(Author's Note) Sorry for the huge delay on part 4 guys but life got in the way of writing and I also tried writing a different story that I got about a dozen pages into before realising that it wasn't really working out how I wanted originally and scrapping it. Anyway as always I love hearing feedback and suggestions so send me an e-mail at [email protected] J.D

I had one of the soundest sleeps that I had in a long time feeling Ethan's body up against mine. When we awoke he wiggled his hips wedging his morning hardon firmly between my cheeks.

"Well, that's one way to say good morning"

"Your cock would be hard too if it was this close to an arse like yours"

I laughed and Ethan began to grind up and down, rubbing his cock over my arsehole. He reached down to grab his dick but I stopped him.

"Ethan we can't right now that door is all that prevents your parents from hearing us"

Ethan didn't say anything he just grabbed his cock and started to push inside me and placed his other hand firmly over my mouth.

Normally I didn't like the feeling of being controlled but Ethan made me so horny I forgot about that. When my hole gave and his dick popped inside I let out a groan into Ethan's hand.

"Jeez your arse is so tight....it's always so tight"

He didn't waste any more time in shoving the rest of himself inside me forcing another groan. He started pumping his cock in and out of my arse with deep powerful strokes while he kissed at my neck and ear.


"Hey Ethan honey breakfast is ready"

"Alright be there in a minute"


"Don't worry J.D we will finish this later"

Ethan jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed while I slowly searched for my underwear.

"See you out there" said Ethan as he stepped out of his bedroom door closing it behind him.

After a few more minutes of searching I found my briefs and slipped them on putting my jeans on over the top. I patted my pockets and realised that my phone had fallen out so I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the bed near where my jeans were. I heard the door open behind me and, assuming it was Ethan, didn't move.

"Oh sorry I didn't know Ethan had a mate over" said a voice much deeper but somehow similar to Ethan's.

I slid out from under the bed and rose to see the gorgeous figure of Ethan's brother, looking much the same as in the photo I saw, with some shorts on and no shirt.

"Hi I'm J.D" I said, as soon as my mouth would work again, while extending my hand.

"Nice to meet you J.D I'm Brad, Ethan's older brother. I was just looking for my shirt I think Ethan pinched my favourite one while I was away."

"Well I hope you find it I'm off to have some breakfast" I said grabbing my shirt and walking out the door.

The second I sat down I shot Ethan a 'Why didn't you tell me he was here look' across the table then Ethan shot one back as if to say 'I didn't know'.

I was sort of a fly on the wall at the breakfast table while Brad, Ethan and their mother got caught up on Brad's trip away playing football while I just sat quietly eating my breakfast.

Straight after finishing breakfast I got up from the table and said "Well thanks a lot for having me, I better be going home"

Ethan stood up as well and said "You don't have to leave yet we could--"

"Nah" I interrupted "I should go. I need to go for a run Coach will kill me if I miss training for half the week and don't do something to maintain my fitness. In fact he would probably put me on the bench for tomorrows game". I could see the disappointment in Ethan's eyes as I shook his hand goodbye but I thought it best that I let the family be alone so with one more wave to the family I was off.

After my run I got home and cleaned my boots and spent the rest of the day playing video games.

Anyways at the game....

I had just came out of the team room when I saw Ethan standing by the fence and, as I walked towards him, I realised that Brad was there too.

"Hey guys. Brad what is a big shot player like you doing down here watching the amateurs?" I asked jokingly.

"Ha ha. Well I don't know about big shot yet but even if I am doesn't mean I can't come down and watch some of the beautiful game, besides Ethan tells me that you are pretty good anyway"

"Oh he does does he?" I asked with a cheeky grin to which I saw Ethan blush a little.

We chatted for a bit more before I had to go join the team for the pre-game warm up.

The match was a blur but to put a long story short I played the match of my life.

I scored a 25 yard free kick that I couldn't hit as well as I did again if I tried a hundred times, every pass of mine seemed to be accurate, every trick I tried came off well, every one of my tackles was perfectly timed. Match of my life.

We had won the match 4-1 so the two dozen or so family and friends that had come to watch the match were very vocal and I spotted Ethan and Brad getting into it just as much as everybody else.

I knew that our coach would want to have a half hour talk on how the match went so I quickly slipped away from the group and went to see Ethan and Brad.

"Hey J.D great match. You were on fire!" exclaimed Brad putting his hand on my back when I walked over. Now I don't know if it was my gaydar kicking in or my imagination but I felt Brad put his hand just a bit too low and left it there for just a bit too long.

"Thanks mate" I said pulling away and turning to Ethan "Hey Ethan can I have a word?"

We walked a few metres away from the crowd and stood across from each other. We were silent for a few seconds before a huge smile spread over both of our faces.

"You were great today J.D"


"Did you see me behind the corner flag?"


"Well every time you spot the ball to take a corner you bend over so I had to mover a bit closer to get a better view of your arse"

We both started laughing until "J.D! Hurry up Coach wants you in NOW!"

"I'll see you tomorrow morning Ethan" I said as I started jogging towards the rooms.

That night as a lay in bed I couldn't help but think about after the match with Brad and what it meant. Luckily though I was so tired that I needed not lay there thinking about it for too long because I quickly fell asleep.

Being a teenager is hard.




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