Mountain Men

Chapter 1 - "Playing Pool"

By Everett

Like everyone else in the Triangle, I turned my eyes toward the sound of the door being opened. The stranger stepped inside and glanced around the room. I watched as he walked to a stool opposite me at the horseshoe bar. He was probably thirty but it was hard to tell in the dim light.

He seemed uncertain, maybe a little nervous about being where he was. He ordered a beer and appeared unaware of all the interest he'd created among the regulars. Slight built blonds arouse more than the usual amount interest in here. He was dressed right; flannel shirt, worn jeans and construction boots. I sipped my brew and waited until his glass was nearly empty; then I asked Jim to give him another.

When his drink arrived he spoke softly to Jim who indicated me with a backward jerk of his head. The blond looked across at me and half-smiled his thanks.

I took my glass and walked around the bar to sit beside him. I glanced at him casually to check him over. He was what I'd call pretty: He was a pretty boy. His voice was barely audible when thanked me for the beer. He told me his name was Mark. He didn't need to tell me it was his first time in the Triangle. We talked a little about nothing. When I finished my beer, I put my glass on the polished bar and grasped him by his wrist. He looked at me, the question in his blue eyes changing to understanding and submission. He lowered his eyes. I led him through the curtained doorway to the back room.

The large back room was lit crazily by neon signs advertising various brands of beer. Glaring lights over the green felted pool table created a small island of white light in a sea of near darkness. Two men were shooting pool and several others were leaning lazily against the dark walls or draped casually on tall stools. They were all dressed in the required costume of the leather bar so that they were distinguished from each other only by the beginning of a pot belly or a van dyke on an otherwise weak chin.

Still leading him by the wrist, I took my boy to the john. Once inside, I turned to him and took him roughly in my arms. His mouth opened when I leaned in to kiss him. I reached between our grinding hips and cupped his package. His cock grew in my hand. I backed enough to open the front of his jeans and push them to mid-thigh. His ass cheeks, when I grabbed them, were cool and soft and furry. I opened his shirt front and rubbed his chest and stomach with the balls of my fingers. His chest hair was thick enough to run my fingers through.

I stepped back. "Get naked," I said and watched as he took his clothes off and dropped them in a heap onto the dirty wooden floor.

"Follow me," I said and opened the door.

"Out there?" he asked. "I thought . . ." he began, but I cut him short.

"Don't think," I said. "Bow your head and follow me."

I led my boy to the pool table. The players knew they were about to be entertained. They racked their cue sticks and rolled the few remaining balls into the pockets. The clanging of the balls seeking the lowest level under the table accented the rising tension in the room.

"Your spot is ready," I said.

"What should I do, Sir?" Mark asked.

"Lie on the table," I answered. "Face down."

He crawled onto the smooth felt and lay down. I took four sections of rope from a hook on the wall and handed two of them to Jarrod, one of the guys who had been playing pool. He tied Mark's ankles to brackets under the table while I tied his wrists to others near the side pockets.

Mark was tan except for the pale skin that was protected from the sun by his swim shorts. His bubble butt and meaty legs were covered with soft down. The hair on his golden legs had been bleached to platinum by the sun, but the hair of his ass was a darker blond and strands of light brown sprouted from his crack.

I climbed onto the table and rubbed my boy all over. I spread his ass crack with my thumbs and examined his hole. Satisfied, I lowered my mouth and kissed his pink pucker. Mark indicated his pleasure with a low moan.

I opened the front of my jeans and ran my hard cock through his crack. I rested the weight of my long body on his. My mouth was beside his left ear.

"What do you want?" I asked softly.

"I want what you want, Sir," he replied.

"Good answer," I said.

I sat back on my heels and spread his ass cheeks again. I leaned over and dribbled spit into his crack and smeared the wet around his tender hole. I put the fingers of my right hand into his mouth to get them wet to better finger fuck him. He reared his chest off the felt when I forced my long middle finger up inside him but the fetters holding him in place didn't allow for much movement. His gasp changed to moans as I probed his hole with first one finger, then two. His almond prostate was hard and my pressing it with the balls of my fingers made him gasp.

"Do you like me fucking your cunt with my fingers, Boy?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir," he said.

"What do you say, Boy?"

"Thank you, Sir."

Several men, beers in hand, pushed away from the walls or slid off their stools. They ambled nearer to the pool table to better see.

"Fuck 'em, Jerry," somebody prompted.

"Yeah," assented another.

"You hear that, Boy?" I asked. "You want me to fuck your boy pussy?"

"Yes, Sir," Mark answered.

"Say it, Boy. Tell me What you want?"

"I want you to fuck me, Sir."

"Do you want me to pump my load up your pretty ass?"

"Yes, Sir. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me and fill me with your seed."

"Do it, Jer," someone in the encircling group muttered.

I raised up to spit again in Mark's ass crack and lowered myself onto his back. I lifted my hips and guided my cock to his hole. With one slow, smooth movement, I entered him and pushed until my big balls were nestled between his splayed thighs.

Mark wriggled his ass and lifted it slightly. "Fuck me, Sir," he said softly.

I lifted out of him a little and pushed in again. Out and in, I fucked my boy. "Like it?" I whispered in his ear.

His sigh was barely audible. "Fuck me," he said again.

I pulled out more and pushed in harder than before. Again. Further out. Harder in. Repeatedly.

The chorus from the onlookers grew. "Fuck him," they said. "Do it good, Jerry."

Mark lifted and turned his head. I lowered my mouth to his as I continued to fuck him. Our kiss became more passionate as my fucking became harder. Faster. I fucked him, driving my piston through his rubbery ass ring over and over; out and in. My balls slapped against his ass with each downward thrust.

"Yeah, Jerry," someone cheered.

I fucked and fucked, feeling the tingling of my impending climax begin deep in my guts. "I'm gonna cum up your ass, Boy," I said.

"Yes," Mark sighed. "Come in me."

"Here it comes," I warned.

I bucked my cock deeply up his ass as I pumped my load out in six strong jets.

"Aagh," he moaned.

I pulled my cock out of his ass and struggled to untie the ropes that secured his wrists. "Help me here, Jarrod," I said.

"Good goin' Jerry," one of the guys said as he pounded me on my shoulder.

"Can I fuck him, too, Jerry? Huh? Can I?"

I ignored the question.

"Please. Can I, Jerry? Let me fuck him."

"Fuckin' hell, Sam," I said. "It's our first night. Go find your own slut boy."

Sam was disappointed and sulked away from the table.

"Get on the floor," I said to Mark when he was freed. "Get on your knees and clean me up."

I stood in front of him. He took my cock into his warm mouth and swirled his tongue over its surface. "Lick it clean," I said, and he licked away all traces of cum and spit from my softening cock.

"Go get your clothes," I said. "We're outta here."

I followed Mark to the john, standing cross-armed in the doorway to watch.

"No you don't," I said as he put a bare foot through the waist band of his boxers. "Just gather them up and follow me."

"Naked, Sir?" Mark asked.

"Naked," was my brief reply.

With his clothing bundled in his arms, Mark followed me out the back door and through the parking lot of the bar to my pickup. "Throw them in the back," I instructed. He dropped his things onto the bed of the truck and turned to look at me. I cupped his balls in my hand and kissed his mouth. "Get in," I said.

The passenger door squeaked as he opened it. "You might want this," I said and I gave him the worn blanket I keep in the cab. "Spread it across the seat if you want."

The streets of the little town were deserted as I headed south on the state road that led further up the mountain. The lane to my place forked to the right off the main road ten or so miles out of town. The weak beams from my truck's headlights flickered off boulders and the trees of the second growth forest. If Mark was curious about where we were headed he kept it to himself.

The further we went the rougher the lane became. I pulled up to the weathered boards of my front steps. "We're here," I announced. "Home, sweet home."

Mark got out of the truck and reached toward the bed to retrieve his clothing. "Leave 'em," I said. "You won't be needing 'em tonight."

"Yes, Sir," he said, and he followed me into the house.

"John's back there if you need it," I said, pointing down the short hallway leading from the front room.

"Thank you, Sir," Mark said and he headed that way.

"No need to shut the door," I called after him. "I don't go in too much for privacy."

I headed to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. I heard Mark's piss cascading into the water of the toilet bowl. He flushed it away, washed his hands and joined me. He rested his fine, furry ass against the counter and watched me as I put away the few things that I had left in the drying rack. "Nice place you have here," he observed.

"It suits me fine," I said. "It'll do for two as well."

"Yes, Sir," he said.

I poured two mugs of coffee and placed them on the counter beside a container of half and half and the sugar bowl. Mark took one of the mugs and sipped the hot brew. "Have a seat," I said nodding toward the old kitchen table. The kitchen set was one of the few things I took from my mother's house when she passed.

We sat facing each other. I sipped my coffee and asked, "So, what's your story, Mark."

"Nuthin' much to tell," he said. "I was living with my master outside Cathedral City until about a month ago. Been kickin' around since leaving there trying to find some sort of decent job, but nuthin's turned up yet."

"You left your master voluntarily?"

"No, Sir."

"What happened?"

"Well, he found himself a younger boy. Pretty, he was, and more than a fair fuck, I guess."

"So he just told you to leave?"

"Not exactly. He put me in his van with a few of my things and drove me up here. Gave me two hundred dollars and told me I was on my own."

"Musta been hard."

"Yes, Sir. Fourteen years is a long time."

"You served him for fourteen years?"

"More like ten. At first I was just a neighborhood kid he liked to fuck, but I became his slave - He liked to call me his pup. - later on. I was eighteen when he took me in permanently.

"Kinda old to find another master now."

"How old is 'kinda old'?" I asked.

"Be twenty-eight at the end of the month," he said.

"Sounds about right to me," I observed. "If you want a place to stay and think you might like to hook up with me, why don't you go take a shower and get my bed warmed up for me?"

"Yes, Sir," he said. He smiled briefly. "I think that'd be a real good way to start."

"We already started, Mark, back at the Triangle. D'jou forget that already?"

"No, Sir. I didn't forget."

I showered after Mark was finished. He was stretched out under the covers when I went into the bedroom, drying the last of the dampness from my hair, or what was left of the hair on my head which wasn't much between balding and the close buzz I prefer.

The thought of lying with Mark had me hard again. I turned off the light, pitching the room into almost total darkness. Some white light from the moon filtered through the slender branches of the trees nearest the house and shone through two uncurtained windows.

I dropped my towel to the floor and crawled between the sheets and up against Mark. His warmth was inviting. He spread his legs when I cupped his balls. I ran my finger through the hair of his hard abs and broad chest and on up to his jaw. I turned his face toward mine and lowered my mouth to his. Our lips parted allowing our tongues to dart and explore.

I moved on top of him and held his head in my two hands as I kissed my way from lips to cheek to closed eyes and back down the other side. I forced his legs further apart with my knees and kissed my way down his torso, detouring to suck and nibble his hard brown nipples on my way to his pulsating cock. He sighed softly when I took it in my mouth.

"Suck me," he said. "Make love to me. It's been so long."

I lowered my mouth, squeezing his shaft with my lips as I went until my nose was pressed against his pelvis. I constricted my throat muscles making Mark writhe and moan. "Yes," he sighed.

I squeezed Mark's balls softly and lifted my head until only his glans was in my mouth. When I started my serious sucking, he began to secrete his sweet precum. I again deep-throated his cock. He took my head in his hands and pushed his cock up in shallow thrusts making me gag and splutter.

"Sorry," he said. I responded by again taking him to the hilt. I spread his ass cheeks and tried to push my middle finger into him. He was dry, so I wet my finger with commingled spit and precum. It went in easily then and I finger fucked my boy, making sure to massage his prostate with each pass.

"You're going to make me come," he said.

"Isn't that what you want?" I asked.

"Yes," he said. "Oh, yes. Make me come."

I redoubled my efforts with mouth and finger. Mark's asshole tightened involuntarily as he shot a warm jet of cum, coating my tongue. The cum served as a lubricant and I sucked him harder and deeper. He fucked upward again and shot even more deeply than before. Again and again, he fucked my mouth and unloaded his seed. I tried to swallow it all but his load was too big. Some seeped from the corners of my mouth and dribbled down his shaft onto his balls. I swallowed the cum in my mouth and licked the ooze from his cock and wrinkled scrotum. When I lowered my mouth over his glans again, his legs jerked involuntarily, and he tugged at my head until I lifted off him.

I repositioned myself so that I was lying on my side facing him, my head propped on the heel of my hand. I put my free arm across his chest and kissed his mouth. "Thank you. Sir," he whispered. "That was wonderful."

"Pretty good cocksucker, don't you think?"

"Yes, Sir," he said with a smile.

"Comes with practice," I told him.

"Do you want to fuck me, Sir?" he asked.

"The thought had crossed my mind," I admitted.

I rolled on top of him and kissed him deeply. He responded by hugging my shoulders tightly and kissing me passionately. I forced my knees between his legs once again and spread them slightly. He bent his knees and lifted his feet off of the mattress and spread them wide. I knelt between his open legs and hooked my arms behind his knees. I lifted his ass high and lowered my mouth to his gaping hole. His whimper when I kissed it sounded like a soft cry.

I spit directly on his hole and licked it over and over. I pressed his hole with my thumb and entered him. When I replaced my thumb with my long middle finger and fucked him with it, he tossed his head from side to side on his pillow. I again lowered my mouth to his hole to lick and suck and lick some more. When my appetite for boy hole was finally sated I lowered his ass and pressed the glans of my cock against his opening. I gazed into his unflinching blue eyes.

"Are you ready?" I asked unnecessarily.

"Fuck me," he said softly. "Push your cock in me and fuck me until you come."

"You want my man juice up your ass?" I asked as I pushed through his pucker.

"Let me know a man is fucking me and loving it," he said.

I pulled out a little and pushed in deeper. Over and over, I fucked him, increasing the rhythm little by little as I continued. I lowered my body onto his. My mouth was near his ear. "I love fucking your sweet ass," I whispered as I pumped.

"Yes," he said. "Do it."

I increased my speed, fucking him roughly; my balls swinging and slapping his ass loudly.

Mark took his calves in the palms of his hands and spread his legs more, opening his hole wider. "That's right," I said. "Keep your boy cunt opened wide for me."

His cries of sexual excitement drove me almost to frenzy and I fucked harder and faster.

"Yes! Yes!" Mark cried.

The tingling in my cock head was mounting as I fucked. Finally, the load that had been building burst from my cock.

"Ahhh," Mark cried. "Fuck it in deep."

Over and over I stabbed as my seed pulsed out, my pelvis jamming hard against him.

I continued my fucking thrusts even after my climax began to subside. "God," I muttered, and I relaxed my body on top of Mark and forced my arms under him so I could hold him as he was holding me.

Mark squeezed me hard.

"No need to hold me so tight," I said softly in his ear. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Thank you, Sir," Mark said relaxing his hold.

"'Thank you. Sir?' Is that all you have to say after I just made my best effort at fucking you?" I asked in a light tone.

"You're good," Mark said. "I know when I've been fucked by a man who knows what he's doing and loves it. I glad you did that. I'm glad I'm here in your house. I'm glad I'm in your bed and in your arms. I just want you to know."

I kissed his mouth lightly.

A soft breeze came up and made the branches of the close trees brush against the siding of the house.

I rolled off Mark but kept him in my arms. "Keep me warm," I said. Mark gave me a gentle squeeze before relaxing his body beside mine.



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