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Bored with the conversation my friends were having I scanned across the courtyard until I met his eye. I realised that he was checking out my butt while I had my back to him by the way his gaze shot up to my face the second I turned and it made me smile. He smiled back and gave a mischievous wink before turning back to chat with his mates.

Then it was my turn to check him out. His arse was simply perfect the way he filled out his school slacks made my mouth water and I always hated myself for doing that because I knew that I wasn't going to get at it. Don't get me wrong I got a lot out of having sex with Ethan but it was pretty much set that I was the bottom in our relationship and he was the top. So far he just didn't seem to have any interest in being fucking or sucking dick which was unfortunate for me because, as much as I liked being fucked by him and sucking his dick, I wanted to give rather than receive occasionally as well.

Despite how frustrated I sometimes got with Ethan I still wouldn't bring it up with him for fear of losing what we had and I trade what we had for the world and looked forward to every time that we would get together. The way Ethan would move, the way that he would corkscrew in and out of me, the way he would cuddle up to me at night made me feel complete.

I was so comfortable with myself I even considered coming out to my friends but decided against it. I wasn't the most popular kid in school but I was friends with those who were and always got invited to the big events and I didn't want to risk that.

Anyways one day outside the school gym....

I had just finished a work out, gotten changed and was preparing to leave when I heard a commotion outside the rear of the gym. So I went out to see what was going on. I saw Greg, a giant of a kid who would have easily been 6'3 or 6'4 and around 90kg of muscle, with the rest of the rugby team surrounding a tiny, little boy called Eric who was the same age, but about half the size, of Greg.

"I am gonna beat the shit outta you, teach you a lesson fag" snarled Greg.

"What is going on?" I asked one of the rugby guys close to me.

"Greg caught that little poof sneaking a peak into the showers"

Normally I'm the kind of guy who avoids getting in fights but I just couldn't let this one happen one punch probably would've killed the poor kid.

So I stepped in and it wasn't pretty.

I tried at first to reason with them but they were in a frenzy for blood so I told Eric to piss off as fast as he could then turned to Greg. Now I am a winger in football not a fighter so besides a few lucky kicks and punches I basically got the shit beaten out of me. Lucky a teacher came a long and broke up the fight so I only ended up with a bruised rib, black eye and blood nose whereas it could've been a lot worse. Greg left with only a bruise on the left side of his torso (I may not be much of a fighter but I can still kick hard).

I got sent to the principal's office and after saying as little as possible I got sent home with a three day suspension that would take me to the weekend. I got home and nobody was there so I just crashed on the couch and didn't wake up until I heard my phone ring.

After dragging myself to my bag and grabbing out my phone.


"Hey it's me"

"Hey Ethan how you doing?"

"Alright. But I'm worried about you."

"Why is that?"

"You know why. I heard you got into a fight with Greg"

"Yeah but I'll be alright"

"Hmmm....ok but I'm still coming past yours after school to check up"

"Ok see you in an hour then"

I spent the next 59 ½ minutes having a shower, doing my hair, getting changed and covering up my injuries the best I could, then turned on some music and lay down and relaxed.

I saw Ethan approaching through my window so straight away rushed to the door but still waited a few seconds after the knock before opening it.

"Hey J.D"

"Hi Ethan" I replied taking his outstretched hand "You know my parents aren't home right now".

"Good" Ethan said quickly before pulling me into a passionate kiss. We continued the kiss all the way inside onto the couch where we slowly stripped clothes off of each other.

When we were both completely naked I ran into my room and grabbed a small bottle of lube. When I turned around Ethan was lying on my bed, and he took my breath away.

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?" he answered with a confused look on his face.

"Look like the sexy guy from the centrefold of a magazine"

A grin started to spread across his face but then stopped and turned into a serious frown. I wondered what was up until Ethan got up and started checking all over my body paying special attention to the bruises left there. I realised he wouldn't have been able to see my body properly in the dark lounge room but in the bedroom there was plenty of light.

"Don't worry Ethan. I'm fine"

"I am allowed to worry about you and no you're not" poking a bruise on my ribs.

"ARGHH!" I yelled in pain grabbing my side "Now that was just unnecessary"

"I told you J.D" he replied, smugly, sitting on the side of the bed.

"Very funny. Although I do like the sound of you worrying about me does that mean you will have to take care of me as well?"

"Hmmmm....I suppose it does" he said seductively planting his hands either side of my hips before gently pulling me down to the bed "Very good care"

He positioned himself above me with his arms either side of my head, just like in the alley the first time, and then he kissed me. But he didn't stop there he continued kissing down my face to my neck then my chest all the way to my navel, flicking his tongue in and out.

He was laying soft kisses all the way down my body until finally after kissing as far down on my stomach as he could he lifted his head above my cock (which by now was like a flag pole). He lowered slowly bit by bit until I could feel his hot breath on the head of my dick.

Then my Dad's car pulled into the garage.

"FUCK!" we yelled in unison.

"I'll go get our clothes" said Ethan as he ran out of the room while I sat up on the bed.

"God damn it" I shouted and I punched the wall successfully adding bloody knuckles to my list of injuries.

We got dressed just in time and I flicked on the TV the second my Dad walked in the door and I prayed that he wouldn't notice two 17 year olds were watching a show aimed at 2 year olds.

"Hello boys"

"Hey Dad"

"Hey Mr D how are you doing?"

"I'm alright Ethan how are you?"

"Oh I can't complain"

"Good to hear"

"What are you doing home so early Dad?"

"I got a call from your mother who received a call from your school earlier today" my dad answered adding a serious stare for emphasis.

I turned and whispered to Ethan "You better head home. I'll call you soon"

"Alright take care of yourself" he whispered cack before turning to my dad "Well I better be getting home"

"Okay, goodbye Ethan" my dad said without disengaging his serious stare.

After half an hour of lecturing me about proper behaviour Dad finally stopped and asked me "Why did you get into a fight with this Greg kid anyway J.D. I never see you get angry or piss somebody off on purpose"

"He was going to beat the shit out of a kid half his size and it didn't seem right to me"

"Why would he pick a fight with somebody half his size?"

"He caught the kid peeking in on the showers or something"

"Jeez that wasn't smart move in high school but you know what you did the right thing standing up for that kid. I'm proud of you J.D" a second later we heard my mum's car pull into the garage so my dad added "Don't tell your mother I said that"

After receiving much the same lecture as I got from my father I was drained so I just went to bed falling asleep, still fully clothed.

Being a teenager is hard.




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