There i was jogging behind Bryan watching his shorts bounce up with each leap forward revealing his upper inner thigh area where the weightless fabric clasped just before his toned ample cheeks.  

"Just like in cross country ", i shouted

"almost, only there's no fat coach telling us to move our asses", chuckled Bryan

"What ass?, that flat pellet gun on your lower back", I sarcastically remarked

Bryan quickly flashed his bottom in comical protest, as i jested about its lighter skin tone reflecting my face like a mirror;  He mockingly remarked i get a closer look because my face could just look like any ass.  jokingly prodding each other took me back to the old days, only now i was aroused by the playful notion of examining Bryan's ass which slightly hung out of his briefs from his previous exhibition revealing his tan lines.  

Work In Progress




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