over. "But leave me to my work and you can ogle at them all you want. No touching."

I parked in the vicinity of the stadium. I flashed my press pass to the guard standing nearby before going in. No one was permitted to go in if they were not supposed to. As we entered through the threshold, I was astonished by the sheer size of the stadium.

"What's so good about them?" I thought.

I was just on time. Seven thirty. To my relief, I chanced upon Adam sitting on the metal gutter that surrounded the field, hugging his knees.

"Adam!" I called. He got up immediately after seeing me but his eyes were still on some guys on the field getting training equipment ready.

"Hey," he approached with a big smile, his eyes shimmering as it fixed on my face. "I came a little early. Didn't wanna forget about you again. Let's get inside."

He seemed to be completely oblivious to the freak next to me.

"Hhhhhhhhhhhhi... hi Adam." She muttered out of nowhere.

Adam turned to her. "Who's this?" I could clearly see he was also unsettled by her awful gaze.

"This is Farrah. I think she's quite a big fan of yours." I spoke right before Farrah reached her hand out and groped his chest.

"Ooookay let's get inside." I pushed the creature out of his way and pulled Adam's arm to the locker room.

"What was that all about?" His face was in a daze.

"She's just excited to meet you." I said, pulling the sleeves of my hoodie to my elbows. We entered the lockers. I tailed Adam to his locker to retrieve my very own jersey.

"Here you go."

"Where do I change?"


"Are there any cubicles in here?"

He laughed. Uncontrollably.

"There's no need to be shy here. Besides, you're not that bad yourself," he said while punching my stomach.

"I'm not. I'm just..."

He took his shirt off.

"...not used to it."

His pants were off in a blink of an eye.

I guess I really had no choice. Since the twenty-or-so men in the locker room packed like sardines were all already completely bare, I took off my hoodie and began undressing. Adam was at a corner teaching a red-headed bloke named Jamie how to pole dance using nothing but a hockey stick where he pulled his white undies down, uncovering a perfectly smooth, creamy bubble butt I imagined when I was... pleasuring myself. As he playfully thrust his hips against the lucky hockey stick, his cock was bouncing everywhere and his balls looked like they were having fun. I was unsure if I should be amused or turned on.

I finally took my undies off, and to my relief everyone was minding their own business. Well, it wasn't much of a spectacle to be honest.

The coach bombarded the room and told me to get dressed before he wanted to talk to me privately. I covered myself in an extremely tight pair of compression shorts that, according to Adam, would protect the family jewels. I tucked a close-fitting dark green jersey that displayed my muscles under a miniscule pair of white satin shorts that weren't large enough to conceal half the length of my thighs. I might as well not have worn anything down there. Then I followed him to his office.

He closed the door behind me and the strange noises coming from the unruly team of men faded away.

"I need you to..." he began. A long pause followed.

"This team is not a joke. You'll only be in the reserves. No special treatment, no stardom, no shit, you hear me?" he continued.

"Sure, Coach." I replied, feeling a little dazed. He swiftly left the room only to let out a loud scream, "What the fuck are you all waiting for?! Get out into the field, ladies!" I then realised he wasn't the most polite person I'd met. After pulling a pair of white knee-high socks and tying on special rugby shoes, I bolted outside. Seeing my team on the grass floor doing bizarre leg stretches, I approached Adam and sat right next to him.

"Okay, bud," Adam groaned as he pointed his finger to his foot. "It's speed training today. It's not as complicated as it seems. It really trains your stamina, which means you're gonna start from the tryline and dash one-hundred metres all the way across to the in-goal area. Coach is gonna time you. When you cross the 40-metre line some guys are gonna chase after you until you get there, okay?"

I realised I wasn't listening and was instead staring into his eyes as he talked. He was so cute. "What line?"

"Just... run from there," he pointed to one end of the field, "all the way until there. Try not to get tackled over; it's not a very nice thing to experience. Let's go."

He got up and I followed, jogging to the tryline, which was the first white line of the field. I noticed his ass looked amazing from behind.

Shit. I did it again. Trying to look away, I surveyed the seating area and saw Farrah eagerly waving back at me. Ignoring that, I turned my head and spotted Olivia – the blonde chick I met the day before, reading a book, of all things. Don't they have a library?

We reached the tryline and I heard a faint whistle from the opposite side of the field.

"Go!" Adam pushed me from behind. All I had to do was run, and that was what I did. I was just taking my time. I figured the expectations of me weren't high, and I didn't sign up for a rigorous cardio workout. But a little over halfway across, Nate threw a Gilbert ball in my direction. I felt like a pro as I caught it effortlessly before I noticed two groups of 200-pound men were starting to charge behind me from left and right. Fuck! I ran faster – but faster wasn't enough. The gap between us was quickly shrinking.

"Lord have mercy," I muttered, and a painful blow to my left rib flung me a million yards away, and I landed with a loud thud on the ground. It was like I was hit with Thor's hammer. I swear my vision went black and I thought I was unconscious for a moment. I felt vibrations of running footsteps on the ground and in an instant, a dozen men crowded around me, and then I felt drowsy. With an aching torso, I closed my eyes and slowly went blank.



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