I knew I was gay at the start of my senior year of high school. However, it was durning the second six weeks period before i had my first sexual experience with another male.

Curt, my best friend since our freshman year, and i were both on the football team. I was the center and he was the star quarterback. I have to admit that he was the best in the county if not the entire state, and damn hot looking.

Curt rode to and from school with me but more and more frequently had been staying late after practice because 'coach wanted to talk' to him.

I knew he was trying to get a schlorship to college and I figured our coach was trying to help him.

One Monday after practice he said he had a meeting with coach and would call me later that evening. I told him no problem.

Coach Tim Davis was in his late twenties and single and a really great guy. Everyone really liked him and looked up to him.

We all showered and one by one left the gym. I was the last one and as I walked out I could see Curt and Coach Davis talking in the coach's office.

The doors to the gym automatically locked when closed and as I started out I remembered that I had left my cell phone on a bench in the locker room. Quickly grabbing the door before it closed, I stepped back in with the door slamming closed behind me. I turned and entered the locker room when I heard Coach say, "Good, everyone is gone. Get that hot body over here."

I was shocked at what I had heard. After picking up my phone and dropping it into my pocket, I eased over to where i could see through the window to the office. I froze when I saw Curt and our coach standing chest to chest, their arms around each other and their lips locked together in a tongue sharing kiss. As I watched, my cock quickly stiffened as they began undressng each other. Before long they were both completely naked.

Slowly and quiely, I eased closer, staying hidden by the lockers and equipment. I watched as Curt sucked on the coach's niples then knelt and began sucking his long hard cock. After a moment, Coach pulled him up and did the same to him.

I couldn't believe that both my best friend and our coach were both gay.

Soon, Coach Davis stood up and after another kiss, I heard curt say, "Fuck me,"and with that, he turned and leaned over the coach's desk, making his ass avaiable. Coach reached into his desk drawer and brought out a small tube and after squeezing some on his cock and Curt's hole, he slid his cock up Curt's ass and began fucking him. I heard Curt moan, saying how great it felt. After several moments, Coach pulled ut and told Curt to fuck him, which Curt did.

After a few more moments, Curt pulled out and coach quickly turned, and Curt dropped to the floor and again began sucking the coach's cock.

Moments later, Coach pulled back and as Curt opened his mouth wide, coach jerked his cock, firing his load directly into Curt's mouth. When he was finished climaxing, Curt licked the tip of coach's cock then swallowed all of the coach's cum.

As they started to trade positions, Coach looked out the window and saw me watching. Being so engrossed in what I was seeing, I didn't realize that I had stepped out into ful view of them.

He quickly came to the door and called me over.

"What are you doing here, Mark?" he asked.

He was still nude, and as Curt stepped up beside him, a drop of cum still on his chin, I fumbled around and said that I had forgotten my phone and came back to get it.

"How much did you see and hear?" he asked.

"Everything right from the begining," I said.

"Oh, shit! Come in the office. We all need to talk."

As I followed them into the office, Curt said, "Well, buddy, it looks like watching us got you pretty turned on."

"It did," I said. "But I promise not to say anything to anyone. I've been curious about sex with another guy and found it hot."

"What are you curious about?" Curt asked.

"What it's like to suck and get sucked, kiss, maybe fuck and get fucked," I replied.

"Well, if you want to see what it's like to suck a cock, suck this," he said, shaking his cock with his hand. "But first get undressed."

I looked at coach, who was leaning against the edge of his desk, his own cock again getting hard.

I stripped and with my own cock rock hard, I knelt and as i started sucking Curt's cock, Coach Davis stepped up next to Curt. I sucked Curt a few minutes, then after noticing that Coach was again fully boned, I turned and began sucking him. After a while, I returned to Curt and soon brought him to a climax, feeling his cock explode in my mouth. I got my first taste of man cream and liked it. As he fired off into my mouth, I eagerly swallowed. After finishing him, I turned back to Coach and got him off a second time.

After Coach climaxed, he told me to stand up and let him see how my cock tasted. I did and as he sucked me Curt leaned over and began tongue kissing me. The combination of the two quickly brought me to a roaring climax, which Coach eagerly accepted and swallowed.

He stood up and as he smiled, he said, "Curt, looks like we've got someone to join us."

"It sure seems that way," Curt replied. "And I don't think we have to worry about him saying anything."

"I agree," Coach replied, adding, "we all need to get out of here before someone come checking."

We dressed and left and as Curt and I drove home, he asked how long I had been curious. I said since the middle of the summer.

"Damn, I wish I had known. We could have had a great summer."

I asked how long he had been gay and he said he started with his older brother back when he was a sophomore.

That evening, he called and i drove over and picked him up and we went to a deserted farm on the edge of town and kissed and made out before having aq sixty-nine. I lost my virginity to Curt that night.

The next day, Coach asked me to stay late. I knew what he wanted. We had hot sex in his office one on one, sucking and fucking each other.

For the rest of the year, Coach had one on one sex with Curt and I and we had many three ways.

Curt got his schlorship to a major college out of state. I remained in town and attended the local state college and continued sex with Coach Davis at his apartment a couple night a week and most weekends.

I graduated and went to work for a major consulting firm and was assigned to the office in Seattle, Washington. I worked hard and got regular promotions.

I had made friends with a group of other gays who were all masculine straight acting professionals. None of us were ready to settle down so we all dated each other, mainly for sex.

I was now twenty-eight and had worked my ass off for the firm. I was assistant branch manager.

One Wednesday, the manager called me to his office, having me lose the door behind me.

He motioned for me to have a seat in front of his desk and said, "Mark, you've been a great worker and I hate to loose you, but you're no longer employed at this branch."

I was stunned beyond belief that I was getting laid off after all my hard work.

Seeing the shock in my face, he smiled and said, "You're now manager of our Miami, florida branch. Congratulations."

"What?" I asked. "Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am. There were ten of you up for the promotion and you wone out."

"Man, you scared the shit out of me. I just knew I was getting laid off."

"Sorry about that but I couldn't resist it."

"Thisis all so unreal. When do I have to be there?"

"All the information is in this packet along with a congratulation letter from the company president. Your last day here will be Friday."

I left and drove home, still in shock. After getting home ad opening a beer, I sat down and began going thriugh the packet.

Inside was a corporate credit card ith my name on it as well as full instructions concerning the move. I was to fly to Miami, find a place to live, return home, call American Movers, who handled all company moves, have them pack, load and move me. I was to report to the Miami office in three weeks. all during this time I would be receiving manager pay. And as for my car, I could drive it or have it shipped.

That Friday, there was a party at the office for me and everyone gave me their best wishes. I had contacted the guys in our group and told them of my leaving. One told me that his brother lived in Miami and would be glad to show me around, and what areas to avoid. He said hs brother was hot and also gay and would love to meet me.

I flew to Miami and after a week of looking for rental houses during the day and going out withmy friends brother at night, I returned home on Friday.

Saturday night my friends had a going away party for me with male strippers that were willing to get completely nude and let me suck them. It was an awesome party.

I called the movers on Monday and scheduled then to arrive Tuesday to pack my up things. I packed two bags to carry with me.

Tuesday arrived and the movers were there bright and early. The driver had four helpers with him and while they began packing, he and I taked a few minutes.

His name was Greg Thomas. I found out that he was thirty-three and single and hot, but I doubted that he played. I asked if the guys would be going with him.

"No. They are just locals we hire to pack and load. It will just be me going to Miami. When we get there, I'll get a crew there to unload and unpack everything. All you will need to do is tell them where you want everything."

I asked how long it would take to drive there.

He said, "Well, with just me driving, rules say I can't drive over eight hours total plus one hour for lunch. At that rate I estimate four to five days."

"Well, I'll be following you so that's fine with me. Where will you stay at night?"

"When we stop I'll shower at the truck stop and eat there and sleep up in the cab."

"No way, I said. "Well stop and I'll pay for your room where you can relax properly."

"Mister Connors, I can't let you pay for two rooms. I'll be fine in the truck."

"First off, please call me Mark and I'll call you Greg. Secondly, the company is paying for my room, so I can at least pay for yours."

"Thanks, but I'll be fine in the truck."

"Look, it seems that I'm just as stuborn as you are. Why don't I do this. Since the company is paying for my room, why don't I get one with two beds if you don't mind sharing."

"No, I don't. Over the years, when we ocassionally have to use two trucks for a move, I've shared a room with a few of the other drivers. And since it won't be costing you anything out of your pocket, I'll agree to the sharing."

"Great, I'm glad we've got that settled. Now one more thing and it's not open for discussion. All meals are on me."

Smiling, he said, "I've never had a customer like you. I think I'm going to enjoy this move more than any other I've ever done."

By six that evening, my things were packed and loaded. I asked Greg where he would be staying.

"After I drop the guys off at he terminal, I'll drive out to the TA truck stop on the east side of town. We can meet up there in the morning and head out."

"I'll be there by seven and be waiting for you in the restaurant."

"Sure," he said. "I know if I try to argue about it, I'll loose."

"Yes, you will. See you then."

Greg pulled out and i dropped off my keys to the landlord and drove to the truck stop. There was a Holiday Inn a block away so I checked in, getting a room with two beds.

I was in the restaurant when Greg arrived. We ate dinner and as we ate I asked if he had a CB radio in his rig. He said he did and after eating we went to the store area here I purchased an inexpensive CB, cigarette lighter attachment and a magnet mount antenna. I had him help me connect the wires properly and check it out. It was working perfectly.

When done, he said he'd see me the following morning.

"Hey, man, you remember our agreement. I've got a room up the street with two beds."

"Mark, I've been doing some thinking. Maybe it's best if I stay in the sleeper when we stop."

"Why? Did I say somethng wrong and offend you?"

"Oh, hel no. I'm affraid I might offend you."

"How?" I asked.

"Look, I'm used to sleeping nude and if I can't I don't sleep worth a shit."

I burst out laughing and he asked what was so funny.

"Greg, I sleep the same way. I have for years so I know what you mean. I was going to wear briefs since you were ging to be there. If it won't bother you to be nude it damn sure won't bother me."

"It won't bother me in the least. In the Marines, we all had to shower together and in a lot of the truck stops, the showers are open commom areas, so I'm used to it."

"So am I. In the gym, all the guys are nude in the sauna, steam room and showers."

"Well, let's go then," he said.

We went to the motel and into our room. Once we sat our bags down, I began stripping. Greg looked at me and i said, "I enjoy being nude. I live that way at home."

"Smiling, Greg said, "Something else we have in common." He too began stripping.

Once we were both nude, he prepared to shower as I took in the great view of his muscular hairy chest, pecs, abs, cock and ass. I had to exert great restraint to prevent a boner.

He showered and when he was done I showered. When I came out, he was propped up in one of the beds watching TV, legs spread as if inviting me in.

I went to my bed and did the same. We talked more as we lay there and finally turned ut the lights and went to sleep. After dressing the next morning, we ate breakfast and hit the road.

That night we stopped at another truck stop, with a small motel next door. I walked over and checked in while he fueled up. We met in the restaurant and as I sat down, I said, "There's one small problem."

"What's that?"

"All the had available was rooms with one king bed."

"Well, I don't bite," he said.

"So I take it your okay with sharing the bed?"

"Sure. You're a nice guy."

I began wondering how I would control myself being in the same bed with this hunk of a man.

We ate and sat and relaxed for a while then walked over to the room. It wasn't the Holiday Inn by any means but the room was large and clean.

We put our bags down and undressed. Suddenly, Greg began laughing and I asked what was so funny.

"I was just wondering what others would think if they happened to see us here in the same room both naked and laying in bed together."

"Frankly, I don't give a shit. It's none of their business. What we do or don't do in here alone or together is no one else's business," i said.

"Mark, I love the way you think."

As I turned on the TV, Greg headed for the shower. When he came out I went in.

After finishing my shower, I stepped out of the bathroom and what I saw surprised me to no end. I totally wasn't expecting to see what I saw.

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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