I woke up the next morning (after spending the night dreaming of what would've happened if my Dad hadn't come home early) with a major hardon and was about to put on some pants before leaving my bedroom until I realised that my parents were at work and I was suspended from school. I decided straight away to get something done that day so I got up and had a shower.

While in the shower I fantasised about Ethan. Everything about him was sexy to me, his hair, his eyes, his teeth, his butt and his beautiful cock. I got out and spent about half an hour mucking around with new hairstyles until I found one that I liked (I had a least one new hairstyle a week maybe more).

I started to clean my room but had to stop and take a painkiller because of my ribs but soon I was back to work. After 3 hours my room was spotless, I moved my bed and reorganised my entire wardrobe. I was happy with myself but extremely tired because of the hard work and the painkillers so I lay down to take a nap.

My mum woke me up for dinner and I ate hungrily before returning to my room and texting Ethan.

What happened at school today??

A little less than a minute later Ethan called me.


"Hey J.D how was your day?"

"I actually got some stuff done. How was yours?"

"Alright. Greg's mates on the rugby team are spreading rumours about you being a fag lover"

"Oh well that's their problem"

"And that kid Eric came up to me and said to tell you thanks"

"Is he alright?"

"Yeah he's fine. By the way are you free Friday?"


"Cool 'cause my parents are going out and I already asked if you could stay over"

"Ooohhh sounds exciting got anything specific plans?"

"None that I'm going to be telling you"

"Ha ha ha fair enough. I was thinking of having another stay at home day tomorrow so I'll see you Friday"

"I'm looking forward to it"

I hung up and hugged my phone to my chest.

"My god, even his voice is sexy" I said to nobody in particular.

I watched a movie then went to bed early that night because I felt so drained.

Thursday virtually nothing happened, I checked up on things online, watched a couple of football matches and picked out the clothes I would wear the next day. I had to practically beg my parents to let my go to Ethan's place after my suspension and eventually they caved.

Anyways Friday night....

"See ya Dad, see ya Mum"

"Bye J.D have a good night"

"Be safe J.D"

I walked slowly to Ethan's not really thinking of anything, just walking. When I got to Ethan's though I quickly had to check my reflection in the window and make sure my hair was still good, but while I was still adjusting a few bits the door suddenly opened.

"Jeez J.D I've never met anyone as obsessed with their hair as you"

"Maybe, but you have to admit it is my most redeeming feature" I said with a big smile and a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

"Hmmm I can think of a few other things" he replied stepping forwards, sliding his hands down the back of my jeans and cupping an arse cheek with each of his warm hands.

I loved that he thought my butt was sexy so while he grabbed it I jutted it out and clenched the muscles.

"Agh I better get you inside quickly J.D"


"Because if I don't I won't be able to stop myself from fucking you out here"

We both laughed and walked inside. Ethan walked to the fridge and asked "You want a beer?"

"Oh great you remembered this time, soon I will have you trained to be the perfect boyfriend" I joked until I noticed Ethan wasn't laughing and I realised what I had just said. Despite the fact that we had been fucking for almost two months we had never really 'defined' our relationship.

Ethan handed me a beer but an air of awkwardness remained until Ethan turned on the tv to break the silence.

After a few more minutes of sitting there I got excused myself and went to the bathroom. I closed and locked the door behind me then walked to the mirror and looked at myself.

"Stupid Stupid Stupid" I said to myself then I splashed my face with water "Perfect boyfriend. What were you thinking saying that? Idiot"

I stayed there for a few more minutes trying to think of something to say to make the situation less unbearable, but not being able to think of anything I walked out.

I walked down the hallway and stopped for a second outside Ethan's older brother's room. He was staying in the capital and training with the Under 21s State Football Team but his room was left obviously untouched. While looking in I noticed a photo of him on his bedside table and saw that he was incredibly hot (I had never seen any pictures of him before). The picture was taken at the beach and he was topless and I observed that he had Ethan's hair and eyes but was around 6'3 and while being fairly slim had really defined muscles, especially his amazing 6-pack.

I continued walking down the hall back into the living room but not seeing Ethan there I kept on walking to his room. When I entered the room my jaw dropped.

The room was lit by candlelight, there was soft music playing in the background and (best of all) Ethan with nothing on but his briefs in the middle of the room.

"Hey hot stuff"

"Wha...how?....why?" I replied stumbling over my words.

Ethan walked over placing his hands on either side of my face to stop me jabbering and said "Listen J.D, you do so much for me I just wanted to pay you back"

"You don't owe me anything"

"Yes I do. If nothing else then just your time, for being patient with me"

He was so sexy to me in that moment I had to kiss him, so I did. We kissed for what seemed like hours, for the first time it seemed that not only were our bodies connecting but also our souls. We moved to the bed and I lay on top of Ethan while I deftly removed his briefs (a technique which I had now mastered). After pumping his cock a few times I began to lower my head until Ethan hooked his arms under my shoulders and pulled me back up to him.

"No. Let's continue from where we left off last time."

Now Ethan flipped so I was underneath and began to move his head down to my rock hard prick while removing my briefs. A breathed in sharply when Ethan blew on my cock.

"Ughhh don't tease me"

"I don't think you're in a position to make any demands" Ethan said looking back up at me with a big smile on his face. I chuckled until Ethan wrapped the head of my dick inside his warm mouth.

"Oh shit"

"So I'm doing it right"

"God yesss"

Ethan smiled again before placing my cock back in his mouth. His took my dick with long strokes trying to get as much as he could in his mouth but I was 7.5 inches so he couldn't quite swallow all of me yet.

"You don't need to take it all, it already feels incredible" I said softly placing a hand on his head. Ethan took my advice and stopped trying to take all of me but he sped up his strokes. After a few minutes I felt my orgasm building up.

"Ohhh god I can't hold off, if you don't want a mouthful of cum I'd get off now"

He didn't even slow down. I tried to hold off, to enjoy the pleasure longer but the second I looked down to see Ethan bobbing up and down on my cock I was doomed. I started to spasm as cum fired violently out of my cock almost choking Ethan and I felt like cumming again when he swallowed every last drop.

"So how was my first time J.D?"

"It was amazing. Best blowjob I have ever had"

"It was the only blowjob you have ever had" said Ethan laughing, punching me in the arm.

We joked around for awhile longer then cleaned up before Ethan's parents returned. We went to bed that night and I fell asleep with Ethan spooned tightly into my back.

But before I could go to sleep all of the bad thoughts went through my mind (as they do), what would happen on Monday with Greg? What was everyone going to think after I stood up for the gay kid? How was I going to catch up on the classes I missed?

Being a teenager is hard.




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