Jack sat in his college Biology class. His teacher, Mr. Hill, was teaching on the different types of fungi. Jack found it to be boring and found himself day dreaming. As soon as they were dismissed, Jack took off and headed to swim practice. In the locker room, Jack stripped. He saw some of the other guys take their clothes off. Jack caught himself looking at one guys cock. It hung and was probably at least five inches, flaccid. Jack could feel his cock hardening, and shook away the thoughts that entered his mind. Jack was straight, or so he thought. Later that evening, there was a knock on his dorm room door. Jack was alone and shirtless. He usually was while his roommate was out. Jack answered the door. It was Mr. Hill. 'Hello Jack' he said. 'Mr. Hill?' Jack said puzzled and feeling a little awkward. 'You forgot this' he said and handed Jack his Biology book. 'Oh thanks' Jack said. 'You work out?' the teacher asked. He stared at Jacks muscular chest through his wire rim glasses. 'Yeah pretty much everyday' Jack said. 'You must have girls all over you' Mr. Hill said with a smile. Jack smiled and said 'sometimes i get lucky'. Jacks gaze shifted to his teacher's crotch and seeing a slight bulge. 'Ever with a guy?' Mr. Hill asked. The question took Jack by surpise. 'Well my roomie wack off sometimes' he said. Mr. Hill nodded. He stepped into Jack's dorm room. ' Jack i want to ask you something' he said. 'Okay what is it?' Jack asked. 'Ever wanted to suck a mans cock?' Mr. Hill asked. Jack was shocked, but thought back to how many times he thought about getting down on a guy. 'I guess...' Jack said. Mr. Hill began to rub his crotch. 'Jack im gonna be honest with you. I get hard when i see you. And i have been wanting to mess around with you. Will you let me?' Mr. Hill asked. Jack thought he should say no, but replied with a yes. Mr. Hill smiled and began unzipping his pants. Jack found himself getting a boner. Within a few seconds Mr. Hill had whipped out his ten inch rod.




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