I arrived in Amarillo and found a motel. I was taking longer that expected to make the drive and knew I had to 'pick up the pace', but the sex had been awesome.

My motel was near a small older truck stop and I waked the short distance for dinner. I was starved and ate dinner first before checking out the restroom.

So many of the smaller, older truck stops had glory holes and this one wasn't any different. There were three stalls and when I checked them out, I found that the center one had nice holes opening to both the other stalls. Naturally, I chose it.

After ten minutes or so, a driver came in and took the stall to my left. After a few moments, he was slowly stroking his hard cock. Just as I motioned him to put his cock through to me, another driver entered. He went into the stall on my right. As he sat down, I could tell that he took a quick look through the hole. I made no attempt to hide my hard cock.

Moments later, he was stroking his. I watched and simultaneously motioned for each to put their cocks through the holes. They did and I grasped each one and began stroking them. After a moment, I began sucking the one to my left as I continued stroking the one to my right. After a minute or so, I traded cocks and began sucking the one to my right.

Then I went back to sucking the one to my left. As I did, the man to the right pulled back and I turned toward his booth and saw him watching me suck the other guys cock. I soon got the guy off and motioned for him to put his back through. Instead, he slipped me a note telling me to give my cock to the guy I just sucked and see if he would suck me. I did and the man to my left began sucking me. I gave the other driver a 'thumbs up' to indicate that I was indeed getting sucked.

The driver to my right then put his cock back through. I pulled back and turned and began sucking him as the driver to my left watched. When i got him off, I slipped my cock through to him. He also began sucking me.

After a moment, he stopped and quickly pulled up his jeans. As he did, the man to my left did the same. The exited their booths seconds apart.

Then, I heard them talking.

"You lying son-of-a bitch. I thought you said that you'd never let a guy blow you," one said.

"Well, you said the same and you even sucked him."

"So did you, Mac. I watched."

"Well, now we know that about each other, what are we going to do about it?"

"Whenever we get two loads to deliver to the same customer, we can share a bunk if you want to."

"That's what I was thinking. But for now, we need to get these two loads delivered by ten tomorrow. We need to roll."

They left and I quickly pulled up my jeans and followed them out. I watched as they each got into separate rigs, driving for the same company. They pulled out and one followed the other onto the highway.

I had to laugh. Here were two drivers, both playing it straight in front of the other but who were both at least bi and agreeing to do each other.

I returned to the restroom and sucked off a couple more before. The second sucked me in return.

Returning to my room, I crawled into bed and slept soundly.

The following day, I pushed it, planning on making Las Vegas by night fall. Outside Flagstaff, I spotted a young shirtless built cowboy on the side of the road thumbing a ride.

His wide brimmed straw cowboy hat shielded his face but I could tell he was damn good looking.

My urges took over and I quickly pulled to the side of the road then began backing up. As I did, I saw him grab his bag and begin trotting toward me.

I lowered the passenger window and as he came up next to me I asked, "Where ya' headed?"

"San Diego, sir."

"Hop in. So am I."

"Fuck! Thank you,?" he said tossing his bag onto the back seat. "Sorry about my language."

"No problem, forget it. That's one of my favorite words."

He climbed in next to me and said his name was Cory. I gave him mine and asked if he had family in San Diego.

"Yea, my brother. It's just me and him now that our parents are gone. He's in the Marines and has been gone for a year. He said if I could make it out, he'd pay for my motel room. I'm in college, and having to work to pay my tuition so there is no extra money for bus fare or a motel."

We talked and I found that he was twenty and his brother twenty-two. As we drove, I noticed him glance over at me a few times and suddenly remembered that I had unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans most of the way to make driving more comfortable. I wondered if I should say anything or not.

I decided I would and see his reaction.

"Sorry for the was I've got my jeans open. It makes it more comfortable for driving."

"Hey, I totally understand and agree with you. Done it myself before," he said with a sexy devilish smile.

"Well, feel free to join me if it would be more comfortable for you," I replied.

We later stopped for lunch and he was just going to order a grilled cheese, the cheapest thing on the menu.

"Nonsense, order whatever you want. I'm buying."

He did, and after eating, we returned to the car. Then, just before pulling back onto the road, I stopped and reopened my jeans. As I pulled out, he did the same, folding the sides of his zipper back. It was obvious he was commando as his dark pubic hairs were clearly visible.

We continued to talk and get to know each other. He was majoring in agriculture and working full time as a bartender. I told him why I was going to San Diego. As the sun began to set, we still had about three hours before reaching Las Vegas.

Every so often, he'd reach down and casually scratch his pubic area. It turned me on and my own cock stiffened slightly. He noticed and after a moment, he surprised me by leaning over toward me and rubbing it saying, "It looks like he needs some attention. May I?"

"Sure, if you want to," I replied, my heart racing.

I raised my hips to make it easier for him to get to my cock. Once he had it out, he said, "Very nice," the slowly went down and began sucking it slowly and lovingly. It was obvious that it wasn't his first time sucking cock. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it. I held back as long as possible then told him I was about to shoot. He sped up and soon brought me to my climax. Holding my cock in his mouth, he collected my entire load and held it as he milked the last remnants out. Raising up, he swallowed and said, "Fucking awesome!"

"Sure was," I replied as I reached over and put my hand on his neck and gently pulled him to me. He didn't resist and soon we were tongue kissing as we barreled down the highway at seventy miles per hour.

After we separated, I said, "When we stop in Vegas, I'll get the room. Hope you don't mind if there is just one bed for us to share."

"Not at all," he replied with a smile.

I asked how long he had been sucking cock and he said he started at fourteen with a close bud of his. I asked if his brother knew that he was gay and he said, "Oh yea. He's cool with it."

We arrived in Vegas and got the room. Once inside, I pulled him to me and we kissed again. As we kissed, I opened his jeans and let them fall before dropping to my knees and sucking his beautiful cock dry.

"I need to shower, then we'll go get a bite to eat,"I said.

As I stripped, he did also. I went to the bathroom and stepped into the shower and seconds later he came n and as he pulled the shower curtain back said, "Move over."

We showered together and bathed each other as we kissed. Afterward we dried each other then dressed ad went to dinner. It was almost eleven and we found a small bar just off the strip. It turned out to be a gay bar and in the restroom we each sucked off a few cocks, mostly guys in town on business.

Returning to the room, we immediately stripped, and he had me lay on the bed. Standing at the foot of the bed he spread my legs then got between them. Leaning down he began sucking mu steadily rising cock. Once it was hard,he straddled me and sat on it. Once the head had slipped in, he dropped, taking the entire shaft up his ass in one swift movement.

"Oh, fuck, yea!"he exclaimed. I need this bad."

He began to ride me and somehow we managed to roll over with him on his back, legs pulled up ad me on top.

"Fuck me, Mark. Fuck my ass. I need it bad. It's been so long."

As I fucked his hot ass, I leaned down and we kissed. I soon filled his ass with my cream and he moaned softly in pleasure.

"That was fucking fantastic. Thanks," he said.

"My pleasure. Now I want you to do the same to me."

We switched positions and he was soon fucking my ass, breeding me like a wild stallion, soon filling me with his hot thick huge load.

We slept soundly and I awoke the next morning to find him sucking my cock. We switched to a sixty-nine and serviced each other. We checked out of the motel and continued our trip.

As we did, I asked when his brother was due to arrive in port.

"Erik is not due in for three days. I wasn't expecting to get into town this early."

"Well, then, until he arrives, you will stay with me and help me find a place to live."

"Cool," he said.

We made it into San Diego around two and checked into a motel near the Marine base. I began checking the papers for a rental to look at.

I saw several listed by a realtor and called him explaining my need. he said he would have several to show me the next day and we agreed that he would pick me up at nine the following morning.

He did and we began the search. The first two were in high-rise buildings. I said that I'd prefer a small house on a lot all to itself. he said he had one come available the day before and thought it would be perfect for me.

It was a three bedroom two bath home on an average size lot with a small pool in the back yard. when I saw it I was impressed. It had a large drive and two car attached garage. The back yard is what convinced me. There was a ten foot high concrete block wall completely surrounding it. I would have total privacy. We settled on a price and I signed the papers, pending a credit check. Cory was very impressed and it was on a small side street just a quarter mile from the main gate to the Marine base.

We returned to the motel and spent the rest of the day in bed. I don't need to tell you what we did.

The next day, the realtor called and said everything was fine and he was bringing me the keys. I called the storage company that had my furniture and arranged for them to meet me immediately. I had to agree to extra delivery charges to get immediate service but I didn't mind.

My things were moved in and Cory and I spent that night and the next day settling in. We broke the house in that night having sex in the den overlooking the pool, outside by the pool and in the bedroom.

The following day I took Cory to meet Erik, telling him that I would like to meet him when they had a chance.

Once alone in my new place, I called Buck, the ranch hand from Knoxville, and Brad and Roy that I met at the gay resort, and gave them my address telling all that they were welcome anytime.

I began learning my way around and found my office which turned out to be just over a mile from the house, however much of my work would be done on the bases.

I had two and a half weeks to learn the best places to find sex in the area. I knew that the military personnel had to be careful as to where they went, especially if they were looking for gay company.

Three days later there was a knock at my door shortly after three in the afternoon. Looking through the door viewer, I saw Cory and immediately opened the door and invited him in. It was then I saw the figure with him in full Marine camo fatigues.

They entered and Cory said, "Mark, I'd like you to meet Erik, my brother."

We shook hands as he removed his cap. There before me was a Greek god in uniform. Erik stood close to six-four and had auburn hair. He was super muscular and damn good looking, his face looking like it had been chiseled from stone. My heart began to race like it never had before.

Erik looked into my eyes and said, "It's nice to meet you and I ant to thank you for getting Cory here and looking after him until I got in."

"It was my pleasure and I enjoyed his company."

"So I've heard, more than necessary," he said stepping closer, almost chest to chest.

I was scared I was about to get beat up. The look on his face as a cold stare. I was about to back away and say that Cory made the first move, when I felt his hand on my crotch.

"He told me all about what you two did and now i want to see if he as right about you being exceptional."

With that I glanced at Cory, who was smiling, as Erik dropped to his knees and began opening my jeans and sliding them down. Suddenly, his hot wet mouth was sucking my soft cock into its darkness. He was as good at sucking as Cory, and my cock quickly stiffened. Erik began deep throating it as Cory stepped closer and began kissing me. I relaxed and my cock soon responded and fed Erik my hot thick load.

After Erik swallowed and stood he said, "He was right. Your load is sweet and delicious."

"You're gay also?"I asked.

"Totally," Erik answered.

I looked at Erik and then Cory who spoke up and said, "Mark, I wanted to tell you but Erik prefers to keep it secret for obvious reasons. He likes to make the decision as to who knows about him. I assured him that you could be trusted."

"Man, when he started talking, I was scared shitless," I said.

"Sorry," Erik replied, "but I wanted to tell you in my own way."

"Well, come on in. Would either of you like a beer?"

They both answered yes and as we sat drinking,Cory said, "Mark, why don't we all get comfortable."

"Sure, I think that would be great."

Cory stood and immediately began stripping. I did the same as Erik watched the two of us. After we were both nude, Erik began stripping.

First his shirt, then tee shirt, revealing a light dusting of red hair on his chest. Then came his combat boots and socks then his pants.

His hard cock was making a nice tent in his boxers and as he removed them it sprang to attention. It was right at eight inches and jutted out from a bright red large thick bush. Looking at it I asked, "Should I salute it?"

"Do whatever you want to or with it," Erik replied as he sat back down.

I immediately got between his legs and began sucking him as Cory slowly stroked his cock.

Erik moaned and said, "Bro, you were right. He is good. Glad you found him."

As I sucked Erik, me motioned Cory closer and began sucking him. Looking up, it was hot to see one brother sucking the other.

I soon got Erik's load as he got Cory's. Afterward, Cory said, "You remember me saying that I started with my closest friend. Well, you just sucked him."

They said that Erik was already sucking cock and Cory walked in on Erik sucking one of his buds. Cory said he wanted to do it and they started doing each other daily both oral and anal and it had never stopped.

Looking at Erik, I asked, "Are there any others on base that you know of that play?"

"Sure, quite a few,although some just like to get blown by a guy and nothing else."

"That's cool with me," I said. "I'd love to meet them if you could arrange it. Maybe you could go out with some one night and bring them here. None need to know you suck if you don't want them to. I could just service all of you, orally ad anally."

"I might be able to arrange something."

"If you want give them my address and tell them to stop by any day after six and all day on weekends. If I see a uniform at the door, I'll know that they at lest want to get sucked."

"Sure. Some might be Navy personnel, though."

"That's fine with me."

After another beer, I had Erik fuck me and it was awesome. Like Cory, he new what he was doing. As soon as he pulled out, Cory went in and added his load to Erik's. Then Erik had me fuck him.

I asked how long they could stay. Erik said that he had leave until the following day at midnight. I asked if they would like to spend it with me. They both quickly agreed.

Later, I told them that I just had to watch them do each other. the agreed and had a sixty nine and later fucked each other.

We went out to dinner and afterward, Erik had me drive around showing me the gay bars and straight bars that military guys went to to find sex, saying that the gay crown was aware of it, and explained how it worked.

While they were with me the next day, sex was frequent. I told both that they were welcome anytime.

Within three days, I started having guys in uniform knocking on my door. both Marines and Sailors. I was getting cock regularly and it amazed me at how many sucked in return. On weekends I sometimes get two or more at a time just wanting to get sucked after a night out. They would be on their way back to the base after striking out with the ladies and were horny.

My job began and after work I frequently had visitors. Cory returned to his job and college but Erik visited one to two times a week.

Then six months later I got a call from Brad saying that he and Roy were taking vacation and coming to see me. I made sure Erik was available for them. They arrived and offered their mouths and asses to all my visitors. When Erik visited, I let he and Brad and Roy have the privacy of my guest room while I serviced the others that stopped by.

Then surprisingly, Buck visited, saying that he had accepted a job as bartender at a country bar nearby. I invited him to stay with me a while and he couldn't believe the cock I was getting. Some wanted my mouth and some wanted my ass. Of course, I shared with him,but since he mainly worked nights, I got most of it except during the day on weekends.

Well, I've been in San Diego for three years now and my visitors now include officers, both married and single. Some are even with the military police. They stop by on their way out to check on the bars.

I don't think I'll ever leave San Diego,although my visitors are constantly changing. Regulars get transferred out and new ones are transferred in.

I often see my visitors out on the streets but I respect them and never openly acknowledge knowing them.

What a life!!!!!!!!!!




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