Every day I saw him there. He would get there at exactly 8 o'clock and I would get there sometime after. We lived two blocks away and we walked to school together and were the very best of mates but the second we entered the gates we hardly spoke to one and other.

It was simply because we had different friend circles. But every day to and from school 5 days a week I was happy.

Not to say that I was down or depressed the rest of the time it was just that during that 20 minute walk I was the happiest that I had ever been.

Why? Because he was perfect. Smart, funny, sporty, liked the same foods, drinks, movies, TV shows, video games and was incredibly hot.

We both went to the same high school, obviously, and started the same year but didn't talk to each other much until one day in Year 9 I was talking to him about some project that we had to hand in the following day then ended up talking the whole way home. Then every day since he would wait for me in the mornings and we would chat again on the way home.

His name was Ethan and he was 6ft, 80kg with a bulging biceps and a thick chest where as I was only 5'8, 60kg and much thinner but my body shape gave me a bit of a solid, stocky build and I ran regularly to make sure that there wasn't an ounce of fat on my body. His hair was a medium length and dirty blonde, mine was dark brown and buzzed short on the sides while left longer on top and spiked up.

In short in appearance we couldn't have been more different.

As we entered Year 10 I had basically come to terms with the fact that I was gay, not that I advertised it or let anybody know in general.

But Ethan made it hard.

I tried hard to convince myself that I just really liked him as a friend but even in my head the words sounded false. Every time I was with him I couldn't help my eyes drifting all over his gorgeous body and I'm pretty sure that he caught me a couple of times.

The big thing that caused us to drift into different friends circle was the fact that I was a football player and he was more into sports like BMX and skating. That and the fact that this year no longer had any classes together was the reason at school it was pretty much an odd word here and an acknowledgement when we passed each other in the hallways.

But I could tell that our friendship was different, I felt so comfortable talking to him about anything unlike with my other mates where if I said a compliment about any of their clothes or mentioned that their new gym routine was working well they would say something like "Why were checking me out for?" and every time I knew that it was a joke but it still bugged me. But if I said a compliment like that to Ethan he'd say something like "Thanks mate" and flash a killer smile that made my cock swell a bit.

Anyways one day walking home from school....

"Fuck I hate maths"

"I know what you mean J.D but at least Ms Harrington is a milf"

"Yeah yeah whatever man"

"What? Doesn't she tickle your fancy?"

"You could say that"

"What are you gay?"

"You know what I haven't decided yet" I answered sarcastically.

"Yeah well if you do go that way let me know 'cause it would be nice and convenient you just living a couple of streets away" he replied pinching my arse with a cheeky grin before he ran inside his house knowing that there was a punch coming his way if he hadn't.

I walked the rest of the way home fantasizing about Ethan actually fucking me and I got so into it that when I walked in the door and said hello to my mum I had to cover up the boner that I gave myself. But by now I was used to these conversations we had literally had thousands of them if not more.

The next day when I walked up to Ethan on the corner there was something off about him, he was fidgeting where he was normally so calm and collected. As we started walking to school it got worse he walked unusually close to me and every time we made eye contact it seemed to last just that split second too long.

Finally I worked up the courage to just ask him what was up but before I could open my mouth to speak Ethan pulled me into an alley we were walking past. He pulled me against the wall and placed his hands on the wall behind me, either side of my head and stared directly into my eyes.

"W-what are you doing Ethan?"

The words had barely left my lips before Ethan pressed his mouth into mine in a hard and passionate kiss. After I got over my initial surprise I kissed him back hungrily working my tongue into his mouth as he did the same and letting my hands explore down his waist and feel the arse that I had been staring at for years.

We broke the kiss as we heard a car approaching.

"Wow. How did you know?" I asked.

"I didn't. I knew that I wanted to and when you didn't completely freak out when I pulled you into the alley I figured that I would take my chances." Ethan replied.

I leant forward and we kissed again this time much briefer.

"Oh god I wish we didn't have to go to school now" I moaned.

Ethan leaned back and, with a cheeky grin replied "Who says we do? My house is only a couple of blocks from here and my parents don't get back from work until 5".

I was considering it for a moment before Ethan made my decision for my grabbing my hand and practically dragging me to his place.

We reached his front door and he couldn't open it fast enough almost tearing through his pocket looking for his keys. Once inside he dragged me into his bedroom and threw me down on the bed.

"Jeez you could offer a guy a drink" I joked.

"Sorry. Do you want a drink?"


"Good" and then again Ethan was all over me stripping my shirt off and tenderly kissing my neck while I slowly undid his pants and stripped them off him. We started wrestling with each other, rolling about on the bed until I ended up on top straddling his mid section.

We stared into one and others eyes and by now we were both down to our briefs so Ethan began taking mine off. I manoeuvred to allow him to slide my underwear off then, reaching behind me, did the same Ethan.

I was so nervous I couldn't quite bring myself to bear down on his cock, which (by my reckoning) was about 8 inches, so I instead let it slip into the crack of my arse an slowly rubbed up and down on it. Ethan didn't seem to mind me going slow as he moaned in pleasure.

"Ohhhh god J.D I can't believe that we are doing this. I've wanted it for so long".

"I know I feel the same but I don't think that I'm gonna be able to fit your cock in my arse" I replied tried not to let him hear how anxious I was.

"Just go slow" Ethan said as he placed a soothing hand on my chest.

This filled me with confidence or something anyway so I decided to bore down on his cock gradually putting my weight down. When I felt that I could stand no more I reached underneath and felt his cock and realised that I was only about half way done.

"Jeezus it's only half way in and I can already feel it in my throat"

Ethan could only reply with a moan.

Alright just man up and do it quick, like a bandaid. I kept repeating "Like a bandaid. Like a bandaid" over and over in my head until I could feel his pubes brushing against my butt.

Ethan moaned louder "Ohhhhh myyy god....so hot....so tight".

I let myself get used to Ethan's throbbing cock before I slowly started to bob up and down on it.

"Oh fuck I can't believe we didn't do these sooner" I said.

"Neither can I mate. I can't tell you how many hours I spent staring at this cute butt and now I'm fucking it" Ethan commented "I saw you looking at me so many times but I thought my mind was playing tricks on me".

"It wasn't I always admired how you filled out your pants. Front and back."

We stopped speaking for awhile after that and just enjoyed all the new sensations that we were experiencing until "Oh J.D I'm gonna cum. Can I cum inside you?"

"Ohhhh fuck yeah Ethan I want to feel it"

I don't know how but those words seemed to make his cock harder as he pumped faster in and out of me. When I could feel his dick start quivering inside me I slammed down hard on him and clamped my arse muscles tight. This set him off and I could feel his hot juices fill me up.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes with our heaving panting the only noise in the room before I rolled off and lay beside him. I ran my hands all over his gorgeous torso playing close attention to his nipples. Without saying a word Ethan got up and walked out of the room and I feared that I had done something wrong until he came back with two towels, offered his hand and lead me into the bathroom and into the shower where he lovingly washed me paying special attention to my butt. Then we got out and took turns in drying each other and he walked back into the bedroom while I tried to fix my hair (that after Ethan's version of drying looked like a tornado had hit it).

"Hey J.D did you see where my pants went I can't find them?" Ethan called out from his room.

"No. Just a sec I'll come help you find-" I cut off mid sentence and couldn't say a word because there was Ethan leaning over the bedding looking under the bed and his arse was jutting up in the most alluring and tempting way that I could only stare. After a few seconds I silently crept up behind him and quickly grabbing a cheek in each hand spread his arse and shoved my tongue in as far as it could go.

"Ooooooohhhhhh" Ethan whimpered as I furiously licked in and around his rosebud breathing in his clean aroma.

I kept him right on the verge for a long time just flicking my tongue in and out of his arsehole and up and down his crack. I kept trying to spread his cheeks further and stick my tongue in deeper but his arse was just two solid slabs of meat and I was lucky to get as far in as I did.

"Oh please let me cum J.D pleeease let me cum".

I decided to let him cum (hey I'm a nice guy) so I shoved my tongue in as far as I could and grabbed his cock and rapidly fisted it.

"Aaaaaaaaaghhhhh" screamed Ethan as the load that I had been building up for quite awhile in him finally was released then slumped down on the bed.

After about a minute I got up to go finish off what I was doing in the bathroom but Ethan literally jumped from one side of the bed to the other grabbing my arm and pulling me into a tight hug.

"Don't move yet I just want to feel you" Ethan whispered in my ear so I lay back and relaxed while he felt me all over leaving no part of my body untouched by his fingers.

I don't know how long we lay there entangled not knowing where he began and I ended but eventually I broke our embrace and got dressed because I had to head home as it was nearing 5 o'clock.

Before I walked out the door and I turned to Ethan and said "I've wanted it for a long time so I hope this wasn't a one time thing".

"Hey I already told you how convenient it would be having you just a couple of blocks away you don't think I'd give that up" he replied with a wink.

As I walked home I replayed the scenes in my mind over and over so that by the time I got home I had given myself another boner to hide.

Being a teenager is hard.




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