I'm Mark Phillips, a twenty-nine year old communications specialist. I work for Com-Tec, a communications company with a large contract with the U.S. military. For two years, I worked at out facility in Norfolk, Virginia, then transferred to our facility in San Diego, California.

I had enjoyed Norfolk because being a gay male, I had enjoyed seeing all the hot navy guys on the beach, managing to pick up a few and take them home with me.

The company gave me thirty days paid leave to move, find a place to live and get settled in before I began work in San Diego. I had a moving company pack up my things and move them, holding them in storage until I found a place to live. I pack two suit cases for myself and drove to the west coast. This is my story of the events of that trip.

I headed out of Norfolk with maps in hand. I had decided to drive down to North Carolina and west to the west coast. I had my stops tentatively planned.

I left and headed south to Durham, North Carolina, then west toward Burlington. After passing through Burlington I saw a rest stop ahead and decided to pull in. I needed to stretch my legs and well as take a pee.

As I pulled into the rest area, I saw three cars and two eighteen wheelers. I parked and as I walked to the restroom, the driver of one of the rigs climbed down and followed me in. A quick glance told me he was in his early thirties and was well built.

I entered the restroom and went to the first urinal. As I began to pee, the driver walked up to the urinal next to me. He opened his pants and produced a long flaccid cock. With no privacy partition between the urinals we could clearly see each other.

As he urinated, he said, "Nice day, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," I replied.

"Where you headed?" he asked.

"San Diego," I answered.

"Long fucking drive," he replied as he began milking his slowly stiffening cock.

"I know," I said, as my own cock began to stiffen.

We stood side by side, our cocks soon rock hard. he casually reached over and began stroking mine. I smiled and moaned softly.

Looking at me he asked, "Would you like to go to my truck where it's more private?"

"Sure. Let's go."

We replaced our cocks in our pants and together we walked out to his rig. After unlocking the passenger door he told me to climb in. As I did, he went around to the driver's side and climbed in. Motioning me back into the sleeper, he locked the door then followed me back. He secured the privacy curtains then turned to me and put his arms around me pulling me close.

Looking into my eyes, he asked, "Do you kiss?"

I smiled, leaned forward, and pressed my lips to his and immediately offered my tongue. He immediately offered his and we began undressing each other. Soon we were totally nude and he had me lay on the bunk.

Laying next to me we kissed and fondled each other before turning into a sixty-nine. Seconds later, we were hungrily sucking each others cocks. After a few minutes, I climaxed and he hungrily took every drop and swallowed. As he did, his cock erupted into my mouth. After collecting his load, I also swallowed.

Laying next to each other, we kissed again before he asked, "Are you in a great hurry?"

"No, why?"

"Bud, it gets real lonely out here on the road. It's so nice to have someone to cuddle up to for a little while." As he said it he was caressing my chest and stomach with one of his hands.

"I've go an hour or so,"I replied.

After more cuddling and kissing, he looked at me and asked, "Would you do something for me?"

"If I can, sure. What is it?"

"I want you to fuck me. Slow and easy at first to make it last. Then when you're close fuck me hard and deep. I need it bad."

"It will be my pleasure."

He smiled and got between my legs and began sucking me getting me rock hard again. Once I was fully erect, he lubed my cock and his ass then lay on his back and pulled up his legs.

"It's all yours," he said.

I entered him and slowly went balls deep. As I did he moaned softly saying how great it felt. I began pistoning in and out slowly and lovingly as we kissed. After twenty minutes or so I couldn't hold back any longer and began pounding him hard and deep.

"Oh fuck yea!" he exclaimed. "Fuck my ass you hot stud. Fill my hole with your seed."

I soon did and as I filled his hole e kissed passionately. Once I was drained, I slowly pulled out as he said how fantastic it had been. "Man, I needed that bad. I only bareback so I'm extremely picky about who fucks me."

"I understand," I replied as I began dressing. He dressed also and we both said we needed to get back on the road. He thanked me again for a great time and wished me a safe trip. I did the same to him.

As I pulled back into the highway, I smiled and wondered if the rest of the trip would be as exciting as the first had been so far.

I drove on through Greensboro to Winston-Salem where I had planned on stopping for the night. I found a nice motel just off the freeway, and pulled in. It was a full service with restaurant, bar, and workout room with separate male and female steam rooms.

I checked in and decided to hit the workout room and steam room. I went to the male dressing room and changed, securing my clothes in a locker. There were three other guys in he workout room. I looked them over and a couple of them were hot looking, but both wore wedding bands.

I finished my work out and went to the steam room. After a few minutes, one of the men I had seen came in. He was shirtless and his chest was hairy and muscular. As I looked him over, my cock began to stiffen. I thought it best that i leave before I possibly embarrassed myself.

I returned to my room, showered, and dressed to go down to dinner. After eating, I headed for the bar and a few beers.

I took a seat at the bar and ordered my first beer. A few minutes later the man from the steam room came in and took the stool next to me.

We began chatting and he was from Florida in town on business. He was drinking straight shots, and as he did he began saying that he had been married three years and it was on very shaky ground. He was soon becoming tipsy. When he decided to return to his room, he was very unsteady on his feet. I offered to assist him to his room.

We made it to his room and he couldn't even get his key in the door. After opening his door for him, I decided to stay and see if he needed further assistance. He began fumbling with his shirt, trying to unbutton it. I took over and as I did, I let my fingertips brush across his hairy chest and nipples. His only reaction was a soft moan. Slurring his words, he said, " Friend, can you help me get in bed?"

"Sure. Let's get you undressed."

I removed his shoes and socks, then began unfastening his pants as he swayed back and forth. I let his pants fall to the floor and helped him step out of them. Then, there before me, he stood just in his boxers. As I started to guide him to his bed, he stopped me saying, "I sleep nude. I gotta take these off too." He began trying to remove his boxers. I wasn't sure if i should help or not, but when he staggered across the room in his attempt to remove them, I decided to help.

Once his boxers were off, I was shocked at what i saw. There between his legs was a thick coc close to eight inches in length. my mouth watered and my own cock quickly stiffened.

Looking down, he slurred and said, "My wife used to like him but now she says no whenever I try to fuck her. Hell, I haven't had sex in over six months. the only sex i get is from my hand and that was over a month ago."

I looked at his cock and said "Hell man, any woman should love that."

"She used to," he said. As he lay down, he grasped it and started fondling it. "Guess I'll have to do it myself."

I knew I might get hit but I sat on the bed next to him and as I grasped his slightly stiffened cock I said, "I can take care of that for you if you want."

"Huh? How?"

I leaned forward and sucked his cock into my mouth and began sucking him. His cock quickly stiffened as I sucked it. He moaned and he began rolling his head from side to side.

I continued and his cock was soon fully erect, filling my mouth. I continued sucking and before long he moaned loudly and his body jerked as his cock erupted and his built up load filled my mouth. I took it all and quickly swallowed. Afterwards, I quickly left his room.

The next morning as I was eating breakfast, he came to my table, looking down at me. I figured I was in trouble.

"May I join you?" he asked.

"Uh, sure," I said.

We were away from most of the diners and after he had a cup of coffee in front of him, he said, "This may sound strange, but thnk you for last night."

"Huh?" I said, surprised.

"I wasn't so drunk that I didn't know what was happening. I just didn't care. That was the first time that has ever been done to me. And after that experience, it won't be the last. If the wife doesn't want it, I know guys that will."

"No problem," I said. "Did you really enjoy it that much?"

"Yes, I did. It was awesome. Never has a woman done that good or gone all the way. Thanks again."

He stood and left before I could respond. Unintentionally, I had converted a married guy into getting his cock sucked by other guys.

I continued my journey westward, through Hickory and Ashville. Then stopping at another rest area, I met a guy from Georgia with a camper shell on his pickup truck. He was in his mid-forties but still looked in great shape. As I sipped a soda, we talked and soon I went to the restroom. He followed. As we stood at the urinals he looked down at my cock. Then, turning he checked the restroom and seeing that we were alone, came back and said, "Nice tool. Want it taken care of?"

"You want to suck it?" I asked.

"Hell yea. My camper is waiting."

We went to his camper and he lowered my pants and quickly swallowed my cock bringing me to a climax and swallowing. As I put myself together, I asked if he was on vacation. He said yes and that every year he took his three weeks off and traveled the country sucking trucker and any other guys he could find. I never told him I sucked also. And after I returned to the road, I laughed to myself and thought what a nice vacation he must have.

I went on in to Knoxville and found a motel for the night. I called a cab and when he picked me up he asked where I was headed.

"I'm not from here but I'd like o go to the most popular gay bar in town."

Looking around at me he said, "You got two choices. One is the younger yuppie crowd and the other is more biker and blue collar workers."

"Take me to the second one," I said, then asked if he had a business card. He handed me his card and I said I'd call him when I was ready to return to the motel.

He dropped me off at a bar with several bikes out front as well as several pickups that I figured belonged to construction workers.

I went in and was caught totally off guard. the bikers were in leather and wore either leather vest and no shirts or cross harnesses across their chest. A couple had on a leather jock and chaps. Then the ones I assumed were construction workers wore work boots and jeans but were shirtless. Several held hands and others kissed.

I ordered a beer from the bar and began strolling around. After a moment I saw a sign that said 'PATIO' above a door. I went out and saw the guys dressed just like the ones inside. But there the action was more intense. In one corner was a guy with work boots and jeans on his knees sucking one of the biker types as others watched.

I was wearing jeans and sneakers and a polo shirt. I found a restroom and went in and found another guy sucking cock. I removed my shirt and tucked it in the waist of my jeans in back.

I chatted with several guys during the evening and noticed one guy in his mid- twenties eyeing me. This went on for a while, and finally, he came up to me.

"Hi," he said.

"Well, hello to you too," I replied. He was about six-three and extremely muscular. His chest was ripped and hairless. Both his nipples were pierced with small silver rings.

Smiling, he said, "You're new around here aren't you?"

"Yea, just passing through town."

"I'm Buck," he said. "How'd you find this place?"

"Cab driver. I asked about gay bars and he tole me about this one and one for yuppies. I chose this one. And I'm Mark."

"Nice meeting you," he said, extending his huge hand. As we shook hands he said, "The other bar is he Rainbow Room. Went there once. Just once. Young guys and a lot of fems. Not my type."

"Never seen a place like this before," I said.

"It's calm now. Later it gets even wilder. By midnight anything and everything is going on out here. Sucking, fucking, piss play, you name it."

"You serious?"

"Hang around and see if you don't believe me."

We talked and drank and I found out that he wasn't in construction. He worked as a ranch hand at a place outside of town. As the evening wore on, the sex became more open. One biker wearing a leather jock and chaps was bent over a table and a shirtless construction worker type had his pants down around his knees fucking the biker.

Looking at Buck. I smiled and said "I believe you."

"Told you," he replied with his beautiful smile, then asked, "How long you in town for?"

"Tonight for sure, and maybe more if I find something interesting."

"Well, am I interesting enough? Tomorrow is my day off. I don't have to be back at the ranch until noon day after tomorrow. Got some supplies to pick up that morning before i head back."

"You have a place to stay tonight?" I asked.

"Not yet," he replied.

"You do now," I said with a smile.

"Thanks," he said before leaning down and tongue kissing me.

"Well, shall we cut out of this place?"

"You bet. Where you staying?"

"The Coronado Inn on the edge of town. Room 129."

Bowing, he said, "Your chariot awaits outside, my lord."

"You're a smart ass," I said. "I like that."

Grasping my hand he said "Let's go."

As we left I noticed several of the guys eyeing us. Once in his truck, I asked him about it.

"Mark, there are only two gay bars in town. This one and the Rainbow. I prefer the crowd here but most of the guys get too wild for me. Some of those guys have been after me to go with them for ages but I'm not into bondage, fisting, or piss play. I picky about who I go with and just enjoy mutual passionate love making. I enjoy kissing, making out, being nude with another guy, rimming and anything oral or anal."

"Same here. We should make a perfect pair."

"That's what I thought after I met you."

We got to the room and were both soon naked and in bed, kissing passionately and cuddling. During the night we sucked and fucked each other lovingly. We slept late before going for breakfast. Once back in the room, we went at it again, spending the entire day in bed nude. Then after a dinner break we started over. This time I had him on his back and i gave him a tongue bath and sucked his cock slowly and lovingly edging him for over an hour. When I finally let him climax his load was huge and i loved it. He then did the same to me.

Buck loved sucking cock more than anything else and almost constantly had me in his mouth soft or hard.

Then it was time to part. Before leaving the room, he held me and said, "Mark, this has absolutely been the best trip to town I've ever had. I'd love to get with you every trip."

"Buck, it's been great for me also but i have a job waiting in San Diego. But I promise you this, every vacation will be spent here. And with you. And you'll always be welcome at my place."

"Thanks," he said. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch.

I hated to leave but knew I had to. together we pulled out of the parking lot going our separate ways.

TO BE CONTINUED..................



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