It was finally Friday, the day of the big party at Jonathan's. I got up and did my usual thing, had breakfast, had a piss, brushed my teeth, styled my hair. Then I wasted away the day with Ethan playing video games.

This was one of the reasons that I really loved Ethan one day we could have sex the next we could just hang around and do nothing. I was literally in a relationship with my best friend and I couldn't be happier.

The time to leave for the party was drawing near so I got out my party clothes (a light blue button-up t-shirt with a thin black tie and some tight-fitting black jeans) put them on then went and restyled my hair (what can I say? I don't consider myself an overly vain person but I just couldn't help obsessing over my hair) and brushed my teeth again.

I came out of the bathroom and went back into my bedroom where Ethan was.

"How do I look?"

"Come closer" said Ethan with a neutral look.

I took two steps forward.

"Spin around" maintaining his stare.

I did a slow turn.

"Hmm just as I thought"

"What is it?" I asked hastily, obviously with a bit of worry on my face because Ethan broke out laughing "You look gorgeous"

"Aww thanks" I breathed a sigh of relief before leaning in and giving Ethan a quick peck on the cheek.

Anyways at the party....

We could hear the music from down the street and by the time we got there it was almost deafening.

I knocked on the door and after a few seconds it swung open.



We pulled each other into a brief, tight hug.

"Hey mate" said Jonathan shaking Ethan's hand (Jonathan and I had been friends for a while but as I've mentioned mine and Ethan's friendship groups don't really mix so the two only really talked to one and other when we all hung out at my place).

"Listen guys don't go into my parents room and don't drink my dad's beer but besides that YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT!" screamed Jonathan as he ran off.

I turned to Ethan and chuckled "Seems like somebody has had a few"

We walked inside the house and broke off to go say hi to our respective friends.

"OH YAY J.D IS HERE" I heard somebody squeal behind me.

I turned around to see Julia running towards me "What the fu-" as the words were leaving my mouth Julia jumped up into my chest knocking me back onto a couch and knocking the wind out of me in the process.


"Julia I'm glad to see you too but can you do me two favours? The first one is please get off me cause you might have broken a my ribs and the second one is please stop yelling at me I'm 20 centimetres away from you".

Julia did as I asked and then proceeded to drag me to the kitchen bench.

"Come do some vodka shots with me" Julia now began whispering in my ear.

Before I had a chance to say anything there was a shot in my hand and people were yelling at me to down it.

So I did.

Then they told me to do it again.

So I did.

You can see where this is going so long story short when I stopped I was a little bit more than tipsy.

Julia had wondered off midway through so I decided to go look for her but not before I went and got Ethan a beer. I walked up behind him dropped a block of ice down the back of his shirt, laughed hysterically then gave him the drink.

Aren't I a great boyfriend?

Anyway the party had migrated outside to the ping pong table where there was beer pong matches being played. I got outside just in time to see Julia down the last cup for her team and fall straight to the ground.

I walked over and picked her up "Let's get you inside".

I slowly got her through the crowd, inside and upstairs to the toilet. She didn't vomit so we just sat there and I nodded to all the gibberish that she was saying until one of Julia's girlfriends relieved me of my post.

I wandered back down stairs to see Ethan, obviously smashed, jumping up and down crazily to the music. I was tempted to go join him until out of the corner of my eye I spied Eric sitting in a corner by himself.

It was the first time that I really had the chance to talk to him since the fight with Greg so I wandered over to him.

"Hey Eric"


"How're you doing?"


"Are you enjoying the party?"


The conversation continued like this for another five minutes, getting this kid to talk was like pulling teeth. Normally I would put up with this painful shyness but I was drunk and impatient so I grabbed his arm and took him to the kitchen bench where the vodka and shot glasses were still out.

I handed him a shot "Drink" he hesitated so I threw mine back and he copied. I did a couple more with him then let him do a few more solo. I watched him and when I saw the alcohol take effect I dragged him into the now empty lounge room where the music was still blaring.

I changed the song to a real bass-heavy dance song.

"Let's dance"

Even with the alcohol in him Eric's shyness affected him. I was fist-pumping and raving like a madman while he stood back swaying with the beat.

"That's it come here" I snapped and yanked Eric over to me.

"I said let's dance so I wanna see you dance" I grabbed both of Eric's arms and started moving them around with the music.

"Stop it" Eric giggled.

"No way. Not until you dance by yourself"

"Alright, alright already" Eric replied yanking himself away from me. I saw his head bob a few times counting in the beat and the Eric started to dance and the strange thing was he was good.

Really good.

Eric was body popping and moving around like a pro.

By now a few people had wandered back inside form the, now over, beer pong games and they saw what Eric was doing.

Before long there was a small crowd gathered watching Eric so I made my exit and went to get a drink leaving him to dance with the others.

There was none of my favourite drink left in the fridge in the kitchen so I went out into the garage fridge and grabbed one. Normally when I was at Jonathan's we would sit out in the garage and play video games or kick a ball and seeing as the garage no longer had anyone in it I sat down on one of the armchairs.

After a few minutes of relaxing the door opened and somebody walked in. It was Ethan. He saw me smiled and came over.

"Heyyy J.D" Ethan slurred.

"Hey Ethan what you up to?"

"Nothing much jussst hanging out with my awesome boyfriend" Ethan replied as he sat on top of me before I pushed him to the side. Ethan smiled at me goofily and I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

After I stopped laughing I just sat there looking into Ethan's eyes. He leaned in and kissed me and for a second I was drawn in before I pushed him off "No Ethan we can't".

"Why not?"

"Because somebody could walk in"

"Who cares?" Ethan replied before sticking his tongue in my ear.

"You would if you weren't so fucking pissed" I answered pushing him off again, firmer this time.

I wasn't really angry I had just had enough of having to be everybody's conscience while they were drunk but Ethan took offence and got up off me "Ok J.D if you want to be like that *hic* then fine I promise not to come anywhere near you again tonight".

"No I didn't mean it like that" I said as I reached out and grabbed Ethan's hand.

"Fuck off" Ethan yanked his hand away and left the room. I considered going after him but honestly I knew that I wouldn't be able to properly articulate my thoughts in my current condition. Besides we were still going to go home together so I could talk to him then.

After a few more minutes in the garage I walked back into the lounge room where Eric was still dancing, now with a few girls and they were cute (I think, I might not be the best judge though). A smile started to creep over my face until I recognised the girl closest to Eric as the one that I left Julia with.

I ran up the stairs and into the bathroom where I had left Julia to have a feeling of panic sweep over me as I saw or lying on the floor.

"JULIA!" I yelled shaking her.

"Urgggh J.D? *cough* What the hell?"

"Jesus Christ you scared the shit out of me. Let's get you into a bedroom"

I draped Julia over my shoulder and walked down the hall to Jonathan's room and just I was about to knock on the door it opened and out walked Lucas and Michelle. Seeing Julia on me Lucas gave me a quick wink before walking off downstairs with Michelle.

I took Julia into the room and lay her on the bed but as I lowered her head she pulled mine in and kissed me. I pulled out of the kiss and gave her a little smile.

"You drunk fuck. I'm going to go get you a glass of water. Back in a minute"

I turned to leave then felt Julia pinch my butt so I spun around in surprise only to be met by her tongue and her hand on my crotch.

"No wait Julia"

She didn't.

Both of her hands were now on my crotch and trying to undo my pants. I grabbed them and forced them gently away only for her to push back twice as hard.

"Julia please don't....No....STOP!"

Julia froze and I took a step back.

"What is it J.D?"

"I don't want to do this Julia"

"Why not?"

"Firstly your drunk and-"

"I'm not a child J.D I know what I want and I want this"

"Secondly I don't....I don't think of you that way" the words seemed to hang there in the air and judging by Julia's expression they didn't have the desired effect.

"Get out"

"No wait Julia that's not-"

"GET THE FUCK OUT J.D!" Julia screamed while tearing up.

I walked out of the room and back downstairs into the garage.


That one word sums up my night. It started well then turned to shit. I had successfully managed to piss off my boyfriend and one of my best friends.

I sat in that room for another ten minutes while people came through grabbed drinks said the odd word to me here and there but I wasn't in a talking mood so I avoided starting a conversation.

By now I had started to sober up a bit and thought the night's events through and came up with a plan.

First- Go up, apologise to Julia and say that I like her as a friend even though she is beautiful. If she doesn't buy it I'll convince her to reconsider things in the morning when she has sobered up. Besides I should be there to look after her anyway.

Second- Find Ethan and tell him that I love him and that I love being with him but I don't want us to do anything that we might regret later before we can properly think it through.

I set my plan in action and went upstairs then down the hall to Jonathan's room. I got to the door, opened it and froze in shock.

There was Ethan.

And there was Julia.

Ethan was with Julia.

Or rather Ethan was on top and inside of Julia.

I stayed there not moving a muscle for what seemed like a decade. Time went in slow motion as I watched Ethan thrust up and down, until his head turned his head to face me, then time caught up.

My mind was blank I thought nothing, felt nothing just the need to get out of there.

So I did.

I turned, walked down the hall and went down the stairs.

I think I heard Ethan call out something but my mind just blocked it out, my mind blocked everything out.

I continued walking calmly out of the house and down the street until I reached a few houses down then I climbed over the front fence and sat down against the hedge.

I heard the music go louder as Jonathan's front door opened and Ethan walked outside.

"J.D I'm sorry....please J.D"

My senses had returned but my mind was still black so I sat there, I said nothing and I did nothing.

I heard Ethan run down the street then saw him run past the front garden in which I was sitting. He had no shoes on and his shirt wasn't buttoned up yet still he was running at a quick pace.

I stuck my head out over the fence and saw Ethan go right at the end of the street. My mind finally kicked into gear "He's going right to the stop we got off at, so I better go left to the one before that and get on there"

I took me thirty minutes to walk to the stop and a further thirty to get home and when I did I quietly opened the door, as it was now almost midnight and my parents were asleep, and just fell onto my bed, fully-clothed.

"What am I going to do know?"

Being a teenager is hard.





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