Monday morning I got up met Ethan and went to school and went home. Tuesday was pretty much the same, as was Wednesday and before I knew it the whole week had just flown by.

Ethan was at his grandparents so I just hung out at home on Saturday and watched some football. On Sunday I had a bye round so no match and all that happened that day was I got a phone call from my friend Jonathan.

"Hey J.D how ya doing?"

"Not too bad Jonathan how are you?"

"I'm great, you wanna know why?"


"Because my parents just gave me the green light for that 18th I was telling you about"

"That massive house party at yours? Seriously? Aren't you inviting like 100 people?"

"Haha not quite that many. It's going to be sooo awesome"

"Yeah sounds great man, when is it?"

"I made it this Friday night cause we have the day off from school"

"Cool. I'll be there Jonno"

"Good, see ya later J.D"

I called Ethan later to check if he had been invited as well and made plans for going to the party.

Anways at school the next day....

"So you going to Jonathan's on Friday J.D?"

"Yeah mate, how about you Lucas?"

"You know that I'm always down for a party J.D"

"Is Michelle going with you?"

"Of course and after she gets a few drinks into her I was thinking we might take to one of the upstairs bedroom. Speaking of taking it to the bedroom I hear that Julia is going"

"I know she told me, so what?"

"You know that she totally has the hots for you right?"

"So what if she does?"

"Oh my god is something wrong with you J.D? Do your balls not work? Julia is like the hottest girl I have ever seen"

"Whatever you say man. I'll catch ya later I'm going to class"

One boring math class later I was outside with Julia (who I had known since primary school but we had only really become good friends this year) chatting about Jonathan's party.

"Sooo J.D you going with anyone to Jonathan's?" asked Julia

"Yeah I was probably gonna go in with Ethan"

"No you idiot I meant are you bringing a date?"

"Ohhh no I don't have a secret girlfriend that I'm hiding from everyone. How about you?"

"No I was just going to catch a ride with Emma. No date for me"

"Well who knows what might happen at the party"

"Haha exactly we both might meet someone" replied Julia while reaching out and touching my arm.

As I said goodbye to Julia and walked out the gate to meet Ethan I freaked out a little bit "Shit I think Lucas is right Julia does like me. Oh jeez I really hope that she doesn't make a move, how could I brush her off without ruining our friendship?"

At home I talked to my parents about the party and after putting up a brief, weak argument they caved and said that I could go. I never can figure out why they always make an attempt to stop me from going to these parties without actually trying.

The week continued as normal, going to school, going home, training, hanging out with Ethan. The only interesting thing that happened was on my Wednesday training session I sprained my ankle and couldn't go to school Thursday, which I was pretty happy about because it just meant an extra-long weekend for me. During the day I was trying on my clothes for the party and thought to myself that my hair had grown too long and didn't really suit my outfit so I decided to give myself a haircut.

Half an hour later I had a completely new hairstyle. Short on the sides while graduating in length to the top where I had it a little longer and combed over with a little flick at the front. I had done a pretty decent job if I did say so myself. I was so proud of my effort that I decided to call Ethan.


"Hey Ethan, what are you up to?"

"Nothing much just hanging around with the guys, what's up?"

"Just wanted to show you my new haircut"

"Ok I'll drop by after school"

"No come now"

"Hmmm I suppose I should have enough time to make it back for final period. Ok I'll see you in a few minutes"

"See you"

I put my phone back in my pocket and went to grab my t-shirt up off the floor, where I had put it to prevent me from getting any hair on it, when a thought struck me and I left the shirt there.

Ethan knocked at the door and I answered it, still without my shirt on. I saw Ethan's eyes first look at my hair then trail down my body and rest on my midsection. I had been spending the past few months really working hard on my abs combining that with all my running, while not having a six-pack, my abs were looking pretty good and this was the first time I had shown Ethan the dividends of my efforts.

"Wow J.D....your hair looks great and your...."

"Abs?" I interjected.

"Yeah your abs....they look great"

"Thanks. Why don't you come inside and you can have a proper look"

Ethan looked a little sheepish as he came in realising that he had been staring. We went into my room and I lay on my bed motioning for Ethan to do the same. He lay beside me and I snuggled up closer to him and grabbed his hand placing it on my abs.

As Ethan ran his hand up and down my stomach I leaned in closer and began to kiss him just below his ear. Both our breathing became a bit heavier.

Ethan stopped rubbing his hand on my abs and let it rest just above my waistband, slowly lowering it. He finally reached my pants and skilfully undid the button with one hand. He reached inside my underwear and pulled out my now fully stiff cock and began to stroke it.

We switched positions, I lay back on the bed and Ethan leaned over on top of me stroking faster and faster. I began to pant and threw my head back as I knew if I kept watching what he was doing I would cum.

"Does that feel good?" Ethan asked without stopping.

"Yes it feels so goo-" Ethan quickened his pace and started going from the tip right down to the bottom in the middle of my sentence "Ohhhh god it feels great"

Even though I couldn't see his face I knew that Ethan smiled.

With each stroke I could feel the cum rising, ready to burst out of my dick at any second. Ethan must have sensed this and began to stroke even faster.

"Ohhhh I'm gonna cum"

"Do it"

As he said the words I could feel the cum begin to shoot and Ethan tilted my cock backwards so shot after shot of hot cum landed all over my chest and stomach.

Once I had caught my breath I ran my fingers through the cum all over my body.

"What did you did that for you arsehole?" I exclaimed.

I began to rise reaching out to wipe the cum on Ethan but he pre-empted the move and grabbed my arms, being much stronger than me he easily pinned me back to the bed.

"Oh no you don't, not on my school uniform" Ethan said "Speaking of school I better be heading back"

Ethan leaned in and kissed me, softly at first but building with intensity. The kiss reminded me of our first and I felt all my muscles relax.

Before I realised what was happening Ethan was at my bedroom door giving me a cute little wave so I waved back and he was gone.

"How am I going to keep my hands off him at the party?" I pondered "Especially when I have a few drinks in me"

Being a teenager is hard.




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