Greg was laying on the bed, head propped up, totally engrossed in a porn movie on the TV. He held his hard cock between his thumb and first two fingers and was very slowly sliding them back and forth on his cock.

"Looks like someone is enjoying the movie," I said.

Surprised, he jumped and tried to cover himself.

"Fuck it, Mark, I'm sorry if I offended you. Being on the road all the time takes it's toll on a man's sex life making it almost nonexistent."

"Hey man, forget it. I wasn't offended in the least. Hell, with the hours I've been working, I know exactly how you feel. And I pleasure myself in the same way frequently."

"I guess a lot of guys do," he replied, keeping the sheet over his cock.

"Any guy that says he doesn't jerk of is a fucking liar."

"You got that shit right," he said.

"Hell, as a teen, me and a couple of my buds would go out in the woods and talk about sex and all jerk together. We didn't see anything wrong with it."


"Oh, yea," I replied as I walked around the bed to my side, my own cock half hard. "Several times a week."

I lay down and began watching the movie. Wanting to make him feel more at ease, as I watched the movie, I reached down and grasp my cock gently and began stroking slowly. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him watching.

After a moment, Greg slowly slid the sheet back and returned to stroking his cock. I glanced over and watched a second then looked at his face, and as he looked at me I simply smiled. He smiled back.

We were silent for a while then he asked, "Did you and your buds really jerk together or were you just trying to make me feel better?"

"Oh, we did, especially when one of them could swipe some of his older brothers porn magazines."

"Sounds hot," he said. Then seconds later asked, "When you did, did you ever jerk each other off?"

"Yep. Good old circle jerk."

"Sounds like you had lots of fun growing up."

"I did. Did you ever jerk with your buds?"

"Just one in the neighborhood was my age. We did for a few months before he moved. Then I was on my own."

"Bummer. I miss those days sometimes."

"Me too," he replied. Then seconds later said, "Would you think me too forward by suggesting you and I return to those days?"

Looking at him I smiled and asked, "By jerking each other?"

"Yea, but I hope you don't think bad of me for suggesting it."

"Fuck no. I think it would be hot to go back in time and act like kids again."

Things were working out better that I had dreamed. I was wanting to see Greg nude and that had happened. I wanted to see him boned and that had happened. I wanted to feel his cock and that was about to happen. Now, if I only get a chance to suck him, I'll be in heaven.

I casually moved closer as he did the same. Our nude bodies were side by side ad touching. I casually reached over and grasp his beautiful hard cock and began stroking him as he did the same to me.

"Damn, this brings back memories," he said.

"Yea, it does for me too," I answered.

It was awesome having this gorgeous hunk stroking my cock and having his cock in my hand. Oh how I wanted it in my mouth.

We stroked each other for a while as we watched the movie. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him looking over at me. I tuned and looked at him, our faces just inches apart. Our eyes locked together for a few seconds before Greg suddenly leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. No way was I going to pull back, but suddenly he did.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that, but I couldn't stop myself. You're so damn nice and personable."

"Look Greg, don't be sorry. I'm the type that likes people I'm around to just be themselves. Besides, I liked what you did and hope you'll do it again."

He smiled and leaned toward me again and as our lips met, I parted mine and offered my tongue. He quickly responded and offered his tongue.

Suddenly, he released my cock and wrapped his arms around me holding me and kissing me passionately. it lasted several minutes and I hated it when he puled away, but only for a second.

When he broke the kiss, he quickly leaned lower and began gently sucking my nipples, then quickly dropped lower, swallowing my hard cock.

"Oh fuck yea!" I exclaimed loudly. "It's all yours."

I couldn't believe this beautiful stud was sucking my cock. I figured that I'd be lucky if I got to suck his.

"Oh fuck, Greg, don't stop. I so fucking close," I said.

He sucked with more gusto and soon my cock exploded into his mouth and as it did he moaned and hungrily swallowed. Once he had milked every drop of cum from my cock, he slowly pulled off.

"Fuck that was good. It's been so long since the last one."

"Well, I damn sure enjoyed it and you don't have to wait for the next time. Whenever you want it just go for it," I told him. He smiled and kissed me.

I ended the kiss and quickly went to his nips then his cock, swallowing it balls deep and holding it there.

"Oh shit! I was hoping you were into it also."

I hungrily sucked his cock and soon got his huge thick creamy load. Once I had him drained, I lay back up beside him and we kissed as we cuddled together.

After a moment he said, "Mark, I have a confession to make to you."

"And what would that be? That your gay?"

"That is fairly obvious now, but the confession is that when you came out of the shower and saw me stroking, I had that planned just to see your reaction. After you said what you did and began stroking yours, I felt fairly sure I would get to suck you."

"Well, since confessions are taking place, I have one to tell you. I worked in the room sharing in hopes of seeing you nude and possibly getting to suck you. It seems both our plans seemed to work together to both our goals."

He agreed and we talked and told each other how and when we each got into men.

With Greg, he was seventeen when he started.

"You won't believe this story but I swear it's all true," he said, and began his story.

It seems the girl he was dating was bi and had been having three ways with her best friend, Joan, and Joan's boyfriend. She talked Greg into a four way. He thought it was hot watching the girls eat each other out. Then one night as the girls were getting it on the boyfriend, Pete, suddenly began sucking Greg's cock. The girls watched as Pete brought Greg to a climax and swallowed. They started urging Greg to suck Pete. He said he finally did and to his surprise he found that he enjoyed it. He said that it soon went further with Greg and Pete fucking each other while the girls watched.

He said before long the girls began to get pissed off because when the four of them got together, he and Pete spent more time having sex with each other than with them. It ended up that Greg and Pete dropped the girls and moved in together as lovers. Pete later got in some minor trouble and had a choice of serving jail time or joining the military. He joined the military and was killed in action in the middle east. Greg said that it took him a long time to get over loosing Pete.

"I'm so sorry," I told him.

"Thanks," he said, "but I've moved on with my life. Someday, maybe I'll find someone else to love but until that day, I'll keep having sex when I get the chance, which isn't that often."

"You'll find someone. You're a great person, damn hot looking, and hot as hell."

"Thanks, and so are you."

We ended the night with more kissing and fucking each other and it was awesome. Damn did he know how to fuck and please a guy.

As we dressed the following morning after a hot sixty-nine, I asked, "Tonight should I get a room with one bed or two?"

"It doesn't matter," he said. "Whichever you get we'll still end up in the same bed together."

"You're damn right there," I said.

We went to breakfast and as we ate he said, "When we head out set your CB on channel five. I have two radios in my rig and I'll put one on channel 19 and the other on channel 5."

"Okay but why two radios?"

"One stays on 19 for alerts from other drivers. When I want to talk privately with another driver about something, I use the second radio and can still listen for alerts on the other."

"I see," I said. "So our private conversations will now be on channel 5."

"You got it."

That morning as we drove we chatted on channel 5 a lot about things in general then Greg said, "You don't know how great last night was for me."

"Yes I do. It was awesome for me also. I can't wait until tonight."

"Me either," Greg replied.

Suddenly a strange unknown voice was heard saying, "Damn, I wish I could be there tonight and join in."

"Who's are you?" Greg asked. "and how did you find us?

"Was scanning the channels and happened to hear your chat. I'm just anther driver that enjoys the pleasure of another man."

"Which way you headed?" Greg asked.

"East," the driver replied. "Mile marker 351."

He was a few miles ahead of us.

"So are we, but farther back. On 19 if you hear 'lunch', stop at the first place you find to accommodate trucks. Go in and wait."

I spoke up and asked, "Just out of curiosity, how old are you and what are you into?"

"Twenty-seven and I love oral, anal, rimming and some kink I'll tell you about in person."

"How will we know you?" Greg asked.

"I'll be wearing a red tank top with a smiley face and Yankees ball cap. Name's Luke."

"Got it," Greg said. "Later."

Greg and I were silent after that, not knowing if Luke was listening in or not. About half past eleven Greg asked "You ready to eat?"

"Yea," I replied, and flipped over to channel 19 to hear Greg say "Lunch."

"Got it," the voice said.

I flipped back to channel 5 and fifteen minutes later we heard the driver give out an exit number.

When we arrived, we found a large Petro truck stop, with trucks coming and going constantly. I pulled into the auto lot while Greg went to the back truck lot and parked. I waited at the car for Greg to meet me.

"When we go in, casually look around for a table and see if you spot him. I'll do the same."

We went in and into the restaurant and spotted the driver and an empty table three tables away from him. We headed for it.

Both of us had a perfect view of the driver. He did indeed look twenty-seven. He was well built ad appeared to be just over six foot tall. The tank top revealed a muscular hairy chest and the edge of a USMC tattoo above his left nipple and a few on his arms. His head was shaved smooth and was sexy looking.

"What you think?" Greg asked softly.

"I think he's hot. What about you?"

"Same. You interested in a three way tonight if he can stop?"

"Sure. Be hot to tag team his ass."

"Oh yea. Take turns edging up his ass and make it last an hour or better. I wonder if he can take it?"

"Well, if he stops and joins us, we'll find out," I said.

We ordered and ate and casually watched Luke as he looked around trying to figure out who he had talked to and if they had really stopped.

We finished our meal and as we had one last cup of coffee, Luke looked at his watch, got up and headed out.

As he passed our table, Greg said, "Hey Luke, you in a hurry?"

Pausing, he looked at us, smiled, and said, "Not at all."

"Have a seat," Greg said.

As he did, Greg said, "I'm Greg and this is Mark."

He shook our hands saying it was nice to meet us.

"From your voices, you sounded hot. I'm just glad you're both near my age."

Greg asked where he was headed and he said to Dallas. When Greg asked if he was on a tight time schedule, he smiled and said, "Nope. I'm two days ahead of schedule."

"Nice," Greg said. "Well be stopping around five if you'd like to stop and join us."

"You better fucking believe I'd like that. Should I fall in behind you?"

"Yea. I'm in a rig and Mark is in a four-wheeler. We'll put him in the rocking chair."

"What's that?" I asked.

Laughing, Luke said, "You will be between us. He'll lead, then you, and I'll be behind you."

"Oh, okay."

He asked where we were headed and Greg told him the Miami area and that he drove a moving van carrying my belongings.

"May I asked how you two hooked up?"

"Tonight when we stop," Greg said.

We headed out, with me between the two big rigs. We chatted casually on channel 5 during the afternoon stopping to piss and get coffee once. Shortly after five, Greg found a truck stop with a motel next door. while they parked the trucks, I checked in and got a room with one king bed, requesting that the room be around back and away from the highway.

It was planned that I'd meet them in the restaurant and give them the room number so as not to draw attention to three guys going into the same room. We all wanted discretion.

I Went to the room and dropped my things and headed for the restaurant where I found them at a table off in a corner away from other drivers.

When I walked up, Greg was telling him how we 'discovered' each other.

When he finished, Luke said, "That's unreal. You both wanted each other and had a scheme and they just fit together perfectly. You two must be made to be together, both thinking the same thing."

As we ate, We asked Luke when he got into men.

"I was eighteen and had just joined the Marines. I wasn't this well built in boot camp and was having some trouble. My DI said he was willing to help me out but I'd have to do something for him in exchange and couldn't tell anyone or we'd both be in the brig. It turned out he wanted sex with me. In exchange for mutual sex, he'd work with me o get me built up where I could sail through boot camp. I had never been with a guy and was scared shit-less. He first blew me then had me blow him. He said I had to swallow to hide the evidence. Later we began anal. It went from there and after boot camp, I found that I enjoyed male sex and that it was more satisfying than sex with a woman and had more variety. After that it was strictly with men. I haven't touched a female pussy in eight years."

They each had their bag by them at the table, ready to go to the room. We ate and I gave them the room number. It was decided that Greg would follow a few minutes behind me then Luke would follow behind him and that the door would be left slightly open so each could slip in.

I went to the room and was completely nude when Greg arrived. He stripped and when Luke arrived, Greg and I were laying on the bed kissing and making out.

As Luke closed and locked the door, he said, "Damn, you could have waited for me."

"How fast can you join us?" I asked.

Luke kicked off his boots, removed his tank top then jeans. He was commando so all that was left was his socks. In less than one minute he was completely nude and laying with us, first kissing me then Greg.

"You two relax and let me have my fun. I haven't had a load in almost two weeks except my own."

I looked at him questioningly and he said, "I love cum so much I eat my own when I jerk off."

We told him to go for it and he quickly began sucking our cocks and was he ever good at it. He alternated sucking our cocks getting me off first and after swallowing every drop he took Greg's load.

"Man that was fantastic. I needed that."

"Our turn," I said.

Greg and I alternated sucking him as he said it had been a couple years since he had had two guys doing him at once. I was sucking him and when i knew he as ready I pulled off and had him shoot his huge built up load out onto his hairy stomach and chest. When he was done firing out his load, Greg and I began lapping it up.

"Oh fuck, guys, that is so fucking hot to watch," he said.

Afterward we all kissed each other then Luke began rimming our asses.

It was constant sex with someone dong something to one of the others.

Later, as planned, Greg and I began tag teaming his ass. When one of began to get close, we'd pull out and let the other go in. Luke was loving it and we continued for over an hour.

Finally, Luke told us to stop. He then had me lay on my back and he sat on my cock. Then leaning forward, he told Greg to shove his in with mine. Greg did and it was awesome feeling Greg's cock rubbing against mine as Luke moaned in pleasure saying he love two cocks up his ass at the same time.

Before long, we both climaxed only a second apart and filled Luke's hole with out cum. Luke said how much he loved it, tightening his ass after we pulled out to hold our loads in.

That night we both fucked Luke one on one and he fucked each of us.

Then the shocker came. I said I needed to be excused to go piss and Luke said, "Stay here. I want it."

"What?" I asked.

"Stick your cock in my mouth and start pissing. I want it."

I did and it was unreal. As the piss flowed, Luke quickly swallowed over and over, downing every drop.

When I pulled out, Greg asked, "You want mine?"

"Hell yea. Anytime."

Greg put his cock in Luke's mouth and let the flow begin. Luke again swallowed every drop.

When Greg pulled out, Luke said, "When we stopped for coffee and to piss, I so wanted it then. My DI in the Marines got me started. I had to be his urinal."

Later we dressed and went for a snack, then returned to the room for more sex.

We all slept spooned together and the next morning Luke had Greg and I fuck him before getting on the road.

While Luke showered, Greg asked, "Want to do it again tonight?"

"I'm game, how about you?"


When Luke came out and began dressing, Greg asked, "Luke, would you like to run with us today and join in again tonight?"

"Fuck yes!" he exclaimed smiling. "I'd love it."

"Great. Let's get rolling," Greg said.

We had breakfast then hit the road, stopping for lunch and later for the night. During the day if we needed to piss, Luke as ready to drink it for us.

That night, we again double fucked Luke and later he requested that we jerk off and give him a cum facial which we did. He was one wild stud. \

The next morning we exchanged cell numbers with him as he told us how much he had enjoyed the last two nights. We all went our own way.

The rest of the trip Greg and I had sex with just the two of us. I had rented a house in Ft. Lauderdale and arrived on Saturday.

"I don't want this to end," I said.

"Me either," Greg replied.

"Well, then, why don't we get a room and enjoy a few days of sun?"

"Fuck! sounds good to me."

He found a place to park the truck and climbed into my car. I had already planned on suggesting this so I had checked out motels and found one that was gay only with clothing optional.

When we checked in and Greg found out he was elated. Our room was poolside and we immediately stripped and went to the pool. Besides us, there was approximately fifteen or more other guys there, all nude.

"This is heaven," he said. "Look at all that cock."

"Nice," I said but the best is with me."

"Same here," he said smiling.

We had a great time, and didn't check out until Tuesday morning.

I took him to get his truck and after picking up guys at the terminal to unload and unpack my things, he met me at the house.

"Damn, this place is nice. Fucking huge lot," he said looking around.

"It's a rental with option to buy," I said.


All too soon, they were finished. Before he left, I told him that if he was still in town tonight to call me and stay with me. He said he would.

As the furniture was unloaded, I had the guys place it where I wanted it so that I didn't have to move any of it. Everything else was unpacked, so all i had to do was put things away.

At about nine Greg called and i went to pick him up. We had a casual evening, relaxing after he helped me put the rest of my things away.

The next morning as we started out the door for me to take him back to his rig, he stopped me.

"Mark, this has been one of the best times of my life. You are special to me and will always have a special place in my heart."

"Greg, you're special to me also and if you are ever any where lose to this area call me and I'll meet you."

"Believe me, I will," he replied, before giving me one last passionate hot kiss.

I took him to his rig and was almost in tears as I watched him walk away, wondering if I'd ever see him again.




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