Once there was a boy named will. He was fresh to the college scene and he majored in dance at his university. Will loved nothing more than to dance. He took ballet,jazz, modern, as well as African. His favorite although was ballet, he had a special thing for his ballet teacher. Mr. Davis was his name. He was beautiful and ripped he had huge biceps, rock hard abs, and was amazingly strong nut not too strong like a bodybuilder. He was perfect.

Will took an all mens class, although it was assumed that any guy who took ballet was gay several were not, but in this case Will never told anyone he was gay but he definately had the hots for older men especially. What attracted will to ballet were the tights and the bulges of all male ballet dancers. A few years ago will discovered the dance belt, the dance belt is the undergarment male ballet dancers wear for no injury in the crotch area. He also enjoyed looking at men leap so he could catch a glimpse of their big bulging balls.

Day after day Will would lead his normal life nothing exciting ever happened, he was still a virgin, and he had not really made many frends except those in his dance class and mr. Davis himself.

One day after class will was asked to come to mr Davis office

As he walked n there was he teacher sitting reading something.

Whas that you're reading? Will asked

Uhhhh... Nothing Stammered mr.Davis

To be continued...




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